Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Gill, Peters, Steele, Doty, Thomason Score Southern Oregon Speedway Wins

Southern Oregon Speedway Racing Discussion
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 Gill Grabs Victory At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...July 16...Albert Gill served a reminder to the competition that he is the two time reigning IMCA Modified champion at Southern Oregon Speedway.  Gill took advantage of his front row start to lead every lap in winning the 25 lap IMCA Modified Main Event Saturday night.  The win was his first of the season at his home track, and it comes on the heels of his recent win at neighboring Siskiyou Motor Speedway.  Monte Bischoff made his first visit of the season and made a late charge to finish second.

Gill's Main Event win actually capped a clean sweep as he won the four lap Trophy Dash and his six lap heat race ahead of Willamette Speedway title contender Matthew Drager.  Bischoff won the other heat race in front of rookie James Welshonse.  Gill had a front row starting spot for the feature and raced into the lead ahead of Yreka point leader Duane Orsburn and Welshonse.  By lap six, Gill had already built a straightaway advantage over the dueling Orsburn and Welshonse, and he was lapping slower cars two laps later.  Orsburn spun from second in Turn 2 for a caution flag after 11 laps.  Gill continued to set the pace on the restart ahead of Welshonse and Drager.  Bischoff was now fifth, and he took fourth from Ray Kniffen Jr. on lap 13.  Gill was again lapping slower cars by 15 as he held a comfortable advantage over Welshonse and new third place runner Bischoff.  Bischoff made a low pass in turn 3 of the 18th lap to take second from Welshonse, and there was one last yellow flag after 22 laps.  Bischoff tried to make a run at Gill on the restart, but Gill was just too quick as he scored an impressive win.  Drager made a lap 19 pass on Welshonse to finish there as Welshonse settled for fourth ahead of point leader Mark Wauge, Kniffen, Orsburn, Bo Shields, James Anderson and Dan Philpott.

Race Results
IMCA Modifieds
Trophy Dash-Albert Gill, Mark Wauge, James Welshonse.  Heat 1-Gill, Matthew Drager, Wauge.  Heat 2-Monte Bischoff, Welshonse, Ray Kniffen Jr.  Main Event-Gill, Bischoff, Drager, Welshonse, Wauge, Ray Kniffen Jr., Orsburn, Bo Shields, James Anderson, Dan Philpott.

Steele Grabs Third Win In Four Starts
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...July 16...David Steele made his fourth start Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway and left with his third 20 lap Mini Stock Main Event victory.  After a late start, the 2015 Yreka champion is rising quickly up the Top 10 in the standings.  Point leader Bob Burkett finished second, though he was never a threat to Steele.

Burkett has developed a taste for Trophy Dash victories, and he won his fifth four lapper of the year ahead of Steele.  That was the last time Steele finished second as he outdueled Burkett to win their six lap heat race.  Ethan Killingsworth drove his Mini Truck to a heat win ahead of the Pinto Wagon of Andrew Hall.  Steele and Killingsworth shared the front row of the Main Event, and Steele set the pace from the start.  Hall settled into an early third behind Kilingsworth.  Patrick Stringer-Stine spun in Turn 4 for a lap four caution flag and Marissa Henson stalled.  Steele continued to set the pace ahead of Killingsworth and Hall, but Burkett slipped past Hall for third on lap six.  Steele ran a good race up front as Burkett steadily closed in on Killingsworth.  Burkett caught Killingsworth by lap 15, and he made a Turn 4 pass for second on lap 18.  However, Steele was far ahead, and he scored the victory ahead of Burkett, Killingswowrth, Gary Anderson, Hall, Kristopher Mix, Mike Cloud, Dillen Lausen, Mike Johnson and Eric Hanson.

Race Results
Mini Stocks
Trophy Dash-Bob Burkett, David Steele, Gary Anderson.  Heat 1-Steele, Burkett, Mike Cloud.  Heat 2-Ethan Killingsworth, Andrew Hall, Eric Hanson.  Main Event-Steele, Burkett, Killingsworth, Anderson, Hall, Kristopher Mix, Mike Cloud, Dillen Lausen, Mike Johnson, Hanson, Hunter Magnan, Patrick Stringer-Stine, Garrett Fredrickson, Marissa Henson.

Peters Prevails In SODCA Dwarf Car Feature 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...July 16...Brock Peters has been on a big roll with the Southern Oregon Dwarf Car Association, and that continued Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  After winning the $750 Dash For Cash to start the evening, Peters won the B Dash and led every lap in winning his third 20 lap Main Event in his last four starts at the track.  Chad Cardoza enjoyed his best feature finish in second.  Though a point list wasn't available prior to the races, Peters is the likely leader now following the struggles of teammate Kalvin Morton in recent starts. Morton flipped just feet from a sure victory two weeks ago and missed the start last week.  This week, Jerry Hauck let him drive his race car, and Morton responded with a fifth place finish.

