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Iron Giant Disorder At The Border May 19th, Plus Mini Stocks, JOAT Labs Hornets, Valley Store-All Late Model Lites News

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Iron Giant Street Stocks Return For 
Disorder At The Border On May 19th

White City, Oregon...Once again, the Road To The Iron Giant runs through Southern Oregon Speedway. The Iron Giant Street Stock Series will again run eight races at eight different tracks throughout Oregon, and the series kicks off at Southern Oregon Speedway on May 19th with Disorder At The Border II. The Iron Giant Series was the brainchild of Chris Sine and James Whitehouse.

Last season, they booked a similar schedule, but the races at Sunset Speedway in Banks and River City Speedway in St Helens were both rained out. The competitive six race series included six different Main Event winners, but when the points were all tallied, it was Kyle Yaeck winning the inaugural championship.

Yaeck won the Mark Howard Memorial race in Cottage Grove last season, and he was certainly the most entertaining driver in scoring a second place finish in the first Disorder At The Border race at Southern Oregon Speedway. In that race, won by Donald Schott, Yaeck came from the back of the pack and had the crowd entertained before finishing second ahead of Washington Street Stock champion Jack Parshall.

The record will show that Ron Brewster won the Madras event, Nick Hanson scored the victory at Roseburg on the pavement, David Cronk won the Battle At The Beach in Coos Bay and Joey Tanner won the prestigious Iron Giant Race in Willamette. Other notable events won by stars of The Iron Giant Series last year included Brian Cronk's victory in the Clair Cup at Willamette and Yaeck's victories in the Prather Family's Lucas Oil race at Coos Bay and the Jim's Thriftway 100 lap event at Sunset Speedway.

Yaeck won the championship by 75 points ahead of Erik Jarnport last season. Jarnport only had a six point margin between himself and third place finisher Whitehouse, while Sine and Jessie Yankee rounded out the Top 5.

Street Stock enthusiasts will know that the division was a part of Southern Oregon Speedway for five years from 2010 to 2014. The first year, no championship points were kept, and the track also ran Enduro races on some nights when they also had Street Stocks. The first champion was Duane Orsburn, who won back-to-back championships, the second ahead of Jorddon Braaten, who won the third season's title. The record also shows that Miles Deubert was the last crowned Street Stock champion at Southern Oregon Speedway in 2014.

Though the division did manage to reach double digits on occasion in 2012 and 2013, rules changes saw the class decline rapidly, leaving many disappointed drivers who were hoping this could build into something. One driver who still has his Street Stock is Top 5 2014 competitor Garrett Dees. Though Dees is coming off of a "Rookie Of The Year" award winning season in Late Models, he is preparing his car in the hopes of winning the $1,000 first prize in this year's 50 lap Street Stock event. It's been speculated that if even a half a dozen drivers could materialize from the Medford area, the division might have a chance to rise again in the future.

In the meantime, The Road To The Iron Giant Street Stock Series will give the fans a taste of an exciting style of racing that they don't get to see very often in Medford. Street Stock and even Hobby Stock competitors from California would also be welcome for the big event. Again, Kyle Yaeck, James Whitehouse, Chris Sine, Jack Parshall, David Cronk and others are anticipated to kick off the Road To The Iron Giant Series on May 19th at Southern Oregon Speedway.

Street Stocks do not come alone on May 19th. Joining them will be the exciting Late Models, Mini Stocks, Valley Stor-All Late Model Lites and Southern Oregon Dwarf Cars. If that's not enough, there will Outlaw Kart racing at the little Southern Oregon Speedway track that afternoon. The Karts will also compete on the small track a night earlier. For further information, go to www.southernoregonspeedway.com.

