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Winebarger Grabs Speedweek Win, McCreadie, Morton, Boynton Southern Oregon Speedway Winners

Southern Oregon Speedway Racing Discussion
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Winebarger Wins Second Round Of IMCA Modified Wild West Speedweek Tour At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...June 23...Collen Winebarger scored the victory in the 35 lap IMCA Modified Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway. This was the second event of the IMCA Wild West Speedweek Tour, which takes the group to six different race tracks for eight races in a nine-day span. Winebarger jumped out to the lead at the start and held off some late pressure from 2017 Speedweek Tour runner-up Ethan Dotson for the $1,000 victory.

The Main Event had to be restarted after a Turn 2 crash. Winebarger raced  into the lead on the restart ahead of Grey Fernando and Carl Berendsen II. John Campos made a Turn 4 pass on Berendsen for third on lap two before a caution flag flew for Preston Jones in Turn 4. Winebarger continued to lead Fernando and Campos on the restart as Bricen James and 2017 Southern Oregon Speedway Speedweek race winner Danny Lauer were running in the Top 5 early. A lap 4 caution flag flew for a backstretch tangle, and another caution flag flew a round later for Richard Papenhausen and DJ Shannon in Turn 2. Winebarger led Fernando on the restart as James and Curtis Towns both got past Campos for third and fourth. Dotson made his first appearance in the Top 5 on lap seven, and a caution flag flew for Harley Turner on lap 11. Winebarger led the restart, and Dotson made a big inside move in Turn 2 take second away from Fernando. The final caution flag flew on lap 17 for a tangle involving Mark Wauge and Berendsen. Winebarger led Dotson and Fernando on the restart with Darrell Hughes II settling into fourth. The rest of the race went caution free, and Dotson kept it close with Winebarger. However, Winebarger was not to be denied as he brought it home to a satisfying victory, followed by Dotson, Fernando, Hughes, James, Campos, Lauer, Nick Trenchard, reigning Tour champion Jesse Williamson and Towns.

The Wild West Speedweek Tour runs a formula that calls for two sets of eight lap heat races for each driver with the top eight point earners then going into a redraw for the Main Event lineup. The rest of the field battles their way through two 15 lap B Mains. Trenchard was the only driver to win both of his heat races as Lauer, Berendsen, Wauge, Winebarger, Dotson, Williamson, Campos and James each won a heat race. With 37 cars competing, they ran two 15 lap B Mains, and Lauer won the first one in a close race with Towns as CJ Putnam, DJ Shannon and Aaron Sheeler also made the transfer. Hughes won the second B Main by a wide margin ahead of Papenhausen, Tim Balding, Jones and final transfer Mark Gaylord. The IMCA Modifieds return for their first of two July races on July 7th. For further information, go to www.southernoregonspeedway.com.

Race Results
IMCA Modifieds
Heat 1A-Danny Lauer, Harley Turner, Ethan Dotson, Richard Papenhausen, Darrell Hughes II, Tim Balding, Aaron Sheeler, Brian Thompson NS.

Heat 2A-Nick Trenchard, Grey Ferrando, Bud Walberg, DJ Shannon, Duane Orsburn, Jantzen Knips, Jerry Schram NS.

Heat 3A-Mark Wauge, CJ Putnam, Jeffrey Faulkner, Jesse Williamson, Mark Gaylord, Kevin Roberts, Jeremy Ohlde.

Heat 4A-Carl Berendsen II, Albert Gill, John Campos, Preston Jones, Dan Thomas, David Satterfield, Dave Duste Jr.

Heat 5A-Collen Winebarger, Bricen James, Brian Wolfenstein, Curtis Towns, Lawrence O'Connor, Jesse Bailey, Dustin Cady.

Heat 1B-Ethan Dotson, Darrell Hughes II, Richard Papenhausen, Aaron Sheeler, Harley Turner, Tim Balding, Danny Lauer, Brian Thompson.

Heat 2B-Nick Trenchard, Grey Fernando, DJ Shannon, Jerry Schram, Bud Walberg, Duane Orsburn, Jantzen Knips.

Heat 3B-Jesse Williamson, Mark Wauge, Mark Gaylord, Jeremy Ohlde, Kevin Roberts, Jeffrey Faulkner.

