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Thomas, Trotter, Barraza, Ferrando Share Winner's Circle

Southern Oregon Speedway Racing Discussion 
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Thomas Wins Northwest Focus Midgets Main Event 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...May 27...Leading all the way from his front row starting position, Tristin Thomas won the 25 lap Northwest Focus Midgets Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  This was the group's first ever appearance at this track, and it kicked off their ten race Summer Series that will pay out a $10,000 point fund, plus contingencies to the Top 10 drivers.  Thomas is the 2015 champion and finished third in points last season. 

T. Thomas started on the front row of the 22 car Main Event and immediately raced into the lead.  As Thomas began to pull away, reigning champion Nick Evans an Michael Vollbrecht had good battle for second place.  The flying Thomas was already in lapped traffic by lap ten, and traffic entered the picture in the second place battle.  Vollbrecht gained second on lap 14.  Garrett Thomas and Chance Crum were running in the top 5 by lap 15 in what was a rapidly run race.  The race nearly went caution flag free as a white flag was displayed to the leaders when Otto Jorgensen stalled in Turn 3 and caused the yellow flag to be displayed immediately.  Evans had pitted just before the white flag to shake up the lineup further.  Club rules state that the lapped cars are put to the back on restarts with five or less laps to go, but this didn't deter T. Thomas as he led the final two laps for the impressive victory.  Vollbrecht was a strong second ahead of Crum, G. Thomas and Eric Turner.  Nate Vaughn and Ryan Culley were a lead lap sixth and seventh as Johnathan Jorgenson, Shane Smith and Thomas Walker rounded out the Top 10.

Walker won the first of four eight lap heat races ahead of Vollbrecht.  G. Thomas won heat two in front of Vaughn, and Turner was victorious in the third heat as Sawyer Lind finished second.  The closest finish occurred in the final heat as Crum won just ahead T. Thomas in a good battle.  Vaughn won the four lap A Dash ahead of Hannah Lindquist.  Glenn Bittrolf won the B Dash in front of B. Jorgenson.

Race Results
Northwest Focus Midgets
Heat 1-Thomas Walker, Michael Vollbrecht, Brian Aune.  Heat 2-Garrett Thomas, Nate Vaughn, Chris Bullock.  Heat 3-Eric Turner, Sawyer Lind, Otto Jorgenson.  Heat 4-Chance Crum, Tristin Thomas, Nick Evans.  A Dash-Nate Vaughn, Hannah Lindquist, Renee Angel.  B Dash-Glenn Bittrolf, Otto Jorgenson, Ray Stebbins.  Main Event-Tristin Thomas, Michael Vollbrecht, Chance Crum, Garrett Thomas, Eric Turner, Nate Vaughn, Ryan Cully, Johnathan Jorgenson, Shane Smith, Thomas Walker, Brian Aune, Wade Spreckelmyer, Chris Bullock, Sawyer Lind, Glenn Bittrolf, Hannah Lindquist, Ray Stebbins, Renee Angel, Otto Jorgenson, Hailey Bower, Nick Evans, Shane Biles.

Barraza Sweeps Kendall Oil Sprint Car Action 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...May 27...Kyler Barraza led from flag to flag to win the $1,000 prize in the Kendall Oil Winged Sprint Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  The two time Southern Oregon Sprint Tour champion was coming off of a second place finish in the season opener, and he won all four of the races he was in.

After his victory in the Scramble, Barraza gained the pole for the feature as Bailey Hibbard lined up on the outside.   The race had to be restarted after contact left David Hibbard's car damaged and stalled in Turn 4.  Barraza charged into the lead on the restart ahead of B. Hibbard and Merissa Henson.  Enrique Jaime moved into third on lap five, but a Jaime spin in Turn 2 a lap later forced a yellow flag.  Henson's car stalled on the back stretch with steering issues.  Barraza led B. Hibbard and Jaime on the restart.  Chico Economy Sprint racer David Johnson pitted on lap 11 as Jeff Crossman was lapped.  Barraza set a rapid pace up front and beat B. Hibbard by about a straightaway in victory.  Jaime was a solid third as Jeff Crossman took a checkered flag in fourth.

Barraza also won his eight lap heat race ahead of B. Hibbard, and D. Hibbard won the other heat ahead of Jaime.  Barraza completed the clean sweep with a four lap Trophy Dash victory head of D. Hibbard.  The next two Kendall Oil Winged Sprint Car races are set for June 10th and 17th.  In August, the track will be holding a $3,000 to win Wingless Sprint Car event.  It's the Cascade Sprint Car Challenge, presented by Herz Precision Parts.  for further information, go to www.southernoregonspeedway.com.

Race Results
Kendall Oil Winged Sprint Cars
Heat 1-Kyler Barraza, Bailey Hibbard, Merissa Henson.  Heat 2-David Hibbard, Enrique Jaime, David Johnson.  Trophy Dash-Kyler Barraza, Bailey Hibbard, Merissa Henson.  Scramble-Kyler Barraza, Bailey Hibbard, David Hibbard.  Main Event-Kyler Barraza, Bailey Hibbard, Enrique Jaime, Jeff Crossman, David Johnson, Merissa Henson, David Hibbard.

Minter Scores OTRO Hardtop Feature Win 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...May 27...Mark Minter opened the OTRO Hardtops season with a victory in the 20 lap Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  Minter gained the lead when Bill Trotter spun on the back stretch on lap six.  He is the third generation of his family to drive the pink #33 Rene Minter owned car.

An exciting night of racing began with Brian Crouch holding off Jamie Britton in a near photo finish for his first career four lap Trophy Dash win.  Dusty Trotter beat Crouch for his first six lap Hardtop heat race win on the dirt.  B. Trotter outran Minter for a heat race win.  B. Trotter raced into the lead at the start of the Main Event ahead of Britton.  D. Trotter and Minter shuffled Britton back to fourth on lap four, and Minter took second from D. Trotter a lap later.  B. Trotter surprisingly spun on the back stretch for a lap six caution flag.  Minter inherited the lead and steadily built a straightaway advantage over D. Trotter for the victory.  Britton finished third ahead of B. Trotter and Crouch.

Race Results
OTRO Hardtops
Heat 1-Dusty Trotter, Brian Crouch, Kevin Lowell.  Heat 2-Bill Trotter, Mark Minter, Jamie Britton.  Trophy Dash-Brian Crouch,  Jamie Britton, Kevin Lowell.  Main Event-Mark Minter, Dusty Trotter,  Jamie Britton, Bill Trotter, Brian Crouch, Eric Maguire, Kevin Lowell.

Tobey Ferrando Wins Pro 4 Modified Race 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...May 27...Tobey Ferrando won the ten lap Pro 4 West Modified Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  Tobey is the 2015-16 division champion at Salem Indoors.  This was the group's first visit to the track, but it was plagued with bad luck.  Reigning indoors champion and Ferrando family patriarch "Papa" Tom Ferrando was towing his car and Renee Ferrando's car to the track when his tow vehicle broke down.  Last season's indoors point runnerup Rick Wagner and Zac Ferrando both had mechanical issues in hot laps.  Tobey Ferrando led every lap in winning the feature and also won the Trophy Dash, while T.J. Ferrando won the heat race.

Race Results
Pro 4 West Modifieds
Heat-T.J. Ferrando.  Trophy Dash-Tobey Ferrando.  Main Event-Tobey Ferrando, T.J. Ferrando, Rick Wagner (DNS), Zac Ferrando (DNS).

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Thomas, Barraza Win Open Wheel Showcase At Southern Oregon Speedway

Thomas, Barraza Win Open Wheel Showcase 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...May 27...Tristan Thomas set a blistering pace in winning the 25 lap Northwest Focus Midgets Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  Thomas pulled away from reigning champion Nick Evans at the start and built a straightaway lead when a lap 28 yellow flag slowed the pace.  Michael Vollbrecht battled Evans fiercely for the first 15 laps before grabbing the second spot.  Evans pitted during that lap 28 caution period, and T. Thomas led the last two laps to score the impressive victory over Vollbrecht.  Garrett Thomas, Chance Crumm and Eric Turner rounded out the Top 5 finishers.

Kyler Barraza scored a clean sweep of heat race, Trophy Dash and 25 lap Kendall Oil Winged Sprint Car Main Event.  Barraza beat Bailey Hibbard at the start, and the duo ran 1-2 for the entire distance.  Barraza was clocking 12.3 second laps around the three-tenth's mile clay oval.  Rookie Enrique Jaime took a checkered flag in third as Corning, California visitors Jeff Crossman and David Johnson rounded out the Top 5.  Heat race winner David Hibbard's race ended with steering issues after a tangle with another car on the start.

Gaining the lead on lap 7 after heat race winner Bill Trotter spun on the back stretch, Mark Minter won the 20 lap OTRO Hardtop Main Event.  Minter built a straightaway lead at he checkered flag.  Heat winner Dusty Trotter held of newcomer Jamie Britton in a close battle for third.  B. Trotter and Trophy Dash winner Brian Crouch rounded out the Top 5.

Tobey Ferrando won the 10 lap Pro 4 West Modified Main Event and the four lap Trophy Dash.  Tobey led all the way to win the race ahead of heat race winner T.J. Ferrando.

Racing resumes next week with the Roger Haudenshild Tribute.  IMCA Modifieds, IMCA Sport Modifieds, Pro Stocks and SODCA Dwarf Cars are part of a show that will offer an increased purse and fan giveaways from Family Fun Center and Toys R Us.  For further information, go to www.southernoregonspeedway.com.

Unofficial Race Results
Northwest Focus Midgets
Heat Winners (8 Laps)-Thomas Walker, Garrett Thomas, Tristan Thomas, Chance Crumm.  A Dash (4 Laps)-Nate Vaughn.  B Dash (4 Laps)-Glenn Bittrolf.  Main Event (25 Laps)-Tristin Thomas, Michael Vollbrect, Garrett Thomas, Chance Crumm, Eric Turner.

