Monday, September 19, 2016

Welshonse, Melvin, Doty, Knight, Shields Win Southern Oregon Speedway Features

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Welshonse Wins IMCA Modified  Main Event
Wauge Champion At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...September 17...James Welshonse took advantage of a late race mishap to get the victory in the IMCA Modified Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  It was the first career win for the division's top rookie, and he nearly used it to overtake incoming point leader Mark Wauge.  Welshonse was running right behind leader Scott Lenz and Wauge when the two cars got together, leaving Wauge stuck in Turn 2 for the yellow flag.  Welshonse overtook Lenz on the restart and went on to victory ahead of Jesse Bailey.

Welshonse started what would be a clean sweep performance by winning the four lap Trophy Dash ahead of Wauge, and he continued that momentum with a six lap heat race win ahead of Albert Gill.  Bailey won the other heat race in front of Wauge.  After breaking his arm in a crash on preliminary night at the Lon Skinner Memorial race, Ray Kniffen Jr. put past Pro Stock champion Scott Lenz in his car.  Lenz had a front row start for the Main Event and charged into the lead at the green flag ahead of Scott Crumm and Wauge.  Wauge made a low pass in Turn 4 of the third lap to take over second, and James Welshonse started an impressive outside groove charge to the front from further back in the pack.  An outside pass in Turn 4 of the fourth lap gained Welshonse fifth from Duane Orsburn, and he followed Monte Bischoff past Crumm on lap six.  Welshonse continued to work the outside groove and made a Turn 2 pass on Bischoff for third on lap eight.  Wauge was pressuring Lenz for the lead before Welshonse closed in to make it a close three car battle.  Welshonse got a good run exiting Turn 4 on several occasions, but Wauge made his car wide to prevent the pass.  The complexion of the race changed on lap 19 when Wauge and Lenz got together in Turn 2.  Welshonse made contact with Wauge, but Lenz and Welshonse were able to continue moving.  Wauge made a pit stop and rejoined at the back of the pack with rear end damage.  Welshonse made short work of Lenz as he made an outside pass on the restart.  From there, Welshonse sped to an impressive victoy.  Bailey slipped past Lenz for second on lap 22 and would finish there.  Lenz settled for third ahead of Bischoff, Crumm, Gill, Duane Orsburn, Tyler Smith and final lead lap finisher Wauge.

Race Results
IMCA Modifieds
Trophy Dash-James Welshonse, Mark Wauge, Monte Bischoff, Duane Orsburn.  Heat 1-Jesse Bailey, Mark Wauge, Duane Orsburn, Scott Lenz, Chris Silva.  Heat 2-James Welshonse, Albert Gill, Monte Bischoff, Scott Crumm, Tyler Smith.  Main Event-James Welshonse, Jesse Bailey, Scott Lenz, Monte Bischoff, Scott Crumm, Albert Gill, Duane Orsburn, Tyler Smith, Mark Wauge, Chris Silva.

Melvin Wins Sport Modified Finale 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...September 17...Two time division champion Dwayne Melvin won the 20 lap IMCA Sport Modified season finale Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  Melvin was enjoying a good battle with Rich McCoy during the first half of the Main Event before a stalled race car changed the complexion of the race.  McCoy made contact with the car to end his race.  Melvin led the rest of the way to win ahead of the division's top rookie David Marble.

Marble got things started with his third four lap Trophy Dash victory ahead of Mike Medel.  Medel won a heat race ahead of Willie McFall, while Rich McCoy held off Marble to win their six lap heat race.  Despite a wrist injury suffered in the pits at the IMCA Nationals in Boone, Iowa, Jorddon Braaten was back behind the wheel in an effot to try to preserve his Oregon State point lead.  Braaten sat out the heat race and started last in the Main Event.  A.J. Parker led one lap of the Main Event before spinning in Turn 2.  Melvin led McCoy and Marble on the restart.  The lead duo had a close battle for the lead for several laps until they encountered the stalled McFall car on the back stretch on lap ten.  McCoy made contact with McFall to end his bid for a second win in his "Lightning McQueen" #95 car.  Melvin led Marble and Medel on the restart.  Melvin set a good pace up front.  Though Marble and new track champion Medel were not far behind him, Melvin collected his first win of the season.  Toby Judd finished fourth with Braaten right behind him in fifth.

Race Results
IMCA Sport Modifieds
Trophy Dash-David Marble, Mike Medel, A.J. Parker.  Heat 1-Mike Medel, Willie McFall, A.J. Parker.  Heat 2-Rich McCoy, David Marble, Dwayne Melvin, Toby Judd, Danny Role.  Main Event-Dwayne Melvin, David Marble, Mike Medel, Toby Judd, Jorddon Braaten, A.J. Parker, Danny Role, Willie McFall, Rich McCoy.