Heat 4B-John Campos, Preston Jones, Carl Berendsen II, Dave Duste Jr., Dan Thomas, David Satterfield, Albert Gill.

Heat 5B-Bricen James, Collen Winebarger, Dustin Cady, Curtis Towns, Brian Wolfenstein, Lawrence O'Connor, Jesse Bailey.

B Main 1-Danny Lauer, Curtis Towns, CJ Putnam, DJ Shannon, Aaron Sheeler, Brian Thompson, Albert Gill, Jesse Bailey, Jeffrey Faulkner, Bud Walberg, Kevin Roberts, Jeremy Ohlde, Lawrence O'Connor.

B Main 2-Darrell Hughes II, Richard Papenhausen, Tim Balding, Preston Jones, Mark Gaylord, Brian Wolfenstein, Duane Orsburn, Dan Thomas, David Satterfield, Dave Duste Jr, Dustin Cady, Jerry Schram, Jentzen Knips.

A Main-Collen Winebarger, Ethan Dotson, Grey Ferrando, Darrell Hughes II, Bricen James, John Campos, Danny Lauer, Nick Trenchard, Jesse Williamson, Curtis Towns, Aaron Sheeler, Richard Papenhausen, Preston Jones, Mark Gaylord, Tim Balding, DJ Shannon, Carl Berendsen II, Mark Wauge, Harley Turner, CJ Putnam.

McCreadie Goes Flag To Flag For IMCA Sport Modified Win

White City, Oregon...June 23...Justin McCreadie scored the victory in the 15 lap IMCA Sport Modified Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway. McCreadie is the current IMCA Sport Modified Oregon State point leader, and his win follows up on the win his teammate, Braxton Possinger, scored at the speedway a week earlier.

The race was restarted after a tangle between Matt Sanders and Tony Bartell. McCreadie raced into the lead at the drop the green flag ahead of Antioch, California visitor Keith Brown Jr . A yellow flag flew on lap two for Willie McFall. McCreadie continued to lead Brown and Doug Coffman on the restart. Another yellow flag flew a lap later for Tony Duste and Tony Bartell in Turn 2. McCreadie continued to lead Brown and Coffman on the restart. McCreadie set a rapid pace out front and was soon in slower traffic before another caution flag flew for Duste in Turn 2 on lap nine. This didn't slow McCreadie down a bit as he charged back ahead of the pack on the restart, trailed by Brown and Brent Curran. Duste and Brandon Wilson brought out the final caution flag on lap 12 to bunch the field one more time. However, McCreadie charged ahead again with Brown surrendering second to Curran. McCreadie brought it home to victory ahead of Curran. Brown lost third in post race tech, and Kenny Neu lost fifth in tech as well. Coffman was scored third, followed by David Marble, Possinger, Sanders, Jimmy Lipke, Dwayne Melvin, Jesse Merriman and Ryan DeForest.

Eight lap heat race wins went to Coffman, Brown and Curran. The IMCA Sport Modifieds return for two events in July, starting with the race on July 7th. For further information, go to www.southernoregonspeedway.com.

Race Results
IMCA Sport Modifieds
Heat 1-Doug Coffman, David Marble, Jimmy Lipke, Jesse Merriman, Tony Duste.

Heat 2-Keith Brown Jr, Kenny Neu, Randy Wright, Billy Richey, Brandon Walker, Willie McFall.

Heat 3-Brent Curran, Justin McCreadie, Dwayne Melvin, Braxton Possinger, Ryan DeForest, Tony Bartell.

Main Event-Justin McCreadie, Brent Curran, Doug Coffman, David Marble, Braxton Possinger, Matt Sanders, Jimmy Lipke, Dwayne Melvin, Jesse Merriman, Ryan DeForest, Ethan Killingsworth, Tony Duste, Tony Bartell, Randy Wright, Willie McFall, Brandon Wilson, Billy Richey, Keith Brown Jr DQ, Kenny Neu DQ.

Morton Grabs First SODCA Dwarf Car Feature Win 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...June 23...Kalvin Morton reminded his fellow competitors that he is a driver to be reckoned with in the Southern Oregon Dwarf Car group as he won his first 20 lap Dwarf Car Main Event at Southern Oregon Speedway. Morton made a charge during the final seven laps that earned him an impressive victory.

