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Racing And Professional Fireworks Show Set For Southern Oregon Speedway

Southern Oregon Speedway Racing Discussion
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Racing And Professional Fireworks Show Set 
For Southern Oregon Speedway

Southern Oregon Speedway will begin a very busy period for the track on Monday, July 4th.  It is the Fireworks Spectacular, which features a professional Fireworks Show along with three divisions of racing on the fast 3/10 mile clay oval.  Divisions on the card for this event include IMCA Sport Modifieds, Valley Boys Auto Sales Outlaw Pro Stocks and SODCA Dwarf Cars.

On Friday, July 8th, the Outlaw Kart track will have another event.  A night later, it's Sprint Car Speedweek, featuring some of the best Sprint Car drivers in the Pacific Northwest.  Dwarf Cars and Mini Stocks will also be part of that program.  First up will be Monday's big event.

There's been lots of excitement in the IMCA Sport Modified division so far this year.  More drivers are showing up to race, and there are some competitive drivers in the group.  Jorddon Braaten is still setting the standards as the the point leader at the track and in the state, but there are some drivers racing him hard.

Last season, Bob Nelsen was one of the few drivers to beat Braaten for a Main Event victory, and Nelsen did it again last week.  This thriller of a battle saw Braaten overtake Nelson with a few laps to go, only to see Nelson get back by him a lap later.  Both drivers are anticipated on Monday.

For his part, Jorddon is enjoying how much faster the other drivers are getting this year.   "We knew going into this year that there would be some good competition, " Braaten admitted.  "Guys are really stepping up this year, and that means we have to be ready.  Nothing is guaranteed out there.  You have to go out and earn it."

Another racer who has people talking is 2015 Mini Stock champion David Marble.  David is the top rookie in the Sport Mods and is third in the standings behind Braaten and Mike Medel.  The sportsmanship of these drivers is evident as Medel has helped Marble with setup advice and was beat by him last week.

After his third place finish, David could be the next driver to get a win. "It's been a lot of fun driving one of these cars, " claimed Marble.  "It's been been challenging at times, but that's one of the reasons we got the car.  I feel like we're getting things sorted out and we're just about there.  We almost had it last week before we broke."

The field is so evenly matched that you never know who might win.  Willie McFall won the Trophy Dash last week.  Tony Bartell, A.J. Parker and Glen Severson are others we anticipate this week, and word is there will be a few drivers coming in from California to make it even more interesting.

Speaking of making it interesting, Steve Borror has been a force in the Valley Boys Auto Sales Outlaw Pro Stocks this year.  However, the current point leader has been joined in battle by past NASCAR West winner Rocky Nash in recent weeks.  Nash won the last race at Southern Oregon and finished a close second to Borror in Yreka last week.

The Pro Stocks have seen a rise in car count in recent weeks, and club president Arlen Heath indicates that more cars are coming.  Last time out, there were 16 cars, many of whom hail from  Klamath Falls.  Now that Nash has beat the four time winner Borror, others are hoping for their turn.  Second ranked Scott Flowers, son James Flowers, Rick Lukens, two time champion Ken Irving, Roy Bain and John David Duffie are others to watch for this week.  Duffie ran a strong second in the last visit to the track.

Another driver we may see this week is Brad Zeitler.  Brad had been active in the division as a crewman for several years before going racing himself.  "I pitted for my cousin Jimmy Walker Jr. when he was winning championships, " said Brad.  "He decided he wasn't gonna do it any more, and I wasn't done.  So, I got a car and a trailer and went racing.  This is a good group of guys.  I have a lot of fun racing with them."

The nice thing about the Pro Stocks is they keep a Stock Car presence in Southern Oregon and the Northern tip of  California at a time when there isn't much in the way of fendered, V8 motored race cars.  The division is somewhere between Late Models and Hobby Stocks, but affordable enough to attract many great racers.

The SODCA Dwarf Cars go everywhere, and they put on a show whenever they are in town. The group joined the rival PHRA in Coos Bay last week, and wins were recorded by SODCA stars Camden Robustelli and Brock Peters in the two day event.  Peters swept the action in the last visit to Southern Oregon.

There had been some questions about the previous race at the Medford track in which Peters appeared to get bumped off of Turn 2 by Josh King.  However, Brock set the record straight on that.  "I blew a fuse and lost power to the car, " said Peters.  "Josh had nowhere to go.  He never would have hit me.  I never have an issue racing with him because we race each other cleanly.  I hit a bump and it sparked it and blew a fuse. For it to die like that was a heart breaker."

The SODCA has a mixture of experienced drivers and newcomers to the group this year.  You should also find two time reigning champion Josh King, Ryan Smith, Chad Cardoza, Rob Gergel and point leader Kalvin Morton battling at the front of the pack this Monday.

Don Gifford is not necessarily a newcomer to racing.  He won a Claimer Car championship in the 1980's.  He's lucky to be racing now after having heart surgery last September.  "I didn't race last year," Don explained.  "The year before, I kept racing and getting tired and I couldn't figure out why.  The doctor told me it was a good thing I didn't race last year.  I may not have made it."

Gifford grabbed checkered flags in every race in which he started last time out, and newcomers like Mark Nielson, Jerry Hauck and Joe Sanders continue to improve as well.

This three division program will be one that you won't want to miss.  Plus, there will be a great Fireworks Show.  Gates open at 5:00 p.m. with the first race scheduled to start at 7:00 p.m.  Adult tickets are $15 with Seniors and Juniors $10.  Children 5 and under are free.  For further information, check out

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Hibbard, Burkett, Nelsen Win Thrillers

Southern Oregon Speedway Racing Discussion
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Nelsen Battles Braaten For IMCA Sport Modified Victory 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...June  25...Bob Nelsen won a late race duel with point leader Jorddon Braaten to score the victory in the 20 lap IMCA Northern Sport Modified Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  Nelsen grabbed the lead early on while Braaten battled his way from the last row to provide the pressure.  Braaten made a late pass on Nelsen, but the determined Nelsen moved back by for the lead and victory.  Braaten protected his track and Oregon State point leads with a second place finish.  Nelsen is now the fourth different winner in the competitive division.

The night started with a Trophy Dash, and division newcomer Willie McFall held off Braaten to win the four lap event.  Braaten grabbed an eight lap heat race win ahead of Glen Severson, while Nelsen win his heat ahead of two time champion Dwayne Melvin.  Severson and Tony Bartell shared the front row with Nelsen starting seventh and Braaten tenth in the Main Event.  Bartell led one lap before Severson used an inside pass on the front stretch to grab the lead.  Nelsen made a low pass in Turn 4 to get by Bartell and made a similar move on lap four to take the lead from Severson.  Braaten followed closely into second.  The red flag flew after six laps when Jarrme Horn hit the back wall.  Nelsen led Braaten and Severson on the restart, and David Marble made an outside pass in Turn 4 a lap later to take third.  While Nelsen and Braaten pulled away just a bit, the rookie Marble, Severson and Mike Medel had a close three car battle going for third.  A low move in Turn 4 of the 16th lap put Braaten into the lead, but Nelsen had the outside groove working and beat Braaten back to the line for the lead a lap later.  Braaten made one last ditch effort to get by Nelsen, but he came up short as Nelsen scored the well earned victory ahead of Braaten, Marble, Severson, Medel, Melvin, McFall, Bartell, Horn and A.J. Parker.

Race Results
Heat 1-Jorddon Braaten, Glen Severson, David Marble.  Heat 2-Bob Nelsen, Dwayne Melvin, Tony Bartell.  Trophy Dash-Willie McFall, Braaten, Mike Medel.  Main Event-Nelsen, Braaten, Marble, Severson, Medel, Melvin, McFall, Bartell, Jarrme Horn, A.J. Parker.

Hibbard Ends Wheeler Sprint Car Winning Streak 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...June 25...Making his first visit of the season Saturday night, David Hibbard made a late race pass on point leader Jake Wheeler and went on to victory in the 25 lap Pennzoil Winged Sprint Car Main Event at Southern Oregon Speedway.  Wheeler won both his heat race and the Trophy Dash and led most of the way before being passed by the Cottage Grove Speedway Limited Sprint Car point leader Hibbard.  Wheeler maintained his advantage in the standings with a second place finish.

The night started off on the right foot for Wheeler as he won the four lap Trophy Dash over Wayne Kniffen.  The Wheeler family had won every race they started in the division up to that point this season, and Jake added another win over Hibbard in their eight lap heat race.  Car count grew to require a second heat, and 15 year old Jeffrey Hudson won that race ahead of Jeremy Lowe.  Kniffen's night came to abrupt end in that heat as he spun and collected Bailey Hibbard, who had nowhere to go.  Wheeler and Hudson led the pack to the Main Event green flag with Wheeler pulling ahead.  A low move in Turn 2 of the second lap gained D. Hibbard second from Hudson.  Wheeler pulled away a little bit, but D. Hibbard was not far behind him.  Hudson ran a solid third, and a close three-car battle began behind him, involving B. Hibbard, Bill Hopper and Lowe.  Hopper's Top 5 hopes ended when he pitted on lap 15 as the lead duo came up on a slower car. D. Hibbard was taking looks to the outside of Wheeler, who was making his car wide enough to prevent the pass.  On lap 23, D. Hibbard dove it in low in Turn 1 and emerged out of Turn 2 with the lead.  Wheeler went in hard on the inside in an attempt to regain the lead in Turn 3 of the same lap.  Unfortunately, his car pushed high in Turn 4 and Hibbard regained the lead.  D. Hibbard would bring it home to an impressive victory as Wheeler settled for second.  Hudson was a solid third ahead of B. Hibbard, Lowe, Aaron Miller and Hopper.

Pennzoil Winged Sprint Car
Heat 1-Jake Wheeler, David Hibbard, Bill Hopper.  Heat 2-Jeffrey Hudson, Jeremy Lowe, Wayne Kniffen.  Trophy Dash-Wheeler, Kniffen, Hopper.  Main Event-D. Hibbard, Wheeler, Hudson, Bailey Hibbard, Lowe, Aaron Miller, Hopper, Kniffen (DNS).

Burkett Wins Thrilling Three Car Battle for 
Southern Oregon Speedway Victory

White City, Oregon...July 25...Point leader Bob Burkett came back strong following his second place finish a week ago to win his third 20 lap Mini Stock Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  Burkett took the lead from Gary Anderson at the mid point of the race and survived a last lap threat from previous winner David Steele for a hard fought victory.  Steele's bid to regain the lead saw him nearly spin and lose second to Anderson.