2018 Road To The Iron Giant Street Stock Series Schedule

May 19 - Marson Trucking - Disorder On The Boarder II - Southern Oregon Speedway, Medford, Oregon
June 2 -  Second Annual Street Stocks vs Sportsman challenge Part 1 Madras Speedway, Madras, Oregon
June 23 - 12th Annual Mark Howard Memorial Wall Banger Cup - Cottage Grove Speedway, Cottage Grove, Oregon
July 7 - 20th Annual Jim's Thriftway 100 - Sunset Speedway, Banks, Oregon
July 28 - Street Stock Smackdown 50 - Douglas County Speedway, Roseburg, Oregon
August 11 -  Disorder At The Northern Border - River City Speedway, St. Helens, Oregon
August 25 - 2nd Annual Battle At The Beach - Coos Bay Speedway, Coos Bay, Oregon
September 1 - 3rd Annual Iron Giant - Willamette Speedway, Lebanon, Oregon

2017 Road To The Iron Giant Points
Kyle Yaeck    565
Eric Jarnport    490
James Whitehouse 484
Chris Sine    441
Jessie Yankee    382
Ron Brewster    381
David Cronk    375
Jack Parshall    353
Shannon    Horn    343
Jordon McDonald    342

2017 Cottage Grove Speedway Street Stocks
Evan Britton    472 (2)
Garrett Barth    438
Hunter Bloom    424 (1)
Roy Moore    403
Ray Bloom    392
Andrew Langan    344 (2)
Kyle Yeack    195 (2)
Melissa Adams    174
Jody Tanner    164 (1)
David Schmidt    134

2017 Willamette Speedway Street Stocks
Jody Tanner    787 (1)
Kevin Roberts    768 (3)
Dakota Godard    662
Shawn French    547
Kyndal Irvine    473
Steve Jorgenso    455
Justin Evans    410 (1)
David Cronk    377 (2)
Mckenzie Lockhart 366
Jesse Yankeee    354 (1)
Kyle Yaeck (4), Brian Cronk (3), Andrew Langan (2)

2017 Sunset Speedway Street Stocks
Arnie Case    1197 (4)
Tony Catalano    798 (1)
Joey Tardio    774 (1)
Chuck Andrus Jr    556
Doug Pitsch    551
Chris West    534 (2)
Kevin Roberts    466
James Baker    455
Justen Case    442
Marc Farrar    430
Kyle Yaeck (1), Joey Tanner (1), Brad Gentry (1), Craig Loomis (1)
2017 Madras Speedway Sportsman

2017 Coos Bay Speedway Street Stocks
Justin Krossman    1092 (5)
Ken Fox        1004
Jeff Thurman    766 (2)
Daniel Land    694 (3)
Steve Dubisar    692 (8)
Josh Bearden    288
Kelly McIntyre    136
Dustin Hitner    114
Stacy Robinson    112
RC levin    98
Kyle Yaeck (1), David Crock (1)

2017 Madras Speedway Sportsman
Bill Wild     682
George Stills     663
Ryan Johnson     624
Abe Stills     529
Lance Handsaker    425
Allen Sheridan     288

2017 River City Speedway Street Stocks
Greg Brumbaugh 1139
Justin McMullen/Natasha/Bud 1133
Tom Zywicki 1113
Terry King 1047
Scott McMullen/Natasha/Bud 919
Trevor Lively 827 R
Gary Kordosky SR 790
Corey West 534
Hunter Gollyhorn 409
Mike Crase 239

2017 Douglas County Speedway Street Stocks
Jeff Solberg    596
Kevin Ballard    485
Neil Pecor    406
Bill Stewart    396
Kyle Brown    217
John Dumire    166
Chris Lemon    164
Chris Becker    107
Pete Lemon    94
Karl Smith    50

