Saturday, May 20, 2017

Waddell Wins Sprint Car Feature At Southern Oregon Speedway

Waddell Wins Sprint Car Feature 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...May 20...Jake Waddell opened the Kendal Oil Winged Sprint Car season with a 25 lap Main Event victory Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  Waddell beat Trophy Dash winner Kyler Barraza on the start and led all the way.  Though he never got too far away from Barraza, Waddell stayed smooth in traffic and scored a well earned victory.  Barraza settled for second ahead of Bailey Hibbard, Raquel Ivie and Camden Robustelli,

Donald Schott earned the $1000 prize for his win in the 50 lap Iron Giant Street Stock Main Event.  Schott gained the lead when Roger Hubbard broke on the back stretch on lap 25.  Kyle Yeack took second from Jack Parshall on lap 42, but he couldn't quite make the move on Schott for the big win.  Parshall settled for third ahead of Eric Jarnport and Jordon McDonald.

Bob Westcott won the 20 lap Valley Stor-All Late Model Lites Main Event.  Reigning champion Lee Doty led nine laps until traffic helped Westcott make an outside pass in Turn 2 to grab the lead.  Westcott led the rest of the way for the victory with Doty a strong second.  Charlie Eaton was a lead lap third, followed by Trophy Dash winner Bob Burkett and Dan Prewitt.

Camden Robustelli won the 25 lap SODCA Dwarf Car Main Event.  The race went without a yellow flag, and young Cody Peters led 15 laps before Robustelli made a Turn 2 pass to grab the lead.  Cody's father Brock Peters made a move in Turn 2 for second on lap 18.  Robustelli set a blistering pace and scored a well earned victory ahead of B. Peters.  C. Peters nursed a damaged rear end to a third place finish ahead of Chad Cardoza and Ryan Smith.

David Steele won the Mini Stock Trophy Dash and 20 lap Main Event.  Steele led the race from the start and was being threatened on lap seven before a yellow flag negated an Andrew Hall pass.  Steele resumed command on the restart, and Dillen Lausen took second from Hall.  Steele drove a flawless race for victory with Lausen a career best second ahead of Hall, Michael Johnson and Kristopher Mix.

David Coggins won his first 20 lap JOAT Labs Hornets Main Event.  Coggins gained the lead from Trophy Dash winner Joby Shields with a Turn 4 pass on lap nine and led the rest of the way for the victory.  Shields lost second with an off track excursion on the last lap as Jenna Hedges grabbed the runnerup finish ahead of son Ashton Hedges, Jason Stoutenburg and T. Hedges.

Darrel Nelson Jr. wpn the 15 lap Pro Stock Main Event.  The race ended a couple laps early as leader Josh Kralicek got a right rear flat tire while leading.  Moments after getting the lead, Nelson hit the Turn 4 wall and limped off the track in victory.

Racing continues next Saturday night with Open Wheel Showcase Night.  Northwest Focus Midgets, Kendall Oil Winged Sprint Cars, OTRO Hardtops and Pro 4 Modifieds will be there.  For further information, go to

Unofficial Race Results
Kendall Oil Winged Sprint Cars
Heat Winners (6 Laps)-David Hibbard, Jake Waddell.  Trophy Dash (6 Laps)-Kyler Barraza.   Main Event (25 Laps)-Waddell, Barraza, Bailey Hibbard, Raquel Ivie, Camden Robustelli,

Iron Giant Street Stocks
Heat Winners (6 Laps)-Kyle Yeack.   Main Event (50 Laps)-Donald Schott, Yeack, Jack Parshall, Erik Jarnport, Jordon McDonald.

SODCA Dwarf Cars
Heat Winners (6 Laps)-Brock Peters, Josh King.   A Dash (6 Laps)-Brock Peters.  B Dash (6 Laps)-Cody Peters.  Main Event (25 Laps)-Camden Robustelli, B. Peters, C. Peters, Chad Cardoza, Ryan Smith.

Valley Stor-All Late Model Lites
Heat Winner (6 Laps)-Bob Westcott.  Trophy Dash (4 laps)-Bob Burkett.  Main Event (20 Laps)-Westcott, Lee Doty, Charlie Eaton, Burkett, Dan Prewitt.

Pro Stocks
Heat Winner (6 Laps)-Derrel Nelson Jr.    Main Event (20 Laps)-Nelson, Josh Kralicek.

Mini Stocks
Heat Winners (6 Laps)-Dillen Lausen, David Steele.  Trophy Dash (4 Laps)-Steele.    Main Event (20 Laps)-Steele, Lausen, Andrew Hall, Michael Johnson, Kristopher Mix.

JOAT Labs Hornets
Heat Winner (6 Laps)-Tim Hedges.  Trophy Dash (4 Laps)-Joby Shields.    Main Event (15 Laps)-David Coggins, Jenna Hedges, Ashton Hedges, Jason Stoutenburg, T. Hedges.