Kendall Oil Winged Sprint Cars
Heat Winners (6 Laps)-Kyler Barraza, David Hibbard.  Trophy Dash (4 Laps)-Kyler Barraza.  Fast Dash (4 Laps)-Kyler Barraza.    Main Event (25 Laps)-Kyler Barraza, Bailey Hibbard, Enrique Jaime, Jeff Crossman, David Johnson.

OTRO Hardtops
Heat Winners (6 Laps)-Bill Trotter, Dusty Trotter.  Trophy Dash (4 Laps)-Brian Crouch.   Main Event (20 Laps)-Mark Minter, Dusty Trotter, Jamie Britton, Bill Trotter, Brian Crouch.

Pro 4 Modifieds
Heat Winner (4 Laps)-T.J. Ferrando.  Trophy Dash (4 Laps)-Tobey Ferrando.   Main Event (10 Laps)-Tobey Ferrando, T.J.Ferrando.

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Northwest Focus Midgets, Kendall Oil Sprints Offer Open Wheel Excitement At Southern Oregon Speedway

Southern Oregon Speedway Racing Discussion 
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Northwest Focus Midgets, Kendall Oil Sprints Offer 
Open Wheel Excitement At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...The third event of the season at Southern Oregon Speedway is set for this Saturday night.  It is the Open Wheel Showcase, and the featured divisions are Northwest Focus Midgets, Kendall Oil Winged Sprint Cars, OTRO Hardtops and Pro 4 Modifieds.  The nice weather forecast will make it a great night of racing on the three-tenth mile clay oval.

In Washington, the Focus Midgets are going strong.  This wingless, open wheel division competes about 26 tomes during the year at various tracks.  The group has scheduled a ten race "Summer Challenge Series" that will pay a $10,000 point fund to the Top 10 competitors.  The champion will earn $3,000 of that, but with contingencies, the championship will actually be worth in excess of $5,000.  The first race in the series is this Saturday night.

One of the trademarks of Focus Midget racing in recent seasons has been the close competition in points and for feature wins.  The last two championships have been decided by five points or less.  Tristen Thomas beat Nick Evans by just five points in 2015, and Evans won the title by just two points over Eric Turner last season.  Thomas wasn't far behind in third last year, and his nine wins in the last two seasons ranks him at the top of the winner's list during that time.  Evans won six races last season and is the driver to beat following his win last week at Grays Harbor, where he is the reigning track champion.

The Focus Midgets race at Grays Harbor, Deming and Skaggit Speedway in Washington, but they have dates as far south as Chico, California this year.  Evans will have a group of talented competitors looking to beat him to become the first Focus Midget Main Event winner at Southern Oregon Speedway.  Chance Crumm was a three time winner last year to rank fourth in the standings.  Garrett Thomas is another of last year's winners anticipated for this race, along 2016 runnerup Eric Turner, Michael Vollbrect and Thomas Walker.

The first Kendall Oil Winged Sprint Car race produced an 11 car field, which is up from four cars in last season's opener.  Notable in their appearance was three generations of the Hibbard family on the track for the very first time.  At 61 years old, Calvin Hibbard is a rookie.  Other than some experience on the Outlaw Kart track, this was his first start.  He and grandson Bailey took the checkered flag, but Bailey went past the scales after the races to lose a third place finish.  Calvin's son, David Hibbard, had a motor issue and retired from the race early.  The Hibbard family is committed to helping establish this class.

It cannot be understated just how important the Outlaw Kart track is to training future Sprint Car stars.  Camden Robustelli, Jeffrey Hudson, Merissa Henson, Enrique Jaime and B. Hibbard all got their starts there.  Jaime and Henson both made their first starts last week and took the checkered flag in the Main Event.  Henson ended up fifth behind Robustelli.  These young drivers are the future of Sprint Car racing in Medford, and there are a few others preparing to make their first starts in the weeks ahead.

The lure of a $1,000 payday brought Kyler Barraza back to Southern Oregon Speedway for the first time since 2014.  One of the more exciting racers to watch, Kyler is a two time Southern Oregon Sprint Car Tour champion.  He won the six lap Fast Dash to get the pole last week, but it was Jake Waddell surprising him and grabbing the feature win.  Jake was behind the wheel of has father Don's car and drove a great race in victory.   The increased purse should make things interesting this season.

Back for their second season at Southern Oregon Speedway are the Old Time Racers of Oregon Hardtops.  OTRO President Vic Bridges has booked several dates to make this their home track once again.  These beautiful old Coupe and Sedan body, Six-Cylinder engine race cars hearken back to the days when Hardtops were king at race tracks all across the country.  This dedicated group of racers includes Trevor Thomason, Bill Trotter, Wylie Prowell, Jim Del Castille, Brian Crouch, Dean Cast and Mark Minter, among others.  It's all about fun for this group, and they love interacting with the fans after the races.

An added attraction to the show is the Pro 4 Modifieds.  This group has been racing most recently indoors at the Salem Indoor track.  The division is a modified version of the Mini Stock class featured in Medford.  Several members of the Ferrando family have been keeping this division going through the years.  Last winter, it was 70 something year old "Papa" Tom Ferrando winning the championship.  Tobey Ferrando won the championship a year earlier.  Rick Wagner, Mike Wagner, Billy Jack and Brian Finney are other stars of the group to watch for this week.

The gates open for this week's Op/en Wheel Showcase at 5:00 PM with the first race scheduled for 7:00 PM.  General Admission is $15 with Seniors and Juniors $10.  Children 5 and under are free.  For further information, go to www.southernoregonspeedway.com.

Northwest Focus Midgets Roster
No.    Driver            Hometown    Chassis
2a     Renee Angel         Woodinville    XXX
2j     Jonathan Jorgenson     Tacoma         Beast
3     Wade Spreckelmeyer     Bellingham    XXX
3h     Hannah Lindquist    Shoreline    Beast
4     Michael Vollbrecht     Shoreline    XXX
8x     Otto Jorgenson         Auburn        Stealth
N8     Nate Vaughn         Sedro Woolley    XXX
9s     Sawyer Lind        Abbotsford, BC    XXX
9t     Tristin Jade Thomas     Burlington     XXX
11t     Virgil Ray Stebbins     Auburn        Beast
14     Garrett Thomas        McCleary     Spike
16     Nik Larson        Graham        XXX
17     Chris Bullock        Arlington     XXX
19     Thomas Walker        Elma         Spike
21j     Ryan Cully of         Alger        Spike
24     Nick Evans of         Granite Falls     Stealth
29t     Eric Turner of         Lake Stevens    Stealth
31     Shane Biles of         Woodenville    Eagle
44     Shane Smith of         Lynnwood    XXX
57     Hailey Bower of     Arlington    Stealth
57a    Brian Aune of         Arlington     CRC
83c     Chance Crum of         Lake Stevens    Beast
98     Glenn Bittrolf         Springfield, OR    Edmunds

Pit Stops - Jefferson Edition

The Road To The Iron Giant went through Southern Oregon Speedway last week.  Chris Sine organized this eight race, eight track Street Stock series that will culminate with the Iron Giant race at Willamette Speedway in September.  The Iron Giant Race is the biggest  paying Street Stock race on the West Coast.  The challenge of making this race in Medford happen is obvious.  There hasn't been a Street Stock division at the track since 2014.  The division had a five season run that never produced more than 12 cars at a race.  Despite a booming Street Stock division at the old Medford Speedway, Southern Oregon Speedway opened without the class seven years later.

The bad news for Sine was that his race ended in hot laps.  It's a long trip for these competitors, but it was even longer for Don Jenner.  Jenner came to Southern Oregon Speedway last year for the Wild West Speedweek race, but he wanted to try things out with his Street Stocker.  Unfortunately, his night also ended early.  Sine had hopes of a few more drivers making the trip south and had been contacted by a few California competitors about making the trip.  However, Medford has no Street Stock drivers left, or at least nobody showed up from the area.

Since this race was announced as part of the schedule  there have been locals offering observations in support of the class.  Mini Stock ace David Steele pointed out that he has three 67 Chevelles that would fit in with this class.  The year of those Chevelles accounts for Steele's car #67.  David's concern in building a class here is that the cars aren't in abundance the way they once were and aren't as cheap.  Steele sees the Mini Stocks filling that role now.  Cars are easier to get.  He's also had a hand in helping build several competitive Mini Stocks that are on the circuit now.

Another Mini Stock racer, Kristopher Mix, admits that he would love to see this class given a chance.  His father, Keith Mix, ran these cars at the old Medford track, and he's had other family members in the division as well.  Mix admits he'd probably be in that division if it were an option.  It would likely take somebody coordinating the effort and getting enough cars to get it started to make it happen here.

Because of their love of Street Stock racing, Sine and Jenner were joined by Don Schott, Erik Jarnport, James Whitehouse, Roger Hubbard, Jordon McDaniel, Jack Parshall and reigning Iron Giant Race Champion Kyle Yeack.  Parshall built this car especially to support the series and calls the blue #914 car his Oregon car.  Yeack has won more Street Stock races in Oregon than just about anybody in the past five years.  The way he had his yellow #47 car set up was a thing of beauty, and he put on passing clinic in winning the heat race.

After the Sprint Cars ran their Main Event, nobody left before the 50 lap Street Stock feature.  Maybe it was the idea of wanting to know who would win the $1,000 prize.  Maybe it was the idea of this being the longest Street Stock race in track history at 50 laps, but the fans watched as Hubbard and Schott traded the lead during the first 25 laps.  Hubbard may very well have had the car to beat, but his yellow #18 machine gave up on him while leading at the halfway point.  This left Schott leading with Parhall and Yeack in pursuit.

The way Yeack was working the track, most of the fans probably thought he was going to get the lead, and the question was when would it happen?  On lap 44, Yeack passed Parshall for second, and he went to work on Schott.  Schott ran smoothly up front and made it difficult for Yeack.  When Yeack bobbled just a bit on lap 48, that pretty much clinched the victory for Schott.  Parshall ran strong in third.  There's no doubt that this series will fare better at tracks that already have a class, and the concept of eight races at eight tracks is very intriguing.  As for whether a Street Stock presence could ever be established again in Medford?  It would take a lot of work and dedication, but you never know.

