Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Lauer, Cooper, Peters Win Speedweek Races, Holmes Siblings Win Kart Races

Southern Oregon Speedway Racing Discussion 
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 Lauer Wins IMCA Modified Speedweek Race 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...June 24...Danny Lauer led most of the way in winning the 35 lap IMCA Modified Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  Lauer is a multi time Santa Maria Speedway champion, and this was his first Speedweek win.  The win paid him $1000, and John Campos was a $600 second.

The 28 car IMCA Modified field was divided into eight qualifying heat races, and each driver ran two eight lap heat races.  Heat race points and passing points in the heat races determined the Top 16 qualifiers with the Top 8 entered into a redraw for the first four rows of the Main Event.  There were no repeat heat winners as Ryan Gaylord, Danny Lauer, Ethan Dotson, Mark Wauge, Grey Ferrando, Randy Brown, James Welshonse and John Campos each grabbed a victory.  Friday night Yreka winner Nick Trenchard won the 12 lap B Main ahead of Preston Jones and Steven Sturdevant.

Bakersfield star Ethan Dotson led the first five laps of the Main Event before a low move in Turn 4 of the sixth lap gained Lauer the lead.  Wauge settled into third.  A lap 15 caution flag flew when R. Gaylord spun in Turn 2 and brother Tripp Gaylord slowed.  Lauer continued to lead Dotson on the restart as Campos battled Wauge for third.  Dotson started to slow with a flat tire and stalled in Turn 3 for a lap 18 caution flag.  Lauer continued to set the pace on the restart with Campos and Winebarger racing past Wauge for second and third.  Campos was running close behind Lauer and looking for the way by when a tangle between Albert Gill, Jesse Williamson and Wade Taylor forced a lap 31 caution flag.  Lauer maintained the lead on the restart and brougt it home to a satisfying victory.  Campos rebounded from a tech disqualification a night earlier in Yreka to finish second.  Winebarger was third, followed by Wauge, Trenchard, Bricen James, Ferrando, Williamson, Brown and Taylor.

Race Results
IMCA Modifieds
Heat 1a-Ryan Gaylord, Larry McCracken, Preston Jones, Steven Strudevant, Grey Ferrando.  Heat 2a-Danny Lauer, Collen Winebarger, Wade Taylor, Bricen James, Randy Brown.  Heat 3a-Ethan Dotson, Jesse Willamson, Chris Nieman, Chase Nieman, James Welshonse.  Heat 4a-Mark Wauge, John Campos, Albert Gill, Kevin Williamson, Brian Thompson.  Heat 1b-Grey Ferrando, Larry McCracken, Ryan Gaylord, Steven Strudevant, Kevin Hewitt.  Heat 2b-Randy Brown, Bricen James, Danny Lauer, Collen Winebarger, Wade Taylor.  Heat 3b-James Welshonse, Ethan Dotson, Chase Nieman, Chris Nieman, Jesse Willamson.  Heat 4b-John Campos, Nick Trenchard, Albert Gill, Mark Wauge, Brian Thompson.  B Main-Nick Trenchard, Preston Jones, Steven Strudevant, Tripp Gaylord, Kevin Williamson.  Main Event-Danny Lauer, John Campos, Collen Winebarger, Mark Wauge, Nick Trenchard, Bricen James, Grey Ferrando, Jesse Williamson, Randy Brown, Wade Taylor, Chase Nieman, Albert Gill, James Welshonse, Ethan Dotson, Preston Jones, Tripp Gaylord, Chris Nieman, Steven Strudevant, Larry McCracken, Ryan Gaylord.

Braaten DQ Hands Cooper Southern Oregon Speedway 
IMCA Sport Modified Win

White City, Oregon...June 24...Brian Cooper emerged with the victory in the 20 lap IMCA Sport Modified Main Event following the tech disqualification of Jorddon Braaten.  This was Round #2 of the PSM IMCA Sport Mod Speedweek Series, and Braaten's DQ effectively took him out of the hunt for that championship.  Cooper ran a great race and was  a close second at the checkered flag.  He is the series point leader after two races.

B. Cooper and Rich McCoy won eight lap heat races.  Braaten won his heat race and the four lap Trophy Dash.  Braaten had the pole for the Main Event and led all 20 laps of the non stop event.  The race got interesting during the final five laps as the leaders caught traffic, but Braaten made all the right moves in taking the checkered flag first.  After post race tech inspection left Braaten disqualified, B. Cooper was awarded the victory.  McCoy was third up until Todd Cooper passed him in traffic on lap 19.  T. Cooper ended up second with the Braaten DQ as McCoy, two time champion Duane Melvin, Jimmy Ford, Randy Wright, Braxton Possinger, Justin McCreadie, Buddy McHargue and late arrival David Marble rounded out the Top 10 in the 18 car field.

Race Results
IMCA Sport Modifieds
Heat 1-Jorddon Braaten, Jimmy Ford, Randy Wright, Buddy McHargue, Justin McCreadie.  Heat 2-Rich McCoy, Mike Medel, Todd Cooper, Willie McFall, Braxton Possinger.  Heat 3-Brian Cooper, Dwayne Melvin, Tony Bartell, Jayson Nelson, Jesse Merriman.  Dash-Jorddon Braaten, Brian Cooper, Dwayne Melvin, Rich McCoy, Jimmy Ford.  Main Event-Brian Cooper, Todd Cooper, Rich McCoy, Dwayne Melvin, Jimmy Ford, Randy Wright, Braxton Possinger, Justin McCreadie, Buddy McHargue, David Marble, Willie McFall, Jayson Nelson, Jesse Merriman, Kalvin Morton, Tony Bartell, Donnie Fain, Mike Medel, Jorddon Braaten (DNS).

