Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Jones, Holmes, Coffman, Lenz, Trotter Win Championship Night Features At Southern Oregon Speedway

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Jones Wins First IMCA Modified Feature 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...September 22...Holding off some late pressure from CJ Putnam, Preston Jones scored the victory in the 25 lap IMCA Modified Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway. This was the first career win for Jones. Albert Gill won his third championship in five seasons just by taking the green flag for the Main Event.

Gill started the evening off with his fourth four lap Trophy Dash win of the season. 2017 champion Jesse Bailey outran his brother-in-law, Jon DeBenedetti, to win the first six lap heat race. Putnam won the second heat in front of Jones.

Jentzen Knips charged into the Main Event lead over seven-time champion Mark Wauge on the opening lap, and Bo Shields spun for a caution flag. Knips continued to lead the restart as Jones slipped past Wauge for second. Wauge came charging by Jones for second on lap four, but a Turn 3 pass on that seven regained Jones the position. A lap later, Jones made an outside pass on the backstretch to take the lead from Knips. Jones began to pull away, leaving the battle for second, but a lap 15 yellow flag waved for debris on the track. Jones led the restart with Putnam making an inside pass in Turn 2 to take second from Knips. After a lap 17 caution flag, Putnam made a serious bid to take the lead on the restart and grabbed the spot with an inside pass exiting the fourth turn. The lead was short-lived as Jones beat him back to the line to lead the 19th lap. The lead two cars ran closely as Zack Fettinger had settled into the third position. A tangle between Bailey, Gill and Dave Duste Jr brought out the final yellow flag on lap 21. Jones led the restart with Putnam giving him all the pressure he could handle. Putnam attempted to get by several times in the remaining four laps, but Jones held him off for the hard earned victory. Fettinger finished third, followed by DeBenedetti, Wauge, Jeremy Ohlde, Duane Orsburn, Duste, Bailey and Gill.

Race Results
IMCA Modifieds
Heat 1-CJ Putnam, Preston Jones, Albert Gill, Mark Wauge, Jantzen Knips, David Satterfield.

Heat 2-Jesse Bailey, Jon DeBenedetti, Zach Fettinger, Jeremy Ohlde, Dave Duste Jr, Bo Shields.

Trophy Dash-Albert Gill, Jesse Bailey, Dave Duste Jr, Zach Fettinger.

Main Event-Preston Jones, CJ Putnam, Zach Fettinger, Jon DeBenedettim Mark Wauge, Jeremy Ohlde, Duane Orsburn, Dave Duste Jr, Jesse Bailey, Albert Gill, David Satterfield, Jantzen Knips, Bo Shields.

Coffman Closes Season With IMCA Sport Modified Win 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...September 22...Leading all the way from the start, Roseburg's Doug Coffman won the 20 lap IMCA Sport Modified Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway. He became the ninth different winner of the season. David Marble took a checkered flag further back in the field to wrap up his championship winning season.

Rich McCoy started things off with a win in the four lap Trophy Dash. With 24 competitors on hand, the Sport Modifieds ran four six lap qualifying heat races, and wins were recorded by McCoy, Branden Wilson, Coffman and Willie McFall. Only the Top 4 finishers of each heat race made it into the Main Event with the remaining drivers forced to run a 12 lap B Main. Rookie Michael Rule won that race ahead of last starter Tony Duste, Gary Foster and final transfer Toby Judd.

Coffman had a front-row start for the Main Event and charged into the early lead ahead of McFall and two-time champion Dwayne Melvin. A yellow flag flew on lap two for Judd on the front straightaway. Coffman continued to lead the restart as McCoy passed McFall for second. Melvin was back up to third a lap later before a caution flag flew for AJ Parker. Coffman led McCoy and Melvin on the next restart, and a lap seven caution flag waved for Tony Bartell. Coffman continued to lead the way on the next restart ahead of McCoy as Braxton Possinger settled into third. However, Possinger surrendered that position to Justin McCreadie on lap 10. Coffman continued to set a good pace during the final 10 laps with McCoy running not too far behind for a second place finish. McCreadie settled for third, followed by Jimmy Lipke, Randy Wright, Wilson, two-time champion Mike Medel, Matt Sanders, McFall and Duste.

Race Results
IMCA Sport Modifieds
Heat 1-Rich McCoy, Randy Wright, Dwayne Melvin, Matt Sanders, Michael Rule, Steve Lysinger.