Chad Cardoza set the early pace ahead of Josh King and Cody Peters. An inside pass in Turn 4 of the seventh lap put Peters into second, but King regained the position a lap later. It was Brock Peters charging past son Cody for the third position on lap nine, but the two Peters cars and Morton shuffled King back to fifth before a caution flag flew moments later. Cardoza continued to lead Brock Peters on the restart as Morton charged into third. A high pass in Turn 2 of the 14th lap gained Brock Peters the lead from Cardoza, and it was Morton making an outside pass in Turn 4 a lap later for second. The caution flag flew for Mark Nielson on lap 15. On the restart, Morton put the pressure on Brock Peters and made an inside pass down the backstretch to gain the lead. Cody Peters moved past his father with an inside pass in Turn 2 of the 18th lap, but nobody had anything for the flying Morton down the stretch. Cody Peters settled for second, followed by Brock Peters, Cardoza, Randy Slater, Fred Hay, Kaycee Sheeler, Jesse Lorenz, Joe Sanders and Bud Lorenz.

Third generation generation racer Brett James jumped into the Jerry Hauck car and won a six lap heat race along with fellow winners Morton and Brock Peters. Brock Peters outran Cardoza to win the six lap A Dash, and King made a last turn pass on Cody Peters to win the six lap B Dash. The Southern Oregon Dwarf Cars are back again this Saturday night as part of a loaded Veteran's Night racing program that features Kendall Oil Winged Sprint Cars, Late Models, Bobbio's Pizza Mini Stock, JOAT Labs Hornets and OTRO Hardtops. The night ends with the a Silva's Painting Destruction Derby. For further information, go to www.southernoregonspeedway.com. Check out the Dwarf Car webpage at www.sodca.net.

Race Results
Southern Oregon Dwarf Cars
Heat 1-Brett James, Joe Sanders, Erin Morgenstern, Bud Lorenz, Josh King.

Heat 2-Kalvin Morton, Chad Cardoza, Fred Hay, Kaycee Sheeler, Randy Slater, Chad Lorenz.

Heat 3-Brock Peters, Ryan Smith, Cody Peters, Michael Johnson, Mark Nielsen, Jesse Lorenz.

A Dash-Brock Peters, Chad Cardoza, Brett James, Kalvin Morton, Joe Sanders, Ryan Smith.

B Dash-Josh King, Cody Peters, Fred Hay, Kaycee Sheeler, Jesse Lorenz, Michael Johnson, Randy Slater, Bud Lorenz, Erin Morgenstern, Chad Lorenz.

Main Event-Kalvin Morton, Cody Peters, Brock Peters, Chad Cardoza, Randy Slater, Fred Hay, Kaycee Sheeler, Jesse Lorenz, Joe Sanders, Bud Lorenz, Josh King, Brett James, Michael Johnson, Chad Lorenz, Mark Nielsen, Ryan Smith.

Boynton Battles Teammate Tritchler For First 
JOAT Labs Hornets Win At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...June 23...Making a late move around teammate Bree Tritchler, Chris Boynton won his first career 15 lap JOAT Labs Hornets Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway. Tritchler had done an excellent job of leading the first 10 laps after winning her heat race earlier in the evening, and she settled for second ahead of a trio of Hedges family members.

Tritchler and Tim Hedges won the six lap heat races to grab front row starts for the Main Event, but there were tricky track conditions as the track had been watered during intermission while the IMCA Modified group was doing the redraw in front of the grandstands for their Main Event lineup. The race had to be restarted when reigning champion Jason Stoutenburgh spun. Tritchler led the restart ahead of Jenna Hedges and Ashtin Hedges. Tim Hedges was involved in a turn 2 tangle with Dylan Irving for another caution flag, and Tritchler continued to lead Jenna Hedges and Ashtin Hedges on the restart. Boynton moved past Ashtin Hedges for third on lap three and gained second from Jenna Hedges on lap 5. Moments later, a caution flag flew for David Miller. Tritchler continued to lead the way on the restart. Boynton was putting the pressure on Tritchler, and he used a low pass in Turn 4 of the 11th lap to take over. Tritchler kept the pressure on Boynton down the stretch, but Boynton would not relinquish the lead. Ashtin Hedges settled for third, followed by Jenna Hedges, Tim Hedges, Derrel Nelson Jr, Brandon Wonsyld, Zach Nelson, David Miller and Stoutenburgh.