The Pro Stocks have sort of filled that void, but the first championship season for the class since 2011 didn't start off so well.  Even after the schedule had been released in Medford, the existing Outlaw Pro Stock Association booked a race elsewhere.  Because of his work building cages for Hornets at JOAT Labs, Miles Deubert found himself not ready for this race.  Long time Pro Stock competitor Ken Irving was proudly in the pits, crewing for son Dillon's first Hornets race.

Top 5 Coos Bay competitor Josh Kralicek and Derrel Nelson Jr. came to race.  What does Promoter Mike McCann do when only two cars show up to race?  He runs them and pays the guaranteed purse.  McCann does not believe in cutting purses when car counts are low.  Kralicek and Nelson made the race interesting.  Josh was leading the way and appeared headed for victory when a right rear flat tire ended his race on lap 10.  Moments after getting the lead in the Hackworth car, Nelson hit the wall coming out of Turn 4 and limped off the track.  He still won.  The Roger Haudenshild Tribute is next on June 3rd, and several more cars are anticipated.

Getting back to Mini Stocks, David Steele knows he carries a big experience advantage over the pack.  The current point leader and 2015 Yreka champion recalls a few years ago when he was racing a field of newer drivers in Yreka.  When he came around to lap the field, most of them were enjoying a close, side by side battle for position in front of him.  How do you proceed in a situation like that?  On Saturday, David won his heat, the dash and feature for a clean sweep.  He knows somebody will be stepping up to beat him for a Main Event win, but the question is who?

Dillen Lausen is somebody who should be taken very seriously.  Actually, you could see this teen Outlaw Kart veteran getting better last year, and he ended the season with a then career best third place finish on the way to "Rookie Of The Year" honors.  The Mud Wesier Racing Team #87 car has been running strong this year, and has been driven to a pair of heat race wins by Dillen so far.  On Saturday, Dillen battled the #007 Pinto Wagon of Andrew Hall and actually made a pass to claim that second place finish.  Making the finish even more satisfying was the hard work put into repairing the damage to his race car after his Top 5 finish in the opener.

Hall was rolling right along in second in the season opener when his fuel pump died on him.  Rather than stall for a yellow, Hall managed to coast into the infield for a disappointing DNF.  He got it fixed this week, and his third place finish shows that he's still going to be a factor in the battle.  Hall seems to be as fast as Steele, but wheeling the wagon around the track and keeping it pointed in the right direction can be a challenge at times.  Michael Johnson rebounded from a DNF after running second late in the season opener.  The young second generation racer posted his first Top 5 finish in fourth to make the next Trophy Dash.  Kristopher Mix settled for fifth.  Mix was still kicking himself after letting a second place finish in the opener slip away with a last lap pass dropping him to third.

The two Medford champions in the field, Gary Anderson and Steve Goetz, most certainly did not look as fast as you'd expect in the opener.  Both drivers had similar issues with their fuel lines.  Anderson just tried to get it to the finish line that week and hoped that changes made during the last two weeks might help.  He switched a few things around with the carburetor and fuel pump, but his night started with him missing his heat race before finishing seventh in the feature.  Goetz had a problem with his fuel line keeping him from getting the fuel flow he needed in the opener.  Repairs definitely helped him as he had a second in his heat and sixth in the main.  However, the best is still yet to come for both of these competitors.

Tim Hedges and his family seem intent on building the JOAT Labs Hornets class single handedly.  Tim has been working on a new car for himself, and it finally debuted on Saturday.  There was no paint job or car number as he was hoping to get input from the fans on all of that.  His white car carried him to a heat win and fifth in the Main Event.  His old championship car will be driven by guests on different weeks, and Ryan Nelson drove it last week.  Further up in the pack, Tim's wife Jenna was running a strong third when Joby Shields' misfortune on the last lap saw Jenns get a second place finish ahead of her son Ashton Hedges.  The whole family is enthusiastic about this division, and Tim pointed out that the simple rule set makes this affordable and possible for him.

David Coggins and Shields had a good race going on up front, and Coggins surprised the early season star with a lap 10 pass.  Coggins lost a bumper during the race, but the car didn't give up on him as it did in the opener.  David drove a great race for his first victory.  Shields, meanwhile, didn't leave empty handed.  He won the Trophy Dash.  He also got another new driver out there as Mikah Walker drove the #553 car.  Still another new driver, 13 year old Dillon Irving, made his first start.  Dillen drove his red #11 car to a lead lap sixth place finish. 

By all accounts, the JOAT Labs Hornets class is on a pace to reach 20 cars before the season ends.  Christian Listro was making repairs to his car last week, while Ashland High competitors Eric Oline and Ethan Doty were both running the Race Of Lemons at Willows.  R&W Racing will be fielding two cars this year, driven by third generation racers Anthony Kniffen and Taylor Ray.  It looks like the JOAT Labs Hornets are finally having their breakout season at Southern Oregon Speedway.

The Valley Stor-All Late Model Lites have just gotten more interesting.  Lee Doty remarked before the season opener that he hasn't beat division super star Bob Westcott yet.  Bob got behind the wheel of Randy Hanesn's #40 car and set the track on fire last week in winning his heat race.  Doty led the early going of the feature.  As fast as these two super stars are, they soon caught a group of three cars battling for position.  Westcott had the presence of mind to put it up on the outside and grab the lead from Doty.  After that, he led the rest of the way in victory.  Doty was second in everything, and he leads Bob Burkett and Charlie Eaton in the point race.

Eaton hasn't looked too bad in these first two events with back to back thirds.  He's been able to stay on the lead lap, but a few adjustments need to be made to move him up further.  Burkett did something he had a knack for in Mini Stocks.  He won the Trophy Dash.  The feature didn't go as well as he'd have liked.  He had steering issues, but he still got it back to the line in fourth.  This puts him on the pole for the next Trophy Dash.  Greg Arnold was recruited to drive the Dustin Aos #3 car last week.  If the name sounds familiar, it's because his list of accomplishments includes 2001 Super Truck runnerup and 2002 champion, third in Late Model Lites in 2003 and fifth in 2004.  Unfortunately, he fell out of the Main Event early on.  Meanwhile, teammate Eric Aos took a checkered flag in sixth.  Both did better than Bill Spencer, who suffered mechanical problems in hot laps to end his day very early.

The Kendall Oil Winged Sprint Cars kicked off their nine race season with 11 cars.  The talk of all the young talent in this division is true.  Enrique Jaime joined the division with his familiar yellow #48 car.  Enrique has been racing Outlaw Karts on dirt and on pavement for several years, but he was thrilled to have a chance to hot lap Mark Wauge's Modified last year.  The move up to a Sprint Car was a logical step for Jaime, and the rules package opened that door for him.  He did well for his first time and ended up taking a checkered flag with a sixth place finish.

Merissa Henson has been running the Outlaw Karts for years and has long since shown her ability to drive well and finish consistently.  Her multiple Top 3 point seasons there speak for themselves.  Her Top 5 Mini Stock season last year showed that she was ready for what she really wanted to do.  She didn't hesitate when her dad presented her with the opportunity to compete in a Sprint Car.  Merissa had a second place heat race finish and lead lap fifth in the Main Event.  With her skill set and as she learns the car, Merissa will become a factor in the battle to win races.

Camden Robustelli and Jeffrey Hudson have already won races in this division,  Camden has a pair of wins in Cottage Grove.  Hudson won the Medford season finale to secure 2016 "Rookie Of The Year" honors.  Unfortunately, he blew a motor in his heat race.  For Robustelli, the night was already a keeper as he drove his Dwarf Car to victory.  He followed that up with a fourth in the Main Event.  He's still looking for his first Sprint Car win at his home track, and that could happen at some point this season.

Bailey Hibbard started racing karts in Medford, and he won his first Sprint Car race here last year.  Grandfather Calvin Hibbard did some Kart racing, but at 61 years old, he is a Sprint Car rookie.  Calvin was just thrilled to get to race with his son David and grandson.  He made his laps and got it to the checkered flag.  Bailey made a mental error after crossing the line third.  He forgot to go to the scales and was disqualified.  David's anticipated battle with Kyler Barraza and Jake Waddell never materialized.  He had a motor problem while running fourth and retired early.

Raquel Ivie's best night of the year was last year in Medford when she won a heat race and led most of the Main Event before finishing second.  She was back to see if she could win it this time.  She drove a good race and finished third. Waddell and Barraza were the stars of the show.  Waddell won a heat race early on, but Barraza secured the pole with his win in the Fast Dash.  Kyler hadn't raced in Medford since 2014, when he was winning his second Southern Oregon Sprint Car Tour championship.  He made an appearance in Coos Bay earlier this year and won the feature in impressive fashion.  However, in Waddell, he met his match on Saturday.  Once Jack got the lead, even a pair of late yellow flags would not cost him the victory.  He won the $1000 prize as of Barraza settled for second.

The Outlaw Kart connection is still at play here.  At some point, many time Kart champion Tanner Holmes will make his division debut.  Tanner has demonstrated impressive skills through the years in the various Kart classes.  Bartley Foster and Blaine Cory are others preparing cars, and word is another Kart champion is looking at the Kendall Oil Sprint Cars.  A few California Winged Economy Sprint drivers are also looking to visit at some point this year.  The goal with this class is to generate more interest in Sprint Car racing in Medford, and it's off to a good start so far.

Fans know when the SODCA Dwarf Cars are in town, they are going to see some fast and competitive racing.  On Saturday night, the Dwarf Cars put together 25 laps of non stop, green flag racing.  The Peters family was well represented by A Dash winner Brock and B Dash winner Cody.  After winning the 2015 championship, Brock has a new M&M Chassis this season, and he put son Cody in his old car.  Cody did a great job of leading the race until lap 15.  Camden Robustelli is tired of finishing second in points and has made it a goal to win the championship this year.  Once he grabbed the lead from C. Peters, the soon to be high school graduate Robustelli led the rest of the way in victory.

