Saturday, April 30, 2016

Wheeler, Borror Win Season Openers At Southern Oregon Speedway

Wheeler, Borror Win Season Openers 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

Vern Wheeler dominated the action in the season opener for the Pennzoil Winged Sprint Cars.  Vern won the heat race before leading every lap of the 25 lap Main Event.  V. Wheeler found his pace slowed by traffic by lap 18, allowing Jake Wheeler and Jeffrey Hudson to close the gap.  However, V. Wheeler pulled away after moving by traffic and scored the impressive victory.  J. Wheeler was second with Hudson a close third.  Camden Robustelli outdueled Todd Whipple for the fourth place finish.

Steve Borror staged a dominating performance in the Valley Boys Auto Sales Outlaw Pro Stock 20 lap Main Event.  Borror came from mid pack and chased down two time champion Ken Irving by lap five.  Borror raced by on the inside down the front stretch on lap eight and was never seriously threatened as he won by a half lap.  Irving settled for second ahead of James Flowers and Roy Bain.  Matt Harlow was a lap down for the fifth place finish, right in front of Johnny Cobb.  Rick Lukens and Irving were heat race winners.

In the Dwarf Car action, it was a return of The King as two time defending champion Josh King won impressively in the Main Event.  Ryan Smith led five laps before King moved in for a side by side battle on the restart.  On lap eight, King slipped by on the inside in Turn 2 and would pull away from there to a straightaway advantage.  Smith was a solid second place ahead of recent Yreka winner Kalvin Morton and Chad Cardoza.  Mason Lewman was fifth.  Camden Robustelli was the B Dash winner.  Cardoza won a heat and the A Dash.  He also collected the $1000 prize in the special Fred Hay fund raiser 15 lap race.

Bob Burkett opened the 2016 Mini Stock season with a feature win and has reaffirmed that he is in fact racing for the championship this season.  Burkett has been runner up in points in the Mini Stocks four times in his impressive career.  Burkett had the front row start and led for 12 laps before 2014 champion Gary Anderson slipped underneath him for the lead in Turn 4.  Burkett ran closely behind Anderson until Anderson got pinned behind slower traffic on the outside.  Burkett made the inside pass in Turn 2 of the 18th lap and brought it home to victory.  Anderson settled for second with Marissa Henson a close third.  Kristopher Mix and Andrew Hall rounded out the Top 5.

Racing resumes next week with the return of IMCA Modifieds and IMCA Sport Modifieds.  The Pennzoil Winged Sprint Cars and Mini Stocks will be back as well.  For further information, check the official website at

Race Results Saturday, April 30

Pennzoil Winged Sprint Cars
Heat Winner (6 Laps)-Vern Wheeler Jr.  Main Event (25 laps)-V. Wheeler, Jake Wheeler, Jeffrey Hudson, Camden Robustelli,  Todd Whipple.

Valley Boys Auto Sales Outlaw Pro Stocks
Heat Winners (6 Laps)-Rick Lukens, Ken Irving.  Main Event (20 Laps)-Steve Borror, Irving, James Flowers, Roy Bain, Matt Harlow

SODCA Dwarf Cars
Heat Winners (6 Laps)-Chad Cardoza, Josh King.  Fred Hay Race (15 Laps)-Cardoza, Brock Peters, King.  A Dash (6 Laps)-Cardoza.  B Dash (6 Laps)-Camden Robustelli.  Main Event (20 Laps)-King, Ryan Smith, Kalvin Morton, Cardoza, Mason Lewman. 

Mini Stocks
Heat Winners (6 Laps)-Bob Burkett, Andrew Hall.  Main Event (20 Laps)-Burkett, Gary Anderson, Marissa Henson, Kristopher Mix, Hall.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A New Era Set To Begin At Southern Oregon Speedway

Southern Oregon Speedway Racing Discussion

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A New Era Set To Begin At Southern Oregon Speedway

It's essentially the 20th anniversary season for Southern Oregon Speedway. The track opened back in 1996, and this marks the beginning of the 21st season. On Saturday night, four divisions will compete on the fast 3/10th mile clay oval. The track will have a brand new promoter.

As announced back in February, Mike McCann and K.J.E. Enterprises has signed a 10 year lease to run Southern Oregon Speedway. McCann brings with him 30 plus years of promotional experience at tracks throughout Oregon and California.

During the course of the season, the track will host 10 different divisions of race car, including IMCA Modifieds and Sport Modifieds, Open Stock Cars, Super 4's, Hornets and OTRO Hardtops. On Saturday night, it will be the return of the Pennzoil Winged Sprint Car division, along with Outlaw Pro Stocks, Dwarf Cars and Mini Stocks.

At many of the tracks in which McCann has promoted, Sprint Cars have been an important part of the program. The speedway itself had a regular Sprint Car division for over a decade before the class was relegated to visitor status for the past five seasons.

What is unknown at this point is who will be supporting, but word is that 2010 Champion Chadd Noland will be on the roster along with two young up and coming racers, Camden Robustelli and Jeffrey Hudson. Hudson won the 2015 Pro Stock Championship with his performance on the last night of the season, while Robustelli came within 21 points of winning the Dwarf Car championship last season.

With Hudson out of the picture, it appears as if the Pro Stocks will have a first time champion this year. Leading that charge will be James Flowers and 2015 point runner up Scott flowers. Recent Yreka winner, Steve Borror and Scott Bennett are other drivers who are poised to make a run in the point battle.

In the Dwarf Car ranks, Josh King is the defending two time champion. King can expect some stiff competition from the likes of Calvin Morton, Rob Gergel, Brock Peters, Ryan Smith and Kaycee Sheeler.

The Dwarf Car division has added a special 15 lap, $1,000 to win race, thanks to an anonymous sponsor. The drivers will pay a special entry fee, and all of that money will be donated to injured racer Fred Hay.

Hay suffered a hard flip in a race a month ago in Chico, California. He spent several days in the hospital and has since returned home. The third ranked driver and two time Main Event winner last season faces a lengthy recovery process.

After an impressive championship season in mini stocks, David Marble has already moved up to the Sport Modified division. Having ranked second in the points in four of the previous seven seasons, Bob Burkett would seem poised to finally pick up his first championship. However, he can expect some stiff competition from teammates Mike Cloud, Eric Hanson, Kris Mix and Marissa Henson. Also not to be forgotten is 2014 Champion Gary Anderson.

Saturday night will be the first race of the season that will go all the way through September 24th. Grandstands open at 5p.m. with the first race slated to begin at 7 p.m.. Adult tickets are $12, while kids 6 through 12 and seniors 65 and older are $6. Children 5 and under are free.

The Open Stock Division Is Coming To Southern Oregon Speedway In 2016

The Open Stock Division Is Coming To 
Southern Oregon Speedway In 2016

With new promoter Mike McCann comes a few changes at Southern Oregon Speedway.  One of those changes is the introduction of a new Open Stock Car class.  The idea came about after some drivers from the Street Stocks and Late Models approached McCann about getting dates for their respective divisions this year.

During the seven years prior to last season, the track attempted to run Late Models for three seasons and Street Stocks for four, but it was a struggle to get things going.  After the Street Stocks were dropped in 2015, some drivers bolted for the Outlaw Pro Stocks, and others just parked.

McCann is a believer in giving the fans a car count and the racers an opportunity to establish something new.  The Open Stock division runs open rules on the cars on everything from tires to motors.  The idea is to put a car count on the track and allow drivers to make a case for either division as a separate entity based on support.

The Late Models have nearly a half dozen drivers making inquires about this division, and one competitor already on board is Steve Lemley.  Steve has raced various types of Stock Cars through the years as well as Hardtops, and he is building a Late Model for this season.

Among the others who have expressed an interest in racing some of the six dates that have been scheduled are Blaine Taylor, Bob Dees, and Mike Linder.  Linder is a name many people already know as a Sprint Car star in the Southern Oregon area, and his son Garen races them now.  Mike currently has a Late Model.  Dees raced Late Models here in the past and recently got a new car.

