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Hogge, Ahlwardt Win Big In R Charles Snyder Salute At Southern Oregon Speedway

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Hogge Scores $5,000 Win In R Charles Snyder Salute 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...September 1-2...Leading all the way from his front row start, Bobby Hogge IV collected $5,000 for his victory in the 50 lap R Charles Snyder Salute for the IMCA Modifieds at Southern Oregon Speedway. Hogge started his impressive weekend with a pair of heat race wins on Saturday night and a very close $700 second in the Invitational 25 lap feature. Adding that money to his $500 lap leader bonus from Sunday, Hogge's winnings exceeded $6,000 on the weekend.

The drivers competed in two sets of 10 lap heat races on Saturday night to determine the Top 16 qualifiers for Sunday's big money race. The Top 8 in points redrew for their starting positions in the first four rows of the feature. Hogge, Kellen Chadwick and Saturday Invitational Feature winner CJ Putnam won both of their heat races. Other heat race winners included track point later Albert Gill, Tyler Smith, John Campos and Cottage Grove point leader Jake Mayden. There were 41 competitors for the weekend

Hogge charged into the lead at the start of the Main Event, followed by Clint Reichenbach. The race got off to a rocky start with three yellow flags in the first four laps. Hogge continued to lead Reichenbach on the lap four restart as Nick Trenchard moved past Putnam for third. A lap 11 caution flag flew for Anthony Slaney. After the first restart attempt saw a yellow flag fall for Jeremy Ohlde, Hogge continued to lead Reichenbach and Trenchard. However, the yellow flag waved one lap later for Slaney in Turn 3. During the caution, Slaney received a black flag for bringing out two yellow flags and went slowly around the track for one lap before tagging the rear end of Collen Winebarger's car on his way off the race track. Hogge continued to lead Reichenbach on the restart, and tenth starter Darrell Hughes II had found his way into third. Hogge held a straightaway advantage by lap 18, and Hughes slipped past Reichenbach for second on lap 19. A lap 35 caution flag was thrown to allow the drivers an opportunity to refuel due to laps run under caution. Hogge led Hughes on the restart as 19th starter Bricen James settled into third. Hughes ran with Hogge down the stretch, but Hogge was not about to let the big victory slip away. Hughes settled for a $2,500 second with James a $1,500 third. Reichenbach collected $1,000 for fourth as Robby Sawyer, Kellen Chadwick, Jake Mayden, Collen Winberger, Trenchard, Mark Wauge and CJ Putnam completed the Top 10.

Knowing that his championship bid could take a severe hit if he didn't make it out the B Main, Albert Gill won his 15 lapper ahead of IMCA State point leader Bricen James and Jesse Bailey. Winebarger won the other B Main ahead of Jeremy Ohlde and Preston Jones as championship hopeful Zach Fettinger saw his charge from the back of the pack fall just short in fourth.

On Saturday night, the fans were treated to a special 25 lap Invitational Feature that included the Top 4 finishers from each of the first set of 10 lap heat races. CJ Putnam raced into the lead from the start ahead of Kellen Chadwick and Jake Mayden. Bobby Hogge IV made a Turn 4 pass on lap five to take third from Mayden and set his sights on Chadwick. An inside pass on the back stretch of the 13th lap gained Hogge second and he began the task of reeling in Putnam. Hogge caught Putnam by lap 21 as they worked slower traffic, and the only yellow flag of the race flew on lap 24 when Robby Sawyer spun on the front straightaway. On the restart, Hogge momentarily lost the second position, but he came roaring back with an inside pass in the final turn to claim the position. Putnam was the happy winner, followed by Hogge, Nick Trenchard, John Campos, Clint Reichenbach, Jake Mayden, Mark Wauge, Sawyer, Anthony Slaney and Tyler Smith.

the IMCA Modifieds will make their final appearance of the season on September 22nd on Championship Night. The IMCA Sport Modifieds will also be part of the show. For further information go to

Unofficial Race Results
IMCA Modifieds
Heat 1a-Tyler Smith, Clint Reichenbach, Jantzen Knips, Robby Sawyer, Preston Jones, Matt Murphy,
Albert Gill, Chester Kniss.