For Cody, things didn't seem quite right with the rear end of his car, but he and his father had built a nice lead on the rest of the pack.  Though Brock took second, Cody maintained his pace as best he could and still got a third place finish.  It was a pair of past SODCA point runnerups, Chad Cardoza and Ryan Smith, who finished fourth and fifth for solid point efforts.  Though they race at other tracks, most of the group's races will happen in Medford this year.  One of the drivers hoping to get his first win this year is last year's fifth place point competitor, Randy Slater.  Randy had a solid night with a second in his heat, a third in the A Dash and a lead lap seventh in the feature.  Mason Lewman finished just ahead of Slater in the Main Event and was second in his heat race.  A solid 14 car field of Dwarf Cars made this an enjoyable show.

We look ahead to the June 3rd Roger Haudenshild Tribute Race.  IMCA Modifieds and IMCA Sport Modifieds are showcased that night along with Pro Stocks and SODCA Dwarf Cars.  The Haudenshild family and Dusty's Transmissions are sponsoring extra money for the purse.  The Crack The Whip Challenge will also be part of the show to make it a great night of racing all around.  Stay tuned to www.southernoregonspeedway.com for more details.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Waddell, Schott, Robustelli, Steele, Westcott, Coggins Score Victories

Southern Oregon Speedway Racing Discussion 
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Waddell Opens Kendall Oil Sprint Car Season With Victory

White City, Oregon...May 20...Jake Waddell opened the season for the Kendall Oil Winged Sprint Cars with an impressive victory in the 25 lap Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  Waddell led all the way from his front row starting spot for the $1,000 payday.  The win didn't come easy with two time Southern Oregon Sprint Car Tour champion Kyler Barraza chasing him all the way in second.

The car count for the season opener nearly tripled from where it was in the 2016 opener as track management has committed to establishing the division.  The group ran two heat races, and the Top 3 finishers in each eight lapper would qualify for the six lap scramble to set the first three rows of the Main Event.  2014 Cottage Grove champion David Hibbard beat 2013 Cottage Grove champ Raquel Ivie to win the first heat as Barraza settled for third.  Waddell started his impressive night with a win in the second heat.  Bailey Hibbard finished second ahead of rookie Merissa Henson and Enrique Jaime, but a post Main Event disqualification would cost Hibbard this finish too.  With a front row start in the scramble, Barraza grabbed the victory in that race ahead of Waddell.  2016 "Rookie Of The Year" Jeffrey Hudson blew a motor in his heat race to end his night early.

Barraza and Waddell shared the front row for the Main Event, and Waddell set the pace from the waving of Tom Hood's green flag.  Barraza settled into second over B. Hibbard and Bailey's father David Hibbard.  David's father, Calvin Hibbard, made it the first time all three of them ran a Sprint Car race together.  Calvin is also a rookie at 61 years old, and he was happy to be out there making his first laps.  D. Hibbard noticed a miss in his motor and headed pitside on lap eight, moving Ivie into fourth.  Outlaw Kart graduate Enrique Jaime spun off of Turn 2 for a lap 17 caution flag.  The restart saw fifth place Kinzer Cox lose a wheel on the front stretch for a yellow flag.  Waddell continued to lead Barraza and B. Hibbard on the restart.  Waddell set a good pace, and though Barraza wasn't too far behind him, he was unable to make a move for the lead.  Waddell was the happy winner ahead of Barraza and B. Hibbard.  Unfortunately, B Hibbard lost third in tech for failing to report to the scales.  This moved Ivie into third ahead of Robustelli, Henson, Jamie, C. Hibbard, Cox and D. Hibbard.

The Kendall Oil Sprint Cars return this Saturday night as part of the Open Wheel Showcase.  The Northwest Focus Midgets, OTRO Hardtops and Pro 4 Modifieds will make it an exciting program as the Sprint Cars again race for $1,000 to win and $200 minimum to start.  For further information, go to www.southernoregonspeedway.com.

Race Results
Kendall Oil Sprint Cars
Heat 1-David Hibbard, Raquel Ivie, Kyler Barraza.  Heat 2-Jake Waddell, Merissa Henson, Enrique Jamie.  Scramble-Kyler Barraza, Jake Waddell.  Main Event-Jake Waddell, Kyler Barraza, Raquel Ivie, Camden Robustelli, Merissa Henson, Enrique Jaime, Calvin Hibbard, Kinzer Cox, David Hibbard, Bailey Hibbard (DQ), Jeffrey Hudson (DNS).

Robustelli Wins Non Stop Dwarf Car Feature 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...May 20...Taking the lead from Cody Peters on lap 15, Camden Robustelli won the 25 lap SODCA Dwarf Car Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  Robustelli is a two time point runnerup with the group, and he's aiming for the championship.  His win came ahead of reigning champion Brock Peters as Brock's son, C. Peters, settled for third.

B. Peters had a strong preliminary effort as he opened the evening with an eight lap heat race victory ahead of Mason Lewman and followed that up with a six lap A Dash win ahead of two time champion Josh King.  King won his heat race in front of Randy Slater.  Cody Peters won the B Dash ahead of soon to be high school graduate Robustelli.

C. Peters led the 14 car Dwarf Car field to the Main Event green flag with King in second.  B. Peters made a back stretch pass on King for second on lap three.  B. Peters is in a new M&M Chassis as son Cody is wheeling his 2016 championship car this year.  Robustelli put the moves on King for third on lap six.  The lead three cars ran closely by lap ten, and Robustelli made an inside pass on B. Peters for second on lap 14.  An outside pass in Turn 2 on lap 15 gained Robustelli the lead.  B. Peters used a Turn 2 pass on lap 17 to gain second.  The rear end of the C. Peters car appeared to be damaged, but he had a pretty good lead on fourth.  Robustelli had a straightaway advantage as he scored an impressive victory ahead of B. Peters.  C. Peters held on for third as Chad Cardoza, Ryan Smith, Lewman and Slater were all lead lap finishers.  Kaycee Sheeler, Paul Haslow and King rounded out the Top 10.

Race Results
SODCA Dwarf Cars
Heat 1-Brock Peters, Mason Lewman, Cody Peters.  Heat 2-Josh King, Randy Slater, Camden Robustelli.  A Dash-Brock Peters, Josh King, Randy Slater.  B Dash-Cody Peters, Camden Robustelli, Ryan Smith.  Main Event-Camden Robustelli, Brock Peters, Cody Peters, Chad Cardoza, Ryan Smith, Mason Lewman, Randy Slater, Kaycee Sheeler, Paul Haslow, Josh King, Rob Gergel, Fred Hay, Joe Sanders, Mark Nielson.

Schott Holds Off Yeack For Street Stock Victory 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...May 20....Donald Schott held off the late threat of Kyle Yeack to win the special 50 lap Radiator Supply House Road To The Iron Giant Street Stock Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  The win paid Schott $1,000 and was the first race of a special eight track, eight race series.  Yeack made his move into second in the final ten laps, but he couldn't make the move on Schott and was forced to settle for second.

Yeack won an exciting six lap heat race ahead of Jack Parshall.  Mechanical issues sidelined Chris Sine and Don Jenner after hot laps.  Erik Jarnport led the opening lap of the Main Event before Schott raced by for first.  Roger Hubbard settled into third on lap three and grabbed second from Jarnport a lap later as a yellow flag flew for Jarnport.  Schott continued to lead Hubbard on the restart with Washington long tow Parshall running third.  A back stretch pass on lap 14 gained Hubbard the lead from Schott.  Yeack was now in fourth as he seemed to be hooked up on the bottom groove.  No sooner had the race hit the halfway mark than Hubbard's strong run up front came to an end.  Schott led Parshall and Yeack on the restart.  Yeack was racing hard trying to find the momentum to pass Parshall, and he finally made a low pass in Turn 4 of the 44th lap for second.  Yeack went to work on Schott for the lead, but a bobble on lap 48 wiped out his momentum.  Schott was the happy winner ahead of Yeack, Parshall, Jordan McDonald, Roger Hubbard, James Whitehouse and Jarnport.

Race Results
Street Stock
Heat-Kyle Yeack, Jack Parshall, Donald Schott.  Main Event-Donald Schott, Kyle Yeack, Jack Parshall, Jordan McDonald, Roger Hubbard, James Whitehouse, Erik Jarnport, Chris Sine (DNS), Don Jenner (DNS).

Westcott Out-runs Doty For Late Model Lites Win 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...May 20...Bob Westcott won the 20 lap Valley Stor-All Late Model Lites Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  Westcott got the lead from early leader and reigning champion Lee Doty and held him off for the victory.

This was a rare night in which Doty was shut out of the winner's column.  Bob Burkett has had much success with Trophy Dash wins in recent years, and he beat Doty to win his first four lap dash in this division.  Westcott gave a preview of things to come with his win in the six lap heat race.  Bill Spencer was a Main Event scratch.  Doty raced into the early Main Event lead as Westcott piloted the Randy Hansen car into second.  By lap eight, the lead duo had come up on three slower cars, and Westcott used a high pass in Turn 2 to grab the lead from Doty on lap nine.  Even a scary moment for Westcott in traffic on lap 18 would not stop him from scoring the win ahead of Doty.  Charlie Eaton was the final lead lap finisher in third.  Burkett was a lap down in fourth as Dan Prewitt, Eric Aos and past Super Truck champion Greg Arnold rounded out the finish.

Race Results
Valley Stor-All Late Model Lites
Heat-Bob Westcott, Lee Doty, Charlie Eaton.  Trophy Dash-Bob Burkett, Lee Doty, Charlie Eaton.  Main Event-Bob Westcott, Lee Doty, Charlie Eaton, Bob Burkett, Dan Prewitt, Eric Aos, Greg Arnold, Bill Spencer (DNS).

Steele Scores Clean Sweep At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...May 20...Leading all the way from his front row start, David Steele scored the victory in the 20 lap Mini Stock Main Event at Southern Oregon Speedway.  Steele increased his point lead as his second straight feature win also included wins in his heat race and the Trophy Dash.  Dillen Lausen scored a career best second place finish ahead of Andrew Hall.

