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The Dwarf Car Nationals Return To Southern Oregon Speedway This Weekend, Plus Pit Stops

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The Dwarf Car Nationals Return 
To Southern Oregon Speedway This Weekend

White City, Oregon...The start of August signals the return of the Western States Dwarf Car Association Nationals at Southern Oregon Speedway. The event is hosted annually by the locally-based Southern Oregon Dwarf Car Association. It brings some of the best drivers from throughout the West Coast to one place to enjoy some great competition.

It was over 20 years ago when then NorCal Dwarf Car Association President Frank Munroe saw the potential for big Dwarf Car events. He chose Marysville Raceway in California as the first track, and within a couple of years, there were over 100 Dwarf Cars competing. As the years went on, new tracks were added to the series, and eventually Southern Oregon Speedway got one of these dates.

Within the last 10 years, the format was changed just a bit to make things more competitive within the different groups. The Pro Division was created, and it pitted the very best drivers from the various associations against each other. Generally speaking, this is the category that gets the most entries at every race.

The Veterans Division is for the drivers who are a bit older. Many of these drivers would do well in the Pro class, but they run with the veterans and have some very good races as well.

Then, you have the Sportsman Division. Some drivers might be a little intimidated going to a big event like the Nationals when they just get started driving a Dwarf Car. This category was created for the drivers with just a few years of experience.

The format puts the emphasis on Saturday night while making Friday important as well. Drivers will run their heat races on Friday as well as a Preliminary Feature. If car count dictates, there will also be B Main events. The Top 10 finishers in the Preliminary Feature then earn spots in Saturday's Fast Dash to determine the front rows of the Main Event. That number can be adjusted from 10 cars depending on car count.

On Saturday, in addition to the Fast Dash, the remaining drivers run heat races and B Mains before running the Main Event.

Last season saw about 70 competitors come in from throughout Oregon, California and Nevada. Through the years, some very good drivers from the Medford area have tried to win a Nationals race. Last year, an unlikely winner stepped forward to claim the prize. Just a year earlier, Cody Peters was winning a Preliminary Sportsman Main Event. Last year, he made a last turn pass on NorCal Champion Danny Wagner to steal the victory. It was his first start in the Pro Division. Kevin Bender won a very competitive Veteran's Main Event that night as well.

From Southern Oregon, stars such as Cody Peters and his two-time champion father Brock Peters, Camden Robustelli, Kalvin Morton, Chad Cardoza, Fred Hay, Ryan Smith and two-time champion Josh King will be on hand. Randy Slater will be competing as well, but the club president will also find himself organizing the after race banquet and keeping things going behind the scenes.

From outside of the state, such noteworthy competitors as Danny Wagner, Ryan Winter, Shawn Jones, Scott Dahlgren, Buddy Olschowka, Kevin Bender and Mike Reeder will be coming from the NorCal group. South Bay will be represented by such champions as Gene Punky Pires, Mark Biscardi and reigning SBDCA champion Cameron Diatte. Other noteworthy drivers from outside the state, such as champions Matt Sargent and John Isabella, are anticipated. There will also be stars coming in from the north, such as James Brinster, Ryan Martinez and Jake Van Ortwick.

Getting back to the local Southern Oregon group, the car count has grown this season in part due to the new drivers on the roster. This means the Sportsman division may see such locals as Joe Sanders, Andrew Hall and young up and comers Ashleigh Strain and Michael Johnson out there going for their first wins. Some of the best Southern Oregon racers, such as Brock Peters, Camden Robustelli and Kaycee Sheeler, got their first wins in the Sportsman Division.

On Friday night, the Dwarf Cars will be joined in support by the JOAT Labs Hornets. The Hornets are the entry-level class at Southern Oregon Speedway, and they have been having a wide-open battle all season long. 2016 champion Tim Hedges gained the point lead from his two time Main Event winning son Ashtin Hedges by winning the most recent Main Event. With three second place finishes in a row, Bree Tritchler is on the verge of victory, and other drivers to watch this week include Jason Stoutenburgh, Dylan Irving, Chris Boynton and Zach Nelson.

The Kendall Oil Winged Sprint Cars will be there on Saturday night, and David Hibbard is on fire this year. He has won all but one of the Main Events held so far as he continues to stretch his point lead. Jeffrey Hudson and rookie Blaine Cory are on the verge of victory and providing Hibbard with his closest competition in the standings so far. David's son Bailey Hibbard is the only other driver to win a Main Event, but racers such as Charlie Thompson, Enrique Jaime and Aaron Miller will be out there giving it their best.

