Monday, September 26, 2016

Hudson, Nash, Doty, Steele Southern Oregon Speedway Winners

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Hudson Wins First Pennzoil Sprint Car Feature 
 At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...September 24...Hays Oil Championship Night at Southern Oregon Speedway was a night of firsts for the Pennzoil Winged Sprint Car division.  The night included first time Main Event and Trophy Dash winners and a first time champion.  Taking full advantage of his front row start, 15 year old Jeffrey Hudson won the 25 lap Main Event.  It was the first Sprint Car win for Husdon, who was the 2015 Outlaw Pro Stock champion.  Hudson needed to come up big to hold off Wayne Kniffen for second in the standings after Kniffen won his first career Trophy Dash.  Hudson was also the only driver with a shot at the championship, but Jake Wheeler wrapped that up when he finished second to Kniffen in their heat race.

The night started with a Trophy Dash, and Kniffen held off previous Trophy Dash winner Rowdy McClennon for his first win in a Sprint Car.  Kniffen followed that up by holding off new champion Wheeler to win his heat race.  Hudson scratched from the Trophy Dash but returned to win his heat race ahead of Todd Whipple.  Extreme Sprint Car and Wingless Sprint Car ace Cooper Desbiens blew a motor in hot laps to scratch for the night.  Hudson and Kniffen brought the field down for the Main Event green flag, and Hudson raced into the lead.  After one lap, Whipple broke a driveline and coasted to a stop in Turn 2.  Hudson continued to lead Kniffen and McClennon on the restart.  Wheeler was battling Ivie for fourth when he lost power in Turn 4 for the final yellow flag on lap eight.  Hudson continued to lead as Kniffen tried to find a line that could get him past Hudson.  However, Hudson was setting a good pace as McClennon moved in to battle Kniffen for second.  An inside move on the front stretch gained McClennon second from Kniffen on lap 12, but at that point Hudson led by a straightaway.  Kniffen brushed the back wall on lap 14 and headed for the pits as Ivie was now third ahead of Jeremy Lowe.  McClennon found a good groove on the bottom and steadily gained ground on the leader aboard the Mark Michelet owned mount.  However, time ran out as Hudson scored an impressive victory ahead of McClennon, Ivie and Lowe.

Race Results
Pennzoil Winged Sprint Car
Heat 1-Wayne Kniffen, Jake Wheeler, Rowdy McClennon, Cooper Desbiens (DNS).  Heat 2-Jeffrey Hudson, Todd Whipple, Raquel Ivie, Jeremy Lowe.  Trophy Dash-Wayne Kniffen, Rowdy McClennon, Jeffrey Hudson (DNS).  Main Event-Jeffrey Hudson, Rowdy McClennon, Raquel Ivie, Jeremy Lowe, Wayne Kniffen, Jake Wheeler, Todd Whipple, Cooper Desbiens (DNS).

Luck Aids Nash In Pro Stock Clean Sweep
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...September 24...Gaining the lead after leader Scott Flowers broke on a late race restart, Rocky Nash scored his second Valley Boys Auto Sales Outlaw Pro Stock Main Event victory Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  Nash had won a duel with Flowers earlier in the evening for the Trophy Dash win and then won his heat race to make it a clean sweep performance.  With Steve Borror eliminated early, S. Flowers was doing everything he could to try to grab the championship, but his night ended in a disappointing ninth place finish and third straight runnerup season.  Matt Harlow drove another great race to finish a season best second.  Despite finishing last, Steve Borror's winning ways of 2016 carried him to the championship.

Much like the four lap Trophy Dash in their last appearance, Nash and Flowers battled fiercely at the front, but it was Nash prevailing on this occasion.  Nash then took the lead on lap three and won his heat race ahead of previous Main Event winner Miles Deubert.  S. Flowers held off rival Borror to win his heat race.  Flowers and Nash started back in the fourth row for the Main Event, and James Flowers charged from the second row to lead early ahead of two time champion Ken Irving and Ginny Flowers.  James Flowers had finally put a new motor in his car in the hopes of grabbing third in the final standings.  Nash made an inside move on the back stretch to take third from G. Flowers on lap two.  A back stretch pass on lap six gained Nash second from Irving as S. Flowers followed closely into third.  On lap eight, Deubert suddenly slowed right in front of Borror, who slowed to avoid a crash.  G. Flowers made contact with Borror for a yellow flag, and the race was over for Deubert and Borror.  James Flowers pitted with a flat, and Scott Flowers raced into the lead on the restart ahead of Nash and Harlow.  S. Flowers hadn't won all season or the year before, but he looked like he was headed for victory before a lap 18 red flag flew for a fire under the hood of son James Flowers' car.  On the fateful restart lap, S. Flowers broke in Turn 2, collecting wife G. Flowers as Scott Bennett and new "Rookie Of The Year" Julia Flowers tangled behind them.  With S. Flowers now sidelined, Nash beat Harlow on the restart and led rest of the way in victory.  Harlow used his season best second place finish to maintain third in the final standings.  John Bowers had a season best third place finish.  Roy Bain made a last turn pass on Irving to finish fourth as Ginny Flowers, Julia Flowers and Rick Lukens rounded out the Top 8.