Lausen won his eight lap heat race ahead of 2013 champion Steve Goetz.  Steele's heat race triumph once again came ahead of the Pinto Wagon of Hall.  Steele won the four lap Trophy Dash in front of Patrick Stringer-Stine.  Steele and Lausen shared the front row of the Main Event and charged into the 1-2 positions at the start.  A low move in Turn 2 of the fourth lap gained Hall second from Lausen, and Stringer-Stine was eliminated in a Turn 4 crash for a lap six caution flag.  Steele maintained command on the restart as Lausen charged past Hall for second.  Michael Johnson was having a good run in fourth.  Steele drove a great race for the victory with Lausen equally impressive in second.  Hall rebounded from his opening week disappointment in third as Johnson, Kristopher Mix, Goetz, Gary Anderson, Garrett Fredrickson and Stringer-Stine followed.

Race Results
Mini Stocks
Heat 1-Dillen Lausen, Steve Goetz, Michael Johnson.  Heat 2-David Steele, Andrew Hall, Patrick Stringer-Stine.  Trophy Dash-David Steele, Patrick Stringer-Stine, Dillen Lausen.  Main Event-David Steele, Dillen Lausen, Andrew Hall, Michael Johnson, Kristopher Mix, Steve Goetz, Gary Anderson, Garrett Fredrickson, Patrick Stringer-Stine.

Coggins Wins Wild Hornets Main Event 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...May 20...Taking the lead from Joby Shields on lap ten, rookie David Coggins won the 15 lap JOAT Labs Hornets Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  Jenna Hedges finished second ahead of son Ashton Hedges.

Reigning champion Tim Hedges debuted a new car with a six lap heat race win ahead of Jason Stoutenburg.  Joby Shields won the four lap Trophy Dash in front of Stoutenburg.  T. Hedges set the early Main Event pace ahead of Stoutenburg and Shields, and Dillon Irving spun on the front stretch for a lap two caution flag.  Shields moved by T. Hedges for the lead on the restart.  Shields led through two more yellow flag periods with Coggins taking second from T. Hedges on lap eight.  A low move in Turn 4 of the tenth lap gained Coggins the lead from Shields, and a lap 13 caution flag slowed the pace one more time.  Coggins led the restart and brought it home to victory.  J. Hedges found herself finishing second when Shields had problems on the last lap.  Ashton Hedges finished third ahead of Stoutenburg and T. Hedges.  Zack Nelson's car caught fire after the checkered flag.

Race Results
JOAT Labs Hornets
Heat-Tim Hedges, Jason Stoutenburg, Joby Shields.  Trophy Dash-Joby Shields, Jason Stoutenburg, Jenna Hedges.  Main Event-David Coggins, Jenna Hedges, Ashton Hedges, Jason Stoutenburg, Tim Hedges, Dillon Irving, Zack Nelson, Joby Shields, Mikah Walker,  Ryan Nelson.

Nelson Wins Unusual Pro Stock Race 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...May 20...Derrel Nelson Jr. won the 10 lap Pro Stock Main Event at Southern Oregon Speedway.  Despite the low turnout, management paid the full purse, meaning Nelson pocketed $300 for his win.  Nelson led the first few laps before being passed by Josh Kralicek for the lead.  Kralicek was moving right along in front until getting a flat right rear tire and pitting on lap 10.  Moments after getting the lead, Nelson smacked the turn 4 wall and limped off the track as the unlikely winner.

Pro Stocks
Race Results
Heat-Derrel Nelson Jr., Josh Kralicek.  Main Event-Derrel Nelson Jr., Josh Kralicek.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Waddell Wins Sprint Car Feature At Southern Oregon Speedway

Waddell Wins Sprint Car Feature 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...May 20...Jake Waddell opened the Kendal Oil Winged Sprint Car season with a 25 lap Main Event victory Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  Waddell beat Trophy Dash winner Kyler Barraza on the start and led all the way.  Though he never got too far away from Barraza, Waddell stayed smooth in traffic and scored a well earned victory.  Barraza settled for second ahead of Bailey Hibbard, Raquel Ivie and Camden Robustelli,

Donald Schott earned the $1000 prize for his win in the 50 lap Iron Giant Street Stock Main Event.  Schott gained the lead when Roger Hubbard broke on the back stretch on lap 25.  Kyle Yeack took second from Jack Parshall on lap 42, but he couldn't quite make the move on Schott for the big win.  Parshall settled for third ahead of Eric Jarnport and Jordon McDonald.

Bob Westcott won the 20 lap Valley Stor-All Late Model Lites Main Event.  Reigning champion Lee Doty led nine laps until traffic helped Westcott make an outside pass in Turn 2 to grab the lead.  Westcott led the rest of the way for the victory with Doty a strong second.  Charlie Eaton was a lead lap third, followed by Trophy Dash winner Bob Burkett and Dan Prewitt.

Camden Robustelli won the 25 lap SODCA Dwarf Car Main Event.  The race went without a yellow flag, and young Cody Peters led 15 laps before Robustelli made a Turn 2 pass to grab the lead.  Cody's father Brock Peters made a move in Turn 2 for second on lap 18.  Robustelli set a blistering pace and scored a well earned victory ahead of B. Peters.  C. Peters nursed a damaged rear end to a third place finish ahead of Chad Cardoza and Ryan Smith.

David Steele won the Mini Stock Trophy Dash and 20 lap Main Event.  Steele led the race from the start and was being threatened on lap seven before a yellow flag negated an Andrew Hall pass.  Steele resumed command on the restart, and Dillen Lausen took second from Hall.  Steele drove a flawless race for victory with Lausen a career best second ahead of Hall, Michael Johnson and Kristopher Mix.

David Coggins won his first 20 lap JOAT Labs Hornets Main Event.  Coggins gained the lead from Trophy Dash winner Joby Shields with a Turn 4 pass on lap nine and led the rest of the way for the victory.  Shields lost second with an off track excursion on the last lap as Jenna Hedges grabbed the runnerup finish ahead of son Ashton Hedges, Jason Stoutenburg and T. Hedges.

Darrel Nelson Jr. wpn the 15 lap Pro Stock Main Event.  The race ended a couple laps early as leader Josh Kralicek got a right rear flat tire while leading.  Moments after getting the lead, Nelson hit the Turn 4 wall and limped off the track in victory.

Racing continues next Saturday night with Open Wheel Showcase Night.  Northwest Focus Midgets, Kendall Oil Winged Sprint Cars, OTRO Hardtops and Pro 4 Modifieds will be there.  For further information, go to www.southernoregonspeedway.com.

Unofficial Race Results
Kendall Oil Winged Sprint Cars
Heat Winners (6 Laps)-David Hibbard, Jake Waddell.  Trophy Dash (6 Laps)-Kyler Barraza.   Main Event (25 Laps)-Waddell, Barraza, Bailey Hibbard, Raquel Ivie, Camden Robustelli,

Iron Giant Street Stocks
Heat Winners (6 Laps)-Kyle Yeack.   Main Event (50 Laps)-Donald Schott, Yeack, Jack Parshall, Erik Jarnport, Jordon McDonald.

SODCA Dwarf Cars
Heat Winners (6 Laps)-Brock Peters, Josh King.   A Dash (6 Laps)-Brock Peters.  B Dash (6 Laps)-Cody Peters.  Main Event (25 Laps)-Camden Robustelli, B. Peters, C. Peters, Chad Cardoza, Ryan Smith.

Valley Stor-All Late Model Lites
Heat Winner (6 Laps)-Bob Westcott.  Trophy Dash (4 laps)-Bob Burkett.  Main Event (20 Laps)-Westcott, Lee Doty, Charlie Eaton, Burkett, Dan Prewitt.

Pro Stocks
Heat Winner (6 Laps)-Derrel Nelson Jr.    Main Event (20 Laps)-Nelson, Josh Kralicek.

Mini Stocks
Heat Winners (6 Laps)-Dillen Lausen, David Steele.  Trophy Dash (4 Laps)-Steele.    Main Event (20 Laps)-Steele, Lausen, Andrew Hall, Michael Johnson, Kristopher Mix.

JOAT Labs Hornets
Heat Winner (6 Laps)-Tim Hedges.  Trophy Dash (4 Laps)-Joby Shields.    Main Event (15 Laps)-David Coggins, Jenna Hedges, Ashton Hedges, Jason Stoutenburg, T. Hedges.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Sprint Cars Return To Southern Oregon Speedway Saturday Night

Southern Oregon Speedway Racing Discussion 
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Sprint Cars Return To Southern Oregon Speedway 
Saturday Night

White City, Oregon...The first appearance of the Kendall Oil Winged Sprint Car division is on the schedule when racing resumes this Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  A loaded seven division show will also include the Pro Stocks, Mini Stocks, SODCA Dwarf Cars, Valley Stor-All Late Model Lites, JOAT Labs Hornets and a special Street Stock series race.

There's a change in the Sprint Car division this season.  Rules were adjusted in a way that should cut the costs of racing and encourage car count to grow as the season moves forward.  Sprint Car veteran David Hibbard has been a leader in the movement to establish this division in Medford.  Hibbard's credentials include several feature wins between his home track and Cottage Grove, where he won a championship in 2014.  He was leading the points in Cottage Grove last year when he stepped out from behind the wheel to let his son Bailey drive the car.

Bailey Hibbard was having a rough season and was seriously questioning whether he should be racing when he started a race in Medford last September.  The teen racer made a late pass on Raquel Ivie for his first career win.  The Hibbard family will be three generations strong this Saturday as Bailey's grandfather, Calvin Hibbard, will be competing.  It's the first opportunity for the three of them to be on the track together.

Among the stars to watch for this week will be 2016 "Rookie Of The Year" Jeffrey Hudson, who is the 2015 Pro Stock champion  and recently won the Billy Geyer Memorial in Yreka.  Two rookies in the class will be Top 5 Mini Stock racer Merissa Henson and 2010 Outlaw Kart champion Bartley Foster.  SODCA Dwarf Car star Camden Robustelli, 2013 Cottage Grove champion Raquel Ivie and Kinzer Cox are also anticipated for the beginning of a new era in Sprint Car racing at Southern Oregon Speedway.