Past Southern Oregon Speedway Street Stock Champions

2014  Miles Deubert
2013  Jorddon Braaten
2012  Duane Orsburn
2011  Duane Orsburn

Past Southern Oregon Speedway Street Stock Feature Winners

April 24, 2010:  Shawn Havel
June 19, 2010:  Scott Russell
July 3, 2010:  Scott Rose
July 31, 2010:  Scott Flowers
August 21, 2010:  Adam Thomas
August 28, 2010:  Adam Thomas
May 7, 2011:  Duane Orsburn
May 21, 2011:  Duane Orsburn
June 18, 2011:  Duane Orsburn
July 9, 2011:  Duane Orsburn
July 16, 2011:  Duane Orsburn
July 22, 2011:  Duane Orsburn
July 23, 2011:  Duane Orsburn
July 30, 2011:  Scott Flowers
August 6, 2011:     Jorddon Braaten
August 20, 2011:  Brett Provost
August 27, 2011:  Jorddon Braaten
September 10, 2011:  Jorddon Braaten
September 17, 2011:  Duane Orsburn
September 24, 2011:  Duane Orsburn
April 28, 2012:     Jorddon Braaten
May 12, 2012:  Jorddon Braaten
July 3, 2012:  Jorddon Braaten
July 7, 2012:  Duane Orsburn
July 14, 2012:  Duane Orsburn
July 20, 2012:  Jorddon Braaten
July 21, 2012:  Duane Orsburn
August 4, 2012:     Jorddon Braaten
August 18, 2012:  Duane Orsburn
September 22, 2012:  Jorddon Braaten
May 11, 2013:  Jorddon Braaten
May 18, 2013:  Jorddon Braaten
June 1, 2013:  Jorddon Braaten
June 22, 2013:  Jorddon Braaten
July 3, 2013:  Duane Orsburn
July 13, 2013:  Jorddon Braaten
July 27, 2013:  Jordon Braaten
August 17, 2013:  Brett Provost
September 7, 2013:  Jorddon Braaten
September 28, 2013:  Duane Orsburn
May 3, 2014:  Brett Provost
May 10, 2014:  Brett Provost
May 17, 2014:  Miles Deubert
June 21, 2014:  Miles Deubert
June 28, 2014:  Scott Bennett
July 3, 2014:  Miles Deubert
July 26, 2014:  Tyler Lockwood
August 16, 2014:  Miles Deubert
August 23, 2014:  Jer Deubert
September 6, 2014:  Jer Deubert
April 20, 2017:  Donald Schott

Valley Stor-All Returns To Sponsor Late Model Lites 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City,  Oregon...One of the fastest and most exciting divisions at Southern Oregon Speedway is the Late Model Lites division. For the 4 Cylinder racer looking to go a little faster, this division was added to the roster in 2003, a year after the Super Truck division was retired from the roster. As with the Mini Stock division, Bryan Barns won the first championship in this class, backing it up with the 2004 crown.

Speaking of back to back championships, Bob Burkett followed up his 2016 Mini Stock championship by winning the Late Model Lites title in his rookie season in this division last year. Burkett is far from a rookie in racing, having won roughly 20 Main Events at Southern Oregon Speedway and ranked second in the Mini Stock championship battle four times. Burkett has a knack for winning Trophy Dashes and has probably won more of them at Southern Oregon Speedway in the last half-dozen seasons than anybody else.

Through his consistency, Burkett won a close battle with another consistent competitor, Charlie Eaton. For Eaton, second place in last season's race was a career-best effort. However, he would love to put his name in the winner's column this season. As champion, Burkett joins a list of stars such as two time champions Brian Johnsen and Joe Guider, Lee Doty, Parker Jones and Reggie DeVore on an impressive list of title winners.

It was thought that Lee Doty would be the driver to beat last season, and he did nothing to discourage that thought when he won the season opener. However, it was one misfortune after another after that, causing Lee to skip the last couple of races making repairs to his batteted car. He will be back stronger than ever when the season starts. He will reportedly not be the only car #7 on the track as 2014 champion John Barger is rumored to be returning.

Greg Arnold went on record as the final Super Truck champion in 2002. He purchased the #91 car and was one of the top stars last season. Like Eaton, Arnold will be out to try and score a feature victory this year. Another driver to watch for is Dan Prewitt. Dan was a feature winner in 2016, but he had the dubious distinction as the unluckiest driver in the field last season. Despite misfortunes that often times prevented him from even starting the Main Event, Dan kept coming back and giving it his best.

The Aos family should be represented by both father Eric and son Dusty Aos. Dusty finished fourth in the standings last season and served notice to the competition that he will be a driver to contend with this season when he won the season finale. His father is a past Main Event winner in this division and would love to get back into the win column this year.

After looking impressive with two Main Event victories last season, Randy Hansen put his fast #40 car up for sale. No word on who has bought this car or what their plans are. Hansen has another car, but how much we will see him hasn't been announced. Meanwhile, teammate Bob Westcott, who also won a Main Event last season, is currently putting another car together.

Casey Osuna switched from the pavement to the dirt to run the final race last year and is rumored to be joining the field this year. There are several other drivers at large who could make appearances this season, including the division's all time Main Event win leader Terry Hadley, Krista Hadley, Nolan Fincher and Steve Thompson.