Blaine Thomas is a name familiar up north for racing Sprint Cars, IMCA Modifieds and Late Models, where he had a strong second place season as a Main Event winner at Cottage Grove back in 2014.  There are others watching the class closely with an eye toward supporting.  If the Late Model support can consistently reach 8-10 cars, it's not out of the realm of possibility that they will become their own division. 

The Street Stocks were popular at the old Medford race track, but for whatever reason were not included as part of Southern Oregon Speedway's launch back in 1996.  It wasn't until 2011 when the division was added.  It seemed poised to go somewhere, but after the 2014 season, it was dropped.  Ten different cars had competed that year.  The division is responsible for bringing in two top area stars in Jorddon Braaten and Duane Osburn.  Both of them won championships in the class, before moving up.

The 2014 season championship went to Miles Deubert.  Deubert, third ranked Daron Arnold, fifth place Garrett Dees, Chris Howard and Daniel Herrera fielded cars that season and haven't raced much since.  It is known that there are Street Stocks sitting in the area, and this is the drivers' chance to dig their cars out of mothballs and go racing again.

The Open Stocks will allow Late Models, Pro Stocks, Sportsman cars and Street Stocks to race together under an open rules set.  It will also give the fans a unique class to watch with varying styles of appearance.  The idea is to get something started now and see where it can go next year.

At most of the tracks at which McCann has promoted, he's had one variety of Stock Car at least, and it's something he wants to continue to do at Southern Oregon Speedway.  This is the chance for the area racers to build something that can grow and become an attraction in the coming years.

The first race is set for May 21th, and the following dates are June 4th June 18th, July 30th, August 20th and September 17th.  It's the beginning of a new era in Stock Car racing at the speedway.  For further information and rules, visit the official website at,

Friday, April 8, 2016

Outlaw Kart Racing To Continue At Southern Oregon Speedway Kart Track

Outlaw Kart Racing To Continue 
At Southern Oregon Speedway Kart Track

White City, Oregon...There were some concerns from the racing community in the Medford area that the Outlaw Kart track at Southern Oregon Speedway might not even have any races this year.  Those worries were unfounded.  There will be a season under new Promoter Mike McCann.  The fact is, McCann has a history of promoting Kart and Micro Sprint racing at several venues through the years.  The season will be eight races spanning from May through August as the struggling program is being revitalized.

The Kart track was built back in 1998 by Ron Shubin, who promoted some big events during his ten year run as promoter.  The whole idea behind this track is two fold.  It's a way to promote the family atmosphere in racing and it also helps grow the sport as new drivers get their feet in the door at this track and graduate to the bigger track.  The roster of Kart graduates is impressive and includes such hard chargers as Camden Robustelli, Chadd Noland, Seth Nunes and C.J. Putnam.

No big changes are being made to the rules as the classes from last year will return, including Beginner and Intermediate Box Stocks, 125's, 250's 500's and a Micro Sprint class that will include the 600's and any 500's or 250's drivers wanting to give the one-eighth mile dirt track a whirl.   The race dates are May 13 and 20, June 3 and 24, July 8 and 29 and August 19 and 26.  They are all Friday night races, and the second race of each month is set to be for an increased purse.

Children of all ages, and the young at heart, compete in these classes.  The youngsters in the Beginner Box Stock class can be quite entertaining.  Who knows?  One of them could grow up the next Camden Robustelli, Nick DeCarlo or Kellen Chadwick, all of whom were champions at a young age.  Last season, the two Beginner champions were Drake Beard and Trent Florey.  Florey won after a battle with Tristan Lorents.

The Beginners graduate into the Intermediate 5HP class, and the champion last season was Trevor Grimes over Brenden Bartlett.  From there, there are a few more divisions with a bit more horse power.  The 125's championship last year went to Wyatt Pinchney, and it was Tanner Holmes holding off Dillon Lausen for the 250's championship.  Jason Benton battled Bartley Foster for the 500's championship.

The Micro class is a new addition that allows just a bit more power with the 600's and allows the drivers in the 250's and 500's to run with them if they want to.  At several Kart tracks, the 600's have been the top class, but it's just getting started here.  The idea is to build up a show that can rival the shows held in the glory days of the Outlaw Kart track not too many years ago.

The Outlaw Kart track is sort of a field of dreams for aspiring racers to get in at a young age.  It's a way to teach the younger generation mechanical skills and sportsmanship.  It also brings families closer together.  This track has helped make the racing community in Southern Oregon that much stronger.

The good news is also the fact that the track will be open for playday on April 24th.  It will be the perfect opportunity for the racers to get much needed seat time and work the bugs out of their race cars.  The track will open for cars from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM and pit access is just $10.  Fans wishing to spectate at the Kart or big track that day get in free into the grandstands.  For further information, check the website at

Open Stock Class Announced For Southern Oregon Speedway

Open Stock Class Announced For Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...When Mike McCann held the Southern Oregon Speedway driver's meeting in Medford back in February, something interesting happened.  He was approached by drivers in two divisions that had no races on the schedule, the Late Models and the Street Stocks.  There were said to be at least a half dozen drivers in each class who wanted to come race.

The schedule was already filling up, but McCann proposed an idea that seemed to be accepted by the drivers who were there at the meeting.  What if we ran the cars in both divisions together to build a car count and see where we end up at season's end?  The drivers were receptive to the idea, and McCann drafted a very simple set of rules, which are available on the track's website.  The result was the Open Stock class where there are few restrictions when it comes to motor, chassis, body, suspension, wheels or tires.

In fact, divers can run side boards, hearkening back to the old POSSE Super Stock days.  It's about  putting on a show and putting cars out on the race track.  Fans will see a division in which the cars may take on a more unique personality, the way it was back in the old days.  That is to say the cars won't look the same in style the way some other classes do.  The drivers will get a chance to put their cars on the track and show what interest remains in Street Socks and Late Models in the area.

When Southern Oregon Speedway opened in 1996, the old Medford Street Stock division was not included, which surprised a few people at the time.  Late Models were generally invited a couple times a year as part of the tour going around Oregon.  However, there was a time when the track did try to establish its own Late Model and Street Stock divisions .

Flashing back to 2008, there was a close Late Model battle between veteran Roger Lorenzini and Chris Salyer that ended in a tie.  Long time California Late Model racer Skipper Klimcheck was a close third ahead of Jeremy Richey and Dane Smith.  A year later, current IMCA Modified competitor Andy Freeman topped the field with Trent Elliot and Smith two points back in second.  Richey bested Monte Bischoff and Salyer in the third and final year.

So, who is interested in running a Late Model?  Stock Car veteran Steve Lemley has already thrown his hat into the ring.  Beyond that is just speculation.  Rumor has it that Klimcheck still has a car, and we have to wonder who else might dig their cars out of mothballs for an opportunity to compete on the fast three-tenths mile clay oval.  Could this be the start of a Late Model division in the future?

The Street Stock division is an enigma.  The reality is that this division is still very popular, and yet not much was done to establish a class until the beginning of the decade.  The two biggest stars of the class were Dwayne Osburn and Jorddon Braaten.  Osburn won the first two championships with Braaten in second both years before winning the 2013 championship.  That was a season that saw the class have 12 different cars in the standings.

It seemed like the division almost took hold, but numbers dipped slightly with ten different cars in 2014. Miles Deubert won that championship ahead of Mini Stock graduate Tyler Lockwood.  So, who still has a car that they want to race?  We do know that Braaten has become the big Sport Mod star in the area as a two tine champion, and Osburn nearly won a Modified championship in Yreka last year.  We also know there are drivers waiting for an opportunity to return.