Robustelli takes great delight in competing with the Southern Oregon Dwarf Car Association.  He is coming off of back to back runnerup point seasons.  The Dwarf Cars make their first appearance of the season, and most of last year's biggest stars are anticipated.  This includes reigning champion Brock Peters in a new car and two time champion Josh King.  Brock has moved his son Cody Peters into his championship ride.  Chad Cardoza, Kalvin Morton, Rob Gergel, Paul Haslow, Randy Slater, Rob Sanders and the returning Fred Hay are among the other stars of the group.  The competition level is so high that it's anybody's guess who might win.

The Street Stock race is the first of an eight track, eight race series billed as The Road To The Iron Giant.  Drivers from other Oregon tracks compete in this series that builds up to the grand finale Iron Giant Race in September at Willamette.  The race last season paid over $5,000 and was won by Kyle Yeack.  When it comes to Street Stocks, Kyle has racked up over two dozen wins just in the past five years, and he figures to be the driver to beat.  Series organizer Chris Sine, who just won a race in Madras, reports a field of 18-22 cars is anticipated for the biggest Street Stock show Medford has had in several years.

Once upon a time, the old Medford track had a Street Stock division that evolved into the Pro Stocks that were a part of Southern Oregon Speedway when it opened in 1996.  The Pro Stock division has raced every year at the track, but the most recent track champion was Dustin Knight in 2011.  One of the first track champions, Scott Lenz, is back in a Pro Stock this season and could very well be the driver to beat.  Two time champions Ken Irving and Brian Johnsen, 2014 Street Stock champion Miles Deubert, Derrel Nelson Jr., Josh Kralicek and Dave Satterfield are some of the other drivers anticipated this week.

There are some interesting things happening in the three four cylinder classes.  Lee Doty is the reigning champion of the Late Model Lites and won the opener, but he was chased by two drivers sure to give him a challenge this season.  Last season's Mini Stock champion Bob Burkett finished second in the opener, while Charlie Eaton was third.  Word out of Portland is that one of the top drivers in the state, Bob Westcott, will be racing this week.  Westcott has occasionally competed at Medford and left town with the winner's prize on multiple occasions.  Wesctott and car owner Randy Hansen intend to make every race.  "It's a bit of a drive, " Bob admitted, "but we've committed to the season."

Wesctott is happy to see the division back in Medford again.  He sees it growing and getting stronger here.  Bob ran the circuit at tracks like Willamette and Banks and tried to keep it together.  "Eventually, the guys just stopped showing up.  I was at the last race with six cars, and that was pretty much it after that."

With Bob Burkett moving up, David Steele would seem poised to win the Mini Stock championship after winning the opener.  Steele remarked before the first race that he will miss a race or two this year, leaving some talented newer drivers lining up for their moment to shine.  This includes Kristopher Mix, Andrew Hall, Michael Johnson, Patrick Stringer-Stine and Dillen Lausen.  A win for any of them would be a first career victory.

You can't forget the two champions in the field.  2014 champion Gary Anderson is coming off of a runnerup season in the standings.  That car is actually the 2013 championship car of Steve Goetz.  "It was a good car, " said Steve.  "My wife wanted me to get it out of my system and go out as champion.  We did that and sold the car."

Steve wasn't happy siting on the sidelines.  "We started this car with the last of the cars I had left.  I got rid of the other ones.  My wife saw how mopey I was, so she encouraged me to come back."

Helping put the cage together was good friend David Steele.  There were still last minute details left to finish.  A rainout may have saved him from not being completely ready.  He was still working out the bugs in the opener, but you can believe that he will be battling for wins in the weeks ahead.

After breaking a car count record in the Hornet division two weeks ago, management added a rain makeup race for the class this week.  Joby Shields bested the ten car field last time.  Word is there are another ten cars being prepared to race in the coming weeks.  Most of the competitors are newcomers.  Two interesting teams of note are the family team of reigning champion Tim Hedges, wife Jenna and son Ashton, who field three cars.  Ashland High is represented by Erik Oline and the unique PT Cruiser of Ethan Doty.  The Hornets are the most affordable path into racing at Southern Oregon Speedway.

It's an exciting seven division program this Saturday night.  Gates open at 5 PM with the first race at 7 PM.  General Admission is $12, Seniors (62 and up) and Juniors (6-12) are $6 and Children 5 and under are free.  For further information, go to www.southernoregonspeedway.com.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Pit Stops

Southern Oregon Speedway Racing Discussion 
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Pit Stops

The season opened under cloudy skies and cool temperatures Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  Late Models, IMCA Modifieds, IMCA Sport Modifieds, Mini Stocks, JOAT Labs Hornets and Valley Stor-All Late Model Lites were on the card.  There were some good battles all night and some positive things to take away from the night as we head into a two race weekend of Outlaw Karts on Friday and the big track on Saturday, May 19-20.

The Late Models didn't have the turnout that was anticipated, but four cars was still better than the two car opening the Open Stocks had last year.  Absent from the show were the Dees Racing Team, Mike Linder and Steve Lemley.  Work kept Lemley and Linder out, while a combination of work and not being ready kept the Dees cars out. 

The heat race Saturday night was a flag to flag romp in favor of Dustin Knight, and it looked like the past Pro Stock and Modified champion was picking up right where he left off last season.  Before the feature, Knight noticed the #75 car of Dave Foot had made the trip from Coos Bay to support the show.  He helped Foot with gears, and Foot remarked that this was the kind of help he never had at his home track.  Foot had fun and is already preparing for his return to Medford.

Knight was back in command in the Main Event, while Nathan Augustine was caught up in an early tangle with teammate Kristy Grout.  When racing got going again, Augustine took up pursuit of Knight, while Grout and Foot had their own battle for third.  Gradually, Knight and Augustine caught the third place battle, and that's when Augustine made his move for the lead.  He went on to win, and it served as a reminder that Nathan is not to be taken lightly.  He is the 2016 Coos Bay Speedway champion.  Augustine says he lives within two hours of three tracks, but he enjoys racing on Medford's hooked up race track.

It could be that we will have a battle between Augustine and Knight for the championship, and they will definitely be fast.  Grout and Foot will get faster as the season goes on, and we certainly look forward to the return of reigning champion Bob Dees, his sons John Dees and Garrett Dees, Stock Car veteran Mike Linder and Steve Lemley.  The next show should see a few more cars.

All was quiet concerning the status of Mark Wauge.  The winner of some 50 Main Events at Southern Oregon Speedway and seven Modified championships spoke during the offseason of the possibility of racing elsewhere, but his familiar white #1m car was back in the pits for the opener.  He was joined by the #f1 of Monte Bischoff.  About a month ago, Wauge won a thrilling battle in Coos Bay for a feature victory, and he was hoping to do the same back home.

Wauge and Bischoff both had to work their way to the front, and Bischoff got there first.  Wauge seems to excel on the inside line.  He gradually worked his way into second, but that black #f1 car wasn't giving him the opening he needed to make his move.  Wauge took looks to the inside, but Bischoff came off the corners a bit quicker.  In the end, it was Bischoff grabbing the glory and the victory.  Wauge settled for a second, knowing he left it all out on the race track.

The Bailey's were well represented.  Jesse "Beetle" Bailey was the only driver with three Top 3 finishes last season, and he got another one in third last week.  What was nice is we also saw the return of the #6b car of Tim Bailey.  Tim took last season off, but he was Top 3 in points in 2015.  Tim had an eventful Main Event, but he still took a checkered flag with a lead lap sixth.  Trailing him was last season's third place driver, Duane Orsburn.  We hadn't heard much from Duane during the offseason, but he returned with a black paint job after just finishing preparations that morning.  Duane is a two time Street Stock champion who will be out to win his second IMCA Modified Main Event.

Two time champion Albert Gill and 2016 "Rookie Of The Year" James Welshonse had their own battle going for fourth. Welshonse dominated his heat race in victory.  James has already run a few races this year, and he had a little wear and tear on his on his car after a Yreka visit.  He was a bit disappointed when he was the only modified driver to race there a couple weeks ago and was looking forward to racing in Medford.  Welshonse would out-duel Gill for fourth, but these are two drivers to watch in the battle for victory this year.  Gill is actually the most decorated IMCA Modified druver of the last three seasons with two championships each at Medford and Yreka.

Scott Crumm had his red #2c car at the track for the opener.  He was one of the Top 10 drivers in points last season, and he was in Yreka for a lead lap eighth in their season opener.  He repeated that performance with a lead lap eighth on Saturday night in Medford.  Ray Kniffen Jr. is back behind the wheel of the #64 car as he has healed from a broken wrist suffered in the big race in September last year.  The impact of the crash actually bent his steering wheel.  Kniffen says he's just starting to get comfortable in the driver's seat again.  Unfortunately, he was out of the Main Event early on Saturday night.  Ray has joined his brother Wayne to promote the bear4life.com movement.  Bear 4 Life promotes teen suicide prevention.  Both brothers are doing what they can to promote awareness, and Waybe will be selling t-shirts in his pits with the proceeds going to Bear 4 Life.

IMCA Sport Modified turnout was a little lighter than anticipated, but two time champion Jorddon Braaten and reigning champion Mike Medel were two of the drivers in the group.  An eventful hot laps session saw Medel, Tony Bartell and Rich McCoy scrambling during the heat races to make repairs.  Unfortunately, McCoy was done for the night.  This also meant Braaten's main challenger for most of the night was the #7m of Willie McFall.  McFall drove well all night in a car that looked every bit as nice as the cars wheeled by Braaten and Medel. 

After a second in the heat race, McFall led early in the Main Event.  Even after Braaten passed him, McFall drove a great race and appeared to be headed for a second place finish when his transmission gave up on him.  Another driver who was looking good was A.J. Parker.  A.J. looked a bit faster than he was last season, and we will have to keep an eye on him this season.  He ended up fourth behind Bartell, who had to be happy to take a third from a night that started off as roughly as his night did.