Rounding out Saturday's program will be the Valley Store All Late Model Lite. With three feature wins so far, Charlie Eaton is the point leader. He's getting pressure from one time winner Greg Arnold in the championship battle. However, 2016 champion Lee Doty and reigning champion Bob Burkett are shaking things up with second place finishes in recent weeks. The cars are fast and the competition is close.

Gates open at 5 p.m. on both nights with the first race scheduled to start at 7 p.m. General Admission for Friday is $12 with Seniors, Veterans and Juniors (7 to 12) $6. Children 6 and under are free. On Saturday, General Admission is $15 with Seniors, Veterans and Juniors (7 to 12) $10. Children 6 and under are free. For further information, go to

Dwarf Car Nationals Finale Top 5’s Since 2009
Pro       First                  Second             Third                Fourth                      Fifth
2009    Brian Quilty     Kevin Bender     Ryan Winter      Henry Corbin III         Patrick Weger
2010    Monte Morris    Ryan Winter     Patrick Weger      Gene Pires Jr.        Chance Damron
2011    Ronnie Williams    Ryan Diatte    Michael Grenert    Ryan Winter        Henry Corbin III
2012    Shawn Jones    Cameron Diatte    Ronnie Williams    C.J. Putnam        Ryan Diatte
2013    Ryan Winter    Josh King             Gene Pires Jr.       Michael Grenert        Shawn Jones
2014    Shawn Jones    C.J. Putnam         Ronnie Williams    Matt Sargent        Ryan Diatte
2015    Shawn Jones    Josh King            Joe Frock            Matt Sargent        Ronnie Williams
2016    Shawn Jones    Josh King           Gene Pires          Danny Wagner        John Isabella
2017    Cody Peters    Danny Wagner     Chad Matthias    Brock Peters        John Isabella

Vet.      First                   Second                Third                 Fourth              Fifth
2009    Kelly Gutches    Terry Kendrick    Stanley Meeks    Ted Stinson        Chuck Conover
2010    Kelly Gutches    Dan Van Acker    Mike Miller      Scott Dahlgren        Fred Hay
2011    Kelly Gutches    Fred Hay             Neil Stinson    Henry Corbin III        Leroy Kay
2012    Gilbert Toste    Kevin Bender      Kelly Gutches    Jerry Hauck        Don Mortensen
2013    Kevin Bender    Fred Hay            Dan Van Acker    Kelly Gutches        Mike Miller
2014    Kelly Gutches    Fred Hay            Kevin Bender    Angel Figueroa        Buddy Olschowka
2015    Angel Figueroa    Scott Dahlgren    Gary Tow Sr.    Buddy Olschowka    Jerry Hauck
2016    Tim Fitzpatrick    Kevin Miraglio    Scott Dahlgren    Mark Biscardi        Kevin Bender   
2017    Kevin Bender    Jack Haverty       Kevin Miraglio    Scott Dahlgren        Mark Biscardi

Sports.    First                  Second             Third                 Fourth                Fifth
2009    R.J. McGahuey    Chris Thresher    Dean Pires        Glen Perry          Jason Bartholomew
2010    Henry Corbin II    John Chrisman    Cecilia Dille    Igor Gradziuk       Mason Lewman
2011    Cecilia Dille         Brock Peters      Henry Corbin II    John Chrisman   Alicia Youngblood
2012    Brock Peters        Dylan Chrisman    Michael Quilty    Hannah Mayhew  Jeff Fitch
2013    Kaycee Sheeler    Tom Fitch           Randy Slater        Dylan Chrisman        Dan Geil
2014    Camden Robustelli    Kalvin Morton    Jesse Lorenz    Adam Teves        Sam Bender
2015    Joey Dale            Jesse Lorenz        Rob Gergel          Chris Kenner        Cody Peters
2016    Ben Wiesz           Cody Peters       Kyle Jones           Ken Radabaugh        Tim Reeder
2017    Josh Wiesz           Teagon Fisher    Clayton Parsons    Chris Wright        Travis Gergel

Pit Stops

Southern Oregon Speedway ended July with a five division offering for the fans. With the IMCA Modifieds having some big events elsewhere, car count took a little bit of a hit, but 10 racers still came out there to do battle. One of the drivers missing in action was the bounty hunter of the group, Nick Trenchard. Nick has won some big races through the years and had his eyes on a bigger prize out of town.