Burkett started his night off with another four lap Trophy Dash win ahead of Andrew Hall.  However, Anderson won their heat race ahead of Burkett to prevent a clean sweep.  Hall was winning a close battle with teammate Kristopher Mix in their heat race, but Hall started overheating on the last lap as Mix took the lead in the final turn for the win.  Anderson had the pole for the Main Event with third starter Burkett following him into second at the start.  From sixth starting, the flying Steele made a low pass in Turn 4 to grab third from Mix on lap two.  While battling Hall for fourth, Mix suffered a flat tire for a lap three caution flag.  Hall lost power in Turn 3 for a lap seven caution flag.  Anderson led Burkett and Steele on the restart.  A low move in Turn 4 of the tenth lap gained Burkett the lead. However, the race between these two and Steele was so close that you could almost throw a blanket over the cars for the next several laps.  Eric Hanson was holding down the fourth spot ahead of 14 year old Marissa Henson, but Henson made her move into fourth on lap 12.  At the same time Henson was making her move, Steele made a low pass in Turn 4 to take second from Anderson.  Steele was pressuring Burkett hard for the lead and made an outside pass at the start/finish line as the white flag flew to take first.  Burkett beat him back into Turn 1, and Steele's attempt to regain the lead resulted in him getting sideways in Turn 2.  Anderson drove by before Steele recovered.  Burkett was the happy winner ahead of Anderson and Steele.  Henson finished a solid fourth ahead of Hanson, Mix and Devon Weiser, the final lead lap finisher.  Fourteen year old Mikey Johnson grabbed a checkered flag in front of Dillen Lausen and Randy Simmons.

Mini Stocks
Heat 1-Gary Anderson, Bob Burkett, Marissa Henson.  Heat 2-Kristopher Mix, Andrew Hall, David Steele.  Trophy Dash-Burkett, Hall, Mix.  Main Event-Burkett, Anderson, Steele, Henson, Eric Hanson, Mix, Devon Weiser, Mikey Johnson, Dillen Lausen, Randy Simmons, Hall, Mike Cloud (DNS).

Doty Rebounds From Heat Race Crash For Super 4 Feature Win At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...June 25...After hitting the wall coming out of Turn 4 in his heat race, it looked like Lee Doty's night was over at Southern Oregon Speedway.  However, the crew worked hard, and they got the red, white and blue #7 car back together.  Doty responded by recording an impressive 20 lap Super 4's Main Event victory.  Doty took the lead from 2013 champion John Barger on lap 13 and brought it home to the win.  Barger settled for second.

There were seven Super 4's in action, but previous winner Steve Thompson was done after hot laps.  Barger won the four lap Trophy Dash ahead of Charlie Eaton and then held off Terry Hadley to win the eight lap heat race.  Barger had the pole for the Main Event with Doty lined up in the third row outside.  Barger charged onto the lead at the drop of the green flag while Doty moved through the field quickly.  Doty made a low pass in turn 4 of the opening lap to take second from Eaton.  However, Barger had already built up a straightaway lead by then.  Terry Hadley led Krista Hadley around Eaton for third and fourth on lap six.  On lap nine, K. Hadley made an inside pass in Turn 4 to take third from T. Hadley.  Amazingly, the flying Doty had caught Barger by then, and he made a Turn 2 pass for the lead on lap 13. Once Doty had the lead, he pulled away to a comfortable advantage at the checkered flag.  Barger settled for second ahead of K. Hadley, T. Hadley, Eaton and Bill Spencer.

Race Results
Heat-John Barger, Terry Hadley, Charlie Eaton.  Trophy Dash-Barger, Eaton, Krista Hadley.  Main Event-Lee Doty, Barger, K. Hadley, T. Hadley, Eaton, Bill Spencer, Steve Thompson (DNS).

Thomason Sweeps OTRO Hardtop Event 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...June 25...The OTRO Hardtops made their second appearance Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway and put on a show for the fans.  Driving the Dick & Louise Bridges owned 1933 Dodge Coupe bodied Hardtop with a Chevy 250 V6 engine, Trevor Thomason swept the heat, Trophy Dash and Main Event.  Winnemucca, Nevada's Rhett Lange made his first start of the year in the Lance & Sandra Lange owned 1937 Ford Coupe bodied Hardtops with a Chevy 266 V6 and rebounded from an earlier spin to finish second.

Thomason started the night off with a four lap Trophy Dash victory ahead of Gary Barber.  Thomason won the eight lap heat race ahead of Lange.  Bill Trotter raced into the early lead ahead of Thomason and Gary Barber.  An outside move on the front stretch gained Thomason the lead from Trotter on lap four and Wylie Powell retired early.  Brian Crouch spun for a lap six caution flag after Lange made a Turn 3 pass to take third from Barber.  Thomason continued to lead the restart as Lange used a low pass in Turn 4 to gain third.  Moments later, Lange spun.  Jimmy Del Castillo was now third behind Trotter, but Thomason had a good lead.  Lange took over third on lap ten, and a high move in Turn 2 of the 13th lap gained Lange second from Trotter.  By then, Thomason held a straightaway advantage.  Thomason brought it home to his second feature win with Lange a strong second.  Trotter finished third ahead of Del Castillo, Crouch, Barber and Powell.  Chris Mehrer was a Main Event scratch with steering issues likely suffered from his crash in the group's previous visit.

OTRO Hardtops
Heat-Trevor Thomason, Rhett Lange, Bill Trotter.  Trophy Dash-Thomason, Gary Barber, Trotter.  Main Event-Thomason, Lange, Trotter, Jimmy Del Castillo, Brian Crouch, Barber, Wylie Powell, Chris Mehrer (DNS).

Nelson Back in Winner's Circle In Hornets 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...June 25...There were three different winners in the three Hornet races held Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  In the 20 lap Main Event, Darrel Nelson Jr. reeled in a big Tim Hedges lead, made the pass and pulled away to his second feature win of the season.  Nelson was leading the feature a week ago when a flat tire sent him to the pits.

John Hoult finally got his first win of the season in the four lap Trophy Dash as Hedges finished second.  Joby Shields won the heat race ahead of Hedges.  Hedges started the Main Event off strong as he raced into the lead.  Nelson had second before the lap was over, but Hedges had a pretty good lead by then.  By lap five, Nelson caught Hedges, and he made a high move in Turn 3 of the sixth lap to take over.  Hoult went underneath Hedges in Turn 4 a lap later for second, but a flat tire sent Hoult to the pits.  Hedges had the second spot until Shields made a Turn 4 pass on lap 14 to gain that position.  Nelson cruised to victory ahead of Shields, Hedges and Hoult.  Heather Menzel was a Main Event scratch.

Heat-Joby Shields, Tim Hedges, Darrel Nelson Jr.  Trophy Dash-John Hoult, Hedges, Shields.  Main Event-Nelson, Shields, Hedges, Hoult, Heather Menzel (DNS).

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Hibbard Battles Wheeler For Victory, Nelsen Wins Thriller Over Braaten

Hibbard Battles Wheeler For Victory,
Nelsen Wins Thriller Over Braaten

White City, Oregon...David Hibbard won a good battle with Jake Wheeler for the victory the 25 lap Pennzoil Winged Sprint Car Main Event at Southern Oregon Speedway.  Hibbard stalked Wheeler for several laps before making his winning pass in Turn 2 on lap 23.  Wheeler settled for second over Jeffrey Hudson.

Bob Nelsen led most of the way and survived a serious late race challenge from point leader Jorddon Braaten to win the 20 lap IMCA Sport Modified Main Event.

Lee Doty got his car repaired after a bout with the wall exiting turn 4 in his heat race to win the 20 lap Super 4 Main Event.  Doty took the lead from second place finisher John Barker with a Turn 2 pass on lap 13 and pulled away to a big lead.

Point leader Bob Burkett batted David Steele to claim his third 20 lap Mini Stock Main Event win.  Steele passed him at the while flag and nearly spin in Turn 2 as Burkett and Gary Anderson got by for the 1-2 finish.

Trevor Thomason led most of the way and beat Rhett Lange by a straighaway for his second 20 lap OTRO Hardtop feature victory.

Darrell Nelson Jr reeled in a straighatawy lead on Tim Hedges and made his winning pass on lap seven for the 20 lap Hornet Main Event victory.

It was 2014 Cottage Grove Limited Sprint champion David Hibbard winning a close battle with point leader Jake Wheeler to win the 25 lap Pennzoil Winged Sprint Car Main Event.  Wheeler won his heat race and figured to be the driver to beat in the feature.  Wheeler beat heat winner Jeffrey Hudson at the start, but D. Hibbard was second a lap later.   Wheeler pulled away, but Hibbard ran closely behind him as Hudson ran a strong third.  Wheeler hit traffic by lap 14, but Hibbard followed him closely.  Wheeler was making it difficult for Hibbard, but the door opened up and Hibbard slid by underneath in Turns 1 and 2 of the 23rd lap.  Wheeler dove in hard in Turn 3, but he pushed high in Turn 4 as D. Hibbard made the pass stick.  D. Hibbard went on to a crowd pleasing victory ahead of Wheeler, Hudson, Bailey Hibbard and Jeremy Lowe.

Bob Nelsen scored his first IMCA Sport Modified Main Event win of the season.  Nelsen took the lead from Glen Severson on lap three with Jorddon Braaten following him into second.   Nelsen and Braaten ran closely for the rest of the race while Severson, rookie David Marble and Mike Medel battled for third.  Marble took third just past the halfway point, and Braaten used a low pass in Turn 4 of the 16th lap to gain the lead from Nelsen.  However, Nelsen beat him back to the line a lap later and pulled ahead exiting Turn 2.  Braaten attempted a pass at the line, but it was Nelsen prevailing for the hard fought victory.  Marble was a strong third ahead of Severson and Medel.

Lee Doty was impressive in his 20 lap Super 4 Main Event win. After hitting the wall in his heat race, his crew worked hard to get it repaired for the feature.  As heat and dash winner John Barger led the way, Doty quickly gained second and reeled in a big Barger lead.  Doty made his winning pass in Turn 2 of the 13th lap and went on to an impressive victory.  Barker settled for second ahead of Krista Hadley, Terry Hadley and Charlie Eaton.

Bob Burkett returned to the winner's circle for the third time in the 20 lap Mini Stock Main Event.  Gary Anderson was back after a nightmare night last week eliminated him in a hot lap crash.  Anderson led a blanket race of Burkett and David Steele until Burkett made a law pass in Turn 2 for the lead on lap 13.  Steele took second from Anderson on lap 17 and beat to Burkett to the white flag.  Burkett came back strong in Turns 1 and 2, and Steele got sideways in Turn 2 to fall back to third.  Burkett won ahead of Anderson, Steele, Marissa Henson and Eric Hanson

Trevor Thomason won his second 20 lap OTRO Hardtop Main Event by a wide margin.  Thomason took the lead from Bill Trotter on lap three and began to steadily pull away from the pack.   Rhett Lange had spun from second midway through the race, but he regained second by lap 13.  Thomason won by over a striaghtaway ahead of Lange, Jimmy Del Castlille, Brian Crouch and Gary Barber.