Speaking of which, Medel finally got up to second and searched high and low for a line to race past Braaten.  Once Jorddon gets the lead, he's not an easy guy to catch.  Medel made a last ditch attempt at a low pass in the final turn, but Braaten prevailed.  It was his 25th career Sport Modified win at his home track as Medel settled for second.  We did see two new competitors in Jay Zimmerman and Danny Rule.  We'll be seeing more new cars in the weeks ahead.

The Mini Stock division could be very interesting this season.  David Steele picked up right where he left off last season  with wins in his heat race and Main Event.  The Main Event win came with a bit of luck.  Andrew Hall had mechanical issues and costed off the back stretch and into the infield while running second.  The leader, Marissa Luckman, led by a straightaway before spinning for a mid race yellow flag.  Steele was more than happy to add another win to his totals.  He's already won twice in Yreka this year.  David might be the driver to beat in points, but he commented before the races that he will miss a race or two due to other commitments.

Steve Goetz went out a champion when he won the 2013 title.  He sold his car to Gary Anderson, who proceeded to win the 2014 championship.  It was partially due to the encouragement of his wife that Steve decided to buld a new car for this season.  He had a few cars that he needed to get rid of, and he decided to build this one out of the last car of the group.  Helping him in this endeavor was David Steele.  Steve admitted that he would not have been ready for the opener a week easier, though he'd have been there to make the best of it.  He went out there last week and made his laps, finishing a lead lap seventh behind Anderson.  Anderson didn't quite look like his usual fast self, but he'll have the #0 car dialed in better next time.

Back up front, people were wondering where Luckman came from.  She had a front row start in her Ford Pinto, and when the green flag flew, she checked out of the field.  If not for her spin, she might have won the race.  What made things more interesting was the battle taking place for third.  Kristopher Mix was in the hunt, and the rapidly improving Patrick Stringer-Stine, Michael Johnson and Dillen Lausen were also mixing it up.  Stringer-Stine was coming off of a lead lap fifth with the Mini Outlaws at Coos Bay, and Johnson had a secret weapon.  The second generation racer was in the former Merissa Henson car.  Johnson might have ended up second if not for a flat tire at the end.

Mix found himself in second at the white flag, and this would have been the best finish yet for the third generation racer.  Unfortunately, Luckman was making her charge back to the front and beat him back to the checkered flag in a drag race.  Mix settled for third, and Stringer Stine had his best finish yet in fourth.  Lausen was fifth.  There has only been a handful of winners in this division in the last three seasons, but there will be at least one new winner this year.  These drivers are all chomping at the bit to be next one in the winner's circle.  The question is, who will be next?

The JOAT Labs Hornets have been an after thought at the track since the rules were released in 2013.  Last year was the first season in which it competed for a purse.  Two times, the record of six cars was reached last year, but that record was broken last week.  Ten competitors were in action.  Reigning champion Tim Hedges mentioned at the end of last season that he intended to field multiple cars.  At the opener, his wife Jenna was in the former Heather Menzel car, while son Ashton Hedges had a new car.  Tim is building a new car and has a fifth car in the works as well.  He hopes to have other people driving the car in which he won the championship once his new car is ready.  In the meantime, he drove the #14t car to a fourth place finish.

The driver to beat is the #555 of Joby Shelds.  Joby had a pair of wins in Yreka leading up to this race.  He grabbed the lead from Gabe Nelson last week and went on to victory.  JOAT Labs has been building cages for new cars this season, and the #007 car of Jason Stoutenburg is one of them.  Jason drove well all night and surprised Shields by holding him off for a heat race win before finishing a strong second ahead of Nelson in the Main Event.  David James Gillig is another driver who went to JOAT Labs for his cage.  He was also a heat race winner, but his Main Event ended early.

Ashland High was represented by the two cars of Erik Oline and Ethan Doty.  Teacher R.C. Britt put the cars together with his students and was there at the track to oversee the team.  Doty generated lots of buzz when he had the team's PT Crusier in Yreka prior to his Medford debut.  He drove a good race and finished fifth ahead of J. Hedges.  Oline struggled a bit, but he still made some good laps in the second team car.  The good news is there are several new cars still to be debuted as the JOAT Labs Hornets class is growing.

Two of the big names in Valley Stor-All Late Model Lites in the past are Jason Weslowski and Bob Westcott.  Weslowski was fast, but his car has been up for sale.  Fortunately for 2016 Mini Stock champion Bob Burkett, he got a good deal on that car.  Westcott ran the circuit up in Northern Oregon and even won some big races in Medford.  Randy Hansen is the owner of the #40 car, and Wescott will be driving that car next time.  Unfortunately for the team, the #40 car had motor problems in  hot laps and was done early on Saturday.

Meanwhile, Lee Doty was still running at the head of the pack as he won his heat race and the Main Event.  Chasing the reigning champion in second was Burkett, who also won a heat race.  Bob was just trying to feel out the car, but it seems like he is already comfortable behind he wheel.  Charlie Eaton was running pretty strong in third, while Bill Spencer took a checkered flag in fourth.  Bill is building a new car and has put his car up for sale.  Dustin Aos was there making laps, but he had problems in his heat race to end his night.  Eric Aos is anticipated for the next race, and a few others should be ready as well.

The Pro Stocks are ready for their first point race next week.  Dr. Scott Lenz is a past champion in this class as well as a past Medford Speedway Street Stock champion.  Recently, Lenz won his 100th career Main Event in Yreka, and he's ready to try for a win at his home track.  Miles Deubert is anticipated next week along with two time champion Ken Irving, Top 5 Coos Bay competitor Josh Kralicek, Derrel Nelson Jr., Dave Satterfield, Brian Johnsen and others.  The track hasn't crowned a Pro Stock champion since 2011, but it has been a part of the Outlaw Pro Stock Series schedule since then.

The May 20th race will be the first event for the Kendall Oil Winged Sprint Car division.  Past Cottage Grove Limited Sprint champion David Hibbard has been leading the charge to grow the class in Medford.  Through the years, David has won several races in Medford.  He and his son Bailey were both feature winners last year, and both are anticipated this week.  Merissa Henson was making practice laps last week and did well for her first time behind the wheel of a Sprint Car.  2016 "Rookie Of The Year" Jeffrey Hudson will be back this week, and Camden Robustelli and Bartley Foster are other drivers to watch for this week.  The division returns on May 27th as part of Open Wheel Showcase night.

The OTRO Hardtops make their first appearance on May 27th.  OTRO President Vic Bridges reports that the group is looking forward to doing more dirt track racing this season.  These vintage style Coupe and Sedan race cars with V-6 motors always put on a good show, and this should be no different.  Trevor Thomason and Bill Trotter are leading the group of racers that includes, Wylie Prowell, Jimmy Del Castille, Brian Crouch, Dean Cast, Mark Minter and more.  OTRO is scheduled for eight visits.  It's all about fun and putting on a show.  Points are not kept, and Bridges tries to mix things up where everybody gets a fair shot.

The Outlaw Kart drivers are hoping May is not a complete wash out as it was last year.  The Speedway Karts are set to run  their first race, led by the Fuller family and Steve Rambo.  Speaking of the Fuller family, Brionna Fuller is in a 250 Kart this year, while younger brother Taylor is in a Box Stock.  It's a move up for both of them as they won championships in their classes at Yreka last year.  In fact, Taylor won two Beginners Box Stock races last season in Medford.  Kiley Grimes is the reigning Beginner champion, but she can expect competition from Malachi Johnson, the Whipple brothers (Roger and Thomas), Adrian Richard and others.

Trevor Grimes is the Box Stock champion, but T. Fuller and past champion Carley Holmes could make things very competitive this year as others, such as Natalie Richard and Emma Rodgers, step up as well.  The 250's sort of took the lead last year, and Bodee Weiser is the reigning champion.  Some talented racers like Braden Weiser, Enrique Jaime, Braden Cory, Colby Bergquist, Ashleigh Strain and Branden Bartlett will make this an exciting show.  There's also multi time champion Tanner Holmes to consider.  Tanner actually has a 250 and a 500, and he'll also be moving up to the big track to race Kendall Oil Winged Sprint Cars.

Might we see more of Tanner in a 500 this year?  We know Wyatt Pinckney has a 500 that he plans to race, and we've heard that Kevin Hilgendorf will be racing.  Brody Sim made the move up last year.  We're hoping to see reigning champion Johnny Burke, Kenny Boardman, Jeffrey Hudson, Merissa Henson and others in the field this year to help keep the 500's going.  The Outlaw Karts always put on a great show in all of the divisions, so May 19th should be a great night of racing.  For further information, go to www.southernoregonspeedway.com.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Bischoff, Braaten, Augustine, Steele, Doty, Shields Win Season Openers

Southern Oregon Speedway Racing Discussion 
Can Be Heard HERE

Bischoff Battles Wauge For IMCA Modified Win 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...May 6...Making an impressive charge from ninth starting, Monte Bischoff kicked off the 2017 season in  style with an impressive 25 lap IMCA Modified Main Event victory Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  Once Bischoff gained the lead, he had to hold off the constant threat of seven time reigning champion Mark Wauge to earn the victory.

James Anderson and Jeremy Ohlde had the front row for the Main Event.  Wauge started outside second row, while Bischoff started on the fifth row inside.  Ohlde raced into the lead at the drop of Tom Hood's green flag.  Scott Crumm was an early second ahead of Jesse Bailey.  After a lap two yellow flag for Tim Bailey, Ohlde continued to set the pace.  J. Bailey slipped into second, and Bischoff made an inside pass on the front stretch to take third from Crumm on lap four.  Two laps later, Bischoff made a big move on the inside and grabbed the lead.  J. Bailey was second as Wauge made a low pass in Turn 4 to take third from Crumm.  The lead trio of Bischoff, J. Bailey and Wauge ran closely at the head of the pack with Albert Gill in a battle with Duane Orsburn, James Welshonse and Ohlde for fourth.  A low pass in Turn 2 of the 13th lap gained Wauge second from J. Bailey.  Wauge had his car hooked up on the bottom, but that was where Bischoff was running.  Wauge kept looking, but Bischoff came off the corners just a bit stronger.  This went on for the final 12 laps, but Bischoff held on for an impressive victory.  Wauge settled for second with J. Bailey a strong third.  Welshonse made an inside move around Gill in Turn 2 for fourth on lap 20.  Welshonse took a checkered flag in fourth, followed by Gill, T. Bailey, Orsburn, Crumm, Ohlde and James Anderson.