Heat 2a-CJ Putnam, Jon DeBenedetti, Jeremy Ohlde, Jeremy Richey, Stan Gunderson, Tim Cecil, Joby Shields, David Satterfield.

Heat 3a-Kellen Chadwick, Darrell Hughes II, Nick Trenchard, Mark Wauge, Paul Rea, Jesse Bailey,
Monty Tomlinson, Zach Fettinger.

Heat 4a-Bobby Hogge IV, Anthony Slaney, Mark Gaylord, Derick Young, Todd Hermosillo, Jeff Oslshowka, Collen Winebarger.

Heat 5a-Jake Mayden, John Campos, Buddy Kniss, Chris Nieman, Chase Nieman, Matthew Drager, Stan Gunderson.

Heat 1b-Albert Gill, Clint Reichenbach, Robby Sawyer, Chester Kniss, Preston Jones, Jantzen Knips, Tyler Smith, Matt Murphy.

Heat 2b-CJ Putnam, Jon DeBenedetti, Jeremy Richey, Jeremy Ohlde, Tim Cecil, Joby Shields, David Satterfield.

Heat 3b-Kellen Chadwick, Nick Trenchard, Mark Wauge, Jesse Bailey, Randy Wright, Paul Rea, Monty Tomlinson.

Heat 4b-Bobby Hogge IV, Anthony Slaney, Derick Young, Mark Gaylord, Collen Winebarger, Todd Hermosillo.

Heat 5b-John Campos, Matthew Drager, Chris Nieman, Jake Nieman, Chase Nieman, Buddy Kniss,  Stan Gunderson.

Invitational Feature-CJ Putnam, Bobby Hogge IV, Nick Trenchard, John Campos, Clint Reichenbach,
Jake Mayden, Mark Wauge, Robby Sawyer, Anthony Slaney, Tyler Smith.

B Main 1-Collen Winebarger, Jeremy Ohlde, Preston Jones, Zach Fettinger, Tyler Smith, Todd Heromsillo, Randy Braun, David Satterfield, Chase Nieman, Joby Shields, Paul Rea.

B Main 2-Albert Gill, Bricen James, Jesse Bailey, Grey Ferrando, Tim Cecil, Matt Murphy, Monty Tomlinson, Stan Gunderson, Buddy Kniss, Jantzen Knipps, Chester Kniss.

Main Event-Bobby Hogge IV, Darrell Hughes II, Bricen James, Clint Reichenbach, Robby Sawyer,  Kellen Chadwick, Jake Mayden, Collen Winebarger, Nick Trenchard, Mark Wauge, C.J. Putnam, John Campos, Albert Gill, Preston Jones, Matthew Drager, Jesse Bailey, Jon DeBenedetti, Derick Young, Jeremy Richey, Jeremy Ohlde, Chris Nieman.

Ahlwardt Surprise Winner Of R Charles Snyder Salute IMCA Sport Modified Race At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...September 1-2...Leading all the way from his front row starting position, Guy Ahlwardt scored the $2,000 victory in the R Charles Snyder Salute IMCA Sport Modified race. Ahlwardt comes from Antioch, California and is a past Hobby Stock champion there. He's in his second season in IMCA Sport Modifieds, and this was only his second win.

Just a year after the track had a then record 31 car turn out for a Sport Modified race, the record was shattered with 53 entries for the big event. The drivers ran two sets of 10 lap qualifying heat races, and nobody picked up more than one win as the heat winner's list included Jimmy Ford, Braxton Possinger, Doug Coffman, Justin Foux, Ahlwardt, Tyler Rodgers, Mike Medel, Jimmy Lipke, Craig Nieman, Rich McCoy, Chris Frisbie and Daniel Ray. The Top 16 drivers based on heat race finishing and passing points automatically qualified for Sunday's big show, and the Top 8 point earners redrew for their starting spots at the front of the pack.