Darrel Nelson Jt. won the 20 lap Hornet Main Event.  Tim Hedges led for seven laps, and at one point it was a straightaway lead over Nelson.  Nelson made a low move in Turn 3 of the seventh lap to gain the lead.  As Nelson pulled away to a half lap win, Joby Shields made a Turn 4 pass on lap 19 to take second from Hedges.  Hedges settled for third.

Racing continues on Monday, July 4th with SODCA Dwarf Cars, Valley Boys Auto Sales Outlaw Pro Stocks and IMCA Sport Modifieds and a Firewoks Show.  For further information, check out

Race Results Saturday, June 25

Pennzoil Winged Sprint Cars
Heat Winners (8 Laps)-Jake Wheeler, Jeffrey Hudson.  Trophy Dash 4 Laps)-Wheeler.  Main Event (20 Laps)-David Hibbbard, Wheeler, Hudson, Aaron Miller, Bailey Hibbard.

IMCA Sport Modifieds
Heat Winners (8 Laps)-Jorddon Braaten, Bob Nelsen.  Trophy Dash (4 Laps)-Willie McFall.  Main Event (20 Laps)-Nelsen, Braaten, David Marble, Glen Severson, Mike Medel.

Mini Stocks
Heat Winners (8 Laps)-Gary Anderson, Kristopher Mix.  Trophy Dash (4 Laps)-Bob Burkett.  Main Event (20 Laps)-Burkett, Anderson, David Steele, Marissa Henson, Eric Hanson.

Super 4's
Heat Winners (8 Laps)-John Barger.  Trophy Dash (4 Laps)-Barger.  Main Event (20 Laps)-Lee Doty, Barger, Krista Hadley, Terry Hadley, Charlie Easton.

OTRO Hardtops
Heat Winners (8 Laps)-Trevor Thomason.  Trophy Dash (4 Laps)-Thomason.  Main Event (20 Laps)-Thomason, Rhett Lange, Bill Trotter, Jimmy Del Castille, Brian Crouch.

Heat Winners (8 Laps)-Joby Shields.  Trophy Dash (4 Laps)-John Hoult  Main Event (20 Laps)-Darrel Nelson Jr., Shields, Tim Hedges, Hoult.

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Outlaw Kart Racers Compete On Southern Oregon Speedway's Little Field Of Dreams

Southern Oregon Speedway Racing Discussion
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Outlaw Kart Racers Compete On 
Southern Oregon Speedway's Little Field Of Dreams

Tanner Holmes accepts his Main Event Winner's trophy from Promoter Mike McCann

You may recall the movie Field of Dreams. You know the saying. If you build it, they will come. Well, that doesn't necessarily just have to do to baseball. There are many young boys and girls all across the country who are racers and want to go play at the race track. As the sport of Outlaw Kart racing has grown over the past 25 years, more and more Kart Racing "Field of Dreams" have been built.

Just a couple of years after Southern Oregon Speedway was born, The Outlaw Kart track was built next to it. Since that time, it has become the Field of Dreams for many young racers. Some of the biggest names that fans have seen on the big track, such as Seth Nunes, Chad Noland, C.J. Putnam and Camden Robustelli, all raced on the Kart Track. Currently, Robustelli is a star in both Dwarf Cars and Sprint Cars, Nunes is the reigning Cottage Grove Sprint Car champion, Putnam has won a Dwarf Car championship and is now in an IMCA Modified and Noland was the last Southern Oregon Speedway Sprint Car champion in 2010.

Some of the kids that are out there today have hopes of racing on the bigger track and maybe even going big time one day. Other kids just enjoy racing Karts and having the opportunity to bond with their families and racing friends. Whatever the case, Kart Racing is a form of sport unlike any other. The closeness of the track to the bleachers and the pit setup allows fans to be up close to the action and lets them watch the racers and their crews work on the Karts in the pits.  It is a unique experience unlike racing on the bigger tracks.  Plus, you can catch a glimpse of the next generation of racers coming through the ranks.

The kids are learning the responsibility of working on a race car to get it ready for race day. Some of these kids are even going out there and finding their own sponsorships to keep their cars going. Plus, they learn about sportsmanship. Everything doesn't always go your way, and when it doesn't, you learn how to keep your cool. When you do have things go your way, you learn how to be a gracious winner and respect your fellow competitors.

Two of the biggest stars of the Karts today are Tanner Holmes and Trevor Grimes. Tanner is the reigning 250 Outlaw Kart champion and is going for the repeat as well as "Rookie of the Year" and possible championship honors in the 500 Karts. Last time, Tanner put on a driving clinic as he won both the 250 and 500 Kart Main Events. It wouldn't be too much of a stretch to see him behind the wheel of a Sprint Car some day soon.

Trevor Grimes is couldn't wait to get his Box Stock Main Event winner's trophy from Promoter Mike McCann

Young Trevor Grimes is already showing his ability pretty well. He is the reigning Box Stock champion and began the new season with a Main Event victory. One of the things about the Box Stock division is that the kids are learning how to handle their race cars out on the track. As they demonstrate their ability to handle their Karts and run side by side with other Karts, many of them will move up to the 250 Karts and beyond. Grimes is showing that ability, and a 250 Kart would not be a surprise for him in the future.

To hold onto the 500 Outlaw Kart point lead, Holmes knows that he's going to have to work pretty hard. At the opener, there were two hard chargers by the name of Chase Hill and Johnny Burke. Hill won his heat race before Holmes got his heat race win. Hill was involved in a tangle in the second heat and had to work on the car to get it ready for the Main Event. Everything looked to be going well as Hill dueled with Burke for the lead, but when the two got together in Turn 1 early in the race, that changed the complexion of things. Hill did take a checkered flag in second while Burke was done.

The 500 Karts are the pinnacle of the Outlaw Kart track as the fastest Karts out there. The 250 Karts are the next stepping stone and one of the biggest classes at the track. The drivers who are in the 250 Karts have already demonstrated their ability to handle it pretty well on the fast 1/8 mile dirt oval. In fact, one of the newest drivers in the class this year has graduated from Box Stocks. That would be Tanner Holmes's sister Carly Holmes, the 2014 Box Stock champion.

There was some good racing going on in the 250's last time out. Brendan Bartlett was unable to keep up with the fast pace of T. Holmes, but he still brought it home to a strong second place finish. It's not too much of a stetch to say that the driver of the #27b Kart will get himself a win very soon. The battle for third in the 250 Kart Main Event last time was one of the best battles the track had all night. It was a constant change of positions between heat race winner Enrique Jaime, Brody Sim and Bodee Weiser. The three Karts finished nose to tail at the end with Sim holding on to the third spot ahead of Weiser and Jaime.

In the Box Stocks, 2014 champion C. Holmes is still hanging tough and will be a factor as long as she continues to run this class. However, the reigning champion is T. Grimes. Grimes collected two heat race wins along with his Main Event victory. Holmes did win a heat race herself, but it didn't look like the handling of her Kart was quite up to her standards in the feature. She still did a good job of driving to a fourth place finish. Another young lady who was doing a good job in her Kart was the pink #10 of Isabella Jaime, who won a heat race and finished sixth in the Main Event.

In fact, the Box Stocks have many girls within the ranks who are just as fast as the boys. Bryson Snow can attest to that. Although he ran strong and ended up finishing a respectable second place in the Main Event, the girls were chasing him down. Emma Rodgers managed to get around C. Holmes during the race to grab the final podium position in third, but she just didn't have enough time to try to reel in Snow. Also grabbing a Top 5 finish in fifth was Nathalie Richard. Don't count these girls out. One of them may win this week.

Of course, in Kart Racing, you have to start some place. That brings us to the Beginners Box Stock division. The one driver with the experience factor going into the season is Jacob James. Jacob ran The Beginner's Class last year and was third in the points. He was competing against two drivers who were making their first starts, Kylie Grimes and Adrian Richard. Both have siblings who are now in the regular Box Stock division. There was another driver set to make his first start in the Beginner Box division, but he was a little nervous about his debut. That would be Will Wigly, who got to make a hot lap during intermission. We hope to see Will out there this week.

There is no substitution for the experience.  James clearly has that experience and won both heat races and the Main Event last time. However, Gimes, Richard and Wigley need to get some seat time. As they get comfortable with their Karts and how to drive them, they will get faster. The Beginner Box Stock division is an important class, because the speed can be intimidating to the youngsters as they get started. Putting them in the regular Box Stock division with drivers who have raced for a few years may be intimidating enough to keep them from racing. Putting them in the field with drivers who have almost no experience gives them the confidence to get better.

It's not uncommon to see a driver climb completely up the ladder, one division at a time from Beginner Box all the way to 500 Outlaw Karts. Another division that is on the roster is the 125 Kart class. However, at the moment there aren't many Karts in that group. Wyatt Pinchney is listed as the 2015 champion in this division, and Wyatt has moved up to the 250 Kart class. Reese Slyter jumped into the division this year, only to find out that he's by himself. While they try to get more Karts for this group, Reese is running with the 250 Kart class.

Some people may not consider Outlaw Kart racing something worth watching, but if you believe that, you just don't know. For the $10 it cost to come out there and be right in the middle of the action, it's definitely worth the investment. You can watch the next generation of racers at Southern Oregon Speedway's little Field of Dreams. The racing will be fast and exciting. This Friday's race is scheduled to start at 7 p.m. while the gates open at 5 p.m.  In July, there are two Friday night Kart races scheduled for July 8th and July 9oth.  For further information, check out

Wheeler, Weiser, Grimes Win Outlaw Kart Races At Southern Oregon Speedway

Wheeler, Weiser, Grimes Win Outlaw Kart Races 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...June 24...The Southern Oregon Speedway Outlaw Kart track hosted another exciting event of racing on the one-eighth mile clay oval.  There was plenty of great racing with four divisions on the card.  In the 250 Outlaw Kart division, Bodee Weiser grabbed the lead from Braden Cory with a low pass in Turn 2 on lap 18 and won the 25 lap Main Event.  Double heat winner Brenden Bartlett rebounded from an early spin to finish second. Trevor Grimes backed up his win in the Box Stock season opener by winning both of his heats and the 20 lap Main Event.  Mike Wheeler dominated the 500 Outlaw Karts 20 lap Main Event for the impressive victory by leading every lap.  Shailene Horn battled Kiley Grimes to win the Beginners Box Stock 20 lap Main Event.

