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Peters, Bender, Wiesz Shine In Dwarf Car Nationals, Wheeler Wins Sprint Car Race

Southern Oregon Speedway Racing Discussion 
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Cody Peters Makes Last lap Pass For WSDCA 
Pro Dwarf Car Victory At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...August 4-5...Making a thrilling last turn pass around Danny Wagner, Cody Peters won the WSDCA Pro Dwarf Car 30 lap Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  The two day WSDCA Dwarf Car Nationals was hosted by the Southern Oregon Dwarf Car Association.  Peters is a regular with SODCA, and he's driving the car  his father, Brock Peters, drove to the club championship last season.  He's won multiple WSDCA Sportsman Main Events against the newer drivers and won his first SODCA feature in Yreka this year, but this was the biggest win of his career so far.  NCDCA racer Michael "Spanky" Grenert won the Friday night Preliminary Main Event.

On Friday night, 32 Pro Dwarf Cars competed.  There were four ten lap qualifying heat races.  Brock Peters won the first heat ahead of CDCRA competitor John Isabella.  SODCA's Chad Cardoza won the second heat in front of Michael Grenert.  Sprint Car racer Antony Pope made his Dwarf Car debut with a heat race win ahead of NCDCA's Ryan Diatte, and NCDCA competitor Ben Wiesz won the fourth heat ahead of SCDCA competitor Ridge Abbott.  NWDCA's Ryan Martinez won the 15 lap B Main ahead of Cody Peters.  Danny Wagner of NCDCA didn't start his heat race, but he came from the back to a third place B Main finish ahead of SBDCA's Kyle Jones.

Pope had a front row start for the Preliminary Feature, which would transfer the Top 10 finishers into Saturday's Fast Dash to set the first five rows of that night's Main Event.  Pope raced into the lead at the start, followed by Grenert and Cardoza.  R. Diatte had blown a motor in the car he was planning to drive, so he jumped into teammate Dan Zugar's car for the weekend.  Diatte took fourth from Isabella on lap four.  A caution lag flew for on lap six for a Turn 2 pileup involving Wagner, Gene "Punky" Pires, Martinez, Ryan Amlin and Dennis Liebig.  Pope continued to lead Grenert on the restart as Diatte took third from Cardoza.  A Toby Brown spin in Turn 3 forced a lap seven caution flag.  Pope led Grenert and R. Diatte at the green flag.  Isabella raced past R. Diatte for third on lap nine.  On lap ten, Pope spun in Turn 2, handing the lead to Grenert.  A lap 18 caution flag flew for Abbott, Liebig and Jones.  Grenert kept his cool and led Isabella for the final two laps for the victory.  R. Diatte was a strong third, followed by Cardoza, Pires, Martinez, Dusty Loughton, Henry Corbin III, Wagner and Amlin.

Eight lap heat races for the non qualifiers were run first on Saturday night.  Kyle Jones won his heat ahead of Dennis Liebig.  SCDCA's Matt Sargent drive Todd Damron's car to a heat race win ahead of Cody Peters, and Josh King held off Ben Wiesz to win the third heat.  The Fast Dash saw Michael Grenert lead a lap before SCDCA's Dusty Loughton raced by for the lead.  Grenert ran second until slowing in Turn 2 on lap eight as his night ended.  Loughton won ahead of Gene Pires and Chad Cardoza.  NWDCA's Jake Van Ortwick won an eventful 15 lap C Main ahead of Andy Lemmons of PHRA and Brandon Gentry.  Matt Sargent and Cody Peters found themselves stuck in the 15 ap B Main, but they drove to a 1-2 finish to make the big race.  Kyle Jones, Brock Peters and Jake Van Ortwick completed the Top 5 at the checkered flag.