Ahlwardt raced into the early lead from his front row starting position as Lipke settled into second. They ran three laps before the first of three consecutive yellow flags slowed the pace. Saturday night Invitational Feature winner Tyler Rodgers settled into second on the lap five restart with two-time track champion and defending race winner Jorddon Braaten moving into third on lap eight. Braaten made his move around Rodgers for the second position, and Braxton Possinger was spun on the back stretch for a lap nine caution flag. Ahlwardt continued to lead Braaten and Rodgers on the restart. Through a pair of mid-race yellow flags for Matt Sanders and Jon Rowden in Turn 4 on lap 13 and Chase Thomas in Turn 4 on lap 15, Ahlwardt continued to hold off Braaten. Daniel Ray made a Turn 3 pass on lap 19 to take third from Rodgers, and another yellow flag flew for a tangle between Rowden and Jason Ferguson on lap 21. Despite two more yellow flags during the final 10 laps, Ahlwardt stayed cool under pressure and held off Braaten for the impressive victory. Braaten collected $1,000 for his runner-up finish, while Ray received $700 for third. Possinger came back from the tail of the pack for a fourth place finish, followed by Matt Sanders, Jimmy Ford, Tanner Thomas, Doug Coffman, Bruce Rey and Rodgers.

The division ran three 15 lap B Mains with two drivers transferring from each of them. Justin Foux had an impressive drive In winning the first B Main, and Tanner Thomas won a very close battle with Andrew Peckham for second. Jon Rowden won the second B Main ahead of Chris Frisbie, and Jimmy Ford won the third B Main in front of Rich McCoy.

On Saturday night, after the heat races were done, the Top 3 finishers in each of the first set of heats ran a 20 lap Invitational Feature. Jimmy Ford had a front row start and charged into the early lead ahead of Doug Coffman. Guy Ahlwardt settled into third on lap two, and a yellow flag flew for separate incidents involving Randy Wright and Daniel Ray. Ford continued to lead the restart as Rodgers made a strong inside move in Turn 4 to take over second. An inside pass on the backstretch on lap five gained Rodgers the lead from Ford. Only one more yellow flag flew on lap six. Rodgers continued to lead Ford and Ahlwardt on the restart. Matt Sanders gained the third position from Ahlwardt, who got out of shape exiting Turn 4 on lap 10. Rodgers ran well down the stretch and was rewarded with the victory, followed by Ford, Sanders, Ahlwardt, Justin Foux, Dwayne Melvin, Chase Thomas, Jorddon Braaten, Doug Coffman and Craig Nieman.

All of the main contenders in the point race failed to make the show on Sunday, and David Marble seems to be in a good position to win the IMCA Sport Modified championship when the division runs their final point race on September 22nd. It will also be the final point night for the IMCA Modifieds.
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Unofficial Race Results
IMCA Sport Modifieds
Heat 1a-Jimmy Ford, Alan Furuta, Daniel Ray, Tanner Thomas, Mike Medel, Tommy Fraser, Mike Wilcox, Steven Sanders, Mike Merritt.

Heat 2a-Braxton Possinger, Jorddon Braaten, Jimmy Lipke, Brian Knorr, David Marble, Willie McFall, Joby Shields, Danny Rule, Sean Hulsey.

Heat 3a-Doug Coffman, Anthony Giuliani, Craig Nieman, Jon Rowden, Toby Judd, Andrew Peckham, Tony Bartell, Ryan Pruitt, Robby Senn.

Heat 4a-Justin Foux, Rich McCoy, Jason Ferguson, Chase Thomas, Jesse Merriman, Tony Bartell, Ryder Boswell.

Heat 5a-Guy Ahlwardt, Matt Sanders, Randy Wright, Steve Hopkins, Chris Frisbie, Isaac Sanders, Steve Lysinger, Danny Rule.

Heat 6a-Tyler Rodgers, Bruce Ray, Dwayne Melvin, Branden Wilson, Tyler Eckles, Trevor Tiffee, AJ Parker, Travis Pruitt.

Heat 1b-Mike Medel, Daniel Ray, Alan Furuta, Tanner Thomas, Mike Wilcox, Mike Merritt, Jimmy Ford, Steven Sanders, Tommy Fraser.

Heat 2b-Jimmy Lipke, Jorddon Braaten, Braxton Possinger, Sean Hulsey, Brian Knorr, David Marble, Willie McFall, Steve Hopkins

Heat 3b-Craig Nieman, Anthony Giuliani, Doug Coffman, Andrew Peckham, Tony Duste, Ryan Pruitt, Jon Rowden.

Heat 4b-Rich McCoy, Chase Thomas, Jason Ferguson, Tony Bartell, Justin Foux, Ryder Boswell, Jesse Merriman.