The ten 250 Karts on hand ran two sets of heat races.  Ashley Strain made her season debut with an impressive drive to victory ahead of Wyatt Pinchney in the first heat, while Brenden Bartlett held off Braden Cory to win the second heat.  In the next set of heats, Bodee Weiser gave an indication of things to come with his heat race win ahead of Tyler Lefler.  However, Barlett showed that the road to victory would go through him as he won his second heat with Cory again chasing him across the line in second.  The third heat race saw a rollover incident as Pinchney spun entering Turn 3.  Strain made contact and rolled on her side.  Strain was able to continue, but Pinchney was not as fortunate.

Pinchney was a Main Event scratch for the 250 Karts, and the 125 of Reece Slyter continues to run with the group as he is the only one of his division showing up so far.  After finishing second to Brenden Bartlett in both of his heat races, Braden Cory surprised him by racing into the lead at the start.  Making a bid to overtake Cory for the lead, Bartlett and Cory made contact with Bartlett spinning out of Turn 4 for lap two yellow flag.  Cory continued to lead the restart ahead of Strain and Bodee Weiser.   A low move in the second turn of the tenth lap gained Wesier second from Strain.  A Tyler Lefler spin in Turn 2 forced a lap 11 caution flag.  Cory continued to lead Bodee Wesier on the restart, and the hard charging Bartlett had already moved back to third.  Bodee Weiser was pressuring Cory hard for the lead with Bartlett all over him.  A low pass in turn 2 as they worked lap 14 gained Wesier the lead, but Lefler spun for a caution flag to negate the pass as there is no racing to the yellow.  Cory led Bodee Weiser and Bartlett on the restart as the close race up front continued.  Weiser again made a low pass in Turn 2 of the 18th lap to take the lead.  Bartlett made a similar move around Cory on lap 19 for second with Braden Weiser making the inside pass in Turn 2 to claim third on lap 21.  One little mistake could have cost Bodee Wesier the lead as Bartlett ran right behind him.  However, Bodee Weiser made no mistakes as he brought it home to victory ahead of Bartlett, Braden Wesier, Enrique Jaime, Cory and Reece Slyer, all on the lead lap.

The Box Stocks ran two heat races with reigning champion Trevor Grimes winning the first eight lapper ahead of Isabella Jaime.  The lineup was inverted for the second heat, but Grimes took the lead from Loveah Price on lap four in that race and held her off for the victory.  Grimes had the pole for the Main Event and charged into the lead at the green flag ahead of Emma Rodgers and Jaime.  After scratching from the second heat, Devin Felix had to start back in seventh, but he was in fourth on the opening lap.  The only yellow flag flew on lap seven as Jaime spun from third into the infield.  Grimes held command on the restart and slowly pulled away from Rodgers.  The lead for Grimes was a straightaway as he grabbed the checkered flag ahead of Rodgers.  Rodgers drove a great race in second as Felix settled for third in front of Price, Sophia Bauer, Jaime and Ryan Hirschbock.  All seven starters took the checkered flag. 

Mike Wheeler brought his 500 Kart to the speedway and was blistering the track with his speed.  Wheeler won the first heat ahead of Stephanie Crisp and the second heat ahead of 250 Kart graduate Brody Sim.  Late arrival Keon Hilgendorf made it a four car Main Event, and Wheeler charged into the lead at the start.  Hilgendorf went pitside with mechanical issues on lap five.  Sim's second place run came to an end when his car lost power in Turn 1 for a lap 17 caution flag.  Wheeler was poised to lap the field when the yellow flag flew, and he would win in dominant fashion.  Crisp slowed at the finish with motor problems and was still scored second ahead of Sim and Hilgendorf.

The Beginners Box Stocks or "Pee Wees" are a class for 5 to 8 year olds to get started, and it can be intimidating for these young boys and girls to make their first starts in racing.  An unidentified driver in the #18k Kart and Chase Bane decided that they were not ready this time.  Fourth generation racer Carl Holt made his first start, but he blew a motor in the first heat race.  Shailene Horn won both heat races ahead of Kiley Grimes.  Horn spun for a yellow in the second heat before coming back to win.  Roger Whipple made good laps in both races in his first start.  Grimes set the pace for two laps in the Main Event before Horn made a pass on the inside down the front stretch for the lead.  Horn led the rest of the way with Grimes a lead lap second.  Whipple took a checkered flag in third.

The Outlaw Karts are back for another race on July 8th.  There is also the Vern Wheeler Sr. Memorial Race coming up on July 29th.  Details will be forthcoming.  For further information, check out

Kart Results June 24

500 Karts
Heat 1 (8 Laps)-Mike Wheeler.  Heat 2 (8 Laps)-Wheeler.  Main Event (20 Laps)-Wheeler, Stephanie Crisp, Brody Sim, Keon Hilgendorf.

250 Karts
Heat 1 (8 Laps)-Ashley Strain.  Heat 2 (8 Laps)-Brendon Bartlett.  Heat 3 (8 Laps)-Bodee Weiser.  Heat 4 (8 Laps)-Bartlett.  Main Event (25 Laps)-Bodee Weiser, Bartlett, Braden Weiser, Enrique Jaime, Braden Corey, Reece Slyter, Tyler Lefler, Strain, Colby Bergquist, Wyatt Pinchney (DNS).

Box Stock
Heat 1 (8 Laps)-Trevor Grimes.  Heat 2-(8 Laps)-Grimes.  Main Event (20 Laps)-Grimes, Emma Rodgers, Devin Felix, Loveah Price, Sophia Bauer, Isabella Jaime. 

Beginners Box Stock
Heat 1 (8 Laps)-Shailene Horn.  Heat 2 (8 Laps)-Horn.  Main Event (12 Laps)-Horn, Kiley Grimes, Roger Whipple. Carl Holt (DNS).

Two Nights Of Racing At Southern Oregon Speedway

Southern Oregon Speedway Racing Discussion
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Two Nights Of Racing At Southern Oregon Speedway

As the weather heats up and signals the beginning of summer, the racing will be heating up at Southern Oregon Speedway as well.  There will be two nights of racing this week, and it starts on Friday night with another night of Outlaw Kart racing on the fast one-eighth mile dirt oval.  On Saturday, it will be six divisions of racing on the big track.

The Kart track is creating our next generation of stars, and Tanner Holmes was the star who shined the brightest last time out.  The reigning 250 Kart champ won that division's Main Event and then made his first start in the 500 Karts a winning performance. The skill in which he handled his Karts would suggest that this young man could be a future Sprint Car star in the making.

Another youngster by the name of Trevor Grimes got his Box Stock title defense started off right with an impressive feature win of his own.  The Box Stock division is a class filled with some talented girls in the field, including 2014 champion Carley Holmes, Natalie Richard and Emma Rodgers.  Isabella Jaime also impressed with her heat race victory on opening night.

A field of about three dozen Karts is anticipated Friday night, which will include the youngsters of the Beginners Box Stocks.  These are the kids ages 5-8 who are just getting started.  The show will get started at 7:00 p.m.  Gates will open 5:00 with a general admission of $10.  Children six and under are $5.

On Saturday night, the three-tenths mile clay oval will play host to a six division program that will include Pennzoil Winged Sprint Cars, IMCA Sport Modifieds, Mini Stocks, OTRO Hardtops, Super 4's and Hornets.  The Hornets were added to the program this week in part because of the light schedule they have.  Also, the six car field produced last time was the highest car count in the three seasons the class has been running.

Promoter Mike McCann has sent as message to the racers that the four cylinder divisions are just as important to the track as the other classes, and the Hornets play a vital role in the growth of the program.  They bring new racers to the speedway with an affordable set of rules.  Last week, Heather Menzel and Joby Shields made their first starts of the year, and Shields won the Main Event.

Tim Hedges won a heat race a week earlier.  His Main Event didn't go so well.  "I went the wrong way on tire pressure, " Tim explained.  "I added when I should have subtracted.  That made a big difference."

There aren't too many setup secrets in the Hornet class, but tire pressure does have an impact on the speed and handling of these cars. Hedges won the Trophy Dash last week before placing third in the Main Event.  Only a few points separate the Top 3 of Hedges, John Hoult and Darrel Nelson Jr. in a close point battle.

Also in the field last week in her season debut was Heather Menzel.  Heather had one start last season, and she was in a different car for what would be a fourth place finish.  "This is his (Devon Weiser's) car from last year, " said Heather.  "This is a neat class.  It's easy, and it's fun.  It's not like you're done if you wreck it."

One selling point for this class is the affordability as most of the racers have gotten into it for less than $1000. The Hornets just graduated their fourth driver into the Mini Stocks, Garrett Fredrickson.  Unfortunately, Garrett crashed in hot laps last week, ending the night for both he and title contender Gary Anderson.  Gary was trying to rebound from a bad night a week earlier.  Handling was a bit of an issue after he spun early in that race before charging back to fourth.  "The car was a bit loose, " Anderson admitted.  "I didn't want to sit there and draw a yellow after I spun.  I don't do that unless the car dies.  I was just a bit upset after that, so I didn't help myself."

The door was open for Andrew Hall to move into second in the standings, and he made it happen with a fourth place finish.  Hall was coming off of a career best second place finish in his Pinto Wagon a week earlier.  He finished behind point leader Bob Burkett that night.  "The car was good, " He admitted.  "I was watching him (Burkett).  We weren't gaining on him, but he wasn't pulling away either.  We're getting things fixed on the car and we're getting closer."

Hall had to do some rear end repair and had some help from sponsor Medford Radiator in fixing his radiator for this race.  Burkett snatched a Trophy dash win from Hall last week with a last turn pass, but his bid for a third feature win was thwarted by David Steele.  Steel has been racing Mini Stocks for nearly as long as Burkett and is a past top 5 competitor at the speedway.  He won the championship at Yreka last season.

Steele's title defense took a hit earlier this season as he scratched one night after hot lap's.  The issues were starting a week before that.  "The motor was laying down pretty badly the week before that, " Steele explained.  "That was why I didn't come here on the week off.  We didn't run that night because I didn't see any sense in tearing the motor up worse."

David has built a few competitive cars through the years, including the John Derby championship car and the car driven by Gary Anderson.  The #67 car that he wheels is the first car he built, and he's proud of that car.  Kris Mix is in the car he bought after crashing his other car at Yreka's playday.  In fact, that old car will be back eventually with a new driver.

Kris ran better in fifth this week, but things weren't quite right with the #89 car a week earlier.   "We ran a bad clutch last week just to get through the night, " said Mix, who is fifth in the standings.  "It had about three-quarters throttle.  The car handled way better than last time.  I could drive it and point it where I wanted it to go.  The problem was the clutch was slipping." 