Now is the time for the forgotten Street Stock and Late Model drivers to step forward and show that they want to race at Southern Oregon Speedway now and in the future.  Dates lined up include May 21, June 4, June 18, July 30, August 20 and September 17.  That's six dates to build something that can continue to grow in the future.  Who is ready to step up and help get this started?  We'll find out in a little over a month.  For more information on this and other things happening at the track, check the official website at

Past Late Model Champions

2008 Roger Lorenzini
Chris Salyer tie
2009  Andy Freeman
2010  Jeremy Richey

Street Stocks Champions

2011  Duane Osburn
2012  Duane Osburn
2013  Jorddon Braaten
2014  Miles Dubert

A New Era in Sprint Car Racing Begins At Southern Oregon Speedway

A New Era in Sprint Car Racing Begins 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

There's a hint of newness in the air at Southern Oregon Speedway. It isn't just that Mike McCann has become the new promoter of the twenty year old racing facility. It isn't even because the Pennzoil Winged Sprint Cars, presented by Hays Oil, are once again a regular division at the track.

Some of the names people are familiar with, such as Nutter, Menne and Rogers, may not be a part of the Sprint Car class this year. Some of the names people may be more familiar with in Oregon Sprint Car racing these days may only be occasional visitors at best.

However, this new era of Winged Sprint Car racing at Southern Oregon Speedway will introduce some new Sprint Car stars to the fans. Regular fans at the speedway already know how good of a race car driver young Jeffrey Hudson is. He may get it from his father, Jeff Hudson, who has been a star of Pro Stock Racing for many years in Oregon.

Coming up from the ranks of the Go Karts, Jeffrey got behind the wheel of an Outlaw Pro Stock at the age of 14. Racing with the likes of longtime veterans like Dave Everson and Ken Irving, Jeffrey won the championship in his first year last year. Even more impressive was the fact that despite the pressure of the season finale and having to overtake the point leader, Jeffrey made his best move and won that championship on the final night.

People are already talking about the youngster Hudson, and they're saying he's the real deal. This year, he's ready for his next challenge and wheeling a Winged Sprint Car. Last Saturday night, he made his first laps in the division in practice at Yreka.

Hudson won't be the only "Young Gun" in the Winged Sprint Car class. He will be joined by Dwarf Car sensation Camden Robustelli. Robustelli has been rising fast in the Dwarf Car ranks after winning Kart championships before that. After his fourth place ranking in Dwarf Cars and a big win in the National event at Santa Maria back in 2014, Camden came within a whisker of winning the Southern Oregon Dwarf Car Association Championship before settling for a very close second last year.

The youngster has already gotten some seat time in the Sprint Car with a couple of select starts last season. However, that was just a tune up. The team will be putting more attention into the Sprint Car effort this year. It could just be that the first championship of the Sprint Car revival could be won by one of these two young drivers.

Todd Whipple had been running IMCA Modifieds in recent seasons and was a top five driver at Yreka last year. Periodically, Todd has made select starts in Sprint Car events.  The 10 race schedule at Southern Oregon Speedway may offer Todd the opportunity to get much more seat time and progress as a Sprint Car driver.

At every race track, you have the low buck racer who helps make up the field. You won't find a more dedicated low buck racer at Southern Oregon Speedway then Wayne Kniffen. Through the years, Wayne has ranked top 10 in Mini Stocks and top 20 in IMCA Modifieds. With the bigger car counts back in those days, he struggled to make the Main Events.  However, he managed to win two B Main championships in the Modified and Mini Stock classes. He also ran a few races one season and was Top 10 ranked in a Sprint Car. Wayne is looking forward to coming back to Southern Oregon Speedway and giving it a go.

The new era could make stars out of these four racers, but there are already some drivers with Sprint Cup championships under their belts who will be part of the field. This includes 2010 Southern Oregon Speedway Sprint Car champion Chadd Noland, two time Orland Wingless Sprint Car champion Bill Hopper and 2015 Cottage Grove Sprint Car Champion Patrick Dills.
Several other drivers are rumored to be a part of the division this year, and we're waiting to hear confirmation on who may also join the field.

It could very well be that some drivers won't declare their intent to race regularly at the speedway until opening day. One driver getting some attention is Garen Linder, who recently went down to California and picked up a top five finish at Chico Silver Dollar Speedway. The popular Linder would be a welcome addition to the roster.

One thing is for sure, the Pennzoil Winged Sprint Car class will be a regular division at Southern Oregon Speedway this year and in the years to come. For further information on this division and the other classes at the speedway, check out the official website at

Mini Stock Drivers Prepare For Coming Season At Southern Oregon Speedway

Mini Stock Drivers Prepare For Coming Season 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...With less than a month left to go, there are several drivers chomping at the bit to put their cars on the racetrack. Nowhere is that more apparent than in the Mini Stock division, where several Southern Oregon Speedway competitors were seen on a racetrack making some practice laps.

The track was neighboring Siskiyou Motor Speedway in Yreka, and a little over a half dozen racers were there. For the last two seasons at Southern Oregon Speedway, there were three names you needed to know when it came to championship contenders. Those three drivers were longtime division competitor Bob Burkett, 2014 Champion Gary Anderson and 2015 Champion David Marble, who is reportedly getting ready for a move up to Outlaw Pro Stocks.

Eric Hanson and Mike Cloud were next on the point list last season, ranking fourth and fifth respectively. Both racers are hungry to see the Winner's Circle this year, and they could very well be drivers to beat in the championship battle this year.  The duo came to Yreka on Saturday and were part of the car show at McDonald's in Yreka before heading to the track for practice.

Two of last season's Top 10 competitors were also seen in Yreka. Seventh ranked Kris Mix and 10th ranked Marissa Henson were there to put their cars though the paces. Mix was so excited to get some practice laps that his car was primered and didn't even have a paint job yet. He could feel the top 5 within his grasp last season, and he's anxious to make it this year and perhaps see the Winner's Circle a time or two. Henson had her beautiful #17 car out there making laps as she tries to improve on last season's 10th place ranking.

Henson also ran the 250's on the smaller track last season and brought it home to a third place ranking behind Dylan Lausen. Lausen will be a rookie in Mini Stocks this year and was making laps in Yreka. Last season, Lausen ran a Hornet a time or two and ranked second in 250's on the 1/8 mile dirt oval next to the big track. He will be joined in this year's rookie class by another driver making his first Mini Stock laps in Yreka, Devin Weiser. Like Lawson, Weiser raced briefly in the Hornet Class last season.

There is excitement in the air as the Mini Stock division prepares for its 21st season of racing at Southern Oregon Speedway. Several racers are hoping to make their presence known in the battle this year, and these drivers were hoping to get a head start and be ready when the gates open in a few weeks for the first race on April 30th. For more information about the happenings at Southern Oregon Speedway, check out the official webpage at

Friday, April 1, 2016

Pear Blossom Parade Means Racing Season Just Around The Corner At Southern Oregon Speedway

Pear Blossom Parade Means Racing Season 
Just Around The Corner At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...Down the road a little bit in Medford, the Pear Blossom Parade is happening on April 9th, and some racers representing Southern Oregon Speedway will be taking part in it.  There is lots of excitement in the air as the popular 3/10 mile clay oval in White City begins its 21st season of racing with Mike McCann as promoter.

There is much to be done to get things ready for the coming season, and McCann is busy putting things into place.  The good news is the rules will stay the same for the divisions that have been there.  No changes are coming other than what IMCA has made with the Modified and Sport Modified rules.  Mini Stocks, Hornets, Pro Stocks and Dwarf Cars are steady as she goes with the rules

The Super 4 drivers are trying to reestablish their rules and won't be too ridged with the rules as long as things are in the spirit.  Sprint Cars are open enough to allow a wide variety of engines to compete as the class gets rebuilt.  The 6 cylinder Hardtop division will pretty much be what is allowed in Roseburg, but on dirt.  The Open Stock class is being started to give Street Stocks and Late Models a place to race while McCann figures out what to do next.  Enough interest could lead to the two classes becoming separate entities.

The drivers wanted IMCA to remain as the sanctioning body, and that is the case.  The concern was that they wanted to run what other tracks were running.  A schedule of nine Modified and 13 Sport Modified dates was booked this year, ensuring that the track champions will be recognized by IMCA and also that the drivers can be a part of the Northwest Modified Cup and Sport Mod Challenge Series.