The night started with a six lap, $750 Dash For Cash, won by B. Peters ahead of Camden Robustelli and Rob Gergel.  Cody Peters held off Robustelli to win a six lap heat race, and two time reigning champion Josh King claimed the other heat race ahead of Cardoza.  King prevailed in the A Dash ahead of Cardoza, while B. Peters won the B Dash ahead of Mason Lewman.  King had a front row start with B. Peters, but his Main Event ended very early as he headed to the pits on the third lap.  B. Peters charged into the lead ahead of Cardoza.  C. Peters took over third on lap two.  While B. Peters led Cardoza, the race behind them found C. Peters, Robustelli and Lewman battling for third.  Robustelli and Lewman both got by C. Peters for third and fourth on lap eight.  Lewman made a late pass on Robustelli for a season best third place finish.  However, nobody was going to stop B. Peters from scoring another victory.  Cardoza was a strong second ahead of Lewman, Robustelli, Morton, C. Peters, Paul Haslow, Joe Sanders, Gergel and Randy Slater.

Race Results
SODCA Dwarf Car
Heat 1-Cody Peters, Camden Robustelli, Don Gifford.   Heat 2-Josh King, Chad Cardoza, Brock Peters.  A Dash-King, Cardoza, C. Peters.  B Dash-B. Peters, Mason Lewman, Rob Gergel.   $750 Dash For Cash-B. Peters, Robustelli, Gergel.  Main Event-B. Peters, Cardoza, Lewman, Robustelli, Kalvin Morton, C. Peters, Paul Haslow, Joe Sanders, Gergel, Randy Slater, Mark Nielson, King, Jerry Hauck (DNS), Gifford (DNS).

Doty Wins Second Straight Super 4's Feature 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...July 16...The Super 4's division continues to gather momentum at Southern Oregon Speedway, and one of the drivers rallying others to come race is Lee Doty.  There was another new entry in the field last week as Dan Prewitt joined the action.  However, not even Pruett could stop Doty from driving to his second straight 20 lap Main Event victory.

Doty gave an early sign of things to come as he held off John Barger to win the four lap Trophy Dash. The division  ran two six lap heat race with Doty again beating point leader Barger to win his heat race.  Prewitt held off Charlie Eaton to win the second heat.  Doty shot out of the gate like a cannon ball to lead the Main Event from the start.  Prewitt settled into second ahead of Barger, and Doty was lapping slower cars by the mid point of the race.   Terry Hadley spun for the only yellow flag on lap 11, but Doty continued his rapid pace on the restart.  Prewitt ran a strong second, but Barger's run came to an end as he retired on lap 8.  Doty scored the impressive victory ahead of Prewitt, T. Hadley, Krista Hadley, Eaton, Bill Spencer and Barger.

Race Results
Super 4's
Heat 1-Lee Doty, John Barger, Terry Hadley.  Heat 2-Dan Prewitt, Charlie Eaton, Krista Hadley.  Trophy Dash-Doty, Eaton, K. Hadley.  Main Event-Doty, Prewitt, T. Hadley, K. Hadley, Eaton, Bill Spencer, Barger.

Thomason Scores Third Straight OTRO Hardtop Feature Win At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...July 16...The OTRO Hardtops made their third appearance of the season Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway and entertained the crowd with their beautiful race cars.  When the checkered flag flew, it was Trevor Thomason driving the Vic & Louise Bridges owned 1933 Dodge Coupe to victory in the 20 lap Main Event.  It was the third straight win for Thomason.

Bill Trotter won he four lap Trophy Dash ahead of Chris Mehrer, who finally got the steering issues resolved with Bill Trotter's 1938 Ford pickup for a second place finish.  Thomason won the eight lap heat race ahead of Rhett Lange.  Thomason was lined up in the third row for the Main Event, but he was already second behind Wylie Powell on the first lap.  A low move in Turn 4 of the second lap gained Thomason the lead in what was destined to be a non stop race.  Lange followed Thomason into second.  Trotter moved in to challenge Powell for third and made an inside pass on the front stretch on lap four to grab third.  Thomason was setting a rapid pace up front and started lapping cars at the back of the pack by lap nine.  Thomason won by a good margin ahead of final lead lap finisher Lange.  Trotter finished third ahead of Powell, Jimmy Del Castille, Mehrer and Brian Crouch.

Race Results
OTRO Hardtops
Heat-Trevor Thomason, Rhett Lange, Bill Trotter.  Trophy Dash-Trotter, Chris Mehrer, Brian Crouch.  Main Event-Thomason, Lange, Trotter, Wylie Powell, Jimmy Del Castille, Mehrer, Crouch.