While Bob Burkett has been beat, the Wheeler family remains undefeated in Winged Sprint Cars going into this race.  It may fall on Wayne Kniffen to do something about it, and he's ready to give it his best.  "I think we're getting the car figured out, " said Kniffen.  "We were hooked up out there last time, and I think we can beat him."

Who will show up for a shot at victory is still unclear, but Todd Whipple and Bill Hopper are both anticipated from California.  Reports out of Creswell are that 2015 Cottage Grove Limited Sprint champion Patrick Dills has marked this race on his schedule as night to visit.  Another report from earlier this week has past Cottage Grove Limited Sprint Car champion David Hibbard and a couple other drivers planning to visit.  David is from the area, is a past Top 5 ranked driver and has three wins in the last 28 races.

Jorddon Braaten is now a two time winner in IMCA Sport Modifieds following his win last week over Mike Medel.  The two drivers seem to do battle wherever they race.  Medel won the Trophy Dash earlier in the evening.  Mike had a good showing the week prior with a fourth place finish.  A night later at Yreka, he won his heat race before his night took a turn in the wrong direction,  "The car handled great, " Medel admitted.  "I adjusted the car too much.  "I look some drive out.  I didn't expect the track to get better.  They were passing me left and right."
 Meanwhile, rookie A.J. Parker is climbing the point ladder and sits fourth in the standings.  He is just excited to be racing.  "This is my first car, " he explained.  I've raced Go Karts before this.  My wife and I built this car, and I love it.  We are considering putting another car together for next year."

Another rookie, David Marble, sits third in the standings.  His night was a mixed bag last week.  David won his heat race.  He ran second in the feature until breaking a ball joint to end his race.  He'll be back to try again this week as the 2015 Mini Stock champion continues to learn in his new car.

The Old Time Racers of Oregon will be there with their Hardtops.  The drivers started out on the pavement of Roseburg, but some of the racers wanted branch out to the dirt.  The group has not set a tire rule, and all of the racers ran slick tires on the dirt track last time.  That made for some interesting moments as the cars struggled for grip at times early in the evening.  Chris Mehrer gave the other drives something to look at in the pits.  After winning the Trophy Dash, he put his car into the front wall and knocked the front end out from underneath it.

The Main Event and heat race wins went to Trevor Thomason ahead of Bill Trotter.  The Trotter family fielded three of the cars that competed last time.  These Coupe and Sedan bodied race cars give fans a glimpse of the division that headlined at many race tracks in the 1950's and 1960's.  Word from OTRO leadership is that everybody is ready to come back, including the #16 machine owned by Bill Trotter and driven by Mehrer.  Furthermore, there was word of the possibility of a new car or two coming to play this time.

The Super 4's will be back to try again.  Steve Thompson won the season opener ahead of 2013 champion John Barger.  Lee Doty was a Main Event scratch last time, but he should have things situated this week.  He won the lone Main Event for the group last year.  This group of drivers is not as worried about rules as they are about getting cars back to the track.  "We're just coming out here to race and have fun, " Barger explained.  "It's kind of an open rules thing.  We just want to get the cars back out here again."

The SODCA Dwarf Cars aren't racing this week, but they are a part of the Monday, July 4th Fireworks Extravaganza show and along with the IMCA Sport Modifieds and Valley Boys Auto Sales Outlaw Pro Stocks.  The star of the this last week was Brock Peters, who bounced back from his terrible luck in a big way with a flag to flag romp for victory.  He was never seriously challenged as he won his heat and the and A Dash for a clean sweep. 

Brock might have won the Main Event the time before if not for some bad luck taking him out.  To the spectator's eye, it might have looked like two time reigning champion Josh King took him out, but that simply was not the case.  "I blew a fuse and lost power to the car, " explained Peters, who was Top 5 ranked in points last season.  "The car died, and Josh had nowhere to go.  He never would have hit me.  He had nowhere to go.  I've never had a problem racing with him.  We race each other clean. What happened was I hit a bump; and it sparked and blew a fuse.  The car was running great.  For it to die liked it did was just a tough deal."

The battle behind Brock went to the checkered flag as Ryan Smith won a spirited duel with King to grab the second place finish.  Camden Robustelli and point leader Kalvin Morton rounded out the Top 5.  The Dwarf Cars welcomed Don Gifford back to the field.  Don has been racing for many years and is a past Claimer Car champion in the 1980's.  A health scare took Don out of the action last season .  "I had heart surgery in September, " Gifford explained.  "I didn't race last year.  The year before, I kept racing and getting tired and I couldn't figure out why.  The doctor told me it was a good thing I didn't race last year or I may not have made it.  So, this is my trial run.  We'll see if I can make it."

Gifford appears to have passed the test as he took checkered flags all night in his #87 Dwarf Car and had fun.  The SODCA Dwarf Cars run with another group in Coos Bay this week and hit Yreka on July 3rd before coming back for the July 4th event.  You always know you are in for a good show when the Dwarf Cars come to town.

The six division event this Saturday night will feature Pennzoil Winged Sprint Cars,  IMCA Sport Modifieds, Mini Stocks, OTRO Hardtops, Hornets and Super 4's.  The show should a good one with the variety of divisions being offered. Gates will open at 5:00 p.m. with the first race to fire off at 7:00 p.m.  General admission is $12 with seniors and juniors $6 . Children under five are free.  For further information, check out

Southern Oregon Speedway Points

Pennzoil Winged Sprint Cars
21wr     Jake Wheeler     103
21w     Vern Wheeler Jr. 74
84k     Wayne Kniffen     60
25     Camden Robustelli     57
54     Bill Hopper     54
L88    Jeffrey Hudson     53
04     Todd Whipple     46
101    Charlie Thompson 31

IMCA Sport Mod
84     Jorddon Braaten     156
30m     Mike Medel     137
4m     David Marble     126
76     A.J. Parker     125
8n     Bob Nelson      107
4y     Jimmy Lipke     107
27b     Tony Bartell     93
7j     Fred Ryland     77
69     Dwayne Melvin     72
7     Patti Ryland     69

Mini Stock
43     Bob Burkett     146
007     Andrew Hall     117
17h     Marissa Henson     109
0     Gary Anderson     102
89     Kristopher Mix     98
49h     Eric Hanson     64
9c     Mike Cloud     63
7x     Ethan Killingsworth     57
2d     Devon Weiser     56
87     Dillen Lausen     55

14     Tim Hedges     65
67     John Hoult     63
8g     Darrel Nelson Jr.     62
555    Joby Shields    32
77     Garrett Fredrickson     26
2h    Heather Menzel    25
77    Sebastian Burson    23

Super 4's
2    Steve Thompson     34
7b     John Barger     33
99    Bill Spencer     26
7    Lee Doty     6

OTRO Hardtops

Trevor Thomason        35
Bill Trotter        31
Gary Barber         30
Jimmy DelCastille     27
Brian Crouch         26
Wylie Powell        6
Chris Mehrer        6

Monday, June 20, 2016

Peters, Braaten, Steele, Shields Southern Oregon Speedway Winners

Southern Oregon Speedway Racing Discussion
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Braaten Back In Winner's Circle 
 At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...June 18...Taking the lead from Mike Medel on the 13th lap, Jorddon Braaten went on to victory in the 20 lap IMCA Sport Modified Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  Braaten is the current point leader at the track and in the IMCA State standings, and his win came aboard the Don Braaten Painting sponsored Modified.  Defending IMCA State champion Mike Medel wrapped up a solid night by using his second place feature finish to move into second in the standings.

Mike Medel won the four lap IMCA Sport Modified Trophy Dash to start the evening, but he was passed by impressive rookie David Marble and Willie McFall for the Top 2 spots in his heat race.  Jorddon Braaten won the other heat ahead of David Henshaw.  Rich McCoy blew a motor in his heat race to end his night.  Braaten started back in the fourth row of the Main Event as Medel started in fifth and McFall had a front row start.  McFall set the early pace as Medel passed Glen Severson for second on lap two.  Marble quickly struck to third.  Medel made a lows pass in Turn 1 of the fifth lap to grab the lead from McFall as Marble followed into second.  The lead duo pulled away just a bit as Braaten raced past McFall on the front stretch for third on lap seven.  Marble was threatening Medel for the lead when he broke a ball joint and drove off of Turn 4.  Medel continued to set the pace with Braaten now second.  Henshaw made a Turn 3 pass on McFall for third on lap ten.  Braaten was pressuring Medel hard for the lead before making his winning move with a Turn 4 pass on lap 13.  Braaten pulled away just a bit from Medel for a well earned victory.  Medel was a solid second ahead of Henshaw, McFall, Tony Bartell, Severson, A.J. Parker and Marble.

IMCA Sport Modified
Heat 1-Jorddon Braaten, David Henshaw, A.J.Parker.  Heat 2-David Marble, Willie McFall, Mike Medel.  Trophy Dash-Medel, Rich McCoy, Marble.  Main Event-Braaten, Medel, Henshaw, McFall, Tony Bartell, Glen Severson, Parker, Marble, Rich McCoy (DNS).

Peters Snaps Out Of Slump With SODCA Victory 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White  City, Oregon...June 18...2016 has been a season of many downs and few ups for Brock Peters in the Southern Oregon Dwarf Car Association.  He was battling for a win a few weeks ago when a blown fuse caused him to lose power off of Turn 2.  On Saturday night, he rebounded in a big way by winning his heat race, the A Dash and 20 lap Main Event aboard his Brock Peters Painting sponsored Dwarf Car.  The battle was for second as 2014 Point runnerup Ryan Smith beat two time reigning champion Josh King back to the line to claim runnerup honors.

The Dwarf Cars ran two eight lap heat races, and Brock Peters won his ahead of Ryan Smith.  It was point leader Kalvin Morton winning his heat race ahead of Randy Slater. That heat race saw a red flag as James Edwards hit the front wall and rolled.  Remarkably, his crew had the car ready to go for the Main Event.  Peters beat Smith once again in the A Dash before Josh King claimed the B Dash win ahead of Camden Robustelli.  Peters had the pole for the Main Event and raced into the lead from the start ahead of Smith and King.  The only yellow flag of the race flew after the first lap as Brock's son Cody Peters spun on the front stretch.   The lead three cars of B. Peters, Smith and King pulled away a bit as Slater held down the fourth position.  B. Peters was lapping slower traffic by lap seven as Robustelli passed Slater for fourth.  Jerry Hauk and Morton made it a close three car battle for fifth.  B. Peters was beginning to stretch his advantage as Smith and King dueled fiercely for second.  Morton finally grabbed fifth on lap 13, and a low move in Turn 1 of the 19th lap gained King second.  However, Smith got a good run exiting the final turn and beat King back to the line for second.  B. Peters was a jubilant winner ahead of Smith, King, Robustelli and Morton.  Hauck was sixth ahead of Slater, C. Peters, Edwards and Mark Nielsen.

