Sunday, September 3, 2017

Hogge Wins R. Charles Snyder Preliminary Feature At Southern Oregon Speedway

Hogge Wins R. Charles Snyder Preliminary Feature 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...September 2...Bobby Hogge IV won the 25 lap Preliminary Main Event for the IMCA Modifieds Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  This was the opening night of the R. Charles Snyder Salute, and the win paid $1,000 to Hogge.  Hogge was also the top heat race point earner, putting him in a good position to possibly win the big 50 lap feature on Sunday.  That race will pay $5,000.  Hogge grabbed the Preliminary Main Event lead on lap three and battled with Troy Foulger during the early laps.  Foulger spun into the infield on lap 11.  It was smooth sailing for Hogge from there as he cruised to victory.  Jeremy Richey outran Mark Wauge to finish second as, Nick Trenchard and Jeff Olschowka rounded out the Top 5.

The IMCA Modified heat races were a mixed bag of winners, but Hogge won both of his ten lap heats.  The other heat wins went to Chester Kniss, Jeff Olschowka, Robert Miller, Darrell Hughes II, Anthony Slaney, Troy Foulger, Jeremy Richey and Preston Jones.  Hogge was the top heat race point earner ahead of Foulger and Jones.  The Top 16 in points automatically make the big money 50 lap Main Event on Sunday.

Jorddon Braaten won the 25 lap IMCA Sport Modified Preliminary Main Event and was also the top point earner after after two sets of heat races.  Braaten battled with Rich McCoy early in the Preliminary Main, but McCoy slowed and pitted from second on lap eight.  Braaten had a commanding lead at that point and took his time in traffic.  A lap 15 yellow flag for Jesse Merriman did not stop Braaten.  He resumed command on the restart and led the remaining ten laps for the win.  Justin McCreadie finished a strong second ahead of Craig Nieman, Brian Johnsen and Mike Medel.  

The clear stars of the Sport Modified heat races were Braaten, McCoy and Johnsen, who won both of their ten lap heat races.  Justin McCreadie and Dwayne Melvin were also heat winners.  The Top 16 point earners make Sunday's Main Event automatically, and Braaten topped that list ahead of Johnsen and McCoy.

Josh King won the 25 lap SODCA Dwarf Car Main Event and the $1,000 winner's prize.  Kalvin Morton raced into the lead at the start and had to deal with a pair of yellow flags during his run up front.  Working lap 16, Morton and Camden Robustelli got together in Turn 2 and spun, handing the lead to Chad Cardoza.  King beat Cardoza back to the line with an inside pass on lap 17.  A yellow flag flew.  King led the restart and the remaining laps to win ahead of Cardoza, Robustelli, Ryan Smith and point leader Brock Peters.

Racing resumes tonight with the $5,000 to win IMCA Modified 50 lap Main Event, a $1,350 to win Sport Modified feature and a $1,000 to win SODCA Dwarf Car race.  We are also dedicating the Race Tower to R. Charles Snyder.  For further information, go to

Unofficial Race Results
IMCA Modifieds
Round 1 Heat Winners (10 laps)-Chester Kniss, Jeff Olschowka, Bobby Hogge IV, Robert Miller, Darrell Hughes II.  Round 2 Heat Winners (10 Laps)-Anthony Slaney, Troy Foulger, Bobby Hogge IV, Jeremy Richey, Preston Jones.  Preliminary Main Event (25 Laps)-Bobby Hogge IV, Jeremy Richey, Mark Wauge, Nick Trenchard, Jeff Olschowka.  Unofficial Top 10 In Heat Points-Bobby Hogge IV, Troy Foulger, Preston Jones, Matt Duste, Mark Wauge, Jesse Bailey, Jeremy Richey, Chester Kniss, Anthony Slaney, Nick Trenchard.

IMCA Sport Modifieds
Round 1 Heat Winners (10 laps)-Jorddon Braaten, Brian Johnsen, Rich McCoy, Justin McCreadie.  Round 2 Heat Winners (10 Laps)-Jorddon Braaten, Brian Johnsen, Rich McCoy, Dwayne Melvin.  Preliminary Main Event (25 Laps)-Jorddon Braaten, Justin McCreadie, Craig Nieman, Brian Johnsen, Mike Medel.  Unofficial Top 10 In Heat Points-Jorddon Braaten, Brian Johnsen, Rich McCoy, Jayson Nelson, Mike Medel, Justin McCreadie, Anthony Giuliani, Jesse Merriman, Travis Pruitt, Mike Merritt.

SODCA Dwarf Cars
Heat Winners (8 laps)-Doug McVae, Josh King, Camden Robustelli.   A Dash (6 Laps)-Camden Robustelli.  B Dash (8 Laps)-Anthony Pope.   Main Event (20 Laps)-Josh King, Chad Cardoza, Camden Robustelli, Ryan Smith, Brock Peters.