Saturday, July 30, 2016

Braaten, Steele, Borror, Augustine, Shields Southern Oregon Speedway Winners

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Win #4 For Braaten At Southern Oregon Speedway
Medel Charges To Second Place

White City, Oregon...July 30...Taking the lead early on from David Marble, point leader Jorddon Braaten went on to win his fourth 20 lap IMCA Sport Modified Main Event of the season Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  Braaten continues to lead the IMCA State of Oregon and Northwest Sport Mod Challenge Series points as well.  After a mechanical issue forced him to scratch from the preliminaries, Mike Medel made a charge from 11th starting to collect his third second place finish of the season.

Rookie David Marble got his night started with a win ahead of Braaten in the four lap Trophy Dash.  He then held off Yreka visitor Jesse Morton to won his eight lap heat race.  Rookie Tony Bartell managed to hold off a last lap charge from Braaten to win his first heat race.  Marble raced into the lead at the start of the Main Event as Bartell settled into second.  Braaten made a low pass in Turn 4 of the second lap to take second from Bartell.  Yreka point leader  Jimmy Lipke took over third a lap later.  Braaten pursued Marble closely until making the pass in Turn 4 of the sixth lap to take the lead.  Lipke followed closely into second.  Medel made a low pass in Turn 4 of the tenth lap to take fifth from Doug Franklin.  However, the two made contact with Medel spinning into Turn 1 for a yellow flag.  A yellow flag flew a lap later for a Willie McFall spin in Turn 4.  Braaten continued to lead Lipke and Marble on the restart.  It wasn't long, however, before Medel rejoined Franklin and Morton in a close battle for fourth.  Franklin and Medel both passed Marble for third and fourth on lap 16, and Medel took third from Franklin on lap 18.  Medel continued his charge by passing Lipke for second at the white flag.  Lipke dropped back several spots on the final lap as Braaten scored the victory ahead of Medel, Franklin, Marble, Justin Foux, Morton, McFall, Lipke, Bartell, and Glen Severson.

Race Results
IMCA Sport Modified
Heat 1-Tony Bartell, Jorddon Braaten, Doug Franklin.  Heat 2-David Marble, Jesse Morton, Justin Foux.  Trophy Dash-Marble, Braaten, Bartell.  Main Event-Braaten, Mike Medel, Franklin, Marble, Foux, Morton, Willie McFall, Jimmy Lipke, Bartell, Glen Severson, A.J. Parker.

Steele Rolls To Fourth Mini Stock Victory 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...July 30...David Steele returned to Southern Oregon Speedway Saturday night and promptly drove to his fourth feature win in five starts.  The 2015 Yreka champion, Steele is closing in on fifth in the standings despite his late start.  He took the lead from point leader Bob Burkett and went on to victory from there.  Burkett maintained his point effort with his fourth second place finish of the season.

There were a season high 16 Mini Stocks in action.  From the preliminaries, it looked like 2014 champion Gary Anderson might be the driver to beat.  Anderson staked his claim on his first four lap Trophy Dash win of the season as Burkett settled for second.  He then came back to beat Steele to win his heat race.  Devon Weiser had his first heat race win in his sites until Burkett drove by and forced him to settle for second.  Anderson and Burkett shared the front row for the Main Event, and Burkett raced into the early lead ahead of Anderson.  Anderson surrendered second to the flying Steele on lap two.  A high move in Turn 4 of the fifth lap gained Steele the lead from Burkett.  Merissa Henson spun in Turn 2 for a lap six caution flag.  Steele maintained his lead on the restart ahead of Burkett and Anderson.  Weiser's strong run in fourth came to an abrupt end when steering issues sent him into an infield tractor tire off of Turn 4 on lap eight.  Steele led Burkett and Anderson to the green flag as Anderew Hall battled teammate Kristopher Mix for fourth.  Hunter Magnan's motor gave up on him on the front stretch for a lap 14 caution flag.  Steele held the point once again ahead of Burkett and Anderson on the next restart.  It wasn't long before Steele was into traffic.  Henson completed her charge through the pack by passing Mix for fifth at the white flag.  Steele drove a great race and earned the victory ahead of Burkett, Anderson, Hall, Henson, Mix, Dillen Lausen, Randy Simmons, Ethan Killingsworth and Mikey Johnson.

Race Results
Mini Stocks
Heat 1-Bob Burkett, Devon Weiser, Merissa Henson.  Heat 2-Gary Anderson, David Steele, Randy Simmons.  Trophy Dash-Anderson, Burkett, Ethan Killingsworth.  Main Event-Steele, Burkett, Anderson, Andrew Hall, Henson, Kristopher Mix, Dillen Lausen, Simmons, Killingsworth, Mikey Johnson, Mike Cloud, Dan Borror, Garrett Fredrickson, Weiser, Hunter Magnan, Eric Hanson.