The Late Model Lites division clocks in with times comparable to the IMCA Modifieds, and the racing can get very exciting, as evidenced by some of the battles put on by last season's two time winner Randy Hansen, Lee Doty and Bob Burkett. The drivers are all stepping up their programs as they know winning a Main Event in this division will not be easy. Valley Stor-All Late Model Lites will compete nine times this season, opening up with a race on May 12th. For further information, check out www.southernoregonspeedway.com.

2018 Southern Oregon Speedway
Valley Stor-All Late Model Lites Schedule

May 12
May 19
June 16
July 7
July 21
August 4
August 26
September 8
September 15

2017 Southern Oregon Speedway
Valley Stor-All Late Model Lites Points
43 Bob Burkett  206
5 Charlie Eaton  192
91 Greg Arnold  119
3 Dusty Aos  105
99 Bill Spencer  105
66 Eric Aos   96
40 Randy Hansen  86
7 Lee Doty  82
29 Dan Prewitt  75
40 Bob Wescott  35

Past Late Model Lites Champions

2003  Brian Barns
2004  Brian Barns
2005  Reggie DeVore
2006  Joe Guider
2007  Jacob Cole
2008  Brian Johnsen
2009  Parker "Hollywood" Jones
2010  Brian Johnsen
2011  Joe Guider
2012  Jamie Guider Newberg
2013  John Barger
2016  Lee Doty
2017  Bob Burkett

All Time Late Model Lites Main Event Winners*

Terry Hadley 26
Brian Johnsen 22 
Bryan Barns 12
Parker Jones 10
Steve Thompson 8
John Barger 7
Rick Rapp 7
Lee Doty  6
Joe Guider 5
A.J. Salyer 5
Tony Christopher 5
Reggie DeVore 5 
Pat Akins 5
Jamie Newberg 5
Bob Westcott 5
Preston Jones 3
Skipper Klimcheck 2
Tyler Jensen 2
Dan Estremado 2
Chris Salyer 2
Randy Hansen 2
Danny Prewitt 1
Nick Camus 1
Tony Bartell 1
Eric Aos  1
Krista Hadley 1
Belinda Duste 1
Jake Cole 1
Vicki Macormic 1
Bob Burkett 1
Dusty Aos 1
Patrick Lanigan 1
Greg Arnold 1

All Time Super Trucks Main Event Win List*

Lindsey Bryant 11
John Wayne Cahill 11
Patrick Lanigan 8
Harvey Foster 5
Roger Lee Jr. 5
Bryan Barns 5
Brian Merriman 4
Greg Arnold 3
Travis Holt 3
Shawn Gillespie 2
Terry Townsend 1
Buck Hornbaker  1

Mini Stock Racing Back At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City,  Oregon...Since the gates opened at Southern Oregon Speedway in 1996, the Mini Stock division has been a part of the championship program. This will be their 23rd championship season. If there's one racer in the group who can appreciate tradition, it's third generation racer Kristopher Mix. Mix grew up watching his father, Keith Mix, race at the old Posse Grounds Speedway and other racing venues in Oregon.

Last season, Mix surprised the field by winning a closely contested championship battle that saw no less than five drivers with a mathematical shot at the championship going into the final race. Great racing and racers is nothing new to the Mini Stock division. Through the years, this division has had many great stars, including four time champion John Derby, two time champions Tracy Bradley and David Bishop, inaugural champion Bryan Barns, Rich McCoy and Mike Johnson.

One of the drivers Mix had to beat for the championship last season was Johnson's 15 year old son, Michael Johnson, who finished a strong second. Last season also boasted three other past Mini Stock champions in the field with 2013 champion Steve Goetz, 2014 champion Gary Anderson and 2016 Yreka champion David Steele. There were also occasional visits from 2016 champion Bob Burkett, who moved up to win the Valley Stor-All Late Model lites title last season.

They don't get much better then David Steele, who has won somewhere in the area of 50 Main Events between Southern Oregon Speedway and Siskiyou Motor Speedway in his impressive career. Steele appeared to be the driver to beat last season after dominating the first two races of the season. However, major motor problems derailed his effort. As if to remind everybody that he is still one of the best, Steele ended the season with three straight Main Event victories.

Word has it that Steele is getting ready to come back out, though he admits he's more interested in going out there and having fun than chasing points. Steele should be joined by team mate Goetz, who indicated last year that he may take on a car owner role with his niece driving the yellow #55 car.