Peters Wins Again At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...June 24...Reigning SODCA Dwarf Car champion Brock Peters took advantage of the late race misfortune of the leader to win his second Main Event of the season Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  Camden Robustelli led the first 16 laps before his car lost power on lap 16.  B. Peters took the lead from there and gained the $1,000 victory.  Jim Nelson put up the extra money for the big payday, and the leader of each lap also won an additional $50.  After taking the checkered flag, B. Peters lost power.

The night started with the Peters family winning eight lap heat races as Brock and son Cody scored wins.  Brock held off Cody to win the six lap A Dash, and the B Dash win went to Ryan Smith over Randy Slater.  Robustelli raced into the lead at the start of the Main Event ahead of Chad Cardoza and C. Peters.  The yellow flag flew on lap five for Josh King in Turn 4.  Robustelli continued to lead Cardoza and C. Peters on the restart.  C. Peters made a back stretch pass on Cardoza for second on lap eight, and B. Peters made an outside pass on the front stretch a lap later for third.  A low move in Turn 1 of the 14th lap gained B. Peters second from C. Peters.  Robustelli appeared headed for victory before losing power on lap 16.  A lap later, Rob Gergel and Smith tangled in Turn 2 for a caution flag  B. Peters led the restart and brought it home to a satisfying victory from there.  C. Peters was a strong second, followed by Cardoza.  Gergel made a last turn pass to grab fourth from Slater as Smith, Steve Walker, Robustelli, King and Mark Nielson rounded out the Top 10.

Race Results
SODCA Dwarf Cars
Heat 1-Brock Peters, Rob Gergel, Josh King, Randy Slater, Steve Walker.  Heat 2-Cody Peters, Camden Robustelli, Chad Cardoza, Ryan Smith, Mason Lewman.  A Dash-Brock Peters, Cody Peters, Camden Robustelli, Rob Gergel, Chad Cardoza.  B Dash-Ryan Smith, Randy Slater, Fred Hay, Jesse Lorentz, Steve Walker.  Main Event-Brock Peters, Cody Peters, Chad Cardoza, Rob Gergel, Randy Slater, Ryan Smith, Steve Walker, Camden Robustelli, Josh King, Mark Nielsen, Mason Lewman, Jesse Lorentz, Joe Sanders, Fred Hay, Kaycee Sheeler.

Holmes Brother-Sister Duo Wins Outlaw Kart Features 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...June 23...Tanner Holmes won the 25 lap 500 Open Kart Main Event Friday night at the Southern Oregon Speedway Outlaw Kart Track. Holmes won both of his heat races and led all the way for the Main Event win. Kevin Hilgendorf recovered from a mechanical issue to finish second ahead of Stephanie Crisp.

Carley Holmes won the 25 lap 250 Kart Main Event. Holmes and Braden Weiser won heat races and shared the front row of the feature. Holmes led most of the way. Braden Weiser gave it a good effort late in the race, but Holmes kept him behind her for the victory. Reigning champion Bodee Weiser finished third ahead of Trevor Grimes in his division debut and Cadyn Smith.

Reigning Box Stock champion Trevor Grimes won his two heat races and led all the way for the Main Event victory. Keaton Augustine won his race long battle with Sophia Bauer for second.

Jacob James had an eventful evening. After winning his first Beginner Box Stock heat race, he hit the wall in his second heat race. However, James raced into the Main Event lead early on and scored the win.  Uriah Sanders got off to a slow start in his heat races, but he steadily moved up to battle the Bounds brothers, Keegan and Steven, for second in the Main Event.  The close battle ended with K. Bounds finishing second, just ahead of S. Bounds and Sanders.  K. Bounds won both of his heat races, while Carson Crisp won his heat race and finished fifth in the Main Event.

Outlaw Kart racing returns to the small track on July 7th. The official website is www.southernoregonspeedway.com.

Race Results
500 Open Karts
Heat 1-Tanner Holmes, Kevin Hilgendorf, Stephanie Crisp.  Heat 2-Tanner Holmes, Stephanie Crisp, Kevin Hilgendorf.  Main Event-Tanner Holmes, Kevin Hilgendorf, Stephanie Crisp. 

250 Karts
Heat 1-Carley Holmes, Braden Weiser, Bodee Weiser, Cadyn Smith.   Heat 2-Braden Weiser, Bodee Weiser, Carley Holmes, Cadyn Smith.  Main Event-Carley Holmes, Braden Weiser, Bodee Weiser, Trevor Grimes, Cadyn Smith.

Box Stock
Heat 1-Trevor Grimes, Keaton Augustine, Sophia Bauer.  Heat 2-Trevor Grimes, Sophia Bauer, Keaton Augustine.  Main Event-Trevor Grimes, Keaton Augustine, Sophia Bauer.

Beginner Box Stock
Heat 1-Keegan Bounds, Shailene Horn, Malachi Johnson, Silas Holden.  Heat 2-Jacob James, Steven Bounds, Carson Crisp, Uriah Sanders.  Heat 3-Keegan Bounds, Malachi Johnson, Shailene  Horn, Silas Holden.  Heat 4-Carson Crisp, Uriah Sanders, Steven Bounds, Jacob James.  Main Event-Jacob James, Keegan Bounds, Steven Bounds, Uriah Sanders, Carson Crisp, Shailene Horn, Silas Holden, Malachi Johnson.