Heat 2-Branden Wilson, Jimmy Lipke, AJ Parker, Danny Rule, Gary Foster, Billy Richey.

Heat 3-Doug Coffman, Mike Medel, Tony Bartell, David Marble, Isaac Sanders, Austin Petrey.

Heat 4-Willie McFall, Braxton Possinger, Justin McCreadie, Brian Johnsen, Tony Duste, Toby Judd.

Trophy Dash-Rich McCoy, Matt Sanders, Randy Wright, Branden Wilson.

B Main-Michael Rule, Tony Duste, Gary Foster, Toby Judd, Isaac Sanders, Austin Petrey, Billy Richey, Steve Lysinger DNS.

Main Event-Doug Coffman, Rich McCoy, Justin McCreadie, Jimmy Lipke, Randy Wright, Branden Wilson, Mike Medel, Matt Sanders, Willie McFall, Tony Duste, Gary Foster, Danny Rule, David Marble, Michael Rule, Dwayne Melvin, Tony Bartell, Braxton Possinger, Brian Johnsen, AJ Parker, Toby Judd.

Holmes Thrills Crowd With Last Lap Pass For Kendall Oil Winged Sprint Car Victory At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...September 22...Tanner Holmes made an impressive late race charge to score his second straight 25 lap Kendall Oil Winged Sprint Car Main Event win Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway. With eight laps to go, the 15 year old phenom was running fifth. He switched to the outside groove for the final eight laps and worked his way to the front, where he took the lead from Mike Wheeler with a last turn pass.

The Sprint Car count grew to a record 23 cars for this race, and the three eight lap heat race wins were recorded by Holmes, Wheeler and new track champion David Hibbard. Outlaw Kart superstar Wheeler outran top rookie Blaine Cory to win the 10 lap Scramble. The increase in car count forced a 12 lap B Main, won by Camden Robustelli ahead of Enrique Jaime and final transfer Cooper Desbians. Past Cottage Grove champion Hedge Carter saw his night end early with a flip in the B Main

With a pole position start, Wheeler raced into the early lead ahead of Cory and Bailey Hibbard. In his previous two starts, mechanical issues ended Wheeler's night early, but he was running strong on this occasion. Todd Whipple did a complete 360 in Turn 4 on lap five and kept going, but a yellow flag still waived. Wheeler continued to lead Cory and Bailey Hibbard on the restart with David Hibbard and Jeffrey Hudson filling out the top five at that moment. Robustelli brought out a caution flag when he broke in Turn 4 on lap eight. Wheeler continued to lead Cory and Bailey Hibbard on this restart. Aaron Miller and Kyler Barraza retired in the next few laps as Wheeler and Cory were having a close battle at the front of the pack. The final yellow flag waved on lap 18. Holmes was up to fifth by then, and he took fourth from David Hibbard on the restart as Wheeler continued to lead. Bailey Hibbard also slipped past Corey for the second position. Holmes was working the extreme high groove that no one else was touching, and he made a Turn 4 pass on to lap 21 to take third from Cory. He gathered the momentum exiting Turn 4 a lap later and made a frontstretch pass on Bailey Hibbard for second. Wheeler was still running the bottom line that had served him well to that point, and Holmes quickly reeled him in. As they exited the final turn, Holmes gathered the momentum for an outside pass down the front straightaway. Despite a slower car also running the high line, Holmes kept going and managed to beat Wheeler back to the checkered flag for the crowd thrilling victory. Wheeler settled for a disappointed second, followed by Bailey Hibbard, Cory, AJ Harbaugh, Jeffrey Hudson, David Hibbard, Desbiens, TJ Winningham and Bailey Sucich.

Race Results
Kendall Oil Winged Sprint Cars
Heat 1-Tanner Holmes, Jeffrey Hudson, Bailey Hibbard, Merissa Hensen, Melissa Solesbee, Camden Robustelli, RC Levin.

Heat 2-Mike Wheeler, Aaron Miller, Todd Whipple, Bailey Sucich, AJ Harbaugh, Cooper Desbiens, Steve Thompson, Justin Tracy.

Heat 3-David Hibbard, Blaine Cory, TJ Winningham, Kyler Barraza, Steven Snawder, Enrique Jaime, Hedge Carter, Morgan Bergs.

Scramble-Mike Wheeler, Blaine Cory, Bailey Hibbard, TJ Winningham, David Hibbard, Tanner Holmes, Jeffrey Hudson, Todd Whipple, Aaron Miller.