SODCA Dwarf Car
Heat 1-Brock Peters, Ryan Smith, Josh King.  Heat 2-Kalvin Morton, Randy Slater, Don Gifford.  A Dash-B. Peters, Smith, Morton.  B Dash-King, Camden Robustelli, Jerry Hauck.  Main Event-B. Peters, Smith, King, Robustelli, Morton, Hauck, Slater, Cody Peters, James Edwards, Mark Nielsen, Gifford, Joe Sanders (DNS).

Steele Battles Burkett For 
Southern Oregon Speedway Mini Stock Win

White City, Oregon...June 18...David Steele made a surprise appearance Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway and left with a 20 lap Mini Stock Main Event victory.  Steele is the 2015 champion at Yreka and a past Top 5 point runner at Southern Oregon Speedway, and he has been racing about as long as current point leader Bob Burkett.  Steele grabbed the lead from Burkett early in the race and held him off for the impressive victory.

Garrett Fredrickson made his Mini Stock debut, but it didn't go well for him or title contender Gary Anderson as the two crashed in hot laps.  The night was over for both of them.  In the four lap Trophy Dash, Andrew Hall appeared headed for victory before Bob Burkett made a last turn pass to take it away from him.  Burkett also won his heat race ahead of Devon Weiser.  Young Mikey Johnson led his first Mini Stock lap in that race.  David Steele set up the Main Event showdown by winning his heat race ahead of Hall.  Burkett and Steele shared the front row of the Main Event.  Burkett led two laps before Steele made a high move in Turn 3 to grab the lead.  Weiser was running third as the lead duo started to pull away.  An inside pass in Turn 2 of the fourth lap put young Ethan Killingsworth's truck into the third position.  Teammates Kristopher Mix and Hall battled closely for fourth.  Hall gained the position on lap nine and set about trying to reel in Kilingsworth for third. Steele ran a rapid pace, but Burkett was not far behind him.  Steele scored the impressive victory ahead of Burkett, Killingsworth, Hall, Mix, Eric Hanson and Marissa Henson, the final lead lap finisher.  Mike Cloud, Patrick Stringer-Stine and Johnson rounded out the Top 10.

Mini Stock
Heat 1-Bob Burkett, Devon Weiser, Kristopher Mix.  Heat 2-David Steele, Andrew Hall, Eric Hanson.  Trophy Dash-Burkett, Hall, Mix.  Main Event-Steele, Burkett, Ethan Killingsworth, Hall, Mix, Hanson, Marissa Henson, Mike Cloud, Patrick Stringer-Stine, Mikey Johnson, Weiser, Gary Anderson (DNS), Garrett Fredrickson (DNS).

Joby Shields Makes Hornet Debut With Impressive Victory
Hornets Added To June 25th Program

White City, Oregon...June 18...Saturday night was a milestone event for the budding Hornet division at Southern Oregon Speedway as the division matched its high car count of 2015 with six cars.  The event saw two new cars in the field, and one of them was Joby Shields in the "Triple Nickle" entry.  After leader Darrel Nelson Jr. got a flat tire on lap five, the race was wide open.  Shields made his winning pass on lap six and went on to win the 20 lap race.  The Hornets division is a bare bones stock Mini Stock class that offers a very affordable entry way into racing on the banked three-tenths mile clay oval.  Because the division didn't have many dates scheduled to begin with, Promoter Mike McCann has added a race this Saturday night, June 25th.

The drivers shared the wealth with three different winners in the three races.  Tim Hedges got things started with a four lap Trophy Dash victory ahead of Darrell Nelson Jr.  Nelson won the season opening Main Event and claimed the heat race victory ahead of John Hoult.  Hoult led two laps before surrendering the lead to Nelson.  Nelson had the pole for the Main Event and figured to be the driver to beat as he raced into the lead at the green flag.  A close three-car battle for second began at the outset between Hedges, Hoult and Joby Shields.  Hoult held second as there were two side by side battles going on at the same time.  When Nelson pushed off of Turn 4 with a flat tire, it opened the door for Hedges to grab the lead ahead of Shields and Hoult.  Shields made an inside move on the front stretch of the sixth lap to take the lead from Hedges.  As Shields led, Hedges and Hoult continued to battle side by side for second.  Hoult beat him back to the line for the spot on lap 12, only to lose it to a low pass in Turn 2 a lap later.  Hoult was committed to the high line and went back around Hedges to regain second in Turn 2 of the 14th lap.  However, Shields drove a good race and earned this win ahead of Hoult, Hedges, Heather Menzel, Sebastian Burson and Nelson.

Heat-Darrel Nelson Jr., John Hoult, Tim Hedges.  Trophy Dash-Tim Hedges, Nelson, Hoult.  Main Event-Joby Shields, Hoult, Hedges, Heather Menzel, Burson, Nelson.

Linder Wins Open Stock Race At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...June 18...The new Open Stock division had its second event at Southern Oregon Speedway Saturday night.  A scheduling conflict effected car count as the track attempts to bring Late Models, Street Stocks, Sportsman cars and other fendered Stock Cars together in one class.  It was once again the Late Model of Mike Linder grabbing the win ahead of Bob Dees in the Trophy Dash, heat race and 12 lap Main Event.  Dees led the heat race until spinning out in Turn 4 late. The  next race for the division is set for July 30th.

Open Stock
Heat-Mike Linder, Bob Dees. Trophy Dash-Linder, Dees.  Main Event-Linder, Dees.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Braaten, Peters, Steele Share Southern Oregon Speedway Spotlight

Braaten, Peters, Steele Share 
Southern Oregon Speedway Spotlight

June 18...Southern Oregon Speedway Point leader Jorddon Braaten took the lead from Mike Medel with seven laps to go and held him off to win the 20 lap IMCA Sport Modified Main Event Saturday night.

Brock Peters shook off the bad luck in a big way with an impressive victory in the 20 lap Dwarf Car Main Event.  Ryan Smith out-dueled Josh King for second

Reigning Yreka champion David Steele visited the Medford track and won a race long battle with point leader Bob Burkett to win the 20 lap Mini Stock Main Event.  Mike Linder won the 12 lap Open Stock feature.

Point leader Jorddon Braaten had a spectacular drive from last to first in the 20 lap IMCA Sport Modified Main Event.  Trophy Dash winner Mike Medel took the lead from Willie McFall on lap six and held the spot until Braaten made his winning move with an inside pass in Turn 4 of the 13th lap.  Braaten would lead the rest of the way for the satisfying victory.  Medel had his best effort of the year at the speedway in second as David Henshaw, McFall and Tony Bartell rounded out the Top 5 finshers.

Brock Peters has had nothing but bad luck in the Dwarf Cars this season, but he made it disappear by leading all 20 laps of the Main Event.   With Peters out front, reigning champion Josh King and Ryan Smith dueled fiercely for second late in the race.  Smith beat King to the line by inches for second as Camden Robustelli and point leader Kalvin Morton rounded out the Top 5.  Peters swept the action with heat and A Dash victories as well.

David Steele won the 20 lap Mini Stock Main Event.  Steele trailed Trophy Dash winner Bob Burkett for two laps before making his his move with a high pass in Turn 3.  Though he never pulled away from Burkett, Steele made no mistakes on his way to victory.  Burkett was second.  Ethan Killingsworth held off Andrew Hall for third as Kris Mix rounded out the Top 5 finishers.

Joby Shields made his debut in the Hornets with a 20 lap feature victory.  Shields was battling side by side with Trophy Dash winner Tim Hedges for second, and that became first when leader Darrel Nelson Jr. got a flat tire and drove off Turn 4 on lap five.  Shields made his winning pass on the front stretch on lap six.  John Hoult battled Hedges for second before making the pass on the front stretch for the position on lap 12.  Shields got the win as Hoult, Hedges, Heather Menzel and Sebastion Burson rounded out the Top 5.

Mike Linder won the heat, dash and Main Event for the Open Stock class.  Bob Dees ran right behind Linder for the entire 12 lap Main Event, but he settled for second.

Racing continues next week with the Pennzoil Winged Sprint Cars, IMCA Sport Modifieds, Mini Stocks, OTRO Hardops and Super 4's all in action.  For further information, check out

Race Results Saturday, June 18

SODCA Dwarf Car
Heat Winners (8 Laps)-Brock Peters, Kalvin Morton.  A Dash (6 Laps)-Peters.  B Dash (6 Laps)-King.  Main Event (20 Laps)-Peters, Ryan Smith, King, Camden Robustell, Morton.

IMCA Sport Modified   
Heat Winners (8 Laps)-Jorddon Braaten, David Marble.  Trophy Dash (4 Laps)-Mike Medel.  Main Event (20 Laps)-Braaten, Medel, David Heshhaw, Willie McFall, Tony Bartell.

Mini Stocks
Heat Winners (8 Laps)-Bob Burkett, David Steele.  Trophy Dash (4 Laps)-Burkett.  Main Event (20 Laps)-Steele, Burkett, Ethan Killingsworth, Andrew Hall, Kris Mix.

Open Stock
Heat Winner (8 Laps)-Mike Linder.  Trophy Dash (4 Laps)-Linder.  Main Event (20 Laps)-Linder, Bob Dees.

Heat Winner (8 Laps)-Darrel Nelson Jr.  Trophy Dash (4 Laps)-Tim Hedges.  Main Event (20 Laps)-Joby Sheilds, John Hoult, Hedges, Heather Menzel, Sebastian Burson.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Mini Stocks, Hornets Return To Southern Oregon Speedway On June 18th

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Mini Stocks, Hornets Return To Southern Oregon Speedway On June 18th

The Mini Stock and Hornet divisions are an important part of the racing program at Southern Oregon Speedway.  Since the gates opened at the speedway in 1996, Mini Stocks have been on the lineup of divisions.  They have served as a gateway class in getting new racers onto the 3/10th mile clay oval.  There is a mixture of experienced and new drivers in the class.

Three years ago, the Hornet division was added as a means to make an even more affordable path for the new racer to get involved.  There has been a struggle getting it started, but Promoter Mike McCann has reaffirmed his support for this division as well as Mini Stocks.

The biggest challenge facing Mini Stocks right now is the rest of the roster overcoming the experience factor of Bob Burkett and Gary Anderson.  Burkett is a four time point runner up who has won his share of races through the years.  In fact, he won for the second time this season last Saturday.

Bob Burkett #43 is the current Mini Stock point leader and four time point runner up

Burkett sees a challenge coming, and he looks forward to it.  "A lot of these drivers are pretty new to this, " said the current point leader.  "Give them some time, and they will get better."