A newspaper feature back in 2014 mentioned that Jorddon Bratten had an eye toward moving up to the IMCA Modifieds.  At that point, he was already a Street Stock champion.  He won the Sport Mod title that year and repeated a year later.  At this time, Bratten, who is one of the more popular racers at the track, will be trying for three Sport Modified titles in a row.  Jorddon pretty much dominated at Southern Oregon Speedway and Yreka last year, but he didn't win the IMCA State championship because the two tracks are in different states.

To say that Mike Medel is not a true champion is a misstatement.  Mike did not make it easy on Bratten as he was just ten points behind him at the speedway.  Medel, who proudly staked his claim to the Oregon IMCA State championship, was also very competitive in his visits to Cottage Grove Speedway and Sunset Speedway in Banks. Glenn Severson had a nice maiden season in Sport Mods last year with a third in the standings, and he should come back even stronger this year.  Randy Fernandes improved on his Top 10 status of 2014 with a fourth place season last year.  You also have to consider two time champion Dwayne Melvin entering the Sport Mod's fifth season.  New cars are anticipated this season.

The big question is who will be coming back in Modifieds this year?  There are some key names on the roster that he we haven't seen enough of in the past couple seasons.  Even after missing races, six time champion Mark Wauge was still second in the standings and won some big races between Southern Oregon Speedway and Yreka.  If he comes back more often, things could get very interesting.  The same can be said for hard chargers liked Jon DeBenedetti, Brian Poppa and Travis Peery.  All are past champions, and all are very talented racers.  Can you imagine a season with all four of these leadfoots racing full time?  Add in a car from the Duste team, and it would get even better.

Getting more cars to show up regularly as they did in the past will be the key.  There are plenty of good racers out there, and even guys liked Tim and Jesse Bailey are not to be ignored.  Both have run up front with Tim Bailey finishing third in points last season and Jesse finishing second the year before.  Speedway veterans like Zach Fettinger and Monte Bischoff, Brett Provost, Jeremy Ohlde, Eric Mobbs, Andy Freeman and Brian Bowman are all important ingredients to the success of the class.  All of them are primed and ready for their big moment on the race track.

And, of course, you cannot possibly ignore Albert Gill.  Gill is coming off of back to back championships and going for a third one.  He was a past Top 5 Pro Stock racer before that.  And there is one thing to consider.  As good as Albert is now, we haven't even seen his full potential.  The best may well be yet to come for Gill.  Hopefully, this will come with bigger car counts, and indications are that bigger car counts will indeed be the case this year.

SODCA Dwarf Cars and the Valley Boys Auto Pro Stocks have been moving right along with strong car counts and good races whenever they come to town.  Southern Oregon Speedway will see lots of them this season, just as Yreka gets some visits from both.  In the case of the Pro Stocks, young Jeffrey Hudson overtook Scott Flowers for the championship with a great effort in the season finale.   James Flowers was third, and, of course, Ken Irving was Top 5 again as the two time champion was tied with John Cobb for fourth.  2013 champion Dave Everson was busy winning the final race at the speedway.  Indications are that the class will remain strong and competitive this season.

As for Dwarf Cars, Josh King is the man on a roll with back to back championships, but nobody is making it easy for him.  Ryan Smith came within 17 points of beating him in 2014, while Camden Robustelli finished just 24 points back last year.  King knows that if he slips up a little, somebody might overtake him.  With other hard chargers like Fred Hay, Kalvin Morton, Brock Peters, Rob Gergel, Travis Gergel, Jesse Merrimen and Kaycee Sheeler in the group, among others, the Dwarf Car class is more competitive than ever.

We're still waiting to see who will be a part of the Super 4 Mini Stock class, but indications are that drivers will be coming from all over the state to try and restart what had been an 11 year tradition.  It's assumed that the Top 3 finishers from last year's one appearance, Lee Doty, John Barger and Charlie Eaton, will be among the competitors.  We'll be keeping an eye on this situation in the days ahead.

The Mini Stocks have a different situation, David Marble, Gary Anderson and Bob Burkett have ranked Top 3 for the past two seasons and pretty much dominated the action.  Burkett has been a  front runner for several seasons, Anderson is the 2014 champion and Marble won it last year.  The question is, will there be a breakout star this year to loosen the grip of the big three?  As the fourth and fifth place drivers last season, Eric Hanson and Mike Cloud are the likely candidates, but what about second year racer Kris Mix, Andrew Hall or Randy Simmons?  It will be interesting to see where this division goes.  The good news is the car count was hitting double digits and on the rise when the 2015 season came to a close.

Hornets are the other question mark.  Car count has struggled, and that has left people wondering about the future of the class.  However, the new promoter wants to build this class up.  Last year, there were multiple nights when six cars showed up.  Drew Fielder was the star of the class and champion, but Mikey Johnson, Neal Coaty and Jason Peeble had their moments.  There were ten different drivers who had cars last season, and one goal this year is to see the class have at least ten cars show up for a race.  The potential is there for this to happen.  The other nice thing about the Hornets is that they will help make new stars at Southern Oregon Speedway.  Of course, the web site for the track is to find out about the latest happenings.  The new site will be going live soon.

Kniffen Coming Back To Sprint Cars At Southern Oregon Speedway

Kniffen Coming Back To Sprint Cars 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...There has been much buzz in the air since new Southern Oregon Speedway promoter Mike McCann announced his intentions to start up a Winged Sprint Car Class.  With ten dates booked, it certainly caught the eye of many racers.  A half dozen competitors, including 2010 champion Chadd Noland, Cottage Grove Speedway Sprint Car champion Patrick Dills, Pro Stock champion Jeffrey Hudson, Orland Sprint Car champion Bill Hopper, SODCA Dwarf Car point runner up Camden Robustelli and Top 5 Yreka IMCA Modified racer Todd Whipple, have declared intentions to come race on the fast 3/10th mile banked clay oval this season.

Well, those six will be joined by Wayne Kniffen.  Kniffen just announced his intentions to come back in his #84 Sprint Car.  The Kniffen family has been a fixture at Southern Oregon Speedway since it opened with Wayne's father, Ray Kniffen, and brother, Ray Kniffen Jr,. competing at the track through the years.  In fact, Ray Jr. still runs an IMCA Modified.

Wayne has competed in a few different divisions at the track, going back to the early 2000's in a Mini Stock.  He went from 25th to 19th and then 8th in his third and final season in that class.  He was also the 1999 Mini Stock B Main Champion.  Since then, he's competed in IMCA Modifieds with two Top 20 seasons to show for that and the 2007 B Main Championship.

That wasn't enough to satisfy Wayne's need for speed, which meant he decided to run the Winged Sprint Car division that the track had at the time.  He was ranked 9th in points in 2004.  Wayne has competed here and there with the Sprint Car, but he's decided to return to the speedway this season.  "R & W Racing is looking forward to racing at the new and improved Southern Oregon Speedway this season, " he declared.

Kniffen brings several years of racing experience with him, and he should equate himself very well with the rest of the competition.  The fact is, there is a lot of excitement surrounding the return of the Winged Sprint Car division to the track,  More drivers will be expressing an intent to be a part of the growing division, and there is a big announcement set to be made very soon.  For more information, check the official track website at

Outlaw Pro Stocks, SODCA Dwarf Cars A Part Of Southern Oregon Speedway In 2016

Outlaw Pro Stocks, SODCA Dwarf Cars A Part Of 
Southern Oregon Speedway In 2016

White City, Oregon...Since the gates opened for racing at Southern Oregon Speedway back in 1996, Pro Stocks and Dwarf Cars have been a part of the racing program on the fast three-tenths mile clay oval.  As the track enters the 2016 season, the Valley Boys Auto Sales Outlaw Pro Stocks and the SODCA Dwarf Cars will remain an important part of the schedule at the speedway.