B Main-Camden Robustelli, Enrique Jaime, Cooper Desbiens, Morgan Bergs, RC Levin, Hedge Carter, Steve Thompson, Justin Tracy.

Main Event-Tanner Holmes, Mike Wheeler, Bailey Hibbard, Blaine Cory, AJ Harbaugh, Jeffrey Hudson, David Hibbard, Cooper Desbiens, TJ Winningham, Bailey Sucich, Merissa Henson, Steven Snawder, Enrique Jaime, Todd Whipple, Melissa Solesbee, Kyler Barraza, Aaron Miller, Camden Robustelli.

Lenz Wraps Up Calculated Comfort Outlaw Pro Stock Championship With Win At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...September 22...Taking the lead from Steve Borror on the fourth lap, Dr Scott Lenz went on to win the 20 lap Calculated Comfort Outlaw Pro Stock Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway. This was his eighth series victory and ninth of the year as he wrapped up his second consecutive championship.

Lenz got his night started off with a four lap Trophy Dash win, but his quest for a clean sweep would end as John David Duffie held him off to win the first six lap heat race. James Flowers outran his father Scott Flowers for the second heat race win.

Steve Borror set the Main Event pace from the start ahead of Lenz and James Flowers. A Turn 2 pass on the fourth lap gained Lenz the lead, and a tangle involving James Flowers and Duffie left Duffie in Turn 2 and brought out a lap five caution flag. Duffie was done for the night, but Flowers returned after a pit stop. Lenz continued to lead Borror and Scott Flowers on the restart, but Matt Harlow made an inside pass on the front stretch on lap 8 to take third from Scott Flowers. A lap nine caution flag for debris was the final slow down of the race. Lenz continued to lead Borror on the restart as Scott Flowers regained third. A lap later, Dave Quick passed Flowers at the line to take over third. Lenz held a straightaway advantage over Borror by lap 15, leaving the battle for third. Scott Flowers slipped passed Quick for third on that 19, and Lenz was the happy winner, followed by Borror, Scott Flowers, Quick, James Flowers, Rick Lukens, Harlow, Ray Kniffin Jr, Ken Irving and Bryan Hammond.

Race Results
Calculated Comfort Outlaw Pro Stocks
Heat 1-John David Duffie, Scott Lenz, Steve Borror, Rick Kukens, Bryan Hammond, Ray Kniffen, Dave Quick.

Heat 2-James Flowers, Scott Flowers, Matt Harlow, Ken Irving, Scott Bennett, Phil Pipgras.

Trophy Dash-Scott Lenz, Scott Flowers, Steve Borror, Dave Quick.

Main Event-Scott Lenz, Steve Borror, Scott Flowers, Dave Quick, James Flowers, Rick Lukens, Matt Harlow, Ray Kniffen Jr, Ken Irving, Bryan Hammond, Scott Bennett, Tom Hackworth, John David Duffie, Dave Sauer DNS.

Trotter Closes OTRO Hardtop Season With Second Win 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...September 22...Bill Trotter won the 15 lap OTRO Hardtop Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway. Trotter battled Jay Smith through most of the race before scoring his second win of the season.

Chris Mehrer won the four lap Trophy Dash to get the show started, and Trotter won a good battle with Smith and Dean Cast for the eight lap heat race win. Trotter raced into the lead at the start of the Main Event ahead of Smith and Cast. The lead three drivers had their own battle as Mehrer mixed it up with three relative newcomers in the battle for fourth. Unfortunately for Matt Butler, he stalled with motor problems for the only caution flag of the race on lap three. Trotter continued to lead Smith and Cast on the restart. Gradually, Trotter and Smith began to pull away from Cast, while Dillion Rourk battled Mehrer for the fourth position. As Trotter went on to win, Smith lost a wheel in the final turn. Cast finished second. Rorke made an inside pass on the backstretch on lap 14 to take fourth from Mehrer. With Smith's misfortune, Roark ended up third at the checkered flag, followed by Mehrer, Mike Higby, Smith and Butler.

Race Results
OTRO Hardtops
Heat-Bill Trotter, Jay Smith, Dean Cast, Chris Mehrer, Mike Higby, Dillion Roark, Matt Butler.

Trophy Dash-Chris Mehrer, Matt Butler, Dillion Roark, Mike Higby.

Main Event-Bill Trotter, Dean Cast, Dillion Roark, Chris Mehrer, Mike Higby, Jay Smith, Matt Butler.