In Trenchard's absence, two-time champion Albert Gill was poised to take over the point lead. In the IMCA point structure, Gill's heat race and Trophy Dash wins didn't matter. There has been talk about possibly going to the track's regular point format for the IMCA Modifieds when it comes to who is honored at the banquet in 2019, but for now, the track honors the IMCA point format. Gill needed to get his points in the Main Event like everybody else.

When he spun on lap 24, Gill was going to drop a couple of spots in the finish. Zach Fettinger had already taken the white flag, but instead of a checkered flag the next time by, he got a yellow flag. This set up a wild finish that left Jantzen Knips coming out on the bad end of the deal. Gill managed to get himself a third place finish and stepped into the point lead as a result.

It's been since 2015 since we've had a triple Main Event winner for the IMCA Modifieds. Zach Fettinger has been on fire this year. By all rights, he should be the point leader, but the team elected not to come to the Wild West Speedweek race. Nonetheless, Fettinger has moved all the way to second in the standings with his third Main Event win. He's having a huge breakout season. Like Gill, he was also a heat race winner. Though Fettinger missed a race, he could still end up winning the championship.

The pressure will be on during the R Charles Snyder Salute weekend. With all of the talent coming in from out of town, the locals will have a challenge just making it into the Main Event. This could be what shakes things up at the end, and even Trenchard is in this battle. But the way Fettinger is looking right now, you have to wonder how many more Main Events he might win before the season ends.

Another driver looking good out there all race long was "Cowboy" Duane Orsburn. He had a race earlier this year that saw him run second for several laps and spin from third on the last lap. This time, the two-time Street Stock champion wasn't going to let a good finish get away. He kept it smooth and fast and was rewarded with a strong second place finish. It appears as if Orsburn has his car dialed in, and his first Main Event win since 2016 is certainly not out of the question.

After the races, Jantzen Knips was understandably a little bit upset with the outcome and the fact that there was a one lap shootout to the checkered flag at all. He was on his way to a third place finish when he got turned around in the second turn. Though he managed a fourth place feature finish to stay within seven points of Fettinger for second in the standings, Jantzen had quite a bit of work to do on his car to get it ready for the next race.

David Satterfield quietly continues to enjoy a good season. Though he's raced Pro Stocks in the past, David is a rookie in the IMCA Modifieds. He's going out there and making his laps and improving with each race. With his sixth place finish last time out behind James Welshonse, Satterfield is still third in the standings, two ahead of Trenchard and two behind Fettinger.

The IMCA Sport Modifieds continue what has been a strong season for the group. The roster now reaches into the twenties, and even if there are certain drivers missing on any given week, there are enough competitors to keep the car count in the teens most of the time. Fourteen racers showed up on Saturday, and this included a surprise visitor from California named Tyler Rodgers. Rodgers races at Silver Dollar Speedway in Chico and Marysville Raceway.

2016 Yreka champion Jimmy Lipke announced his plans to come out and try for another win. Even when his home track made an announcement a couple days later that their race was on, Jimmy still wanted to come to Southern Oregon Speedway. The fact is, his car has been running strong this year, as his recent win down in Chico can attest. He's also picked up a pair of victories in Yreka, and he came within a few inches of winning the previous Southern Oregon Speedway race. Jimmy led most of the way, only to be surprised on the last lap by Branden Wilson.

On Saturday night, Lipke raced into the lead. However, that lead was short-lived. After winning his heat race in dominant fashion, Rodgers charged past Lipke for the lead and began to pull away. Even the few yellow flags the race had were not enough to slow Rodgers down. In his very first trip to Medford, Rodgers left with the winner's paycheck and the trophy. Lipke, meanwhile, settled for second. But, the car is running well and he didn't have a bunch of damage to repair.

Two-time reigning champion Mike Medel can attest to having to repair damage. He's been racing everywhere this year, and his car has been put through its paces. After a recent visit to Willamette, Medel had a broken frame to deal with. His return to Southern Oregon Speedway left him less than happy. However, Mike still wants to support his home track and came back for the most recent race. He gave it a good run at Lipke, but third was all he had for the night. Still, he drove it up on the trailer and will bring it back to go for another win.

Perhaps Branden Wilson was creeping along under the radar after the first few races, but people know who he is now. After winning the previous race, Wilson brought it home to a respectable fourth place finish. The finish should move him into second in the standings, but only three points separate he, Willie McFall, Tony Duste and Tony Bartell in what has been a really good battle. He'll still have to keep up with David Marble, who is sitting about 32 points ahead of him in the lead.

