Friday, April 8, 2016

Outlaw Kart Racing To Continue At Southern Oregon Speedway Kart Track

Outlaw Kart Racing To Continue 
At Southern Oregon Speedway Kart Track

White City, Oregon...There were some concerns from the racing community in the Medford area that the Outlaw Kart track at Southern Oregon Speedway might not even have any races this year.  Those worries were unfounded.  There will be a season under new Promoter Mike McCann.  The fact is, McCann has a history of promoting Kart and Micro Sprint racing at several venues through the years.  The season will be eight races spanning from May through August as the struggling program is being revitalized.

The Kart track was built back in 1998 by Ron Shubin, who promoted some big events during his ten year run as promoter.  The whole idea behind this track is two fold.  It's a way to promote the family atmosphere in racing and it also helps grow the sport as new drivers get their feet in the door at this track and graduate to the bigger track.  The roster of Kart graduates is impressive and includes such hard chargers as Camden Robustelli, Chadd Noland, Seth Nunes and C.J. Putnam.

No big changes are being made to the rules as the classes from last year will return, including Beginner and Intermediate Box Stocks, 125's, 250's 500's and a Micro Sprint class that will include the 600's and any 500's or 250's drivers wanting to give the one-eighth mile dirt track a whirl.   The race dates are May 13 and 20, June 3 and 24, July 8 and 29 and August 19 and 26.  They are all Friday night races, and the second race of each month is set to be for an increased purse.

Children of all ages, and the young at heart, compete in these classes.  The youngsters in the Beginner Box Stock class can be quite entertaining.  Who knows?  One of them could grow up the next Camden Robustelli, Nick DeCarlo or Kellen Chadwick, all of whom were champions at a young age.  Last season, the two Beginner champions were Drake Beard and Trent Florey.  Florey won after a battle with Tristan Lorents.

The Beginners graduate into the Intermediate 5HP class, and the champion last season was Trevor Grimes over Brenden Bartlett.  From there, there are a few more divisions with a bit more horse power.  The 125's championship last year went to Wyatt Pinchney, and it was Tanner Holmes holding off Dillon Lausen for the 250's championship.  Jason Benton battled Bartley Foster for the 500's championship.

The Micro class is a new addition that allows just a bit more power with the 600's and allows the drivers in the 250's and 500's to run with them if they want to.  At several Kart tracks, the 600's have been the top class, but it's just getting started here.  The idea is to build up a show that can rival the shows held in the glory days of the Outlaw Kart track not too many years ago.

The Outlaw Kart track is sort of a field of dreams for aspiring racers to get in at a young age.  It's a way to teach the younger generation mechanical skills and sportsmanship.  It also brings families closer together.  This track has helped make the racing community in Southern Oregon that much stronger.

The good news is also the fact that the track will be open for playday on April 24th.  It will be the perfect opportunity for the racers to get much needed seat time and work the bugs out of their race cars.  The track will open for cars from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM and pit access is just $10.  Fans wishing to spectate at the Kart or big track that day get in free into the grandstands.  For further information, check the website at