Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Robustelli Wins Wild Race, Deubert, Braaten Score Wins

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Robustelli Wins Wild Dwarf Car Main Event 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...July 4...They say that the only lap that really matters in racing is the last lap.  SODCA Dwarf Car racer Camden Robustelli would likely agree with that statement.  Robustelli was running in third as leader Kalvin Morton was heading for the checkered flag when it happened.  Morton was about to put Randy Slater a lap down when the two cars touched, sending both cars flipping.  Robustelli made a charge when the green flag flew and took the lead from Brock Peters for the wild 25 lap SODCA Dwarf Car Main Event victory Monday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.

The Dwarf Cars ran three eight lap heat races, and Ryan Smith won the first one ahead of Rob Gergel.  Chad Cardoza won a battle with B. Peters to win the second heat race, and Morton grabbed the lead from Robustelli on lap six to win the third heat.  Having won in a clean sweep a night earlier in Yreka, Morton continued his momentum by holding off teammate B. Peters to win the six lap A Dash.  Cody Peters won the six lap B Dash over Randy Slater.  Matt Hagermann, Mason Lewman and Kaycee Sheeler were Main Event scratches.

Robustelli started in the inside second row for the Main Event and raced past Rob Gergel to lead at the start.  B. Peters moved into third on lap two and made an inside pass on the back stetch on lap three to take second from Gergel.  Bill Winter spun in Turn 2 of the fourth lap, but he gathered it back up and kept going as the leaders lapped him.  In the commotion, Morton took over second with Gergel also passing B. Peters for third.  Robustelli and Morton ran closely in the top two positions as they began to pull away.  Following a lap nine yellow flag, B. Peters moved back into third, and a thrilling three car duel up front ensued.  A high pass in Turn 4 of the 13th lap gained B. Peters second from Morton, and he made a similar move around Robustelli for the lead a lap later.  Cardoza, Gergel and C. Peters battled closely for fourth as C. Peters followed his father's example on the outside.  Cardoza's run came to an end with front end problems on lap 15 as Morton passed Robustelli for second.  A low move in Turn 4 of the 16th lap gained Morton the lead from B. Peters.  Morton is a three time winner at Yreka who is looking for his first win at his home track.  As the white flag flew over him in lapped traffic, Morton seemed to have it in the bag.  Working the final turn, Morton made a move to get underneath Slater to put him a lap down, but the two cars made contact and rolled for a red flag.  Neither driver was injured, but both were out of the race.  B. Peters led Robustelli on the restart, but Robustelli caught him by surprise to grab the lead.  Robustelli scored the victory in the wild race as B. Peters settled for second.  Gergel was a solid third with C. Peters and Paul Haslow rounding out the Top 5 as lead lap finishers.  Nick Davis finished sixth ahead of Don Gifford, Joe Sanders, Morton and Slater.

SODCA Dwarf Cars
Heat 1-Ryan Smith, Rob Gergel, Randy Slater.  Heat 2-Chad Cardoza, Brock Peters, Don Gifford  Heat 3-Kalvin Morton, Camden Robustelli, Cody Peters.  A Dash-Morton, B. Peters, Cardoza.  B Dash-C. Peters, Slater, Paul Haslow.  A Main-Robustelli, B. Peters, Gergel, C. Peters, Haslow, Nick Davis, Gifford, Joe Sanders, Morton, Slater, Bill Winter, Smith, Cardoza, James Edwards, Kaycee Sheeler (DNS), Mason Lewman (DNS), Matt Hagermann (DNS).

Deubert Battles Flowers For Pro Stock Victory 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...July 4...Miles Deubert scored an impressive victory in the 25 lap Valley Boys Auto Sales Outlaw Pro Stock Main Event Monday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  A second generation racer at the speedway, Deubert is also the 2014 Street Stock champion.  Deubert had the group's current point runnerup, Scott Flowers, shadowing his every move for the entire distance as he drove it to victory.

