Monday, September 12, 2016

Hibbard, Steele, King, Medel, Shields Win At Southern Oregon Speedway

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Bailey Hibbard Wins Extreme Sprint Car Feature,
Cox Wins Triple Crown Series Championship

White City, Oregon...September 10...Taking the lead from Raquel Ivie on lap 20, Bailey Hibbard went on to win the 25 lap Extreme Sprint Car Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  It was the first win of B. Hibbard's career and paid $800.  Ivie settled for a $500 second.  The race was also the third leg of the Triple Crown Series, which paid $1000 to the champion in a winner take all format.  Kinzer Cox had a third at Cottage Grove, a second at Coos Bay and a fourth at Southern Oregon to overtake David Hibbard for the winner's prize, which also included a nice trophy.  Coos Bay winner D. Hibbard was running second when he blew a motor.  He claimed the second place trophy in the Triple Crown Series, while Ivie received a trophy for third.

D. Hibbard kicked off the night with an eight lap heat race win ahead of Cox.  Ivie impressed with a heat race win of her own ahead of Dusty Redmond.  The feature lineup was determined by the finishing order of the six lap A and B Dashes.  D. Hibbard earned the pole with his A Dash win ahead of Ivie.  Camden Robustelli won the B Dash ahead of Jeffrey Hudson.  Anthony Pope struggled all night to get his car to run and was a Main Event scratch.

Ivie had the outside front row starting spot for the feature and raced into the lead at the start ahead of D. Hibbard and his son B. Hibbard.   Ivie set a good pace in the early laps as D. Hibbard got settled in.  Slowly, D. Hibbard began to reel Ivie in.  As D. Hibbard caught Ivie on the back stretch, a puff of smoke came from his motor and he slowed off the pace.  Thoughtfully, he pulled off the track into the Turn 4 infield to keep the race caution free.  Ivie was coming up on two slower cars and seemed a bit tentative in making a move.  This allowed B. Hibbard to move up quickly and challenge her for the lead.  Cox was running in third until a low move in Turn 4 of the 19th lap gained Cooper Desbiens the position.  On lap 20, B. Hibbard made an outside pass on the back stretch to take the lead from Ivie.  Once he grabbed the lead, B. Hibbard pulled away just a little bit for the impressive victory.  Desbiens caught Ivie, but she held him off for the second place finish.  Cox settled for fourth ahead of Redmond and Hudson.

Extreme Sprint Cars
Heat 1-David Hibbard, Kinzer Cox, Bailey Hibbard, Jeffrey Hudson, Cody Fendley.  Heat 2-Raquel Ivie, Dusty Redmond, Camden Robustelli, Cooper Desbiens.  A Dash-David Hibbard, Raquel Ivie, Kinzer Cox, Bailey Hibbard, Dusty Redmond.  B Dash-Camden Robustelli, Jeffrey Hudson, Cody Fendley.  Main Event-Bailey Hibbard, Raquel Ivie, Cooper Desbiens, Kinzer Cox, Dusty Redmond, Jeffrey Hudson, Camden Robustelli, Cody Fendley, David Hibbard, Anthony Pope (DNS).

Final Triple Crown Points
Kinzer Cox 407
David Hibbard 405
Raquel Ivie 396
Cooper Desbiens 378
Bailey Hibbard 258

Steele Runs Steady Pace For Fifth Mini Stock Win
At Southern Oregon Speedway
White City, Oregon...September 10...Making good use of his front row starting spot, David Steele led all 20 laps to win his fifth Mini Stock Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  Andrew Hall was slowly closing in on Steele in an impressive effort, and he scored his second runnerup finish of the season.  This enabled Hall to cling to third in the standings in a close battle with Merissa Henson and Steele.  Meanwhile, Bob Burkett used his third place finish to clinch his first career track championship.

Henson regained the lead on the last lap and won her second four lap Trophy Dash ahead of Burkett.  Steele won a six lap heat race ahead of Burkett, while Gary Anderson won his heat ahead of Dillen Lausen.  Steele had the pole for the Main Event and charged into the lead at the start ahead of Burkett and Anderson.  As Steele began pulling away, Hall used a low move in Turn 4 of the third lap to take third from Anderson.  Another inside pass in Turn 4 of the fifth lap gained Hall second from Burkett, but Steele was already a straightaway in front of him and approaching slower traffic.  Anderson made a Turn 4 pass on lap six to take third from Burkett.  Henson was having a good run in fifth while Anderson and Burkett battled fiercely for third.  Hall was slowly gaining on Steele, and Burkett regained third from Anderson on lap 14.  As Hall approached, Steele made the right moves in traffic to secure the victory.  Hall settled for a career best second ahead of Burkett, Anderson, Henson, Mix and Randy Simmons, the final lead lap finisher.

Mini Stock
Trophy Dash-Merissa Henson, Bob Burkett, Gary Anderson, David Steele.  Heat 1-David Steele, Bob Burkett, Andrew Hall, Randy Simmons, Mikey Johnson.  Heat 2-Gary Anderson, Dillen Lausen, Merissa Henson, Kristopher Mix, Patrick Stringer-Stine.  Main Event-David Steele, Andrew Hall, Bob Burkett, Gary Anderson, Merissa Henson, Kristopher Mix, Randy Simmons, Dillen Lausen, Mikey Johnson, Eric Hanson, Patrick Stringer-Stine, Dan Borror, Garrett Fredrickson.

King Returns To Winner's Circle 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...September 10...Taking the lead from Cody Peters on lap 17, Josh King went on to win the 20 lap SODCA Dwarf Car Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  The win was the third of the season for two time reigning champion King.  C. Peters' misfortune in traffic on the last lap dropped him out of the Top 5 as he spun, allowing championship hopeful Kalvin Morton to race by for second.  With throwaways entering the equation, the championship is still up for grabs between Brock Peters, Morton and Camden Robustelli heading into Coos Bay this Saturday night.

