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Trenchard, Braaten, Lenz, Peters Win Haudenshild Tribute At Southern Oregon Speedway

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Trenchard Scores Second Haudenshild Tribute 
IMCA Modified Victory At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...June 3..Nick Trenchard took advantage of his front row starting spot to win the 25 lap Roger Haudenshild Tribute Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  The IMCA Modified race was destined to go without a yellow flag, and Trenchard led every lap in victory.  With sponsorship from the Haudenshild family and Dusty's Transmissions in Central Point, the win was worth $1,200.  Trenchard won this race in 2015 as well, and he was coming off of the $1,038 victory in the John Arnberg Memorial race in Yreka a week earlier.

The 15 IMCA Modified competitors ran three eight lap heat races, and Ray Kniffen Jr. won an eventful first heat race ahead of James Welshonse.  Nick Trenchard gave a preview of things to come by winning the second heat in front of Jesse Bailey  Two time track champion Albert Gill was the third heat winner ahead of Jeremy Ohlde.  Previous feature winner Monte Bischoff won the four lap Trophy Dash in front of Bailey.  The Haudenshild Tribute also included a Crack The Whip race that paid $200 to the winner.  The race started eight cars and ran eight laps with the last place car each lap being black flagged until one car remained.  Past Late Model Lites star Preston Jones debuted his new car and led the first seven laps of the race before being passed by Bailey on the last lap for the win.  The race ended with Welshonse suffering a broken rear end to end his night early.

Trenchard had a front row start for the Main Event and set the pace from the start ahead of Gill and Kniffen.  Bailey slipped past Knifen for third on lap four.  Trenchard already had a straightaway lead by lap five, and Bischoff took fifth from Kniffen in lap six.  Bischoff raced by Ohlde for fourth on lap eight.  Bischoff and Bailey battled fiercely for third, and there was contact between the two in Turn 4 of the tenth lap.  Bischoff eased up as Bailey regained the position.  Both cars had a bit of body damage, but they continued.  The flying Trenchard caught heavy traffic during the last five laps and had a big enough lead to proceed with caution.  Gill closed the gap, but he could not make the challenge.  Trenchard was the happy winner ahead of Gill, Bailey, Bischoff, Mark Wauge, Ohlde and Jones.  Jones did a good job of passing cars late and avoiding being lapped by Trenchard.  Kniffen, Scott Crumm and Duane Orsburn completed the Top 10.

IMCA Modifieds are back on June 17th and the track will host the second race of the Wild West Speedweek Series on June 24th.  For further information, go to

Race Results
IMCA Modifieds
Heat 1-Ray Kniffen Jr., James Welshonse, Scott Crumm.   Heat 2-Nick Trenchard, Jesse Bailey, Duane Orsburn.  Heat 3-Albert Gill, Jeremy Ohlde, Zach Fettinger.  Trophy Dash-Monte Bischoff, Jesse Bailey, James Welshonse.  Crack The Whip-Jesse Bailey, Preston Jones, Nick Trenchard.  Main Event-Nick Trenchard, Albert Gill, Jesse Bailey, Monte Bischoff, Mark Wauge, Jeremy Ohlde, Preston Jones, Ray Kniffen Jr., Scott Crumm, Duane Orsburn, James Anderson, Zach Fettinger, Shane Everson, James Welshonse (DNS), Dave Satterfield (DNS).

Braaten Wins Roger Haudenshild Tribute For 
IMCA Sport Modifieds At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...June 3...Jorddon Braaten impressed with his $800 victory in the IMCA Northern Sport Modified Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  It was Braaten's second Roger Haudenshild Tribute win and his second win of the season at the track.  Sponsorship from the Haudenshild family and Dusty's Transmissions in Central Point increased the purse.  As if that wasn't enough, Braaten also won the $812 prize in the Bo Hittson Memorial race in Yreka a week earlier.

