Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Hibbard, Burkett, Nelsen Win Thrillers

Southern Oregon Speedway Racing Discussion
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Nelsen Battles Braaten For IMCA Sport Modified Victory 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...June  25...Bob Nelsen won a late race duel with point leader Jorddon Braaten to score the victory in the 20 lap IMCA Northern Sport Modified Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  Nelsen grabbed the lead early on while Braaten battled his way from the last row to provide the pressure.  Braaten made a late pass on Nelsen, but the determined Nelsen moved back by for the lead and victory.  Braaten protected his track and Oregon State point leads with a second place finish.  Nelsen is now the fourth different winner in the competitive division.

The night started with a Trophy Dash, and division newcomer Willie McFall held off Braaten to win the four lap event.  Braaten grabbed an eight lap heat race win ahead of Glen Severson, while Nelsen win his heat ahead of two time champion Dwayne Melvin.  Severson and Tony Bartell shared the front row with Nelsen starting seventh and Braaten tenth in the Main Event.  Bartell led one lap before Severson used an inside pass on the front stretch to grab the lead.  Nelsen made a low pass in Turn 4 to get by Bartell and made a similar move on lap four to take the lead from Severson.  Braaten followed closely into second.  The red flag flew after six laps when Jarrme Horn hit the back wall.  Nelsen led Braaten and Severson on the restart, and David Marble made an outside pass in Turn 4 a lap later to take third.  While Nelsen and Braaten pulled away just a bit, the rookie Marble, Severson and Mike Medel had a close three car battle going for third.  A low move in Turn 4 of the 16th lap put Braaten into the lead, but Nelsen had the outside groove working and beat Braaten back to the line for the lead a lap later.  Braaten made one last ditch effort to get by Nelsen, but he came up short as Nelsen scored the well earned victory ahead of Braaten, Marble, Severson, Medel, Melvin, McFall, Bartell, Horn and A.J. Parker.

Race Results
Heat 1-Jorddon Braaten, Glen Severson, David Marble.  Heat 2-Bob Nelsen, Dwayne Melvin, Tony Bartell.  Trophy Dash-Willie McFall, Braaten, Mike Medel.  Main Event-Nelsen, Braaten, Marble, Severson, Medel, Melvin, McFall, Bartell, Jarrme Horn, A.J. Parker.

Hibbard Ends Wheeler Sprint Car Winning Streak 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...June 25...Making his first visit of the season Saturday night, David Hibbard made a late race pass on point leader Jake Wheeler and went on to victory in the 25 lap Pennzoil Winged Sprint Car Main Event at Southern Oregon Speedway.  Wheeler won both his heat race and the Trophy Dash and led most of the way before being passed by the Cottage Grove Speedway Limited Sprint Car point leader Hibbard.  Wheeler maintained his advantage in the standings with a second place finish.

The night started off on the right foot for Wheeler as he won the four lap Trophy Dash over Wayne Kniffen.  The Wheeler family had won every race they started in the division up to that point this season, and Jake added another win over Hibbard in their eight lap heat race.  Car count grew to require a second heat, and 15 year old Jeffrey Hudson won that race ahead of Jeremy Lowe.  Kniffen's night came to abrupt end in that heat as he spun and collected Bailey Hibbard, who had nowhere to go.  Wheeler and Hudson led the pack to the Main Event green flag with Wheeler pulling ahead.  A low move in Turn 2 of the second lap gained D. Hibbard second from Hudson.  Wheeler pulled away a little bit, but D. Hibbard was not far behind him.  Hudson ran a solid third, and a close three-car battle began behind him, involving B. Hibbard, Bill Hopper and Lowe.  Hopper's Top 5 hopes ended when he pitted on lap 15 as the lead duo came up on a slower car. D. Hibbard was taking looks to the outside of Wheeler, who was making his car wide enough to prevent the pass.  On lap 23, D. Hibbard dove it in low in Turn 1 and emerged out of Turn 2 with the lead.  Wheeler went in hard on the inside in an attempt to regain the lead in Turn 3 of the same lap.  Unfortunately, his car pushed high in Turn 4 and Hibbard regained the lead.  D. Hibbard would bring it home to an impressive victory as Wheeler settled for second.  Hudson was a solid third ahead of B. Hibbard, Lowe, Aaron Miller and Hopper.