When it comes to past super stars of the Pro Stock division, it doesn't get any better than Medford racing legend Jim Walker Jr. and Frank Word III  Word won an incredible eight championships in a nine year span.  In fact, he was so dominant that past division champion Brian Poppa, who had also won a Modified title at the speedway, had to come back to the Pro Stocks to snap Word's title winning streak at four.  Word went on to win four more after that to reach his total of eight.

In the modern area, the Valley Boys Auto Sales Outlaw Pro Stocks Association is in their fifth season, and they are coming off of a season that featured an incredible three car battle between Scott Flowers and second generation sensation Jeffrey Hudson.  Flowers seemed to have it within his grasp, but it slipped away on the final night as the talented teen Hudson claimed the championship hardware.  Scott Flowers settled for second while James Flowers grabbed the final podium position in third.

Two hard chargers of the division that we hope to be seeing out on the track this year along with 2015's top trio are veterans Dave Everson and Ken Irving.  Everson wrapped up the 2015 campaign last year with an impressive win at Southern Oregon Speedway, and he was also the champion in 2013.  Irving hasn't been outside the Top 5 since the association was founded.  He was fourth last year and second to Everson in 2013.  However, the highlight for the crafty veteran was his 2012 and 2014 championships.

Sometimes referred to as Limited Late Models at other tracks, the Pro Stocks feature some close Stock Car racing on a budget more reasonable than the Late Models that have met on rough times due to the cost of the cars.  Generally, the class brings no less than 12 cars to the track, and they hit the 20's at times last year.  The car count and the quality of racer within the ranks makes the Outlaw Pro Stocks very popular with the fans.

John Cobb is anticipated this season.  In his initial campaign with the group last season, he finished in a tie with Irving for fourth.  Steve Borror was another racer who tasted victory last season, and the Top 10 ranked competitor should be competing this year along with other notables, such as Scott Bennett, Matt Harlow, Rocky Nash and Dave Quick.

As with the Pro Stocks, the SODCA Dwarf Cars do make occasional visits to Yreka and other places, but they call Southern Oregon Speedway their home track.  The Dwarf Cars have had some amazing competitors through the years, and it's hard to get much better than past champions like Jon DeBeneditti and Gary Fitzsimmons.  DeBeneditti has gone on to be a star of IMCA Modified racing, but there are some incredible racers within the Dwarf Car ranks.

And one reason for these competitors to want to be there is because of the Annual West Coast Dwarf Car Nationals event that SODCA hosts at Southern Oregon Speedway on August 4-6.  The very best drivers on the West Coast flock to White City to be a part of this gathering.  The locals have to be on their game as the already high talent level gets taken up another notch.

In 2014, Josh King won a grueling battle with Ryan Smith for the SODCA championship. It came down to the final week with King winning by just 17 points.  In his bid to repeat, he found the competition just as tough when young Camden Robustelli shadowed him all through the season.  King did repeat.  Robustelli was a close second on the heels of his fourth place season of 2014.  One of Camden's bug moments came two years earlier with a big win in the National event at Santa Maria.  This year, he'll also be racing a Sprint Car.

Smith had third for a while last year before falling back to sixth.  Third ended up in the hands of  another talented racer named Fred Hay.  Hay was a feature winner on the circuit last year and ranked fifth a year earlier.  He could be the driver to make a bid to thwart King's effort for three in a row, which hasn't been done since DeBenedetti did it in the late 1990's. Calvin Morton is another driver coming off of back to back Top 5 seasons, and he could step it up a notch this year.

Brock Peters was fifth last season and should be another driver to watch in the hunt.  There's another rising young star in the group named Kaycee Sheeler.  Sheeler improved from tenth to eighth last season and was a threat to win a feature on a few occasions.  She just may do it this season.  Others to watch for include Rob Gergle, Travis Gergle and Jesse Merriman.

Dwarf Car and Pro Stock racing is alive and well in Southern Oregon, and both classes continue to produce great car counts.  Often times, the SODCA Dwarf Cars had the high count at the track last year.  It all comes out on the race track where the racing in both divisions is exciting.  That should continue to be the case.  For further information on the goings on at Southern Oregon Speedway, check the website.

Pro Stock Champions

1996  Scott Lenz
1997  Jim Walker Jr.
1998  Jim Walker Jr.
1999  Brian Poppa
2000  Brad Alfrey
2001  Jim Walker Jr.
2002  Frank Word III
2003  Frank Word III
2004  Frank Word III
2005  Frank Word III
2006  Brian Poppa
2007  Frank Word III
2008  Frank Word III
2009  Frank Word III
2010  Frank Word III
2011  Dustin Knight
2013  Dave Everson
2012  Ken Irving
2013  Dave Everson
2014  Ken Irving
2015  Jeffrey Hudson

Dwarf Car Champions

1998  Jon DeBenedetti
1999  Jon DeBenedetti
2000  Jon DeBenedetti
2001  Gary Fitzsimmons
2002  Gary Fitzsimmons
2003  Dan Van Acker
2004  Crash Jackson
2005  Jerry Apland
2006  Tom Palazollo
2007  Jim Harsha
2008  Kelly Gutches
2009  Greg Denton
2010  Kelly Gutches
2011  R.J. McGahuey
2012  R.J. McGahuey
2013  C.J. Puttnam
2014  John King
2015  Josh King

Hornets To Swarm Southern Oregon Speedway In 2016

Hornets To Swarm Southern Oregon Speedway In 2016

White City, Oregon...In auto racing, you have to start some place, and the easiest place to start at Southern Oregon Speedway is the Hornet division.  This season, it will be the third classification of Four Cylinder Stock Car racing at the speedway.  The Hornets, sometimes referred to as Four Bangers at other race tracks, began at the three-tenth mile clay oval track in 2014.

The concept of the entry level division is nothing new.  Decades ago, many tracks only ran one class of race car and could pack the pits with cars.  Hardtops, Midgets and Super Modifieds ruled the speedways.  Eventually, the early Model Stock Car was born as a second, entry level division at many tracks, and it evolved into the Late Model through the years as Street Stocks and then Hobby Stocks became the favorite entry level class of speedways everywhere.

Over the past decade or two, more race tracks started to see what others saw in Mini Stock racing.  Southern Oregon Speedway opened its gates in 1996 and included a Mini Stock division as part of the program.  They continue to be a part of the program 21 years later.  Heading into the 2014 season, it was decided that an even cheaper, "bare bones" Mini Stock class was needed, and that was the Hornet class.

A line in the original rule book that sums up the philosophy of the Hornet division reads, "Cars must remain Factory Stock. These are intended to be cars that we race, not race cars."

These are Four Cylinder vehicles.  Cars are to be no more than 104 wheel base.  Trucks to be no bigger than 108 wheel base.  They must be stock frame, body, engine and suspension to the make and model of the vehicle.  No alterations, modifications or additions allowed.  This is a class designed for the novice to get into racing and learn a little without breaking the bank to do it.  

During that first season, about a half dozen cars were built and competed at various times.  Robert Jones, Dale Tarp and Tyler Womack divided the wins amongst themselves.  Womack was a winner late in the season.  Tarp grabbed three wins, and the dominant Jones had six victories.  Not surprisingly, Jones left with the championship hardware.

It seemed like last season saw the division sort of fly in under the radar, but there were actually ten different cars to compete and six car fields were reached on multiple occasion after a slow start.  Drew Fielder won three times, but the points were at least a little closer as second place Mikey Johnson came on strong at the end.  There were more winners as Lon Fox, Jason Peeble and Brian Dickens each got a win of their own.

Promoter Mike McCann is hoping to see this division have a breakout year with more drivers joining the competition.  To meet that end, a more relaxed schedule of six race dates was created to make it easier for more racers to support the races.  It also allows the track to rotate other Mini Stock classes to give all of the racers a chance to recover and prepare for the next race.