Jorddon Braaten started things off with his four lap IMCA Sport Modified Trophy Dash win after a battle with A.J. Parker.  Rich McCoy's win over Braaten in their six lap heat race prevented a clean sweep.  Reigning champion Mike Medel held of David Marble in a close battle to win the second heat.  Marble was debuting his new car, but he and Justin McCreadie's nights ended after a Turn 1 crash in the Crack The Whip race.  Braaten picked up another $200 with his win the that race over fellow two time Sport Mod champion Dwayne Melvin.

The Main Event had to be restarted after Parker spun in Turn 4.  Braaten raced into the lead at the start ahead of Medel and 2016 Yreka champion Jimmy Lipke.  Rookie Jason Zimmerman did a solo spin in Turn 4 on lap five, but he kept going without a yellow flag.  On lap 11, Zimmerman rode the front wall on two wheels, but he kept going.  Braaten built a straightaway advantage over Medel by the time the checkered flag flew.  Medel was a comfortable second ahead of Lipke, Willie McFall, Rich McCoy and Melvin.  Zimmerman spun in Turn 2 on the last lap and was scored seventh.

IMCA Sport Modifieds are back on June 17th and will be included when the track hosts the second race of the Wild West Speedweek Series on June 24th.  For further information, go to

Race Results
IMCA Sport Modifieds
Heat 1-Rich McCoy, Jorddon Braaten, Willie McFall.  Heat 2-Mike Medel, David Marble, Justin McCreadie.  Trophy Dash-Jorddon Braaten, A.J. Parker, Mike Medel.  Crack The Whip-Jorddon Braaten, Dwayne Melvin, Rich McCoy.  Main Event-Jorddon Braaten, Mike Medel, Jimmy Lipke, Willie McFall, Rich McCoy, Dwayne Melvin, Jason Zimmerman, A.J. Parker, Jesse Merriman, David Marble (DNS), Dave Rule (DNS), Justin McCreadie (DNS).

Lenz Returns To Southern Oregon Speedway With 
$800 Win In Roger Haudenshild Tribute

White City, Oregon...June 3...Dr. Scott Lenz won the Roger Haudenshild Tribute race for Pro Stocks Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  The win paid $800 for Lenz, who led most of the way for his 102nd career win.  The Haudenshild family sponsored the extra money into the purse.  Lenz is a past Pro Stock champion at the track and was also a Street Stock champion at the old Medford Speedway.  Lenz is the current point leader with the Outlaw Pro Stock Association, and the group supported this race with several cars.

Josh Kralicek kicked off the night with his four lap Trophy Dash victory ahead of 2016 OPSA "Rookie Of The Year" Julia Flowers.  Flowers led her heat race before 2015 OPSA champion Jeffrey Hudson passed her for the win.  James Flowers held off Johnny Cobb to win their six lap heat race, and Lenz won the last heat with Miles Deubert driving the Roy Bain car to a second place finish.  Kralicek led an entertaining Crack The Whip race for four laps before being pased by Scott Flowers.  Flowers led just one lap before last starter Lenz made the pass and scored the $200 victory.

Hudson is piloting the Scott Bennett owned car, and he led just one lap of the Main Event before a low move in Turn 4 of the second lap gained Lenz the lead.  James Flowers found himself in second on lap three when Hudson slowed on the back stretch with a flat tire.  Lenz led the restart, only to watch a yellow flag fly for a Matt Harlow spin in Turn 1.  Scott Flowers took third from Julia Flowers on the restart as Lenz continued to lead.  Lenz was hooked up on the Jim Rodgers prepared three-tenths mile clay oval, and his half straightaway lead over James Flowers was wiped out by a caution flag for Julia Flowers on lap seven.  Lenz maintained his advantage up front, and two time champion Ken Irving moved into fourth on lap 10.  Lenz was simply too hooked up to challenge as he cruised to victory with James Flowers a solid second.  Irving made a last turn pass to take third from S. Flowers.  Cobb settled or fifth, followed by Brian Hammond, Dan Randall, Kralicek, Ginny Flowers and Harlow.