Point leader Steve Borror appeared headed for another clean sweep as he won his heat race by a straightway and claimed  another four lap Trophy Dash victory, both ahead of S. Flowers.  Rocky Nash made a last lap pass on Deubert to win the other eight lap heat race.  Mike Prill hit the wall in his heat race to end his night, John David Duffie loaded up after hot laps with motor problems and James Flowers also scratched to leave 14 Main Event starters.  As the previous winner in the last series race in Yreka, Borror was lined up last for the Main Event.  Ginny Flowers spun in the Arlen Garrison owned car for a complete restart.  Deubert settled into the lead at the start ahead of Roy Bain and Matt Harlow.  Nash passed Harlow for third on lap three before Bain spun in Turn 2 with G. Flowers for a caution flag.  Deubert continued to lead S. Flowers and Nash on the restart.  Borror was already up to fouth by then.  Nash spun in Turn 2 and did a complete 360 on lap six, but he continued moving as Borror was third.  Borror's charge to the front ended as he pitted on lap nine, moving two time series champion Ken Irving and two time Super 4 champion Brian Johnsen into third and fourth.  The battles for first and third were close as Deubert and S. Flowers pulled away just a bit from the pack.  A lap 15 yellow flag flew when contact on the front stretch sent both Irving and Johnsen spinning.  Scott Bennet gained third, but Nash got by on the restart.  Johnsen and Irving continued their intense battle, but contact sent Johnsen spinning in Turn 3 for a lap 17 caution flag.  Irving was sent to the pits for his part in the incident.  Deubert led the restart with S. Flowers looking for a way past.  However, Deubert was not to be denied as he brought it home to victory.  S. Flowers was a season best second ahead of Nash, Bennett, Harlow, Johnsen, Johnny Cobb, Julia Flowers, Rick Lukens and G. Flowers.

Valley Boys Auto Sales Outlaw Pro Stocks
Heat 1-Rocky Nash, Miles Deubert, Matt Harlow.  Heat 2-Steve Borror, Scott Flowers, Brian Johnsen.  Trophy Dash-Borror, S. Flowers, Nash.  Main Event-Deubert, S. Flowers, Nash, Scott Bennett, Harlow, Johnsen, Johnny Cobb, Julia Flowers, Rick Lukens, Ginny Flowers, John Bowers, Ken Irving, Borror, Roy Bain, John David Duffie (DNS), James Flowers (DNS), Mike Prill (DNS).

Braaten Drives To Third IMCA Sport Modified Win 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...July 4...Grabbing the lead just past the halfway point of the race, Jorddon Braaten won the 25 lap IMCA Sport Modified Main Event Monday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  It was the track and Oregon State point leader's ninth win of the year on the circuit and third at the track.  Braaten took the lead from eventual second place finisher Mike Medel and wasn't threatened after that as he pulled away to an impressive victory.

Braaten started things off with a four lap Trophy Dash win ahead of Willie McFall and continued his clean sweep performance by holding off roookie David Marble to win his heat race.   Yreka competitors Jimmy Lipke and Garrett Hamilton ran 1-2 in their heat race.  Tony Bartell was done after hot laps with steering woes.  Braaten started back in the fourth row of the Main Event, and front row starter McFall charged into the early lead ahead of Marble and Medel.  Braaten was fourth after one lap as the three competitors in front of him mixed it up for the lead.  Marble raced by McFall for the lead, but contact with McFall left Marble with damage as he stalled in Turn 4 for a lap four caution flag.  McFall and Marble both pitted, and Medel led Braaten and Lipke on the restart.  Yreka point leader Hamilton pitted on lap eight, and A.J. Parker spun on lap ten.  Medel couldn't quite shake Braaten, and Braaten made a low pass in Turn 4 to grab the lead on lap 12.  Marble was trying to nurse his damaged race car to the checkered flag, but he spun in Turn 2 on lap 14.  Braaten pulled away to a strong victory with Medel matching his season best effort in second.  Lipke finished third ahead of Parker, Marble, Hamilton and McFall.

IMCA Sport Modifieds
Heat 1-Jimmy Lipke, Garrett Hamilton, A.J. Parker.  Heat 2-Jorddon Braaten, David Marble, Mike Medel.  Trophy Dash-Braaten, Willie McFall, Medel.  Main Event-Braaten, Medel, Lipke, Parker, Marble, Hamilton, McFall, Tony Bartell (DNS).