The first start of the Main Event was botched by a multi car pileup.  Gene Pires led the complete restart ahead of  Dusty Loughton and Danny Wagner.  Wagner moved into second on lap two as Chad Cardoza and Ryan Martinez were trading third.  A lap six caution flag slowed the pace.  Pires chose the inside for the restart, but Sargent made an amazing move on the outside to take the lead by the time the lap was completed.  Cardoza was still running third as Wagner was shuffled back to fourth.  Toby Brown and Kyle Jones brought out a lap eight caution flag, and  Wagner moved onto second behind Sargent on the restart.  Wagner took the lead from Sargent on a lap ten restart.  As Wagner and Sargent battled for the lead, Cardoza had his hands full holding off Chad Matthias and Ryan Diatte for third.  A low move in Turn 4 of the 12th lap gained Sargent the lead from Wagner.  Matthias made a Turn 4 pass to take third from Cardoza on lap 13.  John Isabella took fourth from Cardoza a lap later.  Cardoza spun for a lap 17 yellow flag.  Sargent continued to lead Wagner and Matthias on the restart.  A lap 26 caution flag flew when Cardoza spun with front end damage in Turn 1, and Pires, James Brinster and Ryan Diatte tangled in Turn 4.  Sargent led Wagner and Matthias to the green flag, but contact sent Sargent spinning into the Turn 2 infield for the final yellow flag.  Wagner led Matthias and Isabella on the restart with Cody Peters making an outside move into fourth.  C. Peters passed Isabella for third a lap later.  C. Peters made a move past Matthias for second on the white flag lap.  Wagner left a opening on the inside exiting Turn 4, and C. Peters moved down and made the winning pass.  C. Peters beat Wagner back to the line for the crowd pleasing victory.  Matthias finished third, followed by Brock Peters, Isabella, Ryan Amlin, Loughton, Sargent, Henry Corbin III and R. Diatte.

Race Resuts August 4
WSDCA Pro Dwarf Cars
Heat 1-Brock Peters, John Isabella, Dusty Loughton.  Heat 2-Chad Cardoza, Michael Grenert, Cameron Diatte.  Heat 3-Anthony Pope, Ryan Diatte, Leo Ward.  Heat 4-Ben Wiesz, Ridge Abbott, Ryan Amlin.  B Main-Ryan Martinez, Cody Peters, Danny Wagner, Kyle Jones, Josh King, Zach Albers, Guy Tow Jr., James Brinster, Brandon Gentry, Steve Brunn.  A Main-Michael Grenert, John Isabella, Ryan Diatte, Chad Cardoza, Gene Pires, Ryan Martinez, Dusty Loughton, Henry Corbin III, Danny Wagner, Ryan Amlin, Chad Matthias, Anthony Pope, Brock Peters, Jake Tupper, Ben Wiesz, Dennis Liebig, Kyle Jones, Ridge Abbott, Matt Sargent, Leo Ward, Andy Lemmons, Camden Robustelli, Cameron Diatte, Cody Peters.

Race Results August 5th
WSCDA Pro Dwarf Cars
Heat 1-Kyle Jones, Dennis Liebig, Zach Albers.  Heat 2-Matt Sargent, Cody Peters, Camden Robustelli.  Heat 3-Josh King, Ben Wiesz, Brock Peters.  Fast Dash-Dusty Loughton, Gene Pires, Chad Cardoza.  C Main-Jake Van Ortwick, Andy Lemmons, Brandon Gentry, Toby Brown, Rob Gergel.  B Main-Matt Sargent, Cody Peters, Kyle Jones, Brock Peters, Jake Van Ortwick, Chad Matthias, Ridge Abbott, James Brinster, Brandon Gentry, Zach Albers.  A Main-Cody Peters, Danny Wagner, Chad Matthias, Brock Peters, John Isabella, Ryan Amlin, Dusty Loughton, Matt Sargent, Henry Corbin III, Ryan Diatte, Toby Brown, Zach Albers, Gene Pires, James Brinster, Ridge Abbott, Chad Cardoza, Jake Van Ortwick, Guy Tow Jr., Ryan Martinez, Anthony Pope, Kyle Jones, Brandon Gentry, Michael Grenert.

Bender Sweeps WSDCA Veteran Dwarf Car Races 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...August 4-5...Keven Bender won both the Friday 20 lap Preliminary and Saturday night 20 lap WSDCA Pro Dwarf Car Main Events at Southern Oregon Speedway.  The two day WSDCA Dwarf Car Nationals was hosted by the Southern Oregon Dwarf Car Association.  Bender is a regular with the NCDCA group, and he won every race in which he started, which included his ten lap heat race on Friday and Saturday's ten lap Fast Dash.