Race Results
Pro Stocks
Heat 1-Jeffery Hudson, Julia Flowers, Dan Randall.  Heat 2-James Flowers, Johnny Cobb, Brian Hammond.  Heat 3-Scott Lenz, Miles Deubert, Matt Harlow.  Trophy Dash-Josh Kralicek, Julia Flowers, Derrel Nelson Jr.   Crack The Whip-Scott Lenz, Scott Flowers, James Flowers.  Main Event-Scott Lenz, James Flowers, Ken Irving, Scott Flowers, Johnny Cobb, Brian Hammond, Dan Randall, Josh Kralicek, Ginny Flowers, Matt Harlow, Derrel Nelson Jr., Jeffery Hudson, Jeff Haudenshild, Julia Flowers, Miles Deubert, Tom Hackworth (DNS), Brandon Geyer (DNS).

Peters Family Finishes 1-2 in SODCA Dwarf Car Feature 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...June 3...Brock Peters won a thrilling duel with his son Cody Peters for his first 20 lap Main Event win of the season for the SODCA Dwarf Cars Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  B. Peters is the reigning champion and is driving a new M&M Chassis this season.  C.  Peters came back from an earlier spin to make a serious challenge before settling for second.

Chad Cardoza kicked off a double preliminary win effort with a six lap heat race victory ahead of Rob Gergel and a six lap A Dash triumph ahead of two time series champion Josh King.  King won his heat race in front of Ryan Smith, and two of this year's serious championship contenders, B. Peters and Camden Robustelli, ran 1-2 in their heat race.  C. Peters continued his impressive B Dash efforts with another eight lap win ahead of early leader Fred Hay.  King pocketed the $200 prize offered by the Haudenshild family for winning the Crack The Whip race ahead of Robustelli.

Ryan Smith set the early Main Event pace ahead of B. Peters.  C. Peters quickly settled into third.  Close racing in the Top 3 saw C. Peters and Smith get together in Turn 4, collecting King and Robustelli in the incident.  Robustelli's bid for a third straight win ended.  B Peters led Cardoza on the restart, but a low pass in Turn 4 of the fifth lap gained Gergel second.  A Jesse Lorenz spin in turn 2 forced a lap six caution flag.  B. Peters led the restart and Cardoza and C. Peters moved back into second and third.  C. Peters slipped past Cardoza for second on lap seven, and the battle for the lead began.  Cardoza had his hands full trying to hold off Gergel in the race for third.  A final caution flag slowed the pace on lap 12.  B. Peters continued to lead the restart.  C. Peters had his car hooked up on the outside, and he was giving his father all the pressure he could handle.  B. Peters made his car wide enough when he needed it, and he repelled his son's passing attempts each time.  A close finish at the checkered flag saw B. Peters winning ahead of C. Peters.  Gergel finally made the pass on Cardoza on lap 15 and finished third.  King also made a late move for a fourth place finish.  Cardoza settled for fifth ahead of Kaycee Sheeler, Hay, Bud Lorentz, Randy Slater and Mark Nielson.

Race Results
SODCA Dwarf Car
Heat 1-Chad Cardoza, Rob Gergel, Kaycee Sheeler.  Heat 2-Brock Peters, Camden Robusteilli, Fred Hay.  Heat 3-Josh King, Ryan Smith, Randy Slater.  A Dash-Chad Cardoza, Josh King, Brock Peters.  B Dash-Cody Peters, Fred Hay, Randy Slater.  Crack The Whip-Josh King, Camden Robustelli, Cody Peters.  Main Event-Brock Peters, Cody Peters, Rob Gergel, Josh King, Chad Cardoza, Kaycee Sheeler, Fred Hay, Bud Lorentz, Randy Slater, Mark Nielsen, Jesse Lorentz, Paul Haslow, Ryan Smith, Camden Robustelli, Joe Sanders.