Burkett sees challenges coming from the likes of Marissa Henson and Andrew Hall.  "She's (Henson) gotten much faster this year. " Bob admitted.  "I can see her getting a win this season the way she is going."

Even more impressive is the fact that Henson is only 14 years old.  She goes to high school with another 14 year old in the division, second generation racer Mikey Johnson.   Johnson was second in Hornet points last season, but he's a bit more of a newcomer than Henson.  He's still learning the ropes and getting better with each start.

Marissa has lots of seat time in Outlaw Karts, where she ranked third in the 250 division three years in a row.  She entered Saturday night's program ranked a strong third in the standings, and she proved Burkett right on his prediction.  She held off 2014 champion Gary Anderson to win her first Trophy Dash Saturday night.

Andrew Hall #007 is currently fourth in the in Mini Stock point race and running strong.

Another driver coming on strong is the #007 car of Andrew Hall.  Hall is driving a unique Ford Pinto Wagon.  "The car has been around for a while, " Hall explained.  "The guy I got it from only ran it once before parking it for a few years.  Before that, somebody else ran it."

Andrew is in his first full season in the class, and he started the season off with back to back Top 5 finishes and heat race wins.  In a desire to get more seat time, he made a trip to Yreka a week ago.  That trip resulted in his car suffering damage.  There was still work to be done to make it better, but he wanted to race.  "We have things we need to fix on it, " Andrew explained.  "We'll get it fixed a little at a time."

It had to be gratifying for Hall to drive to a career best second place finish last week.  The distance between winner Burkett and him was about a straightaway, and that never really changed during the last ten laps.  This time, however, Andrew didn't spin or mess up in getting the good finish.

It's a rare thing to see Gary Anderson make a mistake, but he did on Saturday.  Early in the Main Event, he looped it in Turn 4.  Many veteran racers would park their cars and draw a yellow flag, but Gary took it as a challenge.  He gathered it back up and mounted a charge back to the front of the pack from eighth.  When he caught third place Eric Hanson, he was unable to overcome his lose setup and would settle for a fourth.

Eric Hanson #49h had a strong showing in second last week.

For Hanson, the season has started on a rough note with carburetor and fuel issues keeping him from even starting the first two races.  "We've had a few motor issues, " Hanson admitted.  "We're working on something for later this season, but we're trying to make this work for now."

The third place finish was encouraging for Hanson, who was fourth in points last season.  He actually made a trip during the off week to run at Coos Bay.  It helped him dial things in as he got a fourth place finish  there.  "I enjoy going there, " Bob remarked. "We ran with the Mini Outlaws.  At first they didn't like us running with them, because they are like the Super 4's here.  But, we keep them from having to run with the Hornets.  They like us now, because they get their own race when we come."

We've been talking about the bad luck that Hanson has been having this season, but his C&H Racing teammate Mike Cloud can top that.  Cloud had a car destroyed in a crash last year with Randy Simmons.  It was bad, and he even needed help from the safety crew getting him out of the car.  Despite that, he still managed to improve on 2014's sixth place ranking by moving up to fifth.  He is still in the hunt to maintain fifth, but his motor problems last time out resulted in him scratching from the Main Event.  The one thing Cloud and Hanson were looking forward to was running side by side in a good battle, and that will happen soon.  You can't keep either of the two down for long.

Fifth ranked Kris Mix was practically raised at the race track.  His father is Stock Car veteran Keith Mix, who was there in the pits supporting his son.  Kris made a trip to Yreka a week earlier and ended up getting a little banged up in the Main Event.  "We got tore up, " Kris explained.  "We had to replace the clutch, then we went back out and got dumped again."

Saturday was a little better for Mix, who finished sixth ahead of Hornet graduates Dillen Lausen and Mikey Johnson,  The Hornets are back with some new drivers in the field.  One of them was Darrel Nelson Jr.  Darrell and 13 year old Gabe Nelson, like many others, started racing on the Outlaw Kart track.  "There's actually a few kids who sold their Karts and have Hornets, " Nelson observed.  "They want to start racing on the big track."

Darrel Nelson #8g wrote his name in the books as the first Hornet feature winner of 2016

Nelson was driving the same number that 2015 champion Drew Fielder ran last year, and he looked like a champion in lapping the field for the feature victory.  What was nice was the cost of purchasing this car to go racing.  "It was about $400 to get the car, " Darrel revealed.  "Plus, it came with a spare motor." 

Tim Hedges #14 found the affordability a big plus in going Hornet racing this year.

Tim Hedges is another newcomer to the Hornet division, and he was excited to be a part of the action.  His first race resulted in a heat race victory.  Tim had an influence in his decision to start racing.  "I've been following (Vern and Jake) Wheeler, and I decided I needed to get my own car, " he explained.  "It wasn't gonna be a Sprint Car.  These cars are cheaper.  It was less than $1000 to get the car.  Plus, it's cheaper to run one of these."

The Mini Stock and Hornet divisions will take a break this week, but both classes are back on June 18th for more racing excitement.  Not only do these divisions help bring in the next generation of race car drivers, they are fun classes to watch.

Mini Stocks are back on June 25th as well, along with Pennzoil Winged Sprint Cars, IMCA Sport Modifieds, Super 4's and OTRO Hardtops.  Also, don't forget Monday July 4th's event, which includes IMCA Sport Modifieds, Dwarf Cars and Outlaw Pro Stocks, plus a Fireworks Display.   For information on these and other divisions, check out

Five Divisions Of Racing This Saturday Night At Southern Oregon Speedway

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Five Divisions Of Racing This Saturday Night 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...The Southern Oregon Dwarf Car Association is back as part of a five division show at Southern Oregon Speedway this Saturday night.  They join IMCA Sport Modifieds, Open Stock Cars, Mini Stocks and Hornets as part of an exciting five division program on the 3/10th mile clay oval track.

Promoter Mike McCann noticed that there were some Late Models and other Stock Cars just sitting around waiting for a race.  The Open Stock class was added as a way to get these cars back to the race track. The division has an open motor and tire rule.  Basically, drivers can just bring their cars to the track and go racing.  All fendered Stock Cars are welcome.

Long time Late Model and Sprint Car racer Mike Linder won the inaugural race two weeks ago ahead of Bob Dees.  Dees has held on to his Late Model for the past few seasons in the hopes that he might get a chance to race it again at his home track.  "We were trying to keep the Late Model division going about five years ago, " Bob explained.  "There were a few of us showing up to race.  Then, it got to where I was the only driver coming and that was it."

Bob's son Garrett was one of the last Street Stock drivers competing when his division was dropped in 2014.  His car is legal for this division, and he's hoping to come race when his busy work schedule will allow it.  Bob's other son, John Dees, has a Late Model in the works for the class.  "I'm hoping this class will really take off, " said Bob, who was fourth ranked in Late Model points in 2011.  "We need a class like this here.  They're a lot of fun to drive, and they put on a good show for the fans."

It might seems like a long distance from the Hornets division to Open Stock, but a racer has to start some place.  Hornets are basically stock four cylinder race cars for the budget minded and new comers to the sport.  Tim Hedges made his first start two weeks ago and won his heat race.  He got into the class for less than $1,000.  "I've been following (Vern) Wheeler and decided I needed to get my own car, " Tim explained.  "It wasn't gonna be a Sprint Car.  These are cheaper."

The affordability is what got Darrel Nelson Jr. into a Hornet.  His car also priced in at under $1,000, and he won the season opener.  Darrell sees this as the gateway class for youngsters getting into racing at the big track.  "There are a few kids who have raced at the Kart Track for a few seasons and have sold their Karts and gotten one of these, " Nelson explained.  "This class is the perfect opportunity for them to get some experience on the bigger track.  The nice part is it's not too expensive either."

New drivers are coming into the growing Hornet class, which is a good thing.  Three of that division's racers from last year, Dillen Lausen, Devon Weiser and Mikey Johnson, have all moved up to the Mini Stock division.  Mikey is following in the footsteps of his father, past Mini Stock champion Mike Johnson.  At 14 years old, Mikey isn't even old enough to legally drive on the street, and he's been learning how to drive a stick.  Mikey's runnerup season in Hornet points last season came in a car with an automatic transmission.

The experience factor in Mini Stocks has played in the favor of point leader Bob Burkett and 2014 champion Gary Anderson.  They run 1-2 in the standings, and Burkett is coming off of his second feature victory.  "A lot of these drivers are pretty new to this, " said Bob, who has ranked second four times in his career.  "Give them some time, and they will get better."

Burkett also sees potential feature winners in 14 year old Marissa Henson and Andrew Hall, who rank third and fourth, respectively.  "She's (Henson) gotten much faster this year. " Bob admitted.  "I can see her getting a win this season the way she is going."

Two time defending champion Jorddon Braaten has all Top 3 finishes so far as he leads the track and state IMCA Sport Modified point races.  He's hoping to get a win this week.  That is the goal of Bob Nelson, who is just ten points behind Braaten in the standings.  Also in the hunt right now is reigning state champion Mike Medel, who finished fourth last week.  Though he's trailing Braaten in the state, he's not giving up.  "We've still got lots of racing to do, " said Medel.  "Anything can happen.  We had a rough night to start the season, but we're getting the car figured out.  We're gonna go out there and give it our best."

Medel could be the driver winning this week, and several SODCA Dwarf Car competitors are hoping to write their names onto the winner's list this week.  Thus far, reigning champion Josh King has two wins at the Medford track, while incoming point leader Kalvin Morton has two wins at Yreka and was second at the most recent visit to Southern Oregon Speedway.  "We came into this season thinking we had a good shot at the championship, " explained Morton, who was fourth in points last season.  "I think we have the car working the way we need it to, and I'm really hoping to get a win here.  Josh is very fast, but I think we can beat him.  I know we'll have earned it when we do."

