Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Elliott, Peters, Marble, Wonsyld, Aos Win On Championship Night At Southern Oregon Speedway

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Elliott Wins Late Model Finale, Dees Champion 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...September 15...Making a charge from last starting after a heat race crash, Trent Elliott won the 20 lap Late Model Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway. Elliott had clipped an infield tire during his heat race, which damaged his steering and forced him to make repairs prior to the Main Event. John Dees used his second place finish to overtake Nathan Augustine to win the division championship.

Augustine carried an eight point lead over John Dees into the night, and Dees got things started with a four lap Trophy Dash win. Dees won the first six lap heat race, and Miles Deubert picked up the second heat win in front of Augustine. This meant that Augustine's lead over Dees was six points. John Dees took the early Main Event lead from his front row starting position, and Augustine made an inside pass in Turn 2 on Deubert to claim second. After completing the third lap, Augustine blew a motor and stalled in Turn 2 to end his evening. Elliott had made it up to fourth by then, and John Dees led Deubert and Elliott on the restart. An inside pass on the backstretch on lap six gained Elliott second from Deubert, and he made a low pass in Turn 3 two laps later to take the lead from Dees. Elliott began to pull away and stretched his lead to a straightaway over new champion John Dees by the waving of the checkered flag. Deubert wrapped up his "Rookie Of The Year" season with a third place finish, followed by Dave Foote, Kevin Putnam, Bob Dees and Augustine. Dave Everson was a Main Event scratch.

Race Results
Late Models
Heat 1-John Dees, Dave Foote, Kevin Putnam, Dave Everson DNS.

Heat 2-Miles Deubert, Nathan Augustine, Bob Dees, Trent Elliott.

Trophy Dash-John Dees, Nathan Augustine, Miles Deubert, Dave Foote.

Main Event-Trent Elliott, John Dees, Miles Deubert, Dave Foote, Kevin Putnam, Bob Dees, Nathan Augustine, Dave Everson DNS.

Peters Wins SODCA Dwarf Car Finale At Southern Oregon Speedway, King New Champion

White City, Oregon...September 15...Leading from the second lap, two-time champion Brock Peters went on to win his second Southern Oregon Dwarf Car 25 lap Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway. The win moved Peters into second in points in a tie with Chad Cardoza and Kalvin Morton. However, Josh King used his second place Main Event finish to win the championship.

King, Cardoza and Camden Robustelli entered the evening in a tie for the point lead. Robustelli moved ahead as he held off Cardoza to win his six lap heat race. Peters outran Fred Hay to win his heat race and Morton beat King to win their heat race. This put Robustelli into a slim lead heading into the Main Event. Morton won the six lap A Dash ahead of Peters, and Joe Sanders outran the Mod Lite of Jesse Lorentz to win the eight lap B Dash.

Robustelli led the opening lap of the Main Event before Peters used an inside pass in Turn 4 to take the lead. King followed him into second. Robustelli was holding on to the third position, but his race took a turn for the worse when he tangled with a slower car entering the first turn for the only yellow flag on lap 11. Robustelli was forced to restart at the back of the pack as Peters led King and Morton on the restart. Morton had blown a motor in his own car at the previous race and was driving the borrowed Bud Lorentz car. Cardoza had settled into fourth by then, followed by Sanders. Robustelli was passing cars rapidly and had made it up to eighth by lap 15. Sanders took fourth from Cardoza on lap 18 as Robustelli was up to seventh. Robustelli passed Cody Peters for sixth on lap 22, but that's where his progress ended. Brock Peters did all he could to move into the point lead as he won the race, but he was only able to make it into second in the standings. King used his second place finish to win the championship as Morton gained a share of second with his third place finish. Sanders was a season best fourth, followed by Cardoza, Robustelli, Hay, Steve Walker, Mason Lewman and Jesse Lorentz.

Race Results
SODCA Dwarf Cars
Heat 1-Kalvin Morton, Josh King, Mikey Johnson, Mark Nielson, Brett James, Shane Hines, Sean Truillo.

Heat 2-Brock Peters, Fred Hay, Kaycee Sheeler, Jesse Lorentz, Mason Lewman, Ashleigh Strain, Andrew Gifford.

Heat 3-Camden Robustelli, Chad Cardoza, Joe Sanders, Steve Walker, Cody Peters, Chad Lorentz.

A Dash-Kalvin Morton, Brock Peters, Josh King, Camden Robstelli, Fred Hay, Chad Cardoza.

B Dash-Joe Sanders, Jesse Lorentz, Cody Peters, Kaycee Sheeler, Mark Nielson, Steve Walker, Bret James, Ashleigh Strain, Shane Hines, Sean Truillo, Chad Lorentz, Andrew Gifford, Mikey Johnson, Mason Lewman.

Main Event-Brock Peters, Josh King, Kalvin Morton, Joe Sanders, Chad Cardoza, Camden Robustelli, Fred Hay, Steve Walker, Mason Lewman, Jesse Lorentz, Kaycee Sheeler, Mark Nielson, Mikey Johnson, Ashleigh Strain, Chad Lorentz, Andrew Gifford, Cody Peters, Shane Hines, Brett James, Sean Truillo.

Marble Wins Bobbio's Pizza Mini Stock Finale, Steele Is 
The Champion At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...September 15...David Marble made his second appearance of the season in the Bobbio's Pizza Mini Stock division and won the 20 lap Main Event. Marble is the 2015 champion and needs only to start the final IMCA Sport Modified Main Event to win that division's championship. David Steele scored his second second place finish of the season, which was his worst finish of the year. He had already clinched the division championship just by starting the Main Event a week earlier.