Marble has done the point racing thing before. With some 20 Mini Stock Main Event wins to his credit as well as the 2015 championship, he knows what it takes. David won top rookie honors in 2016, but this year he had a bigger plan. He wants the Sport Modified championship. He came into the season with much confidence, and an impressive feature victory at the opener did nothing to change that. Marble knows that in a point battle, you need to finish. His goal is to keep getting Top 5 finishes. On Saturday night, he got it to the checkered flag in fifth. With Wilson gathering some momentum, David knows he needs to keep this up.

The Tony's continue to do well. Bartell has been around the speedway for a while and is a past Late Model Lites Main Event winner. However, he's enjoying one of his best seasons yet as a Top 5 competitor. It was a solid point night for him in eighth, but Duste did just a little bit better in sixth. Duste is the third generation of his family to go racing, and though he ran a little bit last season, he is still pretty much a rookie in the Sport Modifieds.

We only saw Toby Judd once or twice in 2016 in his Sport Modified. He was excited to get back out there and go racing again at the most recent event. Though he had to come from the back in all of his races, Toby still got it to the checkered flag in seventh. Not a bad effort for the 2012 Mini Stock champion. Another driver looking good with his second straight Top 10 finish was rookie Michael Rule. Rule got it to the checkered flag in ninth. Michael had no prior racing experience before getting into Sport Modifieds, and he hasn't really looked too bad so far.

Lee Doty has been the leader of the effort to reestablish a presence for the Valley Store All Late Model Lites at Southern Oregon Speedway. Doty was the one who pushed for the division to be added to the roster in 2016, and he ended up having a rather dominant performance that season in winning the championship. Fast forward to 2017, and the year was anything but good for Lee. Though he won the season opener and finished second in the next race, he had a broken axle in mud laps one week and he flipped his car while leading a heat race on another occasion. He didn't run the remaining races of the season after that.

But Doty continues to do what he can to get cars to the track. At the previous race, he mentioned that the #99 car was being retired as Dusty Aos would return to his #3 car. However, Danny Prewitt came back to drive the #99 car at the recent race. Doty has the rather fast #40 car that was driven to victories by Randy Hansen and Bob Westcott last season. Everything is for sale, including Lee's #7 car, if there is anybody looking to get into Late Model Lites.

Doty kicked off the night with a Trophy Dash win and then outran Bob Burkett to win the heat race. The two champions were going to share the front row of the Main Event, but Burkett revealed that he had a hole in his radiator. He was just going to make a few laps and head to the pits. Doty was planning to make it more than a few laps. He was going for the clean sweep. What he didn't count on was Charlie Eaton making the move and getting the victory.

In the prior two seasons of this division's revival, Eaton has had a fast car. He has racked up numerous Top 3 finishes, but the wins have always been elusive. This year, everything is coming together, and his beautiful blue #5 car has been seen more often in the winner's circle. Eaton made the pass on Doty on lap six and went from there to his third win of the season. This enabled him to add more points to his lead over Greg Arnold in a still close championship battle.

Arnold looked strong as the season got started, and he won a Main Event early. However, his luck has gone the other way in the most recent races. On Saturday night, he was battling Prewitt for third, but Prewitt came out ahead. Prewitt was just happy to be making Main Event laps at all. His own car, which has been junked, kept having problems last year that prevented him from even starting. He had fun taking the wheel of the #99 car and getting a good finish on the podium.

The Old Time Racers of Oregon were back for their fourth Hardtop race at Southern Oregon Speedway. This time, there were a couple of drivers missing in action as father Bill Trotter and son Dusty had prior engagements. However, Bill still sent his truck to the track with Jay Smith again behind the wheel. Car count was going to be light, but PRA Hardtop competitors Greg Hickman and Jamie Britton made the visit. Hickman won the 2016 championship in Roseburg. OTRO does not race for points, just trophies and the fun of it.

Dusty Trotter's old car was looking good with Justin Krossman behind the wheel. Krossman won both the Trophy Dash and heat race. The Main Event looked like it would go to Justin as well. He led for 13 laps as Mark Minter worked his way to the front. Krossman got his start In racing when Minter got him involved in the sport. The two are longtime friends. They ran a side-by-side lap at the white flag, but Minter moved the Harold Minter #33 car into the lead on the final lap to get the victory. It was his second straight win and makes him the only driver in the group to win a Main Event in Medford in all of the last three seasons.