SODCA's Fred Hay won the first ten lap heat race on Saturday, followed by NCDCA's Scott Dahlgren.  NCDCA's Mike Reeder won the second heat in front of SODCA's Steve Walker.  Kevin Bender won the third heat in front of Dan Zuger of NCDCA.  Walker led one lap of the Preliminary Feature before Reeder, Dahlgren and K. Bender raced into the first three positions on a lap two restart.  K. Bender raced by Dahlgren on the front stretch to gain second on lap 14.   A lap 16 caution flag bunched the field, and Reeder led K. Bender on the restart as Hay slipped past Dahlgren for third.  K. Bender was looking for a way by Reeder, and he made an outside pass on the back stretch on the last lap.  K. Bender scored the win ahead of Reeder, Hay, Mark Biscardi, Kevin Miraglio, Guy Tow Sr., Eric Weisler, Brian Bender, Jack Haverty and Dan Geil.

After mechanical issues in his Friday heat race ended his night, NCDCA's Buddy Olschowka won his eight lap heat race on Saturday night ahead of Steve Walker.  Scott Dahlgren held off PHRA's Henry Corbin II to win the second heat race.  K. Bender scored the win in the ten lap Fast Dash, followed by Mike Reeder and Kevin Miraglio.  K. Bender set the early pace in the big Main Event, but his pole position start didn't mean a win would be easy.  Miraglio was an early second, and NCDCA's Jack Haverty took third from Reeder on lap three.  Haverty rode the outside line around Miraglio for second on lap four and moved by K. Bender for the lead a lap later.   Miraglio raced past Reeder for third on lap eight.  K. Bender stayed with Haverty and made a move back into the lead on lap 13 as Haverty nearly spun in Turn 4.  Mitch Sheeler spun in Turn 2 for a lap 15 caution flag.  K. Bender led Haverty and Miraglio on the restart.  K. Bender held off Haverty to wrap up an impressive weekend.  Miraglio was a strong third.  Dahlgren finished fourth, followed by Mark Biscardi, Reeder, Olschowka, Eric Weisler, Dan Geil and Glenn Sciarani.

Race Results August 4th
WSDCA Veteran Dwarf Cars
Heat 1-Fred Hay, Scott Dahlgren, Jack Haverty.  Heat 2-Mike Reeder, Steve Walker, Mark Biscardi.  Heat 3-Kevin Bender, Dan Zuger, Henry Corbin II.  Main Event-Kevin Bender, Mike Reeder, Fred Hay, Mark Biscardi, Kevin Miraglio, Guy Tow Sr., Eric Weisler, Brian Bender, Jack Haverty, Dan Geil, Steve Walker, Scott Dahlgren, Henry Corbin II, Glenn Sciarani, Dennis Hively, Jerry Hauck.

Race Results August 5th
WSDCA Veteran Dwarf Cars
Heat 1-Buddy Olschowka, Steve Walker, Glenn Sciarani.  Heat 2-Scott Dahlgren, Henry Corbin II, Jerry Hauck.  Fast Dash-Kevin Bender, Mike Reeder, Kevin Miraglio.  Main Event-Kevin Bender, Jack Haverty, Kevin Miraglio, Scott Dahlgren, Mark Biscardi, Mike Reeder, Buddy Olshowka, Eric Weisler, Dan Geil, Glenn Sciarani, Fred Hay, Guy Tow Sr., Dennis Hively, Steve Walker, Brian Bender, Henry Corbin II, Mitch Sheeler, Jerry Hauck, Dan Zuger, Kevin Hicks.

Wiesz A Double Winner In WSDCA Sportsman Dwarf Cars 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White, City, Oregon...August 4-5...Josh Wiesz was a double winner in WSDCA Sportsman Dwarf Cars at Southern Oregon Speedway.  The 14 year old second generation racer won Friday night's 20 lap Preliminary Feature and won Saturday night's 20 lap Main Event.  The two day WSDCA Dwarf Car Nationals was hosted by the Southern Oregon Dwarf Car Association.  Wiesz is a regular with the NCDCA group, and he was chased on both nights by NWDCA's Teagon Fisher in second place.