The first race is scheduled for May 14 with other dates booked on June 4, June 18, July 30, August 20 and September 17. Optimism is high for a good season for this division and more new cars on the race track.  For further information on this division and other happenings at Southern Oregon Speedway, check the official website at

Hornets 2015
Drew Fielder    281 (3)
Mikey Johnson    202
Neal Coaty    159
Jason Peeble    113 (1)
Garrett Fredrickson 94
Lon Fox        66 (1)
Brian Dickens    59 (1)
Bob Burkett    56
Heathen Menze1    53
Devin Weiser    52

Hornets 2014
Robbie Jones 418 (6)
Dale Tarp 294 (3)
Tyler Womack 267 (1)
Dale Tarp 114
Elizabeth Shaylor 58
Tanton Swaim 58
Arien Heath 54
Robbie Jones 53
Alan Danielson 52

Hornet Schedule 
May 14
June 4
June 18
July  30
August 20
September 17

Southern Oregon Speedway Retains IMCA Sanctioning For Modifieds

Southern Oregon Speedway Retains 
IMCA Sanctioning For Modifieds

White City, Oregon...When Mike McCann took over as promoter at Southern Oregon Speedway, he looked over all of the divisions to make plans for this season.  In looking at the Modified and Sport Modifieds, he learned one thing early on from the competitors.  They wanted to keep the IMCA sanctioning.  The oldest sanctioning body for auto racing in the United States, IMCA provides these classes with a good set of rules. The drivers know what they are getting when they show up to compete at an IMCA sanctioned race track.

The Modifieds will run a nine race schedule, which also allows the drivers to visit neighboring tracks and vise versa.  It is hoped that car count will continued to grow.  The Sport Mod drivers get 13 races, which also makes the minimum dates required to be a part of Steve Kerstulovich's NW Sport Modified Challenge Series.  The Series was added after two successful years of the NW Modified Cup, which  Southern Oregon Speedway drivers also get the opportunity to be a part of.

There have been some very talented Modified drivers who have passed through the gates of this race track throughout its 20 year history, and it could be that Albert Gill is the lesser known champion of those drivers.  Gill has sort of flown in under the radar, but he's done so as the two time defending champion.  Gill climbed up through the ranks of the track's Pro Stock division, where he was also a Top 5 driver on multiple occasions.

One of the drivers voicing his desire for IMCA sanctioning was the talented Mark Wauge.  Really, it doesn't matter if the class is sanctioned, unsanctioned or even running wings.  Over one-quarter of the times (6 of the 20 seasons), Mark has left the track as the champion.  He's also won the prestigious Lon Skinner Memorial race once among his numerous feature victories, and he's certainly among the favorites to do it again this year.

The Bailey Team, Jesse Bailey and Tim Bailey, should not be counted out this season.  Tim finished a strong third in the standings last year ahead of Jesse, who has had a string of Top 5 point seasons.  In fact, Jesse was second to Gill in the 2014 point battle.  Not to be forgotten in the mix, as if he could be, was last season's fourth place point runner, Brian Poppa.  Like Gill, Poppa came up through the Pro Stocks, but Poppa actually won a championship there before doing it again in Modifieds.  Brian's impressive credentials includes three wins in the Lon Skinner Memorial race.

The fact is, there are several good racers at Southern Oregon Speedway, making this the place to be for IMCA Modified racing on any night this class is on the schedule.  Two other past champions, Travis Peery and Jon DeBenedetti, were among the competitors last season and are factors when they show up.  Add in other names, such as Zach Fettinger, Brett Provost, Eric Mobbs, Jeremy Ohlde and Monte Bischoff, and you have a competitive Modified division.

The IMCA Sport Modifieds are heading into their fifth season, and perhaps the biggest star in the division at any of the tracks in the area is Jorddon Braaten.  Jorddon backed up his 2014 title with another championship romp last year.  He is also a past Street Stock champion, but last year was an amazing season that saw him win many times at both Southern Oregon Speedway and neighboring Yreka.  Braaten may be hard to beat this year in the track championship battle as well as the NW Sport Modified Challenge.

Two names to keep an eye on are Mike Medel and Dwayne Melvin.  Medel finished second in points last year while also winning the Oregon State IMCA championship.  Melvin had a Top 5 season as well, but he also won the first two Sport Mod titles at the track.  Bob Nelson is another driver to watch.  He was sixth last season following his third place effort a year earlier.  Coming off of a strong third place season of his own last year, ahead of Randy Fernandes, Glen Severson could also be a factor in the championship chase.

The Sport Mod division continues to grow and is poised for its best season yet.  The Modified division has the talent to put on a show to rival any of the tracks in the area.  Put them both together, and under the IMCA banner, and you have a recipe for good things to happen on the fast three-tenths mile clay oval.  Who will come out a winner this year?  The best way to find out is to come see a show.  For more information on these divisions and Southern Oregon Speedway in general, check out the official track web page at

Modified Champions

1996  Tom Glover
1997  Dennis Silva
1998  Tom Glover
1999  Don Estermado
2000  Mark Wauge
2001  Jay Hinton Jr.
2002  Jon DeBenedetti
2003  Jeremy Richey
2004  Brad Alfrey
2005  Mark Wauge
2006  Brian Poppa
2007  Mark Wauge
2008  Justin Holt
2009  Mark Wauge
2010  Travis Peery
2011  Mark Wauge
2012  Mark Wauge
2013  Dustin Knight
2014  Albert Gill
2015  Albert Gill

Sport Mod Champions

2012  Dwayne Melvin
2013  Dwayne Melvin
2014  Jorddon Braaten
2015  Jorddon Braaten

Two Champions Join The Sprint Car Revival At Southern Oregon Speedway

Two Champions Join The Sprint Car Revival 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...When Mike McCann announced that he was starting a Sprint Car class shortly after taking over the reigns of Southern Oregon Speedway, people began to talk.  There are several Sprint Car drivers in the area who would like to have a home track to race at, and the fast three-tenth mile dirt oval was home to a Sprint Car division for over a decade.  In recent years, Sprint Car racing was mostly booked for the traveling groups that would stop by.

The ten race schedule booked for the coming season will change all of that, and we have roughly ten drivers who have expressed interest in being a part of it.  Two of the latest names come with championship credentials.  Patrick Dills won the Extreme Sprint Car Championship last year at Cottage Grove Speedway on the strength of three feature wins.  He also finished a strong third in the 360 Sprint Car class.

The Sprint Cars haven't had a championship season at Southern Oregon Speedway since 2010.  In an effort to get the cars out there, McCann has made it an open class that will allow the winged and injected 410 and 360 Sprint Cars to race with the carbureted Sprint Cars.  The idea is to get cars back out to the track, though its not likely that the 410 Sprint Cars will appear regularly.

When last the division did have a point season, Chadd Noland won the championship.  Noland has thrown his hat into the ring to be a part of the coming season.  Noland and Dills will be fast, and they join others, including Dwarf Car ace Camden Robustelli, Orland Sprint Car champion Bill Hopper, Jeffery Hudson and Todd Whipple, on the growing roster.  Robustelli and Hudson are two of the rising young stars on the scene, and Hudson is coming off of an impressive Pro Stock championship effort.

There have been some amazing racers who have competed in this division at Southern Oregon Speedway through the years, including multi time champions Dan Menne, Bill Nutter and Randy Rodgers.  The new era means new stars will have their chance to shine, but it could also mean that Noland or Dills could add more championship hardware to their mantles.

The gates will open for the 21st season of racing at Southern Oregon Speedway on April 30th.  When they do, the Sprint Cars will be a part of the show.  It's a night that begins a new era for the track and the popular division.  For more information, check out the official Southern Oregon Speedway web page at

Three Styles Of Mini Stocks to compete At Southern Oregon Speedway

Three Styles Of Mini Stocks to compete 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...When Southern Oregon Speedway opened up back in 1996, one of the regular divisions of the time was the Mini Stock class. Fast forward to the 21st season, and you'll see that the Mini Stocks are still a part of the program. However, you'll see something else.

The entry level Hornet division will be back for its third season, but that's not all. The Super 4's will also be a part of the coming season. This souped up Mini Stock division had been a part of the program for over a decade, but they have been missing for the past few seasons.

