Sunday, September 17, 2017

Wauge Wins Season Finale, Bailey, Medel, Augustine, Mix Champions

Wauge Wins Season Finale, 
Bailey, Medel, Augustine, Mix Champions

White City, Oregon...September 16...Mark Wauge became the ninth different winner when he won the 25 lap IMCA Modified Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  Kevin Hewitt set the early pace ahead of Wauge.  Wauge applied the pressure on Hewitt until making the winning pass on the outside in Turn 4 of the 17th lap. Wauge led the rest of the way with Preston Jones taking second.  New champion Jesse Bailey battled Hewitt for a third place finish as Tim Bailey rounded out the Top 5.

Mike Medel wrapped up his second IMCA Sport Modified championship with his second 20 lap Main Event win of the season.  Matt Sanders led for 16 laps, and Medel gained second on lap eight as randy Wright spun in Turn 2.  Medel closed in on Sanders and made a low pass in Turn 4 of the 17th lap to take the lead.  Medel led the rest of the way to win ahead of Sanders, Trophy Dash winner Willie McFall, Wright and Tony Bartell.

Bob Dees won his second 20 lap Late Model Main Event of the season.  He also won the four lap Trophy Dash.  Heat race winner Garrett Dees led the first 12 laps before his father B. Dees raced into the lead.  G. Dees did a good job of holding off new champion Nathan Augustine for second until Augustine pitted late.  B. Dees won ahead of G. Dees, Dave Foote, Chris Biggs and Kristy Grout.

Rob Gergel won his first 20 lap SODCA Dwarf Car Main Event of the season.  B Dash winner Gergel charged into the early lead, and incoming point leader Brock Peters slowed and pitted on a lap two restart.  Kalvin Morton moved into second on lap 6 and spent the rest of the race looking high and low for a way around Gergel.  However, Gergel stayed cool under pressure and won ahead of Morton, A Dash winner Chad Cardoza, Cody Peters and Randy Slater. 

David Steele capped a clean sweep performance with his fifth 20 lap Mini Stock Main Event victory.  Steele had the pole and sprinted out to the lead at the start.  The battle was for second, and Michael Johnson's lap seven caution flag pit stop seemed to hurt his chances.  However, Johnson made an impressive charge to the front and had third at the white flag.  An outside pass in Turn 2 gained Johnson second from Mix, but he was a straightaway behind Steele at that point.  Mix wrapped up the track championship with a third place finish as Hall and Dillen Lausen rounded out the Top 5.

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Unofficial Race Results
Late Models
Heat Winner (6 Laps)-Garrett Dees.  Trophy Dash (4 Laps)-Bob Dees.   Main Event (25 Laps)-Bob Dees, Garrett Dees, Dave Foote, Chris Biggs, Kristy Grout.

IMCA Modifieds
Heat Winners (6 Laps)-Mark Wauge, Jesse Bailey.  Trophy Dash-(4 Laps)-Jesse Bailey.  Main Event (25 Laps)-Mark Wauge, Preston Jones, Jesse Bailey, Kevin Hewitt, Tim Bailey.

IMCA Sport Modifieds
Heat Winners (6 Laps)-David Marble, Willie McFall.  Trophy Dash (4 Laps)-Willie McFall.  Main Event (20 Laps)-Mike Medel, Matt Sanders, Willie McFall, Randy Wright, Tony Bartell.

SODCA Dwarf Cars
Heat Winners (6 Laps)-Brock Peters, Chad Cardoza.  A Dash (4 Laps)-Chad Cardoza.  B Dash (6 Laps)-Rob Gergel.  Main Event (20 Laps)-Rob Gergel, Kalvin Morton, Chad Cardoza, Cody Peters, Randy Slater.

Mini Stocks
Heat Winners (6 Laps)-David Steele, Andrew Hall.  Trophy Dash (4 Laps)-David Steele.  Main Event (20 Laps)-David Steele, Michael Johnson, Kristopher Mix, Andrew Hall, Dillen Lausen.