Josh Wiesz kicked off the Friday night action with a ten lap heat race win ahead of Clayton Parsons.  PHRA's Mike Clark won his heat ahead of SODCA's Joe Sanders.  Wiesz raced into the lead in the Preliminary Feature at the drop of the green flag.  Sanders spun in Turn 1 for a lap one caution flag.  Wiesz continued to lead on the restart as Clark took second from Parsons.  Teagon Fisher settled into fourth behind Parsons on lap ten and gained third on lap 13.  Clark spun out of second in Turn 2 for a lap 14 caution flag.  Wiesz led Fisher on the restart as Clark moved quickly back into third.  However, Clark and Kyle Fralik spun separately for a lap 18 caution flag.  Wiesz led Fisher on the restart, and they scored the 1-2 finish at the checkered flag.  Fralick came back to finish third ahead of Parsons, Robert Johnson, Sam Wren, Chris Wright, Clark, Travis Gergel and Sanders.

The Top 5 from Friday earned starting spots in Saturday's ten lap Fast Dash, and Teagon Fisher won that race ahead of Josh Wiesz.  Clark won the eight lap heat ahead of Joe Sanders.  Wiesz beat Fisher at the start to grab the Main Event lead.  A lap two caution flag flew for Sanders, and Robert Johnson took second from Fisher on the restart.  A lap six caution flag bunched the field, and Clark surprised Wiesz by racing by for the lead on the restart.  Wiesz regained the lead on lap nine as Parsons ran third.  A lap ten caution flag waved for Clark, Sanders and Fisher.  Only Fisher was able to continue as Wiesz led Johnson and Parsons on the restart.  Johnson pitted from second on lap 16, moving Parsons and Fisher up positions.  Fisher took second from Parsons on a lap 18 restart.  However, there was no stopping Wiesz from wrapping up a two win weekend.  Fisher settled for second ahead of Parsons,  Chris Wright, Travis Gergel, Sam Wren, Johnson, Sanders, Clark and Kyle Fralick.

Race Results August 4th
WSDCA Sportsman Dwarf Cars
Heat 1-Josh Wiesz, Clayton Parsons, Kyle Fralick.  Heat 2-Mike Clark, Joe Sanders, Sam Wren.  Main Event-Josh Wiesz, Teagon Fisher, Kyle Fralick, Clayton Parsons, Robert Johnson, Sam Wren, Chris Wright, Mike Clark, Travis Gergel, Joe Sanders.

Race Results August 5th
WSDCA Sportsman Dwarf Cars
Heat-Mike Clark, Travis Gergel, Sam Wren.  Fast Dash-Teagon Fisher, Josh Wiesz, Clayton Parsons.  Main Event-Josh Wiesz, Teagon Fisher, Clayton Parsons, Chris Wright, Travis Gergel, Sam Wren, Robert Johnson, Joe Sanders, Mike Clark, Kyle Fralick.

Wheeler Roars To Sprint Car Victory 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...August 5...Jake Wheeler won the 20 lap Kendall Oil Winged Sprint Car Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  Jake is the third generation of his family to race and is the reigning track champion.  Wheeler's return was assisted by a motor from David Hibbard and came aboard his Reser's Fine Foods sponsored Sprint Car.

Wheeler started the night off with a six lap heat race win with early leader Enrique Jaime finishing second.  Hedge Carter won his heat race ahead of point leader Kyler Barraza.  With a pit full of Dwarf Cars for the big WSDCA Nationals event, it was decided by track officials to scratch the six lap Scramble and line the Main Event straight up off of heat race finishes.  Wheeler raced into the lead at the start ahead of Barraza and Carter.  Jaime settled into fourth, and the only caution flag flew on lap seven when Bailey Hibbard spun.  Wheeler continued to lead on the restart and began to pull away from Barraza as Carter maintained third.  Jaime was doing a good job of holding off David Hibbard for fourth, and David Johnson pitted.  When Wheeler caught slower traffic, Barraza erased his lead.  However, Wheeler kept his cool and became the fourth different feature winner of the season.  Barraza settled for second ahead of Carter, Jaime, D. Hibbard, Tanner Holmes, Merissa Henson and B. Hibbard.

The Kendall Oil Winged Sprint Cars return on August 19th.  The following week is the big $3,000 to win Cascade Wingless 360 Sprint Car Challenge race, presented by Herz Precision Parts.  The information flier is available at www.southernoregonspeedway.com/cascade.pdf, and you can find other information at www.southernoregonspeedway.com.