Pennzoil Winged Sprint Car
Heat 1-Jake Wheeler, David Hibbard, Bill Hopper.  Heat 2-Jeffrey Hudson, Jeremy Lowe, Wayne Kniffen.  Trophy Dash-Wheeler, Kniffen, Hopper.  Main Event-D. Hibbard, Wheeler, Hudson, Bailey Hibbard, Lowe, Aaron Miller, Hopper, Kniffen (DNS).

Burkett Wins Thrilling Three Car Battle for 
Southern Oregon Speedway Victory

White City, Oregon...July 25...Point leader Bob Burkett came back strong following his second place finish a week ago to win his third 20 lap Mini Stock Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  Burkett took the lead from Gary Anderson at the mid point of the race and survived a last lap threat from previous winner David Steele for a hard fought victory.  Steele's bid to regain the lead saw him nearly spin and lose second to Anderson.

Burkett started his night off with another four lap Trophy Dash win ahead of Andrew Hall.  However, Anderson won their heat race ahead of Burkett to prevent a clean sweep.  Hall was winning a close battle with teammate Kristopher Mix in their heat race, but Hall started overheating on the last lap as Mix took the lead in the final turn for the win.  Anderson had the pole for the Main Event with third starter Burkett following him into second at the start.  From sixth starting, the flying Steele made a low pass in Turn 4 to grab third from Mix on lap two.  While battling Hall for fourth, Mix suffered a flat tire for a lap three caution flag.  Hall lost power in Turn 3 for a lap seven caution flag.  Anderson led Burkett and Steele on the restart.  A low move in Turn 4 of the tenth lap gained Burkett the lead. However, the race between these two and Steele was so close that you could almost throw a blanket over the cars for the next several laps.  Eric Hanson was holding down the fourth spot ahead of 14 year old Marissa Henson, but Henson made her move into fourth on lap 12.  At the same time Henson was making her move, Steele made a low pass in Turn 4 to take second from Anderson.  Steele was pressuring Burkett hard for the lead and made an outside pass at the start/finish line as the white flag flew to take first.  Burkett beat him back into Turn 1, and Steele's attempt to regain the lead resulted in him getting sideways in Turn 2.  Anderson drove by before Steele recovered.  Burkett was the happy winner ahead of Anderson and Steele.  Henson finished a solid fourth ahead of Hanson, Mix and Devon Weiser, the final lead lap finisher.  Fourteen year old Mikey Johnson grabbed a checkered flag in front of Dillen Lausen and Randy Simmons.

Mini Stocks
Heat 1-Gary Anderson, Bob Burkett, Marissa Henson.  Heat 2-Kristopher Mix, Andrew Hall, David Steele.  Trophy Dash-Burkett, Hall, Mix.  Main Event-Burkett, Anderson, Steele, Henson, Eric Hanson, Mix, Devon Weiser, Mikey Johnson, Dillen Lausen, Randy Simmons, Hall, Mike Cloud (DNS).

Doty Rebounds From Heat Race Crash For Super 4 Feature Win At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...June 25...After hitting the wall coming out of Turn 4 in his heat race, it looked like Lee Doty's night was over at Southern Oregon Speedway.  However, the crew worked hard, and they got the red, white and blue #7 car back together.  Doty responded by recording an impressive 20 lap Super 4's Main Event victory.  Doty took the lead from 2013 champion John Barger on lap 13 and brought it home to the win.  Barger settled for second.