Race Results
Valley Boys Auto Sales Outlaw Pro Stocks
Heat 1-Rocky Nash, Miles Deubert, James Flowers, Ken Irving, Roy Bain.  Heat 2-Scott Flowers, Steve Borror, Matt Harlow, Ginny Flowers, Scott Bennett.  Trophy Dash-Rocky Nash, Scott Flowers, Miles Deubert, James Flowers.  Main Event-Rocky Nash, Matt Harlow, John Bowers, Roy Bain, Ken Irving, Ginny Flowes, Julia Flowers, Rick Lukens, Scott Flowers, Scott Bennett, James Flowers, Miles Deubert, Steve Borror, Lloyd Speer (DNS), Derrel Nelson Jr. (DNS).

Steele Steals The Show At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...September 24...David Steele's fellow competitors may be thankful that his Mini Stock return at Southern Oregon Speedway didn't happen until four weeks into the season.  As it is, the 2015 Yreka champion had five wins going into Saturday night and was only four points behind Andrew Hall in the battle for third in the standings.  Steele did everything he could do as he led the 20 lap feature from start to finish.  However, Hall continued to have things dialed in as he scored his third second place finish of the season to cling to a two point advantage for third by the end of the night.  Bob Burkett had a rare non Top 3 finish, but the new track champion did win his sixth Trophy Dash of the season.  Dillen Lausen gave a glimpse of things to come when he finished a season best third in the Main Event.

Burkett started his night off with his sixth four lap Trophy Dash win ahead of his closest point rival, Gary Anderson.  Merissa Henson impressed with her six lap heat race win ahead of Anderson.  In the other heat race, Steele and Hall battled fiercely for the lead, but Steele made a last lap pass for the victory.  Steele and Henson shared the front row for the Main Event, and Steele raced into the lead ahead of Hall and Burkett.  A yellow flag flew after four laps for debris on the track.  Steele continued to set the pace on the restart ahead of Hall and Burkett.  Henson and Anderson were locked in a close battle for fourth, and Lausen made it a three car battle by lap eight.  Lausen gained fifth on lap nine and slipped past Henson for fourth a lap later.  Garrett Fredrickson spun in Turn 4 for the final caution flag on lap 12.  Steele continued to lead Hall on the restart, and a low move in Turn 4 gained Lausen third from Burkett before the lap was completed.  Steele pulled away by a few car lengths as the Pinto Wagon of Hall had his hands full with Lausen.  Lausen was making the inside groove work and actually made a pass for second in Turn 2 of the 19th lap.  However, Hall held the position by the completion of the lap.  Steele brought it home to a satisfying victory, while Hall managed to win the battle with Lausen for second.  Burkett settled for fourth ahead of Kristopher Mix, Henson, Devon Weiser and Anderson.

Race Results
Mini Stock
Heat 1-Merissa Henson, Gary Anderson, Mikey Johnson, Kristopher Mix, Eric Hanson.  Heat 2-David Steele, Andrew Hall, Devon Weiser, Bob Burkett, Dillen Lausen.  Trophy Dash-Bob Burkett, Gary Anderson, Andrew Hall, David Steele.  Main Event-David Steele, Andrew Hall, Dillen Lausen, Bob Burkett, Kristopher Mix, Merissa Henson, Devon Weiser, Gary Anderson, Mikey Johnson, Eric Hanson, Garrett Fredrickson, Randy Simmons (DNS).

Doty Delivers Fifth Super 4's Victory
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...September 24...This has certainly been a year for Super 4's competitors to be proud of at Southern Oregon Speedway.  After being absent from the roster for two years, the racers got the division back to the speedway and delivered 13 total cars during the course of the season with the promise of more to come next year.  As the season went on, Lee Doty got faster and faster.  On Saturday night, Doty sped to his championship clinching fifth 25 lap Main Event victory of the season.  With his second place finish, Charlie Eaton managed to finish third in the standings, while fourth place finisher John Barger will finish second in points.

The night started off with Eaton winning his second straight four lap Trophy Dash ahead of Krista Hadley.  Doty made a thrilling last lap pass on Eaton to win their six lap heat race, while K. Hadley continued a good night with her first heat win of the season ahead of Barger.  Seventeen year old Outlaw Kart graduate Dusty Aos was a Main Event scratch.  Doty shared the Main Event front row with K. Hadley and raced into the lead at the start.  A low move in Turn 2 of the fifth lap gained Eaton second, and Barger spun in Turn 1 in his bid for third for a yellow flag.  Doty led Eaton and K. Hadley on the restart.  Running in the top 5, Bill Spencer got out of shape and fell back several spots as Terry Hadley and Eric Aos ran in the Top 5.  Barger grabbed fifth from E. Aos on lap nine and worked his way up to battle the Hadley cars for third.  Meanwhile, Doty had a comfortable lead over Eaton.  Doty grabbed the checkered flag by a straightaway ahead of Eaton.  Barger made a move around T. Hadley for fourth on lap 20, but his last lap pass attempt on K. Hadley fell short.  K. Hadley enjoyed her third third place finish ahead of Barger, T. Hadley, E. Aos, Spencer, Mike Cloud and Dan Prewitt.

Race Results
Super 4's
Heat 1-Krista Hadley, John Barger, Bill Spencer, Mike Cloud, Terry Hadley (DNS).  Heat 2-Lee Doty, Charlie Eaton, Eric Aos, Dan Prewitt (DNS), Dusty Aos (DNS).  Trophy Dash-Charlie Eaton, Krista Hadley, Lee Doty, Terry Hadley.  Main Event-Lee Doty, Charlie Eaton, Krista Hadley, John Barger, Terry Hadley, Eric Aos, Bill Spencer, Mike Cloud, Dan Prewitt, Dusty Aos (DNS).