Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Ensign Wins Cascade Sprint Car Challenge, Steele, Hansen, Stoutenburgh Win Again

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Ensign Wins $3,000 Cascade Wingless Sprint Car Challenge 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...August 26...Leading all the way from his pole position start, Geoff Ensign won the 30 lap Cascade Wingless 360 Sprint Car Challenge Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  Thanks to sponsorship from Herz Precision Parts, the win paid Ensign $3,000 aboard the Ted Finkenbinder owned Sprinter.  Ensign has become one of the top West Coast Sprint Car drivers both without or with wings.  He currently leads the Winged 360 Sprint Car standings at both the Petaluma and Watsonville, California tracks.  Cody Fendley turned in an impressive performance as he held off Kyle Miller for a second place finish.  Fendley collected $1,500 for second, while Miller earned for $1,000.

There were 22 Sprint Cars, and the drivers each got one lap for qualifying.  The Top 2 qualifiers would automatically transfer into the eight lap Scramble to set the first four rows of the Main Event.  Ensign turned the three-tenth mile clay oval with a lap of 12.741, beating the 12.751 of Steve Hix.  Kyler Barraza was a close third with a 12.807.  The Top 2 finishers in each ten lap heat race would also earn starts in the Scramble.  Barraza is the 2017 Kendall Oil Winged Sprint Car champion at Southern Oregon Speedway.  He removed his wing to race for the big money and finished second to three time Hunt Wingless Spec Sprint champion Terry Schank Jr. in his heat race.  Fendley led Miller for the 1-2 finish in the second heat, and local ace David Hibbard won a close battle with Jeremy Wilson in the third heat.  Ensign made a last lap pass on Barraza to win the eight lap scramble ahead of Hibbard and Schank.  Barraza had problems on the last lap and finished eighth.

There were 20 Main Event starters as Bailey Hibbard and Colton Slack scratched.  Ensign raced into the lead at the start ahead of Hibbard and Hix.  The flying Ensign was already lapping slower cars by lap seven as Hibbard, Hix and Fendley were enjoying a spirited battle for second.  Ensign was a straightaway in front as the second place battle hit heavy traffic.  Hix made a Turn 4 pass on Hibbard for second on lap 17, just before a yellow flag flew for debris on the front stretch.  Ensign maintained command on the restart, while Fendley moved into third behind Hix.  Barraza and Miller joined the intense battle for second, and contact on the back stretch on lap 19 resulted in a red flag as Sterling Kane flipped.  Barraza had to pit for repairs.  Ensign led the restart as Fendley took second from Hix.  The race was red flagged after 20 laps when Barraza flipped on the back stretch and his car caught fire.  Barraza walked away under his own power.  Ensign maintained command on the restart and steadily pulled away.  Fendley was second ahead of Miller.  Miller moved up on Fendley, but Fendley stayed smooth during the final laps to maintain the second position.  Ensign brought it home to the impressive victory ahead of Fendley, Miller, Hix, Jake Wheeler, Jeremy Wilson and final lead lap finisher Tim Alberding.  Lindsay Barney, Kevin Pendergrass and Nathan Johnson rounded out the Top 10 at the checkered flag.

Race Results
Wingless 360 Sprint Cars
Heat 1-Terry Schank, Kyler Barraza, Tim Alberding.  Heat 2-Cody Fendley, Kyle Miller, Jake Wheeler.  Heat 3-David Hibbard, Jeremy Wilson, Guy Weedman.  Scramble-Geoff Ensign, David Hibbard, Terry Schank.  Main Event-Geoff Ensign, Cody Fendley, Kyle Miller, Steve Hix, Jake Wheeler, Jeremy Wilson, Tim Alberding, Lindsay Barney, Kevin Pendergrass, Nathan Johnson, Guy Weedman, Mark Herz, Lance Hallmark, Jacob Gillman, David Hibbard, Kyler Barraza, Sterling Kane, Ariel Biggs, Jeff Crossman, Terry Schank, Bailey Hibbard (DNS), Colton Slack (DNS).

Hansen First Repeat Winner In Valley Stor-All Late Model Lites At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...August 26...Randy Hansen won the 20 lap Valley Stor-All Late Model Lites Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  This was his second straight win as he became the first repeat winner of the season.  The win also capped a sweep of six lap heat race, four lap Trophy Dash and Main Event.  Bob Burkett maintained his point lead by holding off championship rival Charlie Eaton for second.

Hansen won the four lap Trophy Dash ahead of Dustin Aos, but Aos blew a motor in his heat race to join Danny Prewitt as a Main Event scratch.  Hansen won his six lap heat race ahead of Burkett, and Eaton won the other heat ahead of Eric Aos.  At the waving of Tom Hood's green flag, Hansen raced into the Main Event lead.  Eaton was an early second in front of Burkett.  An onside move on the front stretch of the third lap gained Burkett second from Eaton.  E. Aos ran close behind Eaton in fourth as Greg Arnold tried to find a way past him.  Arnold pushed high off of Turn 2 on lap eight, but he rejoined the race a lap later, right in front of Hansen.  Hansen put him down another lap as he also caught the four car race for second.  Not wanting to effect the point battle he knew was going on, Hansen rode behind the other cars as he scored the impressive victory.  Burkett held off Eaton for second as E. Aos, Bill Spencer and Arnold rounded out the finishing order.