Last season, a few of the Super 4 drivers approached track management about returning and were given a date. It was Lee Doty who picked up the win ahead of past champion John Barger and Charlie Eaton that night.  The event sparked the interest of other drivers to return to the track. A field of 8-12 of these cars is expected when this division gets its first race on May 14th.

If you've been following the Mini Stock division closely over the last couple of years, the three names that will jump out at you are David Marble, Gary Anderson and Bob Burkett. These three drivers have been ranked in the top 3 in the standings these last two seasons and have carved up a majority of the main event victories amongst themselves.

Marble picked up the championship last season, but that honor fell to Gary Anderson the year before. Still yet to win the championship, Burkett has been among the front runners in this division for the past several seasons.

Not to be forgotten in the mix are Eric Hanson and Mike Cloud, who finished fourth and fifth, respectively, last season. Cloud had ranked 6th the year before, and both of these drivers could be factors this season.

The Mini Stock car count had started to rise as the season headed down the stretch last year. Optimism is high that this momentum will continue this season. Word is that several cars are being prepared.

Two years ago, the speedway launched the Hornet division as a way to get new drivers out there. About 10 cars are known to be built at this time, and the record shows that Robert Jones and Drew Fielder are the past two champions. Neil Coaty was another front runner last year, and other competitors included Mikey Johnson and Garrett Frederickson.

Mini Stocks begin their busy season when the track opens its gates for the first time on April 30th. The Super 4 and Hornet divisions have their first race on May 14th. For further information on the happenings at Southern Oregon Speedway, check out the official website at

Mini Stock Champions

1996  Brian Barns
1997  Scott Holt
1998  Rich McCoy
1999  Tracy Bradley
2000  Tracy Bradley
2001  Tom Lanigan
2002  Mike Johnson
2003  David Bishop
2004  David Bishop
2005  Tony Christopher
2006  Milton Carter
2007  Jim Pope
2008  John Derby
2009  John Derby
2010  John Derby
2011  John Derby
2012  Toby Judd
2013  Steve Goetz
2014  Gary Anderson
2015  David Marble

 Hornet Champions

2014  Robert Jones
2015  Drew Fielder

Super 4 Mini Stock Champions

2003  Brian Barns
2004  Brian Barns
2005  Reggie DeVore
2006  Joe Guider
2007  Jacob Cole
2008  Brian Johnsen
2009  Parker "Hollywood" Jones
2010  Brian Johnsen
2011  Joe Guider
2012  Jamie Guider Newberg
2013  John Barger

Sprint Car Racing Returns To Southern Oregon Speedway

Sprint Car Racing Returns To Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...When Mike McCann began his tenure as promoter of Southern Oregon Speedway, he had studied every aspect of the track to plan what needed to be done.  One of the glaring absences at the track has been a Sprint Car program.  For several seasons, the track had a winged Sprint Car division as part of the program, and many champions have been crowned through the years.

In recent seasons, however, the division has been relegated to visiting status despite the fact that there are some drivers in the area who would love to run their Sprint Cars there.  They will get that chance this season as one of McCann's first announcements as the new promoter was to create a ten race schedule for the division.

The rules are open to allow drivers from the Sportsman Sprints, 360 Sprints and the 410 Sprints to come out and race.  The goal is to build and establish a strong Sprint Car presence at the 21 year old racing facility.  Where it goes from here will depend on the drivers, but McCann is anticipating good things for the division.

The ten race schedule includes dates on the April 30 season opener, May 7 and 21, June 4 and 25, July 30, August 20 and 27 and the September 24 season finale.  The tenth date is actually part of the prestigious Sprint Car Speed Week on July 9.  This means plenty of Sprint Car racing excitement for the fans throughout the season.

As the drivers take a look at the schedule and make plans, there are already four drivers who have made a commitment to race at Southern Oregon Speedway this year.  They are rising young star Camden Robustelli, Pro Stock star Jeffrey Hudson, Sprint Car veteran Bill Hopper and Todd Whipple.

Robustelli made his mark as a Go Kart champion on the smaller tracks before moving up the the Dwarf Car ranks.  Not surprisingly, he became one of the front runners there and notched a few big wins along the way before making his Sprint Car debut last season at Southern  Oregon Speedway.  He is looking forward to making more Sprint Car starts this season.

Hopper has an extensive background in open wheel racing, but his recent accomplishments are back to back championships in the wingless class at Orland Raceway.  Hopper managed to win a nail biter with Tony Richards last season by having a better finish in the season finale.

Speaking of battles to the end, young Jeffrey Hudson also won a battle that went to the season finale in winning last year's Outlaw Pro Stock championship.  Hudson will be making his first starts in a Sprint Car this season, but this kid has shown that he has the talent to wheel a race car to the front of the pack.

Whipple has made a handful of Sprint Car starts at Yreka and Southern Oregon Speedway in recent years, and he's looking forward to more seat time this year.  These are just the drivers who have made plans to do some Sprint Car racing, but more drivers are coming as Southern Oregon Speedway sets out to reestablish a division this season.  For further information, check out the official website at

Past Southern Oregon Speedway
Sprint Car Champions

1996  Dan Menne
1997  Bill Nutter
2001  Chad Bauer
2002  Todd Zeitler
2003  Dan Menne
2004  T.J. Winningham
2005  Dan Menne
2006  Bill Nutter
2007  Randy Rodgers
2008  Randy Rodgers
2009  Charlie Thompson
2010  Chadd Noland

2016 Schedule Signals A New Beginning For Southern Oregon Speedway

2016 Schedule Signals A New Beginning 
For Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...February 17...The 2016 schedule for Southern Oregon Speedway ushers in a new begging for the 20 year old racing facility.  New promoter Mike McCann released the schedule for the three-eighth mile dirt oval track last Wednesday as he held a meeting with over 150 racers and racing enthusiasts in attendance.  At the meeting, McCann introduced himself, discussed some of his plans for this season and the future and then fielded questions.  McCann's reputation as a racer's promoter is well known.  He has over 30 years of experience and is a winner of the RPM Monthly "Promoter Of The Year" award.

The new schedule will continue to offer all of the things that the fans have come to expect from Southern Oregon Speedway and even more.  The prestigious Lon Skinner Memorial Race, won by Californian Bobby Hogge IV last season, will be back with a $5000 first prize, and this big IMCA Modified event will take place on September 2-3.  IMCA Sport Mods and SODCA Dwarf Cars are also part of that weekend's action.

The IMCA Modifieds have nine dates this season, and the Roger Haudenschild Tribute race on May 28th.  Furthermore, the track will continue to take part in the IMCA Wild West Shoot Out with a date scheduled on June 11.

There was concern among the competitors that there would be no IMCA sanctioning in 2016, but McCann put those rumors to rest by signing with IMCA for another year for Modifieds and Sport Mods as well.   This will assure that racers from other area tracks will be legal to compete at Southern Oregon Speedway and vise versa.  It also keeps both divisions involved in the Oregon State IMCA point race.

Furthermore, Southern Oregon Speedway will also have a 13 race schedule for Sport Mods that will ensure that the track regulars can be competitive in the new series created by Steve Kerstulovich that pits the drivers at various Oregon  tracks and Yreka against each other.

The SODCA Dwarf Cars will remain a part of the speedway with 11 race dates scheduled.  This includes the prestigious SODCA Dwarf Car Nationals Event that attracts some of the best drivers from Oregon and out of the state.  This event is scheduled from August 4-6.

Of course, the track will have the popular Mini Stock division on the schedule with 13 dates booked.  Also back will be the entry level Hornet division with six dates and the quicker Super 4 division with eight dates.  The Super 4's were a regular part of the show a few years ago, and the racers are excited to be back this year.

The always exciting Outlaw Pro Stock Association will make eight appearances this year, and that's not all.  Sprint Cars are back at Southern Oregon Speedway!  McCann has made a commitment to establishing the crowd pleasing division as part of the program with ten races, which will give the fans a healthy dose of high horse power open wheel racing.  This includes a race during the prestigious Sprint Car Speedweek Series on July 9.