The JOAT Labs Hornets return on Saturday night as part of a loaded Veteran's Night program. Also on the card will be the Kendall Oil Winged Sprint Cars, Late Models, Bobbio's Pizza Mini Stocks, Southern Oregon Dwarf Cars, OTRO Hardtops and a Silva's Painting Destruction Derby. For further information, go to www.southernoregonspeedway.com.

Race Results
JOAT Labs Hornets
Heat 1-Bree Tritchler, Jason Stoutenburgh, Ashtin Hedges, Chris Boynton, Jenna Hedges, David Smith, John Ferreira.

Heat 2-Tim Hedges, Dylan Irving, Zach Nelson, Derrel Nelson Jr, Brandon Wonsyld, Dylan Sauer.

Main Event-Chris Boynton, Bree Tritchler, Ashtin Hedges, Jenna Hedges, Tim Hedges, Derrel Nelson Jr, Brandon Wonsyld, Zach Nelson, David Miller, Jason Stoutenburgh, Dylan Sauer, John Ferreira, Dylan Irving.

Johnson, Bolles Use Last Lap Passes For Victory 
At Little Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...June 22...Reigning champion Malachi Johnson made a last-lap pass to score the victory in the 12 lap Beginners Box Stock Main Event Friday night at little Southern Oregon Speedway. Johnson is the reigning Beginners Box Stock champion. Carson Henson was debuting a new kart, and the reigning Yreka Indoor Outlaw Kart champion set the early pace running on the bottom groove. Johnson ran closely behind and kept taking looks to the outside, while Mike Wheeler Jr ran strong on the inside looking to make the pass on Johnson. The three kart battle was intense during the first half of the race. A lap five caution flag flew for a Shailene Horn spin. Johnson made a strong challenge on the restart and passed Henson on the outside down the back straightaway to briefly take the Lead. However, Henson came back strong with an inside pass in turn 2 a lap later. The three kart battle remained very close. Working the final lap, the leaders again caught slower traffic. Johnson was committed to the outside line and used it to pass Henson as they worked the final turn. Wheeler also got past Henson in the final turn, and Johnson won, followed by Wheeler, Henson, Uriah Sanders, Horn and final lead lap finisher Jayme DeBenedetti. Hunter Granger and Issac Grimes rounded out the finishing order as Caleb Ranney was a Main Event scratch. Wheeler won both of his eight lap heat races. Horn picked up her group's first heat race win, while Johnson won their group's second heat race.

Ron Bolles made a last lap pass on Sean Fuller to win the 15 lap UAS Speedway Kart Main Event. Bolles was one of the original Dirt Modified racers when the class was started on the West Coast at Petaluma Speedway in the late 1980s, and he's been running Speedway Karts in recent years. After Larry Fuller elected not to race as he wasn't feeling well, Sean Fuller slipped into the kart that Larry drove to the win at the previous race and set the early Main Event pace with Bolles running closely behind him. Bolles had been leading the first heat race when motor issues sent him to the pits, but the kart seemed to be running fine for the Main Event. The lead two karts built up a bit of a lead ahead of Steve Rambo while the Four Cycle Karts of Lori Fuller and Michael Owens battled for fourth. Sean Fuller caught the two Four Cycle Karts and lapped Owens. His hesitation in moving around Lori Fuller as they exited Turn 2 on the final lap allowed Bolles to move underneath and take the lead. Bolles went on to victory with Sean Fuller settling for second ahead of Rambo, Lori Fuller and Owens. Sean Fuller also won both eight lap heat races.

Keaton Augustine kept his cool and stayed smooth in winning his first 15 Box Stock Main Event of the season. Augustine finished second in points last season and is in the championship battle this year. He raced into the lead at the start, followed closely by Jacob James, previous Main Event winner Ryan Hirschbock and incoming point leader Taylor Fuller. The battle was close at the front of the pack as the lead four karts ran nose-to-tail. A yellow flag flew on lap nine when Kiley Grimes spun in Turn 4. Augustine resumed his smooth pace at the front of the pack on the restart with James, Hirschbock and Fuller still giving him pressure in second through fourth. However, Augustine hit all of his marks and made no mistakes as he brought it home to a well-earned victory. James had earlier won one of his heat races and would settle for second, followed by Hirschbock and Fuller. Brandon Steinhoff was a solid fifth as Grimes and Tyler Steinhoff took checkered flags in sixth and seventh, respectively. Augustine was the other eight lap heat race winner.

