Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Exciting Finishes, New Winners At Southern Oregon Speedway

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Barraza Grabs Victory From Hibbard 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...July 1...Kyler Barraza won his second Kendall Oil Winged Sprint Car Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  The current point leader was stalking leader David Hibbard when traffic provided him with the opportunity to make his winning pass on lap 24.  While Barraza sped to the $1,000 victory, Hibbard brought it home to a season best second place finish as his car was running better than it has all season.

D. Hibbard and Barraza were battling for position all night.  Having worked out the motor issues that have been hurting him for the first three races, Hibbard beat Barraza to win the six lap heat race.  Barraza won the four lap Trophy Dash ahead of Hibbard, who spun on the second lap for a yellow flag.  The four lap Scramble set the first two rows of the Main Event, and Hibbard won that race ahead of Barraza.  A motor issue in the Trophy Dash left Bailey Hibbard's crew scrambling to get the car ready for the Main Event.  D. Hibbard raced into the Main Event lead at the drop of the green flag with Barraza following in second.  "Rookie Of The Year" hopeful Merissa Henson was an early third, but B. Hibbard raced by for the position on lap two.  As the lead three cars ran closely, Henson and Enrique Jaime had a good battle going early on for fourth.  However, on lap 14, Jaime slowed his pace just a bit to cool his over heating motor.  This enabled 61 year old rookie Calvin Hibbard to take over fifth.  By about lap 19, Jaime was back to his usual pace, but the leaders were approaching him to put him another lap down.  Working lap 24, Barraza used the slower car to make his move past D. Hibbard for the lead and victory.  D. Hibbard settled for second, followed by B. Hillard, Henson, C. Hibbard and Jaime.  All of the starters finished the non stop event.

The Kendall Oil Winged Sprint Cars are back on July 8th and 22nd.  After his Trophy Dash win, Barraza indicated that he will be removing his wing to compete in Southern Oregon Speedway's big Cascade Sprint Car Challenge, presented by Herz Precision Parts, on August 26th.  That Wingless 360 Sprint Car race will pay $3,000 to win.  For further information go to www.southernoregonspeedway.com.

Race Results
Kendall Oil Sprint Cars
Heat-David Hibbard, Kyler Barraza, Merissa Henson.  Trophy Dash-Kyler Barraza, David Hibbard, Merissa Henson.  Scramble-David Hibbard, Kyler Barraza, Merissa Henson.  Main Event-Kyler Barraza, David Hibbard, Bailey Hibbard, Merissa Henson, Calvin Hibbard, Enrique Jaime.

Elliott Becomes Third Different Late Model Winner At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...July 1...Trent Elliott won the 20 lap Late Model Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  Elliott hadn't been at the track for a few years, but he led all the way to become the third different winner of the season.  Previous feature winner Dustin Knight chose to start in the last row and made an impressive charge to a second place finish.

Knight and Elliott each won six lap heat races, and incoming point leader Nathan Augustine battled reigning champion Bob Dees and Garrett Dees to win the four lap Trophy Dash.  Elliott raced into the Main Event lead at the start ahead of Augustine and B. Dees.  On lap three, Augustine spun in Turn 2 for a caution flag.  Though he restarted in the back, it was obvious that all was not well with Augustine's car.  Elliott continued to lead B. Dees on the restart as Knight was up to third.  A low move in Turn 2 of the fifth lap gained Knight second from B. Dees, but the flying Elliott was already a straightaway in front with no caution flag in sight for the rest of the race.  Elliott lapped fourth place Kristy Grout on lap 17.  Elliott brought it home to an impressive victory with Knight a strong second.  B. Dees was the final lead lap finisher as Grout beat Augustine back to the checkered flag for fourth.  Dave Foote, G. Dees and Mike Linder completed the finishing order.

Late Models return on July 22nd for their fourth event of the season.  For further information, go to www.southernoregonspeedway.com.

Race Results
Late Models
Heat 1-Dustin Knight, Nathan Augustine, Dave Foote.  Heat 2-Trent Elliott, Bob Dees, Kristy Grout.  Trophy Dash-Nathan Augustine, Bob Dees, Garrett Dees.  Main Event-Trent Elliott, Dustin Knight, Bob Dees, Kristy Grout, Nathan Augustine, Dave Foote, Garrett Dees, Mike Linder.

Lenz Wins Second Southern Oregon Speedway 
Pro Stock Feature

White City, Oregon...July 1...Dr. Scott Lenz won the 20 lap Pro Stock Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  This was his second win of the season at the track.  Lenz is a past Pro Stock champion at the track and the current Outlaw Pro Stock point leader.  The win also gives him the point lead at Southern Oregon Speedway.  Lenz won the heat race and Trophy Dash and led all but the first two Main Event laps in victory.  Miles Deubert led two laps before being passed by Lenz and settling for second ahead of Tom Hackworth.

Race Results
Pro Stocks
Heat-Scott Lenz, Miles Deubert, Tom Hackworth.  Trophy Dash-Scott Lenz, Miles Deubert, Tom Hackworth.  Main Event-Scott Lenz, Miles Deubert, Tom Hackworth.

Britton Snaps Minter Win Streak In OTRO Hardtops

White City, Oregon,...July 1...Jamie Britton grabbed the victory in the 20 lap OTRO Hardtop Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  This was only his third start on the dirt after finishing third in the previous Main Event.  Minter won a good battle with Bruce Wilkerson for second.

Britton became the third different four lap Trophy Dash winner of the season and added his second six lap heat race win.  This also gave him the second clean sweep effort in the group's eight appearance at the track so far as Trevor Thomason did it once last season.  Britton raced into the lead at the start ahead of Minter and Wilkerson, but Wilkerson took second from Minter on lap six. Fourth place Bill Trotter was lapped on lap 11.  As Britton sped along out front, Minter found his way past Wilkerson for second in the waning laps.  Britton collected the victory ahead of Minter, Wilkerson, Trotter and Ken Lerwell.