There were seven Super 4's in action, but previous winner Steve Thompson was done after hot laps.  Barger won the four lap Trophy Dash ahead of Charlie Eaton and then held off Terry Hadley to win the eight lap heat race.  Barger had the pole for the Main Event with Doty lined up in the third row outside.  Barger charged onto the lead at the drop of the green flag while Doty moved through the field quickly.  Doty made a low pass in turn 4 of the opening lap to take second from Eaton.  However, Barger had already built up a straightaway lead by then.  Terry Hadley led Krista Hadley around Eaton for third and fourth on lap six.  On lap nine, K. Hadley made an inside pass in Turn 4 to take third from T. Hadley.  Amazingly, the flying Doty had caught Barger by then, and he made a Turn 2 pass for the lead on lap 13. Once Doty had the lead, he pulled away to a comfortable advantage at the checkered flag.  Barger settled for second ahead of K. Hadley, T. Hadley, Eaton and Bill Spencer.

Race Results
Heat-John Barger, Terry Hadley, Charlie Eaton.  Trophy Dash-Barger, Eaton, Krista Hadley.  Main Event-Lee Doty, Barger, K. Hadley, T. Hadley, Eaton, Bill Spencer, Steve Thompson (DNS).

Thomason Sweeps OTRO Hardtop Event 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...June 25...The OTRO Hardtops made their second appearance Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway and put on a show for the fans.  Driving the Dick & Louise Bridges owned 1933 Dodge Coupe bodied Hardtop with a Chevy 250 V6 engine, Trevor Thomason swept the heat, Trophy Dash and Main Event.  Winnemucca, Nevada's Rhett Lange made his first start of the year in the Lance & Sandra Lange owned 1937 Ford Coupe bodied Hardtops with a Chevy 266 V6 and rebounded from an earlier spin to finish second.

Thomason started the night off with a four lap Trophy Dash victory ahead of Gary Barber.  Thomason won the eight lap heat race ahead of Lange.  Bill Trotter raced into the early lead ahead of Thomason and Gary Barber.  An outside move on the front stretch gained Thomason the lead from Trotter on lap four and Wylie Powell retired early.  Brian Crouch spun for a lap six caution flag after Lange made a Turn 3 pass to take third from Barber.  Thomason continued to lead the restart as Lange used a low pass in Turn 4 to gain third.  Moments later, Lange spun.  Jimmy Del Castillo was now third behind Trotter, but Thomason had a good lead.  Lange took over third on lap ten, and a high move in Turn 2 of the 13th lap gained Lange second from Trotter.  By then, Thomason held a straightaway advantage.  Thomason brought it home to his second feature win with Lange a strong second.  Trotter finished third ahead of Del Castillo, Crouch, Barber and Powell.  Chris Mehrer was a Main Event scratch with steering issues likely suffered from his crash in the group's previous visit.

OTRO Hardtops
Heat-Trevor Thomason, Rhett Lange, Bill Trotter.  Trophy Dash-Thomason, Gary Barber, Trotter.  Main Event-Thomason, Lange, Trotter, Jimmy Del Castillo, Brian Crouch, Barber, Wylie Powell, Chris Mehrer (DNS).

Nelson Back in Winner's Circle In Hornets 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...June 25...There were three different winners in the three Hornet races held Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  In the 20 lap Main Event, Darrel Nelson Jr. reeled in a big Tim Hedges lead, made the pass and pulled away to his second feature win of the season.  Nelson was leading the feature a week ago when a flat tire sent him to the pits.

John Hoult finally got his first win of the season in the four lap Trophy Dash as Hedges finished second.  Joby Shields won the heat race ahead of Hedges.  Hedges started the Main Event off strong as he raced into the lead.  Nelson had second before the lap was over, but Hedges had a pretty good lead by then.  By lap five, Nelson caught Hedges, and he made a high move in Turn 3 of the sixth lap to take over.  Hoult went underneath Hedges in Turn 4 a lap later for second, but a flat tire sent Hoult to the pits.  Hedges had the second spot until Shields made a Turn 4 pass on lap 14 to gain that position.  Nelson cruised to victory ahead of Shields, Hedges and Hoult.  Heather Menzel was a Main Event scratch.

Heat-Joby Shields, Tim Hedges, Darrel Nelson Jr.  Trophy Dash-John Hoult, Hedges, Shields.  Main Event-Nelson, Shields, Hedges, Hoult, Heather Menzel (DNS).