For fans of the cars of yesterday, the OTRO Hardtops will be doing some dirt track racing this season with five dates being booked.  Look for a few more surprises to be thrown in during the 23 race season.

It all adds up to plenty of great racing at Southern Oregon Speedway on Saturday nights.  After the April 24 playday, the season kicks off with an April 30 event, which will be headlined by Sprint Cars, Pro Stocks, Mini Stocks and Dwarf Cars.  Further details can be found on the track's official web site,

A Brief Recap Of The 2015 Season At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...When last we left Southern Oregon Speedway, Albert Gill successfully defended his 2014 IMCA Modified track championship.  Gill won one Main Event along with four seconds and two thirds last season, but he claimed the championship by a wide margin over past champion Mark Wauge.  Wauge led the Main Event winner's list with three victories in the competitive field that saw 11 different winners during the season.

Wauge held off Tim Bailey by just four points to claim second in the standings, while one time winners Jesse Bailey and Brian Poppa rounded out the Top 5 in points.  The big feature wins of 2015 went to Wauge (Firecracker 50), Bobby Hogge IV ($5000 to win Lon Skinner Memorial) and Jesse Williamson (Speedweek race).  Kellen Chadwick won the preliminary feature at the Lon Skinner Memorial event.  Yreka and past Lon Skinner Memorial winner Nick Trenchard won two times, while other feature winners last season included Scott Lenz, Jon DeBenedetti and Andy Freeman.

In recent years, Jorddon Braaten has established himself as one of the stars of the speedway.  The defending IMCA Sport Mod champion racked up eight feature wins and one second, and yet he only beat Oregon IMCA State champion Mike Medel by ten points in a close battle.  Two of Braaten's wins occurred on the biggest stage of the season, the Lon Skinner Memorial.

Bob Nelson, Glenn Seversen and Matt Duste each managed to pick up a feature win.  Seversen would rank third in the final standings ahead of Randy Fernandes and Dwayne Melvin.  Nelson led the division in second place finishes with four, but he fell just short of Melvin for fifth in the standings as Melvin had two seconds and one third.

Three drivers really shined the brightest in Mini Stock competition last season, led by the champion David Marble.  Marble scored four feature wins, three seconds and two thirds.  His closest point rival, Bob Burkett, also had four feature wins as well as three seconds and three thirds.

Meanwhile, third ranked Gary Anderson impressed with his three wins, three seconds and four thirds.  Eric Hanson's high finish was a second, which helped him hold off Mike Cloud for fourth in the standings.  Yreka champion David Steele made two visits and brought home a second and a third.

The SODCA Dwarf Cars held ten of their events at the speedway, and Josh King made the most of it with six wins and two seconds to hold off young up and comer Camden Robustelli to win the club's championship.  Robustelli had two seconds and two thirds.

Ryan Smith, Chad Cardoza and Brock Peters rounded out the Top 5 in points.  Smith and Cardoza both had feature wins.  Smith also had a pair of thirds, while Cardoza had two seconds and a third.  C.J. Puttnam and Fred Hay had feature wins.  Hay also won the veteran's feature in the Dwarf Car Nationals event, while Matt Sargent won the Pro feature and Joey Dale won the Sportsman feature at the big event.

The Outlaw Pro Stock Association ran a few different tracks, and eight of their races were at Southern Oregon Speedway. Young Jeffrey Hudson only had one win in eight visits, but he had five seconds, including the second place finish he had in the finale that moved him past Scott Flowers into the championship.  S. Flowers had a second and a third at the speedway to hold onto second ahead of James Flowers in the point race.  Steve Borror had three feature wins, while Dave Everson was a two time winner and Dave Quick and Rocky Nash each had one win.

The Sprint Cars will have a championship season this year.  Last year, there were four races.  Colby Copeland won the June Northwest Speedweek race ahead of Roger Crockett and Kyle Hirst.  Hirst came back later in the season and won that race ahead of Jared Peterson and Trey Starks.  Seth Nunes won the first Sprint Car race of the season ahead of Vern Wheeler Jr. and Kyler Barazza, and Crockett won the next race ahead of Peterson and Starks, meaning there were four different winners in four races.

Racing against competitors such as Mikey Johnson, Neal Coaty, Brian Dickens and Lon Fox, Drew Fielder won the Hornets championship.  The Super 4's made their lone appearance late last season with Lee Doty winning ahead of John Barger and Charlie Eaton.

2016 Southern Oregon Speedway Schedule

Sunday April 24 - Test & Tune - 3PM-7PM

Saturday April 30  - Sprint Cars, Pro Stocks, Dwarf Cars, Mini Stocks

Saturday May 7 - Sprint Cars, IMCA Modifieds, IMCA Sport Mods, Mini Stocks

Saturday May 14 - Ladies Night - IMCA Sport Mods, Pro Stocks, Super 4's, Hornets, OTRO Hardtops

Saturday May 21 - Sprint Cars, IMCA Modifieds, Mini Stocks, Open Stock

Saturday May 28 - Roger Haudenshild Tribute - IMCA Modifieds, IMCA Sport Mod, Dwarf Cars, Super 4's

Saturday June 4 - Sponsor Appreciation Night - Sprint Cars, IMCA Modifieds, Mini Stocks, Hornets, OTRO Hardtops, Open Stock

Saturday June 11 - Wild West IMCA Speedweek - IMCA Modifieds, IMCA Sport Mods, Pro Stocks

Saturday June 18 - Father's Night - IMCA Sport Mods, Dwarf Cars, Mini Stocks, Hornets, Open Stock

Saturday June 25 - Military Appreciation Night - Sprint Cars, IMCA Sport Mods, Mini Stocks, Super Mini 4's, OTRO Hardtops

Monday July 4 - Fireworks Spectacular - Pro Stocks, IMCA Sport Mods, Dwarf Cars

Saturday July 9 - Sprint Car Speedweek - Sprint Cars, Dwarf Cars, Mini Stocks

Saturday July 16 - Family Night - IMCA Modifieds, Dwarf Cars, Mini Stocks, Super 4's, OTRO Hardtops

Saturday July 23 - Jackson County Fair - No Races

Saturday July 30 - Sprint Cars, Pro Stocks, IMCA Sport Mods, Mini Stocks, Hornets, Open Stock

Thursday August 4 - SODCA Dwarf Car Nationals - Registration/Practice

Friday August 5 - SODCA Dwarf Car Nationals - Preliminary Night

Saturday August 6 - SODCA Dwarf Car Nationals - Finals - With OTRO Hardtops

Saturday August 13 - Pro Stocks, Dwarf Cars, Mini Stocks, Super 4 Mini Stocks

Saturday August 20 - Sprint Cars, IMCA Modifieds, IMCA Sport Mods, Mini Stocks, Hornets, Open Stock

Saturday August 27 - Sprint Cars, Pro Stocks, IMCA Sport Mods, Super 4's, OTRO Hardtops

Friday September 2 - Lon Skinner Memorial - Registration/Practice

Saturday September 3 - Lon Skinner Memorial - Preliminary ' IMCA Modifieds with IMCA Sport Mods, Dwarf Cars

Sunday September 4 - Lon Skinner Memorial - Finals - $5000 to win IMCA Modifieds with IMCA Sport Mods, Dwarf Cars

Saturday September 10 - Dwarf Cars, IMCA Sport Mods, Mini Stocks

Saturday September 17 - IMCA Modifieds, IMCA Sport Mods, Super 4's, Hornets, Open Stock

Saturday September 24 - Championship Night - Sprint Cars, Pro Stocks, Mini Stocks, Super 4's

Schedule Subject To Change

Our weekly program schedule runs as follows:
4:00pm Pit Gate Opens
5:00pm Grandstands Open
5:45pm Practice Starts
7:00pm Racing Starts

Race times are approximate and are subject to change. Please check here for weather and schedule updates