The Dwarf Cars had a nice turnout for their final appearance of the season at the track, and Morton won his six lap heat race ahead of Randy Slater.  B. Peters held off King to win his heat race, while Brock's son C. Peters won the third heat ahead of Ryan Smith.  The rapidly improving C. Peters won the six lap A Dash, while last Saturday's winner Chad Cardoza won the B Dash ahead of last Sunday's winner, Robustelli.

Smith bolted into the Main Event lead at the start ahead of Cardoza and C. Peters.  The lead five cars ran closely, and C. Peters made a big move on lap five to leap from third to first.  The yellow flag flew on lap seven for Don Gifford on the front stretch.  C. Peters led Robustelli on the restart, but a lap eight caution flag flew for a Chris Maupin spin in Turn 1.  The first restart attempt was botched as Bill Winter lost power on the front stretch and was rear ended by Mark Nielson.  C. Peters led Robustelli and Cardoza on the restart.  A lap 13 caution flag flew for a Paul Haslow spin in Turn 3.  Robustelli pressured C. Peters hard on the restart.  As the two came out of Turn 4 to complete the lap, there was contact.  Robustelli spun into the infield going into Turn 1, but a yellow flag for Gifford on the back stretch restored Robustelli back to the front.  C. Peters led the restart with King and Cardoza getting by Robustelli.  An outside move on the back stretch on lap 16 gained King the lead from C. Peters.  As King sped home to victory, C. Peters was fighting to hold onto second.  Exiting the final turn, C. Peters found a slower car in his path on the outside.  Morton raced by for second, and C. Peters spun.  King won the race ahead of Morton, Robustelli, Cardoza, B. Peters, Smith, Slater, Bud Lorenz and a disappointed C. Peters.

SODCA Dwarf Car
Heat 1-Kalvin Morton, Randy Slater, Bill Winter, Joe Sanders, Chris Maupin.  Heat 2-Brock Peters, Josh King, Chad Cardoza, Camden Robustelli, Bud Lorenz,  Heat 3-Cody Peters, Ryan Smith, Paul Haslow, Don Gifford, Mark Nielson.  A Dash-Cody Peters, Kalvin Morton, Josh King, Brock Peters, Ryan Smith.  B Dash-Chad Cardoza, Camden Robustelli, Paul Haslow, Bud Lorenz, Mark Nielson.  Main Event-Josh King, Kalvin Morton, Camden Robustelli, Chad Cardoza, Brock Peters, Ryan Smith, Randy Slater, Bud Lorenz, Cody Peters, Don Gifford, Chris Maupin, Paul Haslow, Bill Winter, Mark Nielson, Joe Sanders.

Medel Returns In Time For First Sport Mod Win 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...September 10...Leading all the way from his front row start, Mike Medel won his first 20 lap IMCA Sport Modified Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  Medel intended to miss the non point race as he flew out to Boone, Iowa to pit for friend and two time reigning champion Jorddon Braaten in the IMCA Nationals.  When Braaten suffered a wrist injury to end his week, Medel caught a flight back home and got back in time to battle David Marble and division newcomer Kalvin Morton for the victory.  Medel gained the point lead last week at the Lon Skinner Memorial Race and could claim the championship with a good performance next week.

David Marble won his second Trophy Dash after a good battle with A.J. Parker.  Marble continued his good evening with a heat race win in front of Morton.  Medel won his six lap heat in front of Toby Judd, who was making his season debut.  Medel raced into the Main Event lead at the start ahead of fellow font row starter Marble and Morton.  The lead three drivers pulled away, and Cottage Grove visitor Buddy McHargue and Judd battled for fourth.  Another Cottage Grove visitor, Brett Gill, hit the front wall for a yellow flag on lap 12. Judd's race also ended with mechanical woes.  Medel again  charged into the lead over Marble and Morton on the restart.  Though second and third were right behind him the whole time, Medel drove a great race and scored a satisfying victory ahead of Marble, Morton, McHargue and Parker.

IMCA Sport Modifieds
Trophy Dash-David Marble, A.J. Parker, Mike Medel.  Heat 1-Mike Medel, Toby Judd, Brett Gill, A.J. Parker.  Heat 2-David Marble, Kalvin Morton, Buddy McHargue.  Main Event-Mike Medel, David Marble, Kalvin Morton, Buddy McHargue, A.J. Parker, Brett Gill, Toby Judd.

Shields Grabs Third Hornets Victory 
 At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...September 10...Joby Shields rolled to an impressive win in the 20 lap Hornets Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  Shields' third win of the season came as a clean sweep after he also won the heat race and four lap Trophy Dash.  With a season best second place finish, Tim Hedges regained the point lead from Darrel Nelson Jr., who seemed to be struggling all night. 

Shields started the night with his second four lap Trophy Dash win ahead of Hedges and then won the six lap heat race ahead of Jesse Merriman, who was making his first start in the division.  Shields raced into the Main Event lead at the start, and he steadily pulled away to a straightaway lead over Merriman as Hedges was working on what could have been his fifth third place finish.  On lap ten, Merriman's run in second came to an end with motor problems.  Shields led the restart ahead of Hedges and John Hoult.  Shields stretched his lead to about a half lap as he took the checkered flag in  victory.  Hedges was second ahead of Hoult and the struggling Nelson.

Trophy Dash-Joby Shields, Tim Hedges, John Hoult, Derrel Nelson Jr.  Heat-Joby Shields, Jesse Merriman, Tim Hedges, John Hoult, Derrel Nelson Jr.  Main Event-Joby Shields, Tim Hedges, John Hoult, Derrel Nelson Jr., Jesse Merriman.