One of the more interesting cars in the field is the blue #007 Pinto Wagon of Andrew Hall, who is Mix's Neon Mafia teammate. Hall had indicated the possibility of moving up in divisions this season, though he said that either way his car would be out there this season with him or somebody else driving.

After an impressive third place season, Dillen Lausen will apparently be out of the division as Mike Weiser has sold that car back to its former owner, 2015 champion David Marble. Johnson might be poised to win the championship. However there have been rumors that he will be making a move into either the SODCA Dwarf Car or IMCA Sport Modified class. The team actually purchased the #27 Dwarf Car of Anthony Pope. Johnson had his 2016 and 2017 cars up for sale late last year, though we haven't heard if they have sold and who bought them.

Hunter Magnan struggled at times in his rookie season, but he still won last year's "Rookie Of The Year" award. Prior to the season finale, he purchased the #8 car from the Fettinger Racing Team. Magnan was trying to sell his old car as of this writing. At the moment, one driver to watch in this year's rookie battle is 2016 Hornet division champion, Tim Hedges. Hedges will attempt to do double duties in a Mini Stock and a Hornet this season.

There are several other teams at large, including Garrett Fredrickson, Patrick Stringer-Stine and Mike Cloud. At the end of the 2016 season, Randy Simmons indicated that he would take last season off preparing a new car. No word on his status for this season. There are other rumors as we prepare for an exciting 12 race season, but we'll have to see who is there on race night.

The Mini Stock division has served its role well throughout the history of this track as an affordable division with close competition. That hasn't changed, as last season's close point battle has proven. The season will kick off for the division on May 5th, and then the battle will be on to see who the next champion will be? Will Mix repeat? Will Steele win his first home track championship? Will there be a new champion? Stay tuned. As always, go to www.southernoregonspeedway.com for further information.

2018 Southern Oregon Speedway Schedule
Mini Stocks

May 5
May 12
May 19
June 16
June 30
July 14
July 22
August 11
August 18
August 25
September 8
September 15

2017 Southern Oregon Speedway
Mini Stock Points
89m Kristopher Mix  272
777 Michael Johnson  262
87 Dillen Lausen  260
67 David Steele  258
55 Steve Goetz  250
007 Andrew Hall  208
0 Gary Anderson  169
33m Hunter Magnan  144
421 Patrick Stringer-Stine 71
43 Bob Burkett 48

Mini Stock Champions

1996  Brian Barns
1997  Scott Holt
1998  Rich McCoy
1999  Tracy Bradley
2000  Tracy Bradley
2001  Tom Lanigan
2002  Mike Johnson
2003  David Bishop
2004  David Bishop
2005  Tony Christopher
2006  Milton Carter
2007  Jim Pope
2008  John Derby
2009  John Derby
2010  John Derby
2011  John Derby
2012  Toby Judd
2013  Steve Goetz
2014  Gary Anderson
2015  David Marble
2016  Bob Burkett
2017  Kristopher Mix

All Time Mini Stock Main Event Winners*

Jim Hill 26
Jim Pope 24
Bob Burkett 22
Toby Judd 20
David Steele 20
David Marble 18
Patrick Lanigan 17
John Derby 15
Milt Carter 15
Bryan Barns 12
Mike Johnson 12
Gary Anderson 11
Joe Dirt 9
Tracy Bradley 8
Steve Goetz 7
Dave Bishop 7
Monty Stratton 6
Tyler Lockwood 5
Mike Goldstrand 5
Travis Holt 4
Curt Ballard 4
Tom Lanigan 4
Rich McCoy 4
Mike Chastain 4
Larry Williams 4
Clarence Cole 3
Eric Bray 3
Chuck Flynn 2
Jared Larsen 2
Tom Williams 2
Rocky Bass 2
Pat Akins 2
Scott Holt 2
Jim Narramore 2
Travis Fisher 2
Jerry Apland 1
Jason Watkins 1
Jared Morril 1
Randy Fernandes 1
Josh Bratton 1
Chris Biggs 1
Don Borror 1
Justin Holt 1
Jack Clement 1
Paul Haslow 1
Andy Haas 1
Joe Guider 1
Michael Goldstrand  1
James Welshonse 1
Michael Johnson 1
David Mullane 1
Tony Christopher 1
Eddie Farley 1
Joe Forsma 1
Mike Higbee 1
Jim Gilbert 1
Bob Thomas 1
Jerry Apland 1
Dean Combs 1
Brian Peterson 1
Andy Stiffler 1