Krossman still got it to the finish line in second, and that's indication that a feature win may be just around the corner. Meanwhile, Britton and Hickman were having a challenging time negotiating the track. The two drivers battled for third. Britton actually had a feature win earlier this season and was a Main Event winner with OTRO last year as well. However, Turn 2 was his nemesis as he had multiple spins. Hickman ended up getting third with Britton settling for fourth.

People might need to start taking Cody Peters a little more serious this year. His rise over the past couple of years in the Southern Oregon Dwarf Car group has been amazing. He won a Sportsman Preliminary Main Event at the Nationals in 2016, but then he won the Pro Division Main Event last year. This makes him the only driver In the area to win the big one. Cody was the point leader going into the most recent race. However, It was his father Brock Peters picking up the win in their heat race. Cody came back to win the A Dash.

It was another heat race that was giving the fans a preview of the Main Event. Chad Cardoza, who has come so close to winning some races in the past couple of years, was leading the heat race with Mason Lewman in close pursuit. Lewman made a slide job attempt in the final turn, and had Cardoza not backed off, it could have gotten ugly. Lewman won the heat race, but Cardoza was getting ready to have the last laugh.

Cardoza jumped into the lead at the start, but Lewman was soon in very close pursuit and looking high and low for a way by. As the race neared the midway point, Mason made his move. He actually led a pair of laps before Cardoza went low In the third turn on lap 13. Lewman had problems and pitted. Cardoza had his hands full with two-time reigning champion Brock Peters knocking on the door, but there was no way he was letting this one get away.

The Main Event winners list at Southern Oregon Speedway continues to grow. To date, victories have been earned by Kalvin Morton twice, Guy Tow, Brock Peters, Cody Peters and now Cardoza. Another driver on the winner's list this year is two-time champion Josh King. He picked up a win in the Jerry Houck car earlier this year and found himself second when Lewman pitted. The car is getting a little bit quicker, as King's B Dash win earlier in the evening would attest, but he was passed late by both Brock Peters and Camden Robustelli and settled for fourth. Though Robustelli hasn't won at Southern Oregon Speedway this year, he has a pair of wins in Yreka.

Bringing it back to Cody Peters, he ended up fifth at the finish line in a good race with Morton. Both of these young guns are making a serious challenge for the championship this year. He may not be one of the young guns in the field, but Fast Freddie Hay is giving a good accounting of himself this year. Fred was coming off of back-to-back Top 3 finishes. Though this race didn't go as well, he managed an eighth place finish behind Steve Walker. Hay may be somebody to watch in the Veterans Division at this year's Nationals.

The Dwarf Cars continue to be a highlight at the speedway in the car count department. They again produced a 20 car field last week. With these kind of numbers, it could signal an increase in car count in this year's Nationals event. Another thing to keep an eye on is the Sportsman Division for the Nationals. There are several new and young drivers on the roster this year, and it just may be that a driver like Ashleigh Strain, Michael Johnson, Andrew Hall or Joe Sanders could win the Sportsman race. It would certainly be a prime opportunity for a little bit of glory for these up-and-comers.

Outlaw Kart Pit Stops

Speaking of up-and-coming racers, Little Southern Oregon Speedway is bringing the next generation of superstars into the sport. The Beginners Box Stock division has grown by leaps and bounds this year, and a couple of those drivers have been setting a rapid pace around the track. Reigning champion Malachi Johnson was riding a three-race winning streak. There had been some talk about him moving up to the Box Stock division, and the team made that decision. Malachi made his Box Stock debut at the latest race.

Because of the concern over the youngest beginners getting run over by the faster karts, officials decided to try a new approach. A Novice Beginners Box Stock class race was held on Friday night. Four drivers were chosen to be a part of this, and three of them were ready to race on Friday. Bhaltair Edwards and Isaac Grimes took turns winning the heat races, and the Main Event turned out to be very entertaining as both drivers exchanged the lead. Grimes looked to be headed for the win, but Edwards surprised him by beating him to the checkered flag with a last lap pass. Even young Caleb Ranney made some good laps and was all smiles as he received his framed certificate for a third place finish.

With Johnson making the move up, it meant the Beginners Box Stock division would be getting a new point leader. The question was, who would it be, reigning Yreka Indoor champion Carson Henson or Uriah Sanders? Both drivers have had their moments this year. Sanders was hoping for his first feature win. He and Crescent City visitor Austin Bartholomew were the heat race winners, and Sanders charged into the early Main Event lead. There has been some really good racing up front in this class, and Sanders, Bartholomew and Grant Proctor had a close battle going for the lead. Bartholomew finally made the pass and took the win on lap 9, but Sanders held off Proctor for a second place finish. When the points were tallied, it was Sanders taking over the lead.

