Thursday, January 4, 2018

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As the schedule isn't officially out yet, specific dates here may tentative or subject to change.

The offseason is a time for regrouping and getting ready for a whole new season of racing at Southern Oregon Speedway.  There is new clay for the racing surface, and we already know three dates to mark on your calendar for 2018.  On January 20th, the awards banquet will take pace at Los Arcos in Medford.  It's the same location as last season, and it will be a pot luck affair.  No ticket price to attend, just bring a dish or dessert.  The Top 10 drivers in all of our regular divisions will be honored (full list below).

On April 14th, we will have a playday scheduled.  In fact, there's a possibility that this will be opening day.  Weather tends to be unkind to us in April, but we're keeping our fingers crossed for a good start to the coming season  The April 21st date was not available due to the gun club using the property for a big event.  However, the season will kick into high gear with the April 28th opener.  It gets better from there.  All of the regular divisions featured last season will return this year.  Also, Modifieds and Sport Modifieds will again be IMCA sanctioned.

A couple of dates in the works for May will be the Second Annual Open Wheel Showcase and the return of the Road To The Iron Giant Street Stock Series.  Unfortunately, Medford fans don't get to see much Street Stock racing.  It has always been an exciting brand of racing, and if anybody has a car sitting in the weeds, they might want to freshen it up and come out and play.  If enough local interest is shown in this class, you never know what can happen in the future.

The Open Wheel Showcase will again feature the exciting Northwest Focus Midgets for the event that will take place on Memorial Day Weekend.  These "Wingless Warriors" put on a great show last year, and reports are that their car count is growing.  The Kendall Oil Winged Sprint Cars will be a part of that night, and we're hearing of several new cars being prepared as we continue to grow the class.  The SODCA Dwarf Cars are penciling in this date a well as the details are starting to come together.  We're also excited to announce the Dwarf Car Nationals should be returning on the first weekend of August.

Getting back to the Sprint Cars, David Hibbard continues to work hard behind the scenes to help grow the class, and he recently acquired the Interstate Sprint Car Series from Crockett Motorsports.  He's putting together a series that will include dates at Southern Oregon Speedway.  Management remains committed to Sprint Car racing, and this will again include the Cascade Wingless Sprint Car Challenge race, presented by Herz Precision Parts, in late August.

The IMCA Modifieds will be featured several times this year, and this includes June's 6th Annual Roger Haudenshild Tribute Race.  Modifieds, Sport Modifieds and Pro Stocks are expected to be part of that show once again.  We'll also see the two Modified classes at the Wild West Speedweek Race (in June) and the R. Charles Snyder Salute on Labor Day Weekend.  There could also be some more exciting Modified news in the weeks ahead.  Stay tuned for the release of the schedule in the  near future.

The Sport Modifieds are part of the PSM Series, which boasts it's own championship.  Steve Kerstulovich is at the helm of that series, and two Medford regulars did very well.  Two time track champion Jorddon Braaten won the PSM championship for the second straight year, while reigning Medford champion Mike Medel finished fourth.  Both are returning this year, and we are hearing of several new names on this year's Sport Mod roster.  This will be the seventh season for the class.

Another marquee night will be August's Hall Of Fame Night, which included both Modified classes and Late Models last season.  Late Models will be back this year along with the four cylinder classes, Late Model Lites, Mini Stocks and Hornets.  Even the OTRO Hardtops will return.  The Hardtop community is mourning the passing of its president, Vic Bridges.  The Minter family has been involved with OTRO since the beginning of the group, and Mark Minter has taken more of a leadership role within the group. 

This year promises to be the best season in recent years, and every division is important to the plan  Promoter Mike McCann is working on the schedule, and there will be some great events lined up from start to finish.  McCann is planning other improvements and additions to the facility.  It's expected that work will begin on the new Motocross track very soon. 