Heat 5b-Chris Frisbie, Guy Ahlwardt, Matt Sanders, Isaac Sanders, Randy Wright, Steve Hopkins, Danny Rule.

Heat 6b-Bruce Ray, Tyler Rodgers, Dwayne Melvin, Travis Pruitt, Trevor Tiffee, Tyler Eckles, Branden Wilson, AJ Parker.

Invitational Feature-Tyler Rodgers, Jimmy Ford, Matt Sanders, Guy Ahlwardt, Justin Foux, Dwayne Melvin, Chase Thomas, Jorddon Braaten, Doug Coffman, Craig Nieman, Jimmy Lipke.

B Main 1-Justin Foux, Tanner Thomas, Andrew Peckham, Trevor Tiffee, David Marble, Travis Pruitt,
Mike Wilcox, Ryan Pruitt, Michael Rule, Sean Hulsey, Robby Senn.

B Main 2-Jon Rowden, Chris Frisbie, Isaac Sanders, Ryder Boswell, Willie McFall, Tony Duste, Mike Merritt, Steve Lysinger, Steve Sanders, Tony Bartell, Randy Wright.

B Main 3-Jimmy Ford, Rich McCoy, Branden Wilson, Toby Judd, Danny Rule, Tyler Eckles, Steve Hopkins, Alan Furuta, A.J. Parker, Jesse Merriman.

Main Event-Guy Ahlwardt, Jorddon Braaten, Daniel Ray, Braxton Possinger, Matt Sanders, Jimmy Ford, Tanner Thomas, Doug Coffman, Bruce Ray, Tyler Rodgers, Jimmy Lipke, Justin Foux, Chris Frisbie, Anthony Giuliani,  Dwayne Melvin, Craig Nieman, Alan Furuta, Jon Rowden, Jason Ferguson, Mike Medel, Chase Thomas, Rich McCoy.

King, Robustelli Win Dwarf Car Races On 
R Charles Snyder Salute Week At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...September 1-2...Josh King continued his bid for a third Southern Oregon Dwarf Car Association championship by winning Saturday night's 20 lap Main Event. The Dwarf Cars were running two complete programs on R Charles Snyder Salute Weekend at Southern Oregon Speedway, and King left the weekend in a tie with Chad Cardoza and Camden Robustelli for the point lead. Sunday's portion of the program was not for points, and Robustelli drove an impressive race for what would be his fourth 20 lap feature win of the season.

There were 24 competitors on Saturday night, and eight lap heat race wins were collected by Kalvin Morton, Josh King, Brock Peters and Ryan Smith. Smith charged into the early Main Event lead ahead of Cody Peters, but Morton gained second on a lap two restart. A yellow flag flew for Bret James on lap four, and a Turn 3 tangle between Fred Hay and Kaycee Sheeler botched the first restart attempt. Smith continued to lead Morton and Brock Peters on the restart. Smith and Morton had a good battle going at the front of the pack, and Morton made an inside pass in Turn 4 for for the lead. However, a yellow flag waved. The first restart attempt was botched when Smith spun in Turn 1, and Morton headed to the pits. Suddenly, King had the lead over Mason Lewman and Brock Peters. Peters made a Turn 4 pass on Lewman for second on lap 11 with Chad Cardoza following closely into third. However, Camden Robustelli made his move around Cardoza for third on lap 14. King would score the victory, followed by Brock Peters, Robustelli, Cardoza, Lewman, Tim Fitzpatrick, Michael Johnson, Smith, Don Gifford and Sheeler.

Though a few drivers left after Saturday, a few drivers joined the action, and Sunday was an opportunity for others to shine. Eight lap heat race wins were recorded by King, John Chrisman and Michael Johnson. Johnson had to battle Tim Fitzpatrick for what was his first ever Dwarf Car heat race win. Robustelli raced into the Main Event lead from the start, followed by Fitzpatrick and Steve Walker. Driving a Mod Lite, Jesse Lorentz moved past Walker for third with Brock Peters following into fourth. Bill Winter brought out a lap five caution flag, and Robustelli continued to lead Fitzpatrick and Peters on the restart as Lorentz fell back to fourth. However, Lorentz regained third on lap 12 as Peters began to slow and headed for the pits. Through three yellow flags In the last 5 laps, Robustelli continued to maintain the lead on each restart and scored the well earned victory. Fitzpatrick settled for second ahead of Lorentz, a season-best fourth for Johnson, Chrisman, Fred Hay, Cody Peters, Walker, Casey Sheeler and Don Gifford.