Race Results
Valley Stor All Late Model Lites
Heat 1-Charlie Eaton, Eric Aos, Greg Arnold.  Heat 2-Randy Hansen, Bob Burkett, Bill Spencer.  Trophy Dash-Randy Hansen, Charlie Eaton. Bob Burkett.  Main Event-Randy Hansen, Bob Burkett, Charlie Eaton, Eric Aos, Bill Spencer, Greg Arnold, Danny Prewitt (DNS), Dustin Aos (DNS).

Steele Scores Fourth Mini Stock Win 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...August 26...David Steele raced to victory in the 20 lap Mini Stock Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  This was his fourth Main Event win of the season, but three straight nights with motor issues has taken him from championship contention.  Steve Goetz stayed in the hunt with a strong second place finish, while Kristopher Mix gained the point lead with a third place finish.

Mix kicked off the night by outrunning Dillen Lausen for his first career four lap Trophy Dash win.  Goetz won his six lap heat race ahead of Lausen, while Steele won the second heat ahead of Mix.  Steele raced into the Main Event lead at the start as Mix settled into second ahead of incoming point leader Michael Johnson.  As they ran down the back stretch, Johnson and Mix got together and crashed off of Turn 3 for a yellow flag.  Johnson made a pit stop, but both drivers were able to continue.  Hunter Magnan joined Garrett Fredrickson on the sidelines.  Steele led Goetz and Lausen on the restart.  A three wide battle for third on the back stretch on lap six saw Johnson race by on the outside to gain the spot.  Mix ducked underneath Lausen in Turn 4 to gain fourth.  A high move in Turn 4 of the seventh lap gained Johnson second from Goetz.  Not content to ride in second, Johnson set about trying to reel in a straightaway lead for Steele, but he brushed the front wall on multiple occasions.  Johnson ended up with a flat tire on lap ten and spun in Turn 4 for a yellow flag.  He barely made it back for the restart as Steele led Goetz and Mix.  Jeremy Sites pitted.  There was no stopping Steele as he collected the impressive victory ahead of Goetz, Mix, Andrew Hall, Lausen and Johnson.

Race Results
Mini Stocks
Heat 1-Steve Goetz, Dillen Lausen, Jeremy Sites.  Heat 2-David Steele, Kristopher Mix, Michael Johnson.  Trophy Dash-Kristopher Mix, Dillen Lausen, Michael Johnson.  Main Event-David Steele, Steve Goetz, Kristopher Mix, Andrew Hall, Dillen Lausen, Michael Johnson, Jeremy Sites, Hunter Magnan, Garrett Fredrickson (DNS).

Stoutenburgh Wins Third Straight JOAT Labs Hornets Main Event At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...August 26...Jason Stoutenburgh won the 20 lap JOAT Labs Hornets Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  This was the third straight win for Stoutenburgh, and he took a big step towards the championship as his closet point rival, Tim Hedges, struggled at the back of the pack.  Derrel Nelson Jr. was a solid second as 14 year old rookie Dylan Irving finished third.

Jenna Hedges battled Nelson for the four lap Trophy Dash win.  Nelson won his six lap heat race ahead of Brandon Wonsyld, and Stoutenburgh won the other heat ahead of Irving.  One of the Hedges cars and John Corder in the Ashland High School PT Cruiser were loaded up early with motor problems.  Stoutenburgh raced into the Main Event lead at the start.  Nelson was an early second, but Irving made a Turn 3 pass on lap four to take over second.  Nelson returned the favor with a high pass in Turn 4 of the seventh lap to reclaim second.  J. Hedges, Wonsyld and Ashtin Hedges were having a spirited battle for fourth.  Wonsyld finally took fourth from J. Hedges and set about closing the gap between he and teammate Irving.  At that point, Stoutenburgh held a commanding lead over Nelson and was closing in on the fifth place battle between J. Hedges and her son A. Hedges.  He lapped them both on lap 18 as Wonsyld caught Irving.  However, Wonsyld couldn't make the pass on Irving as Stoutenburgh won ahead of Nelson, Irving, Wonsyld, J. Hedges, A. Hedges and T. Hedges.

Race Results
JOAT Labs Hornets
Heat 1-Derrel Nelson Jr., Brandon Wonsyld, Ashtin Hedges.  Heat 2-Jason Stoutenburgh, Dylan Irving, Jenna Hedges.  Trophy Dash-Jenna Hedges, Derrel Nelson Jr., Jason Stoutenburgh.  Main Event-Jason Stoutenburgh, Derrel Nelson Jr., Dylan Irving, Brandon Wonsyld, Jenna Hedges, Ashtin Hedges, Tim Hedges, John Corder (DNS).