There are questions regarding the one-eighth mile oval track.  Outlaw Kart racing will continue.  Kart racing has been down at several venues during the summer season, and that has management looking at other attractions to help build interest in the smaller track.  McCann discussed putting an X in the track and adding a Hornets Figure 8 show on the track and oval track racing as well.  This is something that is happening at other smaller venues as well and has proven to be very entertaining.  At this point, it's just being discussed.  However, Cage Karts and Flat Karts will  both be featured.  Banquet and schedule information will be forthcoming.

The banquet will be in January on the 20th.  It will be pot luck.  Bring a dish or dessert.  Here are the details.

2017 Pot Luck Dinner And Awards Ceremony
Saturday Night, January 20th

Los Arcos Restaurant
1501 Sage Road
Medford, Oregon

Door Opens 6:00 PM
Food Served 6:30 PM
Awards Presentations 7:00

Music/Dancing To Follow

Bring A Dish/Dessert
Soda/Alcoholic Drinks Available At Cash Bar

Top 10 Drivers in Kendall Oil Winged Sprint Cars, IMCA Modifieds, Late Models. IMCA Sport Modifieds,  Valley Stor-All Late Model Lites, Mini Stocks, JOAT Labs Hornets and Pro Stocks will receive trophies.

Please have a person  to pick up your trophy if you are unable to attend

Kendall Oil Sprint Cars
1    Kyler Barraza
2    Merissa Henson
3    Bailey Hibbard
4    David Hibbard
5    Enrique Jaime
6    Camden Robustelli
7    Hedge Carter
8    Calvin Hibbard
9    Tanner Holmes
10    Jake Wheeler

Late Models
1    Nathan Augustine
2    Dustin Knight
3    Bob Dees
4    Dave Foote
5    Kristy Grout
6    Mike Linder
7    Garrett Dees
8    Don Garrett
9    John Dees
10    Chris Biggs

IMCA Modifieds
1    Jesse Bailey
2    Mark Wauge
3    Albert Gill
4    Preston Jones
5    Ray Kniffen Jr.
6    Zach Fettinger
7    Shane Everson
8    Jeremy Ohlde
9    James Welshonse
10    Jantzen Knips

IMCA Sport Modifieds
1    Mike Medel
2    Willie McFall
3    Rich McCoy
4    Jesse Merriman
5    David Marble
6    Dwayne Melvin
7    Jorddon Braaten
8    Jayson Nelson
9    Tony Bartell
10    A.J. Parker

Valley Stor-All Late Model Lites
1    Bob Burkett
2    Charlie Eaton
3    Greg Arnold
4    Dusty Aos
5    Bill Spencer
6    Eric Aos
7    Randy Hansen
8    Lee Doty
9    Dan Prewitt
10    Bob Wescott 

Mini Stocks
1    Kristopher Mix
2    Michael Johnson
3    Dillen Lausen
4    David Steele
5    Steve Goetz
6    Andrew Hall
7    Gary Anderson
8    Hunter Magnan
9    Patrick Stringer
10    Bob Burkett

JOAT Labs Hornets
1    Jason Stoutenburgh
2    Jenna Hedges
3    Tim Hedges
4    Ashtin Hedges
5    Dylan Irving
6    Derrel Nelson Jr.
7    Brandon Wonsyld
8    Joby Shields
9    David Coggins
10    Zach Nelson 

Pro Stocks
1    Scott Lenz
2    Dean Hackworth
3    Jeffrey Hudson
4    Josh Kralicek
5    James Flowers
6    Bryan Hammond
7    Ken Irving
8    Scott Flowers
9    Johnny Cobb
10    Matt Harlow

Rookie Of The Year
Kendall Oil Sprint Cars - Merissa Henson
Late Models - Garrett Dees
IMCA Modifieds - Shane Everson
IMCA Sport Modifieds - Jesse Merriman
Valley Stor-All Late Model Lites - Bob Burkett
Mini Stocks - Hunter Magnan
JOAT Labs Hornets - Jenna Hedges
Pro Stocks - Dean Hackworth