Vinny DeBenedetti won his first 20 lap 250 Kart Main Event. DeBenedetti gave a glimpse of things to come when he picked up a heat race win earlier in the evening, and he beat incoming point leader Trevor Grimes at the start to take the early lead. Grimes spun in Turn 4 for a lap one caution flag. He quickly charged by Taylor Fuller for second, and Fuller pitted on lap three, leaving the two karts to battle it out for the win. Despite heavy pressure from Grimes in his effort to wrestle the low groove away from him, DeBenedetti stayed smooth and continued to lead the way. Grimes again spun for a lap nine yellow flag. DeBenedetti continued to hit his marks on the restart as Grimes did everything he could to get by. Unfortunately, Grimes against spun for a lap 13 caution flag, giving him three spins for the race and effectively bringing the checkered flag to the event. DeBenedetti was a happy winner ahead of Grimes and Fuller. Reigning Yreka Indoor 250 Kart champion Cadyn Smith made his first appearance and impressed with a heat race win, but mechanical issues ended his night early.

Josh Steinhoff scored the victory in the 20 lap 500 Open Main Event. Steinhoff won both of the 8 lap heat races and set the pace at the start of the Main Event with Reece Slyter in pursuit. Slyter spun for a lap seven caution flag. Steinhoff continued to lead Kyle Romociotti and Slyter on the restart, but Slyter lost power on lap 12 for another yellow flag. Steinhoff continued to lead Romociotti on the restart, but Romociotti lost power on lap 17 to end his race. Steinhoff would win ahead of Romociotti and Slyter.

The Outlaw Kart program will continue at the little track on July 6th with all of the divisions on the schedule. For further information, go to www.southernoregonspeedway.com.

Race Results
Beginners Box Stocks
Heat 1A-Shailene Horn, Malachi Johnson, Uriah Sanders, Hunter Granger, Isaac Grimes.

Heat 2A-Mike Wheeler Jr, Carson Henson, Jayme DeBenedetti.

Heat 1B-Malachi Johnson, Uriah Sanders, Shailene Horn, Hunter Granger, Isaac Grimes.

Heat 2B-Mike Wheeler Jr, Carson Henson, Jayme DeBenedetti.

Main Event-Malachi Johnson, Mike Wheeler Jr, Carson Henson, Uriah Sanders, Shailene Horn, Jayme DeBenedetti, Hunter Granger, Isaac Grimes, Caleb Ranney NS.

Box Stocks
Heat 1A-Jacob James, Keaton Augustine, Ryan Hirschbock, Taylor Fuller, Kiley Grimes, Brandon Steinhoff, Tyler Steinhoff.

Heat 1B-Keaton Augustine, Ryan Hirschbock, Taylor Fuller, Brandon Steinhoff, Jacob James, Kiley Grimes, Tyler Steinhoff.

Main Event-Keaton Augustine, Jacob James, Ryan Hirschbock, Taylor Fuller, Brandon Steinhoff, Kiley Grimes, Tyler Steinhoff.

250 Karts
Heat 1A-Cadyn Smith, Trevor Grimes, Vinny DeBenedetti, Taylor Fuller.

Heat 1B-Vinny DeBenedetti, Trevor Grimes, Taylor Fuller.

Main Event-Vinny DeBenedetti, Trevor Grimes, Taylor Fuller, Cadyn Smith NS.

500 Open
Heat 1A-Josh Steinhoff, Reece Slyter, Kyle Ramociotti.

Heat 1B-Josh Steinhoff, Kyle Romociatti, Reece Slyter.

Main Event-Josh Steinhoff, Kyle Romociotti, Reece Slyter.

UAS Speedway Kart
1A-Sean Fuller, Lori Fuller, Steve Rambo, Michael Owens, Ron Bolles.

Heat 1B-Sean Fuller, Ron Bolles, Steve Rambo, Lori Fuller, Michael Owens.

Main Event-Ron Bolles, Sean Fuller, Steve Rambo, Lori Fuller, Michael Owens, Larry Fuller NS