Another driver looking really good with her fourth place finish was Yreka point leader Shailene Horn. Horn missed the previous race as her grandfather is a volunteer firefighter and was helping fight the fires in Hornbrook. However, she came back strong with a solid fourth place finish ahead of Henson. Henson keeps the pressure on Sanders in a very close championship race. Horn isn't too far behind Jayme DeBenedetti in the race for fourth, which will become the race for third when they pass Johnson in the standings. DeBenedetti did a good job of getting her kart to a sixth place finish.

The Box Stock racers also continue to impress. The Augustine family has been racing for generations. Young Keaton Augustine's father is the current Late Model champion on the big track, and Keaton is making him proud. He came into the night as the point leader and joined Jacob James as a heat race winner on the night. Augustine got the lead at the start of the Main Event, but he had all kinds of pressure coming from one-time feature winner Ryan Hirschbock. However, this kid is as cool as ice, and he held off Ryan's every effort for his third straight feature win. Hirschbock managed to grab second in the standings with his runner-up finish, trailing Augustine by just 12 points in a close battle.

James, meanwhile, had Taylor Fuller and Malachi Johnson to contend with in the race for third. Jacob had posted back-to-back second place finishes, and he's still on the verge of his first win in this division. He ended up third and maintains third in the standings. Fuller managed to hold off Johnson to get fourth. Johnson missed a heat race as the team got his kart ready, but he did pretty well for his first start in the division. Also making good laps and hanging in there to the finish line was Kiley Grimes in sixth.

Trevor Grimes served notice to the rest of the competition. He is still the point leader and the reigning champion in the 250 Kart division. The previous two races did not go well for the hard charger. It turned out that his departure early in the previous Main Event was because of brake issues. Trevor joined Brenden Bartlett in the heat winners department earlier in the evening. Bartlett had taken the wheel of Brionna Fuller's kart as she is unable to drive the Cage Kart due to her broken arm. Bartlett provided Grimes with serious pressure for most of the race. When Bartlett spun on lap 18, Grimes went on to post his third win of the season.

Landon Green was making his first start at Southern Oregon Speedway. Green had a second place finish in his second heat race, and with Bartlett spinning, he also managed a second in the Main Event. Not bad for his first start here. After some issues in one of his heat races, the Smith team got the #26 Kart back together, and Cadyn Smith drove it to a solid third place finish as he moves into the Top 5 in the standings. Cadyn is the reigning Yreka Indoor champion.

After back-to-back feature wins, Vinny DeBenedetti came back to Earth with his fourth place finish ahead of the steady Taylor Fuller. While Fuller is making his first laps and getting comfortable in his 250 Kart, DeBenedetti is making a more aggressive challenge. He now trails Grimes by 20 points. Earlier in the afternoon, DeBenedetti and Reece Slyter were fighting for the same piece of real estate as they went down the front straightaway. Unfortunately, Slyter got airborne, hit the front fence and flipped. The good news is he was uninjured. Reece was campaigning a 500 Open Kart with the 250s. Had he been able to start the Main Event, he would be listed as the point leader in his division.

With the 500 Open Kart drivers still not rushing the gates to come racing, the UAS Speedway Karts are providing the speed at the end of the night. Larry Fuller Is just about unstoppable. In fact, the only thing that seems to stop him is mechanical issues with his kart. Fuller and Ed Grubb won heat races, but both drivers had their issues in the Main Event. In fact, Fuller didn't even get a Top 5 finish.

Grubb was giving it a good run until he too had issues. This left Steve Rambo to lead the charge. The Rambo Motorsports team brings two karts to the speedway, and it just so happened that Steve grabbed the victory ahead of teammate Johnny Hoult. In doing so, he took the point lead from Larry Fuller by just one point. For Hoult, it was also his best finish so far at Little Southern Oregon Speedway.

While Lori Fuller continues to be a story in herself as the driver in a 4 Cycle Kart holding down third in points, her daughter Brionna Fuller returned. Brionna has a broken arm, so hot laps were her test. Could she handle her kart, and would she be able to race it? When Lori found out that her daughter was clocking laps faster than most of the other competitors, she gave her the green light to go racing. Brionna lost a lap making a brief pit stop, but she went back out there and finished third ahead of her mother. Not bad for driving with one arm.