The five division show this Saturday night offers something for everybody.  From the fast little Dwarf Cars to the exciting new Open Stock class.  Sport Modifieds offer open wheel stock car racing excitement and the four cylinder classes are pretty evenly matched and competitive.  Gates will open at 5:00 p.m. with the first race at 7 p.m.  Adult tickets are $12 with Seniors and Juniors $6.  Children five and under are free.  More information can be found at

Point Standings

IMCA Sport Modifieds
84     Jorddon Braaten 117
8n     Bob Nelsen      107
4y     Jimmy Lipke     107
30m     Mike Medel     99
4m     David Marble     94
76     A.J. Parker     92
7j     Fred Ryland     77
69     Dwayne Melvin     72
7     Patti Ryland     69
27b     Tony Bartell     58
88     Randy Fernandes 58

Mini Stock
43     Bob Burkett 109
0     Gary Anderson     96
17h     Marissa Henson     89
007     Andrew Hall     86
89     Kristopher Mix     71
87     Dillen Lausen     55
9c     Mike Cloud     46
2d     Devon Weiser     42
49h     Eric Hanson     40
7     Mikey Johnson     38

8g     Darrel Nelson Jr. 34
14     Tim Hedges     33
67     John Houck     29
77     Garrett Fredrickson 26

Open Stock
22     Mike Linder     35
6     Bob Dees     32
3d     Miles Deubert     29

Monday, June 13, 2016

Gaylord, Ryland, Nash Win Southern Oregon Speedway Features

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Gaylord Prevails In Wild West IMCA Modified Series Opener At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...June 11...Over 40 IMCA Modifieds packed the pits for the opening round of the Wild West IMCA Modified Shoot Out Series Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  Ryan Scott Gaylord of Golden, Colorado made a big statement as he outdueled Oakley, California's Kellen Chadwick to grab the $1,000 victory in the 35 lap race.   Gaylord finished fourth in the series last season, and this win will go a long ways towards improving on that.  He grabbed the lead on lap 16 from Willamette champion Collen Winebarger and lost it only briefly to Chadwick as the two ran side by side for several laps.  Winebarger finished third.

The series runs seven races at six different tracks in eight days and has a format of two sets of heat races that puts the highest ten point earners into the Main Event.  Those ten eight lap heat races were scored for both finishing and passing points.  Gaylord and defending Series Champion Jesse Williamson won both of their heat races as Chadwick, Winebarger, Lance Mari, Danny Lauer, Kyle Casson and Mark Wauge were the other winners.  The Top 8 point earners redrew for their Main Event starting spots in the first four rows of the Main Event.  Winebarger and Gaylord had the front row, Williamson and Lauer were in the second row, the third row was Chadwick and Mari and the fourth row was made up of Tripp Gaylord and Bricen James. 

Winebarger paced the opening lap ahead of R. Gaylord and Williamson.  An outside move on the front stretch actually gained Gaylord the lead.  Moments later, that pass was negated as Matt Duste hit the front wall and rolled.  He was not injured, and he was able to complete repairs and rejoin the field for the restart.  Winebarger still led R. Gaylord and Williamson on the restart.  Chadwick joined the leaders to make it a close four car battle up front, and he slipped past Williamson for third on lap four.  The lead trio pulled away a bit as Chadiwck searched for a way underneath the lead duo.  Chadwick made an inside pass in Turn 4 of the 14th lap to take second from R. Gaylord, but that pass was negated by a yellow flag for debris.  Winebarger continued to hold the point on the restart as R. Gaylord and Chadwick both looked for ways around him.  A high move in Turn 4 of the 16th lap gained R. Gaylord the lead.  Chadwick slipped underneath Winebarger for second on lap 16.  A lap 19 yellow flag waved for a Preston Luckman spin in Turn 2.  Chadwick slipped by R. Gaylord for the lead on the restart, but the two began a side by side battle.  R. Gaylord had it glued to the outside and made a Turn 4 pass to reclaim the lead on lap 23.  R. Gaylord knew that if he made one mistake, Chadwick would get by him, but he kept his cool and led the final ten laps for the impressive victory.  Chadwick was a close second ahead of Winebarger, Williamson, Mark Carrell, Alex Stanford, T. Gaylord, Mari, Randy Brown and John Campos.

The IMCA Modifieds ran two 15 Lap B Mains to add an additional 10 cars to the feature lineup.  B Main 1 saw six time Southern Oregon Speedway champion Wauge lead the way for 13 laps with 2014 Series Champion Stanford challenging him most of the way.  Stanford made his winning move with two laps to go and won ahead of Wauge, Kevin Roberts, Jeff Lovell and Terry Schram.  The second B Main saw Carrell grab the lead from Brown on lap 3 and lead the rest of the way for the win.  2011 Series Champion Brian Poppa got past Brown on lap 13 for a second place finish as Brown, Luckman and Duste completed the Top 5.  A 10 lap Last Chance Race was the final opportunity for four more drivers to join the 24 car Main Event.  Josh Mayden and Rob Ireland ran 1-2 until Oregon State point leader Steve Sturdevant took second on a lap six restart.  Sturdevant made a Turn 4 pass on Mayden on the eighth lap and would win ahead of Mayden, local IMCA Modified rookie C.J. Putnam and Ireland.

IMCA Wild West Modifieds
Heat 1-Kellen Chadwick, Zach Olson, Randy Brown.  Heat 2-Lance Mari, Mark Carrell, Albert Gill.  Heat 3-Jesse Williamson, Alex Stanford, Brian Poppa.  Heat 4-Ryan Scott Gaylord, Bricen James, B.J. Wild.  Heat 5-Collen Winebarger, Travis Peery, Matt Duste.  Heat 6-Danny Lauer, Chadwick, Brown.  Heat 7-Kyle Casson, Mari, Gill.  Heat 8-Williamson, Nick Trenchard, Donald Jenner.  Heat 9-R. Gaylord, James, Schram.  Heat 10-Mark Wauge, Winebarger, John Campos.  B Main 1-Stanford, Wauge, Kevin Roberts, Jeff Lovell, Schram.  B Main 2-Carrell, Poppa, Brown, Preston Luckman, Duste.  LCQ-Steve Sturdevant, John Mayden, C.J. Putnam, Rob Ireland, Matt Jenner.  A Main-R. Gaylord, Chadwick, Winebarger, Williamson, Carrell, Stanford, T. Gaylord, Mari, Brown, Campos, Mayden, Poppa, Roberts, Wauge, Sturdevant, Ireland, Putnam, Lovell, Schram, James, Trenchard, Luckman, Duste, Lauer.

Ryland Returns For Feature Victory 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...June 11...Coming off of his fourth place showing in the Roger Huadenshild Tribute race two weeks ago, Fred Ryland returned to Southern Oregon Speedway and won the IMCA Sport Modified 20 lap Main Event in impressive fashion.  Hailing from Brentwood, California, Ryland is the reigning California IMCA State champion and was Top 5 in the Nation last year as well.  His win came ahead of two time defending champion Jorddon Braaten, who started back in the eighth position.

The evening started with the 14 competitors running two eight lap heat races, won by Bob Nelsen and F. Ryland.  F. Ryland also won the four lap Trophy Dash.  F. Ryland shared the front row of the feature with his wife, Patti Ryland.  He charged into the lead at the start with reigning Oregon IMCA State champion Mike Medel moving into second on lap two.  Marysville, California visitor Jimmy Ford slowed with a flat tire as the yellow flag flew after two laps.  Recent Yreka winner Jimmy Lipke raced past Medel on the outside in Turn 4 to grab second on lap three before Willie McFall spun in Turn 2 for a yellow flag.  Ryland continued to lead Lipke on the restart with Medel moving back into second on lap five.  A lap six caution flag flew for Chad Wormington, and F. Ryland continued to lead Medel and Lipke on the restart. Ryland held a straightaway advantage over the pack by lap ten as Lipke again passed Medel for second at the halfway point.  By this time, Braaten was in fourth, and he got by Medel for third on lap 15.  An outside move on the front stretch on lap 16 gained Braaten second from Lipke.  Even a late caution flag couldn't stop the flying F. Ryland as he won ahead of point leader Braaten, Lipke and Medel.  Rich McCoy made his season debut in fifth as P. Ryland, Nelsen, Ford, Jarrme Horn and rookie David Marble rounded out the Top 10.

IMCA Sport Modifieds are back again for another race this week.  It is their second race in a four week span of races at the speedway.

IMCA Sport Modifieds
Heat 1-Bob Nelsen, Mike Medel, Patti Ryland, Trevor Tiffee, Rich McCoy.  Heat 2-Fred Ryland, Jorddon Braaten, Jimmy Lipke, Jimmy Ford.  Trophy Dash-F. Ryland, Nelsen, Braaten, P. Ryland.  Main Event-F. Ryland, Braaten, Lipke, Medel, McCoy, P. Ryland, Nelsen, Ford, Horn, David Marble, A.J. Parker, Tiffee, Chad Wormington, Willie McFall.

Nash Snaps Borror Win Streak In Outlaw Pro Stocks 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...June 11...The Valley Boys Auto Sales Outlaw Pro Stocks returned to Southern Oregon Speedway for their second race at the track and fourth of the season.  Point leader Steve Borror was enjoying a three race winning streak, but it was snapped on Saturday by an impressive performance by Rocky Nash.  Borror was forced to start at the back of the pack as the previous winner, and he spun in Turn 4 attempting a pass on the last lap of the 15 lap race.  John David Duffie ran a steady race to finish second ahead of Scott Flowers.

The Outlaw Pro Stocks ran two heat races with Nash winning his eight lapper ahead of S. Flowers.  Borror started last in his heat and had the lead by Lap 3 as Roy Bain finished second.  Borror also won the four lap Trophy Dash ahead of Bain and appeared headed for a clean sweep.  However, he was lined up in 15th starting as the previous winner instead of the pole position he thought he had.  Nash seemed to be running about as strong as Borror and raced into the lead at the start of the feature.  A tangle between Brad Zeitler and Miles Deubert in Turn 4 brought out the restart flag, and James Flowers broke on the back stretch to end his night.  Nash led S. Flowers and Duffie on the restart.  S. Flowers spun in Turn 4 for a lap two caution flag.  Nash continued to lead the restart as two time series champion Ken Irving moved into second.  Borror had already struck to fourth behind Duffie.  A low move in Turn 2 of the eighth lap gained Borror second from Irving, and Scott Bennett spun in Turn 4 for a lap nine caution flag.  Nash continued to lead the hard charging Borror on the restart.  Irving and Duffie were enjoying a good battle for third and changed positions a couple times before Duffie grabbed the spot on lap 12.  One more slow down on lap 13 gave Borror a chance to make one more attempt to pass Nash.  As he set his car up for a last turn pass on the final lap, Borror spun.  Nash brought it home to victory ahead of Duffie.  S. Flowers managed to work his way past Irving for third on the last restart and would finish there as Irving settled for fourth.  Borror recovered in fifth ahead of Matt Harlow, Zeitler, Rick Lukens, Ginny Flowers and Arlen Garrison.

Valley Boys Auto Sales Outlaw Pro Stocks
Heat 1-Rocky Nash, Scott Flowers, Ken Irving, James Flowers, Miles Deubert.  Heat 2-Steve Borror, Roy Bain, John David Duffie, Rick Lukens, Tom Hackworth.  Trophy Dash-Borror, Bain, Irving, J. Flowers.  Main Event-Nash, Duffie, S. Flowers, Irving, Borror, Matt Harlow, Brad Zeitler, Lukens, Ginny Flowers, Arlen Garrison, Scott Bennett, Tom Hackworth, Deubert, Tyler Lockwood, Bain, J. Flowers.