Doty Takes Super 4's Point Lead With Victory 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...September 17...Setting a blistering pace from his front row start, Lee Doty won the Super 4's Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  It was Doty's fourth win of the season and came by a wide margin as he moved past John Barger and into the point lead.  Terry Hadley returned and enjoyed a season best second place finish.

Charlie Eaton won his first four lap Trophy Dash ahead of Bill Spencer as the two championship contenders got together in the final turn.  A slower car presented Terry Hadley an opportunity to steal a six lap heat race win from Dan Prewitt on the last lap.  Doty won the other heat ahead of Krista Hadley.  T. Hadley and Doty shared the front row of the non stop Main Event, and Doty bolted into the lead at the start ahead of T. Hadley and K. Hadley.  Doty was into lapped traffic by the mid point of the race, and he lapped fourth place Eaton by lap 16.  Doty had a 2/3 lap lead over T. Hadley by the time the checkered flag flew with K. Hadley the final lead lap finisher.  Eaton won a close race with Prewitt for the fourth place finish as Spencer and Barger rounded out the Top 7.

Race Results
Super 4's
Trophy Dash-Charlie Eaton, Bill Spencer, Lee Doty, John Barger.  Heat 1-Terry Hadley, Dan Prewitt, Bill Spencer, John  Barger, Joby Shields.  Heat 2-Lee Doty, Krista Hadley, Charlie Eaton, Mike Cloud, Eric Oahs.  Main Event-Lee Doty, Terry Hadley, Krista Hadley, Charlie Eaton, Dan Prewitt, Bill Spencer, John Barger, Eric Oahs, Joby Shields, Mike Cloud.

Knight Wins Open Stock Finale, Bob Dees Champion 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...September 17...Setting a blistering pace from the start in his new Late Model, Dustin Knight won the 20 lap Open Stock Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  Knight was turning the 1/3 mile clay oval with laps in the 12 second bracket as he won by 2/3 of a lap ahead of Bob Dees.  Dees used his finish to take the division championship.

Dustin Comer had motor problems in hot laps to end his evening.  Bob Dees won the four lap Trophy Dash ahead of incoming point leader Mike Linder.  B. Dees continued a good night's effort by winning his six lap heat race ahead of his son John Dees.  Knight won his heat race ahead of the division debut of Garrett Dees.  Knight and B. Dees had the front row for the Main Event, and Knight immediately launched into the lead at the start of another non stop race.  G. Dees settled into third and J. Dees and David Schmidt battled side by side at times for fourth.  Knight had already lapped Linder by lap six and lapped J. Dees and Schmidt in the midst of their side by side battle on lap 15.  Schmidt also passed J. Dees for fourth.  Third place G. Dees was lapped on lap 16, and Knight scored the impresive victory ahead of the season best second place effort for new champion B. Dees.  G. Dees finished third ahead of Schmidt, J. Dees and Linder.

Race Results
Open Stock
Trophy Dash-Bob Dees, Mike Linder, John Dees.  Heat 1-Dustin Knight, Garrett Dees, David Schmidt.  Heat 2-Bob Dees, John Dees, Mike Linder.  Main Event-Dustin Knight, Bob Dees, Garett Dees, David Schmidt, John Dees, Mike Linder, Dustin Comer (DNS).

Shields Closes Season With Third Straight Win, 
Hedges Hornets Champion At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...September 17...Joby Shields brought the curtain down on the third Hornets season at Southern Oregon Speedway with a victory in the 20 lap Main Event Saturday night.  It was his third straight win and fourth of the season.  After winning his second Trophy Dash of the year, Tim Hedges was content to ride around behind rival Derrel Nelson Jr. for a championship clinching fifth place finish as Nelson continued to struggle with motor problems.  For the second time this year, the car count reached a division record of six cars.

Hedges won a thrilling four lap Trophy Dash ahead of Shields.  That was the only race Shields would lose as he won the six lap heat race ahead of Milt Carter in the Jesse Merriman car, which is currently up for sale.  Shields raced into the Main Event lead as Carter and Hayfork Speedway star Andy Blackburn battled for second.  Nelson had been struggling with timing problems the week before, and the two time feature winner still didn't have it all situated as he ran fourth.  Shields lapped John Hoult on lap 12, and Hedges went down a lap on lap 17.  Shields won the race by a half-lap ahead of Carter, Blackburn, Nelson, Hedges and Hoult as all cars finished the non stop race.

Race Results
Trophy Dash-Tim Hedges, Joby Shields, Derrel Nelson Jr., John Hoult.  Heat-Joby Shields, Milt Carter, Andy Blackburn, Derrel Nelson Jr., Tim Hedges.  Main Event-Joby Shields, Milt Carter, Andy Blackburn, Derrel Nelson Jr., Tim Hedges, John Hoult.