JOAT Labs Returns As Title Sponsor 
For Hornets Division At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...JOAT Labs returns as the title sponsor for the Hornets division at Southern Oregon Speedway this season. Miles Deubert, who runs JOAT (short for Jack Of All Trades) Labs came on board as the title sponsor last year and built several cages for new cars as the division enjoyed its best season ever. Optimism is high for an even better season this year.

The Hornet division was first introduced as part of the Southern Oregon Speedway schedule in 2013 and had small fields in 2014 and 15. Champions those first two seasons were Robbie Jones and Drew Fielder. When Mike McCann took over promoting the track in 2016, there was a new commitment made to promote and grow this entry level class. Car count hit an all-time high that season as Tim Hedges won a close battle with Darrell Nelson Jr. for the championship.

Hedges reaffirmed his commitment last season as he fielded four cars on multiple occasions. His wife, Jenna Hedges, and son Ashtin Hedges, also raced regularly last year. Jenna outran Tim to finish second in the standings, while Ashtin finished fourth. Jenna was also crowned the first "Rookie Of The Year" for the class. Nelson, meanwhile, shared the driving duties in his car with sons Zack and Ryan, while youngest son Gabe Nelson finally made his division debut in one of the Hedges cars at season's end.

The good news is the Nelson team will have multiple cars this season while the Hedges team continues to field multiple cars as well. Tim Hedges plans to do double division duty as he also moves up to the Mini Stock class. The Hornet division has produced a few new stars into the Mini Stock class, including 2017 Mini Stock point runnerup Michael Johnson, Garrett Fredrickson and Dillen Lausen.

Last season saw the return of past Thrill Cars champion Jason Stoutenburgh. Stoutenburgh won the final four races to solidify his well earned championship. The division is a gateway class to welcome young drivers into the sport. Last season, second generation racer Dylan Irving made his debut at 14 years old, joined by teammate Brandon Wonsyld and John Corder in the popular Ashland High School PT Cruiser.

The 2017 season ended with two new lady competitors, Bree Tritchler and Kelli Burton. Burton took over the #57 car, which was at the season opener and had been parked ever since. Word is that there will be several other new competitors in the Hornets division this season.

The sport is always looking for talented young drivers, and Southern Oregon Speedway offers one avenue with the Outlaw Kart program that takes place on the smaller track on Friday nights. The easiest way for new or inexperienced competitors to get started on the bigger track is the affordable Hornets division.

Drivers learn the basics in what is essentially a bone stock front wheel drive Mini Stock class. From there, they can move up to other divisions. JOAT Labs is still making new cages to ensure the safety of the drivers. Also, JOAT Labs will have a house car that will be driven by multiple different drivers throughout the season.

Southern Oregon Speedway is proud to offer an exciting 11 race schedule for the division, which begins on May 5th.. Point standings will be kept at each event as well as the regular purse and trophies for Main Event and Trophy Dash winners. It all adds up to more excitement with the JOAT Labs Hornets at Southern Oregon Speedway. For further information, go to www.southernoregonspeedway.com.

2018 Southern Oregon Speedway
JOAT Labs Hornets Schedule

May 5
May 12
June 2
June 23
June 30
July 14
August 3
August 18
August 25
September 8
September 15

2017 Southern Oregon Speedway
JOAT Labs Hornets Points
007 Jason Stoutenburgh  265
27j Jenna Hedges  223
11h Tim Hedges  221
54a Ashtin Hedges  190
11 Dylan Irving  161
8g Derrel Nelson Jr. 158
7 Brandon Wonsyld 155
555 Joby Shields  76
95 David Coggins  71
8g Zach Nelson  71

Past Hornet Main Event Winners

Robbie Jones 8
Joby Shields 5
Jason Stoutenburgh 4
Drew Fielder 3
Dale Tarp 3
Derrel Nelson Jr.  2
Tim Hedges 2
Tanton Swaim 1
Lon Fox  1
Brian Dickens 1
Jason Peeble 1
David Coggins 1