Borror Back in Winner's Circle At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...July 30...Steve Borror made his return to the winner's circle at Southern Oregon Speedway as he scored the victory in the 20 lap Valley Boys Auto Sales Outlaw Pro Stock Main Event Saturday night.  Borror won the season opener at the track back in May, but he didn't even get near the podium in his next two visits.  Coming off of his big $2500 win in the Billy Geyer Memorial race at Yreka a week earlier, Borror battled Matt Harlow throughout the first half of the race before scoring what would be his sixth victory on the circuit this season.  NASCAR West veteran Rocky Nash made a last lap pass on Harlow to claim second.

Nash started the evening off with a victory over Harlow in the four lap Trophy Dash.  Scott Flowers won his eight lap heat race ahead of Harlow, while Borror won his heat race ahead of Roy Bain.  Bain led two laps of the Main Event from his outside front row start before Borror made a low pass in Turn 3 to grab the lead.  As Borror and Harlow pulled away in their battle, Bain had his hands full holding off Nash and S. Flowers.  A lap ten caution flag flew for Johnny Cobb in turn 4.  The Borror-Harlow battle continued up front as Bain fought valiantly to hold off Nash and S. Flowers.  A low move in Turn 2 of the 15th lap gained Nash third from Bain.  An infield excursion off of Turn 4 a lap later cost S. Flowers fifth to son James Flowers.   Bain was fighting hard to regain third when he spun for the second and final caution flag on lap 18.  Bain retired from the race as Borror continued to lead Harlow and Nash.  A low pass in Turn 2 of the final lap gained Nash second from Harlow, while S. Flowers made an outside pass in the final turn to take fourth from James Flowers.  Borror kept his cool under pressure and drove to victory ahead of Nash, Harlow, S. Flowers, J. Flowers, Cobb, Julia Flowers, Rick Lukens, Bain and Scott Bennett.

Race Results
Outlaw Pro Stock
Heat 1-Scott Flowers, Matt Harlow, Scott Bennett.  Heat 2-Steve Borror, Roy Bain, Rocky Nash.  Trophy Dash-Nash, Harlow, Bennett.  Main Event-Borror, Nash, Harlow, S. Flowers, James Flowers, Johnny Cobb, Julia Flowers, Rick Lukens, Bain, Bennett.

Augustine Makes Southern Oregon Speedway Open Stock Debut With Clean Sweep

White City, Oregon...June 30...Taking advantage of an off week at his regular track, Nathan Augustine impressed with a 20 lap Main Event victory in the Open Stock division at Southern Oregon Speedway Saturday night.  Augustine is the current Late Model point leader at Coos Bay Speedway, and he won the heat race and Trophy Dash as well to make it a clean sweep. Rising young star Jeffrey Hudson jumped behind the wheel of the Rocky Nash Pro Stock without hot laps and made a late charge for a second place finish.

Augustine won both the four lap Trophy Dash and eight lap heat race ahead of point leader Mike Linder.  The duo shared the front row of the Main Event with Augustine charging out to the lead from the start.  Bob Dees settled into third.  John Dees was making his first ever Late Model start and spun in Turn 2 for a lap five caution flag.  Hudson made a low pass in Turn 4 of the seventh lap to take third from Bob Dees, but Dees regained the spot with a similar move a lap later.  J. Dees spun for another caution flag on lap nine.  As Augustine led the way, a late battle developed for second.  An inside pass in Turn 4 of the 16th lap put B. Dees into second, and Hudson made a low move in Turn 4 on lap 18 to take third from Linder.  By then, Augustine held a staightaway advantage over B Dees.  Coming out of the final turn to take the checkered flag, Hudson made a strong inside move to take the second position from B. Dees.  Augustine was the happy winner ahead of Hudson, B. Dees, Linder, Kristy Grout and John Dees.

Race Results
Open Stock
Heat-Nathan Augustine, Mike Linder, Bob Dees.  Trophy Dash-Augustine, Linder, B. Dees.  Main Event-Augustine, Jeffrey Hudson, B. Dees, Linder, Kristy Grout, John Dees.

Shields Snags Second Hornet Feature Win 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...July 30...Taking the lead from incoming point leader Tim Hedges halfway through the race, Joby Shields won the 20 lap Hornet Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  It was the second win of the season for Shields in the "Triple Nickle" Hornet.  Darrel Nelson Jr. used his second place finish to take over the point lead.

Hoult became the third different four lap Trophy Dash winner with his win ahead of Shields.  Nelson held off Hedges to win the eight lap heat race.  Hedges and Nelson shared the front row of the Main Event, and Hedges raced into the lead at the green flag.  Hoult hit the wall for a yellow flag on lap five.  An inside move on the front stretch of the eighth lap gained Shields second from Nelson, and he quickly moved in to battle Hedges for the lead.  Shields made an inside pass on the front stretch of the 11th lap to grab the lead.  As Shields pulled away, Nelson and Hedges began a fierce duel for second.  Nelson made the pass on lap 18.  Hedges attempted a pass in Turn 2 on lap 19, but there was contact.  He backed off to allow Nelson to gather it back up.  Shields won by a half-lap ahead of Nelson, Hedges, Hoult and Heather Menzel.

Race  Results
Heat 1-Darrel Nelson Jr., Tim Hedges, Joby Shields.  Trophy Dash-John Hoult, Shields, Nelson.  Main Event-Shields, Nelson, Hedges, Hoult, Heather Menzel.