With an extremely close championship battle still to be decided, the Dwarf Cars make their final appearance of the season on September 15th. Joining them on the card will be the Late Models, Bobbio's Pizza Mini Stocks, JOAT Labs Hornets and Valley Store All Late Model Lites. For further information go to

Unofficial Race Results
SODCA Dwarf Car Sunday
Heat 1-Josh King, Cody Peters, Brock Peters, Joe Sanders, Ashleigh Strain, 76s,  Bill Winter.

Heat 2-Michael Johnson, Tim Fitzpatrick, Jesse Lorentz, Kaycee Sheeler, Don Gifford, Andrew Hall.

Heat 3-John Chrisman, Camden Robustelli, Steve Walker, Bret James, Fred Hay, Kalvin Morton.

Main Event-Camden Robustelli, Tim Fitpatrick, Jesse Lorentz, Michael Johnson, John Chrisman, Fred Hay, Cody Peters, Steve Walker, Kaycee Sheeler, Don Gifford, Joe Sanders, Ashleigh Strain, Bill Winter.

SODCA Dwarf Cars Saturday
Heat 1-Kalvin Morton, Fred Hay, Bud Lorentz, Michael Johnson, Bill Winter, 76s.

Heat 2-Josh King, John Crisman, Mason Lewman, Tim Fitzpatrick, Chad Cardoza, Kaycee Sheeler.

Heat 3-Brock Peters, Cody Peters, Michael Johnson, Camden Robustelli, Ashleigh Strain, Shawn Trujio.

Heat 4-Ryan Smith, Joe Sanders, Bret James, Jerry Hauck, Andrew Hall, Dan Halbert.

Main Event-Josh King, Brock Peters,  Camden Robustelli,  Chad Cardoza, Mason Lewman, Tim Fitzpatrick, Michael Johnson, Ryan Smith, Don Gifford, Kaycee Sheeler.

Quick Wins Outlaw Pro Stock Feature 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...September 2...Making only their second appearance of the season, the Calculated Comfort Outlaw Pro Stocks had a bit of a rough go on the 3/10th mile clay oval at Southern Oregon Speedway. Getting an opportunity to drive the #20 car when Julia Flowers had a previous engagement, Dave Quick was the leader when the checkered flag flew after only two laps.

Point leader Scott Lenz and 2016 champion Steve Borror won eight lap heat races. With 21 competitors starting the Main Event, there was a crash racing to the green flag. The first restart attempt saw the yellow flag fall for debris on the track, and Quick led Chico, California racer Gary Newman and Dan Randall on the opening lap. A yellow flag flew after that for Phil Pipgras, Darren Arnold and Ken Irving. Quick led the restart as Randall slipped past Newman on the back stretch for second. Another crash on the front stretch brought a yellow flag after two laps. By then, the division had been on the track for 20 minutes. Quick led the restart as Borror and Lenz raced into second and third. However, another crash negated the passes and brought out a yellow and checkered flag combination. Quick was the leader and winner at that point, followed by Randall, Newman, Borror and Lenz.

Southern Oregon Speedway management has invited the Calculated Comfort Outlaw Pro Stocks to be a part of the season finale on September 22nd. The show will also include the IMCA Modifieds, IMCA Sport Modifieds, Kendall Oil Winged Sprint Cars and OTRO Hardtops.
For further information go to

Unofficial Race Results
Outlaw Pro Stocks
Heat 1-Scott Lenz, Scott Flowers, Gary Newman, Dave Quick, John David Duffie, Ken Irving, Ryan Sauer, Scott Bennett.

Heat 2-Steve Borror, Johnny Cobb, Dan Randall, Ray Kniffen Jr., Jeff Haudenshild, Bryan Hammond, Matt Harlow, Ginny Flowers.

Main Event-Dave Quick, Dan Randall, Gary Newman, Steve Borror, Scott Lenz.