Welshonse put on an impressive driving display in winning his six lap heat race ahead of Ray Kniffen Jr.  Kniffen was out early in the Main Event.  Bischoff won the other heat race ahead of J. Bailey.  IMCA Modifieds are back this Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway and will return on June 3rd as part of the Roger Haudenshild Tribute Race.  For further information, go to www.southernoregonspeedway.com.

Race Results
IMCA Modifieds
Heat 1-Monte Bischoff, Jesse Bailey, Duane Orsburn, Scott Crumm, James Anderson.  Heat 2-James Welshonse, Ray Kniffen Jr., Albert Gill, Mark Wauge, Jeremy Ohlde, Tim Bailey.  Main Event-Monte Bischoff, Mark Wauge, Jesse Bailey, James Welshonse, Albert Gill, Tim Bailey, Duane Orsburn, Scott Crumm, Jeremy Ohlde, James Anderson, Ray Knifffen Jr.

Braaten Opens Northern Sport Modified Season With Victory At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...May 6...Taking the lead from Willie McFall on a lap seven restart, two time champion Jorddon Braaten went on to score the victory in the 25 lap IMCA Northern Sport Modified Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  It was the 25th career win for Braaten at the track.  Reigning champion Mike Medel's charge to the front fell just short as the reigning track champion finished second.

Hot laps proved to be a tough time for the IMCA Sport Modified drivers.  Both Medel and Tony Bartell had to make repairs to get ready for the Main Event, and Rich McCoy was a feature scratch.  A.J. Parker paced the opening lap of the Main Event before being passed by Willie McFall.  Mike Medel and Jorddon Braaten followed him into second and third.  While working slower traffic, Medel spun for a lap six caution flag.  Braaten raced past McFall for the lead on the restart.  Parker held third until being passed by Tony Bartell on lap 10.  A lap later, Medel made a Turn 4 pass to claim third.  McFall's strong run in third came to an end when he lost power and stalled for a lap 21 caution flag.  Braaten continued to lead the restart, while Medel tried to gather the momentum for a pass on the inside.  However, Braaten was not going to be denied as he took the checkered flag ahead of Medel, Bartell and Parker.

Braaten won the six lap heat race ahead of McFall.  The IMCA Sport Modifieds return this Saturday night, and they are also scheduled for the Roger Haudenshild Tribute on June 3rd.  For further information, go to www.southernoregonspeedway.com.

Race Results
IMCA Northern Sport Modifieds
Heat-Jorddon Braaten, Willie McFall, A.J. Parker, Danny Rule.  Main Event-Jorddon Braaten, Mike Medel, Tony Bartell, A.J. Parker, Willie McFall, Jay Zimmerman, Danny Rule, Rich McCoy (DNS).

Shields Kicks Off JOAT Labs Hornets Season With 
Main Event Victory At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...May 6...Taking the lead from Derrel Nelson Jr. on the seventh lap, Joby Shields went on to score the victory in the 20 lap JOAT Labs Hornets Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  A track record ten Hornets showed up to compete with more new cars still in production to debut during the season.

The 10 cars were split into two six lap heat races with wins going to David Coggins and Jason Stoutenburgh.  Christian Listro broke while leading his heat race to leave nine Main Event starters.  Ashland High School had two cars in the field with Erik Oline and Ethan Doty on the front row.  However, it was Derrel Nelson Jr. setting the pace at the start.  Joby Shields was an early second ahead of reigning champion Tim Hedges.  A high move in Turn 3 of the seventh lap put Shields into the lead.  Stoutenburgh spun from fourth in Turn 4 for a lap eight caution flag.  Shields continued to lead Nelson on the restart, while Stoutenburgh made a pass on T. Hedges at the line for third.  The lead trio remained the same through a caution flag for derbies, but Stoutenburgh passed Nelson for second on lap 13.  Shields set a good pace and won by half a straightaway with Stoutenburgh second.  Nelson was a solid third ahead of T. Hedges, Doty, Jenna Hedges, Ashston Hedges, Coggins and Oline.

Race Results
JOAT Labs Hornets
Heat 1-David Coggins, Jenna Hedges, Derrel Nelson Jr., Christian Listro, Ethan Doty.  Heat 2-Jason Stoutenburgh, Joby Shields, Tim Hedges, Ashton Hedges, Erik Oline.  Main Event-Joby Shields, Jason Stoutenburgh, Derrel Nelson Jr., Tim Hedges, Ethan Doty, Jenna Hedges, Ashton Hedges, David Coggins, Erik Oline, Christan Listro (DNS).

Luck On Steele's Side In Mini Stock Feature Win 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...May 6...David Steele is as fast as they come in Mini Stocks, but he had a bit of luck on his side as he won the 20 lap Mini Stock Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  Marissa Luckman had a front row start and had built a straightaway advantage over second place when she lost control of her car and spun in Turn 1 for a yellow  flag on lap 10.  Steele gained the lead at that point and led the rest of the way as Luckman charged back to a second place finish.

The 11 car field was divided into two six lap heat races, and Dillen Lausen impressed by winning his race ahead of Kristopher Mix.  David Steele passed second place finisher Andrew Hall midway through his race to score the victory.  Luckman and rookie Hunter Magnan shared the front row for the Main Event as Steele started back in tenth.  Luckamn charged into the lead at the green flag ahead of 2014 champion Gary Anderson.  Hall made a low move in Turn 4 of the second lap to take second.  Steele was third by lap four, and that became second a lap later as Hall fell off the pace and coasted into the infield off the backstretch.  By then, Luckman led Steele by a straightaway as Patrick stringer-Stine was third.  Stringer-Stine, Mix, Anderson, Michael Johnson, Lausen and 2013 champion Steve Goetz all ran close in the battle for third.  Anderson regained third on lap seven, but Mix made a low pass in Turn 4 to take the spot on lap nine.  Luckman led the tenth lap and got out of shape heading into Turn 1.  Suddenly, she spun, putting Steele into the lead at the yellow flag.  Steele led Mix and Anderson on the restart.  Stringer-Stine made an inside pass on the front stretch for third on lap 12 with Lausen and Johnson making this a close three-car battle.  Johnson gained third on lap 14.  Johnson made an outside pass on Mix in Turn 4 on lap 18 for second, but he spun moments later with a flat tire.  Steele led Mix and Lausen on the restart.  Luckman got around Lausen for third on the last lap and pulled alongside Mix as they raced to the checkered flag.  As Steele brought it home to victory, Luckman beat Mix back to the line by inches for second.  Stringer-Stine was a strong fourth, followed by Lausen, Anderson, Goetz, Hanson, Johnson and Magnan.

Race Results
Mini Stocks
Heat 1-Dillen Lausen, Kristopher Mix, Patrick Stringer-Stine, Steve Goetz, Gary Anderson.  Heat 2-David Steele, Andrew Hall, Michael Johnson, Eric Hanson, Hunter Magnan, Marissa Luckman.  Main Event-David Steele, Marissa Luckman, Kristopher Mix, Patrick Stringer-Stine, Dillen Lausen, Gary Anderson, Steve Goetz, Eric Hanson, Michael Johnson, Hunter Magnan, Andrew Hall.

Defending Champion Doty Wins Valley Stor-All 
Late Model Lites Feature At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...May 6...Lee Doty led most of the way to score the victory in the 20 lap Valley Stor-All Late Model Lites Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  Doty is the reigning division champion and won five Main Events last season.

Attrition took a heavy toll on the field.  Randy Hansen, Mike Cloud and Dan Prewitt all scratched before the six lap heat races, which were won by Lee Doty and rookie Bob Burkett.  Dustin Aos had mechanical issues after running his heat race to leave just four starters for the Main Event.  Charlie Eaton led two laps before being passed by Doty.  Eaton spun from second on lap three, handing that position to Burkett.  The flying Doty lapped Bill Spencer on lap 17.  Doty had a straightaway lead by the checkered flag.  Burkett finished second ahead of Eaton and Spencer.

Race Results
Valley Stor-All Late Model Lites
Heat 1- Bob Burkett, Dustin Aos, Randy Hansen (DNS), Dan Prewitt (DNS).  Heat 2-Lee Doty, Charlie Eaton, Bill Spencer, Mike Cloud (DNS).  Main Event-Lee Doty, Bob Burkett, Charlie Eaton, Bill Spencer, Mike Cloud (DNS), Randy Hansen (DNS), Dan Prewitt (DNS), Dustin Aos (DNS).

Augustine Out-duels Knight For Late Model Win 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...May 6...Making his winning move around Dustin Knight as the two worked slower traffic, Nathan Augustine won the 20 lap Late Model Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  Augustine is the 2016 Coos Bay champion, and he won in his only Southern Oregon Speedway appearance last season.

With a few teams still not ready, four competitors showed up for this race.  Dustin Knight won the six lap heat race ahead of Nathan Augustine.  Kristy Grout led just one lap of the feature before an outside move on the back stretch on lap two gained Knight the lead.  The yellow flag flew after two laps for Grout.  Knight led Augustine on the restart as Dave Foot and Grout battled just as fiercely for third.  The lead duo set a rapid pace and soon caught the third place contenders.  Augustine used it to make his winning pass on lap 12.  Augustine went on to score the victory, just ahead of Knight.  Grout and Foot completed the finishing order.

Race Results
Late Models
Heat-Dustin Knight, Nathan Augustine, Kristy Grout, Dave Foot.  Main Event-Nathan Augustine, Dustin Knight, Kristy Grout, Dave Foot.