Race Results
Kendall Oil Winged Sprint Cars
Heat 1-Jake Wheeler, Enrique Jaime, David Hibbard.  Heat 2-Hedge Carter, Kyler Barraza, Merissa Henson.  Main Event-Jake Wheeler, Kyler Barraza, Hedge Carter, Enrique Jaime, David Hibbard, Tanner Holmes, Merissa Henson, Bailey Hibbard, Mike Wheeler, David Johnson.

Hansen Makes Late Race Pass For Late Model Lites Win 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...August 5...Eric Hansen won the 20 lap Valley Stor-All Late Model Lites Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  Hansen ran second for most of the race before traffic allowed him to make a lap 19 pass on point leader Bob Burkett for the win.  Hansen becomes the fourth different winner in four races.

Hansen started his night with a six lap heat race win ahead of Bill Spencer.  Burkett won his third four lap Trophy Dash with a last lap pass on Danny Prewitt.  An eventful second heat race saw leader Lee Doty climb the front wall and roll his car.  He wasn't injured, but his night was over early for the second straight race.  Burkett was poised to win the race, but he couldn't get his car in gear for the restart, handing Dusty Aos his first win.  Burkett raced into the lead at the start of the Main Event with Hansen settling into second as the lead duo pulled away.  Duty Aos was third with Charlie Eaton close behind him.  As the race hit the midway mark, Burkett and Hansen caught slower traffic.  When the leaders caught the third place battle, Eaton made his move past D. Aos for third.  Hansen continued to look for an opening to make his pass.  When a slower car drifted up into Burkett's line on the back stretch on lap 19, Hansen moved to the inside and made his winning pass.  Hansen brought it home to a well earned victory ahead of Burkett, Eaton, D. Aos, Greg Arnold, Eric Aos and Bill Spencer.

Race Results
Valley Stor-All Late Model Lites
Heat 1-Randy Hansen, Bill Spencer, Charlie Eaton.  Heat 2-Dusty Aos, Bob Burkett, Lee Doty.  Trophy Dash-Bob Burkett, Danny Prewitt, Dusty Aos.  Main Event-Randy Hansen, Bob Burkett, Charlie Eaton, Dusty Aos, Greg Arnold, Eric Aos, Bill Spencer, Lee Doty (DNS), Danny Prewitt (DNS).

Stoutenburgh Scores First JOAT Labs Hornets Feature Win 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...August 4...Jason Stoutenburgh won the 20 lap JOAT Labs Hornets Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  It was the first won for the rookie, and it gained him ground on point leader Tim Hedges in the championship battle.  This was a nice comeback for Stoutenburgh, who suffered a flat tire on the opening lap of the Main Event at the previous race.

Jenna Hedges had a big preliminary effort.  First, she won the four lap Trophy Dash ahead of Brandon Wonsyld, and then she won her six lap heat race ahead of Dylan Irving.  These were her first two wins.  Stoutenburgh won his heat race ahead of Zach Nelson.  Stoutenburgh raced into the Main Event lead at the start with Z. Nelson and J. Hedges in early pursuit.  The close battle for second got a little too close as contact sent J. Hedges and T. Hedges spinning on the front stretch.  Both recovered without a yellow flag as 21st birthday celebrant Ryan Nelson took over third.  Z. Nelson suffered a flat tire on lap seven and pitted as R. Nelson was now second ahead of Wonsyld.  Irving and T. Hedges tangled for a lap 11 caution flag.  Stoutenburgh led R. Nelson and Wonsyld on the restart.  Wonsyld slowed on the back stretch on lap 14 as J. Hedges and T. Hedges were now third and fourth.  Stoutenburgh drove a great race out front and was never really threatened as he won ahead of R. Nelson, J. Hedges, T. Hedges, Wonsyld, Irving, Ashton Hedges and Z. Nelson.

Race Results
JOAT Labs Hornets
Heat 1-Jason Stoutenburgh, Zach Nelson, Ashton Hedges.  Heat 2-Jenna Hedges, Dylan Irving, Brandon Wonsyld.  Trophy Dash-Jenna Hedges, Brandon Wonsyld, Tim Hedges.  Main Event-Jason Stoutenburgh, Ryan Nelson, Jenna Hedges,Tim Hedges, Brandon Wonsyld, Dylan Irving, Ashton Hedges, Zach Nelson.