Hunter Magnan started his evening off by outrunning Steve Goetz to win the four lap Trophy Dash. Magnan also won his six lap heat race ahead of Gary Anderson. Marble won the second heat race ahead of Steele. Tim Cunningham was driving a Ford Pinto that didn't quite fit the specifications of the rules and was allowed to start last in the Main Event for no money or points. 2017 champion Kristopher Mix was a Main Event scratch after heat race problems.

Marble and Magnan led the pack to the Main Event green flag, and Magnan led one lap before Marble went by in Turn 4 for the lead. Steele was running third and made an inside pass in Turn 4 of the fourth lap to take second from Magnan. Cunningham was putting on a show coming from deep in the pack and had already gained fourth by lap five. The third place battle was close, and Gary Anderson made a Turn 4 pass on lap eight to gain third, only to lose the position to Cunningham a lap later. Cunningham made an inside pass on the backstretch on the 10th lap to take second from Steele and made a low pass in Turn 4 on lap 15 to grab the lead from Marble. After leading the 16th lap, Cunningham began to slow and pitted as Marble regained the lead over Steele and Magnan. Marble led the remaining laps for the win, followed by Steele, Magnan, Anderson, Ashtin Hedges, Goetz, Michael McCloud, Garrett Fredrickson and Scott Yerges

Race Results
Bobbio's Pizza Mini Stocks
Heat 1-Hunter Magnan, Gary Anderson, Mike McLeod, Scott Yergis, Kristopher Mix.

Heat 2-David Marble, David Steele, Ashtin Hedges, Steve Goetz, Garrett Fredrickson, Tim Cunningham DQ.

Trophy Dash-Hunter Magnan, Steve Goetz, David Steele, Ashtin Hedges.

Main Event-David Marble, David Steele, Hunter Magnan, Gary Anderson, Ashtin Hedges, Steve Goetz, Mike McLeod, Garrett Fredrickson, Scott Yerges, Tim Cunningham DQ, Kristopher Mix DNS.

Wonsyld Dominates In Fourth Win, Tritchler Wins JOAT Labs Hornets Championship At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...September 15...Leading the way from the start, Brandyn Wonsyld went on to win his fourth 20 lap JOAT Labs Hornets Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway. Wonsyld also had five second place finishes during the season, but his absence from two races effectively put an end to his championship bid. With Tim Hedges struggling throughout the race, Wonsyld managed to move to within one point of him for second in the final standings. Meanwhile, impressive rookie Bree Tritchler used her fifth second place finish of the season to win the division championship.

Dylan Irving held off Dylan Sauer to win his fifth four lap Trophy Dash of the season. Wonsyld then outran Irving to win his six lap heat race, while Jenna Hedges outran Chris Boynton to win the second heat race. Though 2016 champion Tim Hedges gained a point on Tritchler after the heat races, he knew his motor wouldn't last long in the Main Event and had a concern that his car wouldn't even start. Had he failed to start, he would have lost second in the standings. Wonsyld and Jenna Hedges led the pack to the green flag and ran 1-2 at the start. Sauer settled into third. Tritchler was running in fifth and passed both Sauer and Irving for third on lap six. Lap seven saw Jenna Hedges get out of shape in Turn 4 and lose ground to Wonsyld. Tritchler continued her effort to close in on Jenna Hedges as Wonsyld held a straightaway advantage by lap 14. Tritchler finally moved by Jenna Hedges for second on lap 17, but only mechanical issues would stop Wonsyld. There were no problems as Wonsyld brought it home to the satisfying victory, followed by Tritchler. Sauer passed Jenna Hedges for third on lap 18 as she settled for fourth, followed by Irving, Boynton, Jenia Silva, John Ferreira, Zach Nelson and Tim Hedges.

Race Results
JOAT Labs Hornets
Heat 1-Brandyn Wonsyld, Dylan Irving, Dylan Sauer, Bree Tritchler, Jenia Silva.

Heat 2-Jenna Hedges, Chris Boynton, Tim Hedges, John Ferreira, Zach Hedges.

Trophy Dash-Dylan Irving, Dylan Sauer, Brandyn Wonsyld, Jenna Hedges.

Main Event-Brandyn Wonsyld, Bree Tritchler, Dylan Sauer, Jenna Hedges, Dylan Irving, Chris Boynton, Jenia Silva, John Ferreira, Zach Nelson, Tim Hedges.

Aos Wins Second Straight Valley Store All Late Model Lites Feature, Eaton Champion At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...September 15...Leading all the way from the start, Eric Aos won the 20 lap Valley Store All Late Model Lites Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway. This was the second straight win and third of the season for Aos. Charlie Eaton wrapped up the division championship with his third second place finish. Eaton also had three wins this season and had two season worst finishes of third.

Eaton opened the evening with a four lap Trophy Dash win ahead of his closest point rival, Greg Arnold, and he followed that up with a six lap heat race win in front of Eric Aos. Eric Aos charged into the Main Event lead from his outside front row starting position with Eaton in close pursuit. Greg Arnold and Dusty Aos were having a good battle for the second position until Dusty Aos pitted on lap seven. A couple of times, Eaton made a serious challenge for the lead. Contact between the two cars on the front stretch on the 13th lap saw Eaton back off rather than taking out the leader. Eric Aos kept his cool in the waning laps and scored the victory, followed by Eaton, Greg Arnold, Jim Cunningham and Dusty Aos.

Race Results
Valley Store All Late Model Lites
Heat Race-Charlie Eaton, Eric Aos, Greg Arnold, Dusty Aos, Jim Cunningham.

Trophy Dash-Charlie Eaton, Greg Arnold, Dusty Aos, Eric Aos.

Main Event-Eric Aos, Charlie Eaton, Greg Arnold, Jim Cunningham, Dusty Aos.