Race Results
OTRO Hardtops
Heat-Jamie Britton, Bruce Wilkerson, Mark Minter.  Trophy Dash-Jamie Britton, Bruce Wilkerson, Bill Trotter.  Main Event-Jamie Britton, Mark Minter, Bruce Wilkerson, Bill Trotter, Ken Lerwell.

Goetz Gets The Job Done For Mini Stock Victory 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City,  Oregon...July 1...Steve Goetz won the 20 lap Mini Stock Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  Goetz has been struggling with motor issues so far this year, but the 2013 champion had things dialed as he became the third different winner of the season.  There had been a streak going back to 2014 of only 5 different Main Event winners in the class.  Goetz last won in 2013, meaning there have only been eight different winners since 2013.  Previous winner and 2014 champion Gary Anderson finished second as he continues to climb the point ladder.

The night started off with reigning champion Bob Burkett beating Dillen Lausen to win the four lap Trophy Dash.  Incoming point leader David Steele out-dueled Goetz to win their six lap heat race, while young Michael Johnson won his first career heat race ahead of Kristopher Mix.  The Main Event had to be restarted as Steele spun in Turn 2, collecting rookie Hunter Magnan and Burkett.  Magnan suffered front end damage to end his race.  Goetz led the complete restart ahead of Johnson.  Mix settled into third on lap two as Johnson was pressuring Goetz for the lead.  Lausen spun from fourth for a lap five caution flag, and Burkett retired from the race with motor issues.  Goetz continued to lead Johnson and Mix on the restart, but a caution flag flew a lap later as Johnson and Mix got together on the back stretch.  Andrew Hall made contact with the two cars, and he would lose laps in the pits making repairs.  Goetz maintained his lead on the restart with Steele and Anderson now second and third.  The yellow flag flew for the final time on lap 16 for Steele and Lausen.  Steele retired from the race, and Goetz led Anderson on the restart.  Lausen was back in third.  Goetz drove a great race and earned the victory with Anderson a strong second.  Johnson passed Lausen for a career best third on lap 18 as Lausen finished fourth ahead of Steele, Mix, Hall, Burkett and Magnan.

Race Results
Mini Stocks
Heat 1-David Steele, Steve Goetz, Gary Anderson.  Heat 2-Michael Johnson, Kristopher Mix, Andrew Hall.  Trophy Dash-Bob Burkett, Dillen Lausen, Gary Anderson.  Main Event-Steve Goetz, Gary Anderson, Michael Johnson, Dillen Lausen, David Steele, Kristopher Mix, Andrew Hall, Bob Burkett, Hunter Magnan.

Hedges Wins Wild Hornets Race For First Career Win 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...July 1...Tim Hedges won an exciting and controversial JOAT Labs Hornets Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  The reigning champion now fields a stable of four cars in the division, and this was his first career feature win.  Hedges led early, only to lose the lead in traffic to Jason Stoutenburgh.  When contact on the back stretch sent Stoutenburgh spinning into the infield on lap 17, new leader David Coggins was shown the black flag for his part in the incident.  T. Hedges was the leader of the race at that time.  Stoutenburgh, who recovered back in third, was scored as the leader, and T. Hedges was scored twice on lap 18.  After the leaders had taken the checkered flag, T. Hedges and Zach Nelson were still racing, and Z. Nelson made a pass in Turn 4 for the lead that essentially did not count.

Incoming point leader Stoutenburgh won both his six lap heat race and the four lap Trophy Dash, while Coggins won the other heat race.  Coggins led the opening lap of the Main Event before Hedges led Stoutenburgh around him for the Top 2 positions on lap two.  A low move in Turn 4 of the fourth lap gained Coggins second from Stoutenburgh, and Stoutenburgh got a bit sideways in Turn 2 on lap six in his attempt to regain second.  This allowed Z. Nelson to race by for third.  The close racing up front continued with Stoutenburgh making a Turn 2 pass to take second from  Coggins on lap eight.  The leaders caught a slower car on lap nine.  Stoutenburgh got underneath Hedges to grab the lead, and the slower car drifted up to get out of the way, forcing Hedges higher and allowing Coggins to take over second.  The battle between Coggins and Stoutenburgh was close as the two exchanged the lead on lap 16.  Stoutenburgh got the lead back a lap later, but contact sent him spinning into the infield off the back stretch.  Coggins received a black flag for his part in the incident as they crossed the line.  The two leaders had lapped a few cars.  Stoutenburgh was identified as the leader at that point, though T. Hedges was the real leader, just ahead of Z. Nelson.  They completed the 20th lap with T. Hedges leading Nelson, but they still raced another lap as Stoutenburgh had been identified as the leader at that moment.  Z. Nelson made a pass on T. Hedges in Turn 4 of what would actually be the 21st lap of the scheduled 20 lap race.  T. Hedges was declared the winner upon further review, followed by Z. Nelson, Stoutenburgh, Jenna Hedges, Ashton Hedges, Ryan Nelson, Brandon Wonsyld, Joby Shields, Dillon Irving and Matt Butler.

Race Results
Heat 1-David Coggins, Zach Nelson, Joby Shields.  Heat 2-Jason Stoutenburgh, Tim Hedges, Jenna Hedges.  Trophy Dash-Jason Stoutenburgh, Jenna Hedges, Ashton Hedges.  Main Event-Tim Hedges, Zach Nelson, Jason Stoutenburgh, Jenna Hedges, Ashton Hedges, Ryan Nelson, Brandon Wonsyld, Joby Shields, Dillon Irving, Matt Butler, David Coggins.