Saturday, June 18, 2016

Braaten, Peters, Steele Share Southern Oregon Speedway Spotlight

Braaten, Peters, Steele Share 
Southern Oregon Speedway Spotlight

June 18...Southern Oregon Speedway Point leader Jorddon Braaten took the lead from Mike Medel with seven laps to go and held him off to win the 20 lap IMCA Sport Modified Main Event Saturday night.

Brock Peters shook off the bad luck in a big way with an impressive victory in the 20 lap Dwarf Car Main Event.  Ryan Smith out-dueled Josh King for second

Reigning Yreka champion David Steele visited the Medford track and won a race long battle with point leader Bob Burkett to win the 20 lap Mini Stock Main Event.  Mike Linder won the 12 lap Open Stock feature.

Point leader Jorddon Braaten had a spectacular drive from last to first in the 20 lap IMCA Sport Modified Main Event.  Trophy Dash winner Mike Medel took the lead from Willie McFall on lap six and held the spot until Braaten made his winning move with an inside pass in Turn 4 of the 13th lap.  Braaten would lead the rest of the way for the satisfying victory.  Medel had his best effort of the year at the speedway in second as David Henshaw, McFall and Tony Bartell rounded out the Top 5 finshers.

Brock Peters has had nothing but bad luck in the Dwarf Cars this season, but he made it disappear by leading all 20 laps of the Main Event.   With Peters out front, reigning champion Josh King and Ryan Smith dueled fiercely for second late in the race.  Smith beat King to the line by inches for second as Camden Robustelli and point leader Kalvin Morton rounded out the Top 5.  Peters swept the action with heat and A Dash victories as well.

David Steele won the 20 lap Mini Stock Main Event.  Steele trailed Trophy Dash winner Bob Burkett for two laps before making his his move with a high pass in Turn 3.  Though he never pulled away from Burkett, Steele made no mistakes on his way to victory.  Burkett was second.  Ethan Killingsworth held off Andrew Hall for third as Kris Mix rounded out the Top 5 finishers.

Joby Shields made his debut in the Hornets with a 20 lap feature victory.  Shields was battling side by side with Trophy Dash winner Tim Hedges for second, and that became first when leader Darrel Nelson Jr. got a flat tire and drove off Turn 4 on lap five.  Shields made his winning pass on the front stretch on lap six.  John Hoult battled Hedges for second before making the pass on the front stretch for the position on lap 12.  Shields got the win as Hoult, Hedges, Heather Menzel and Sebastion Burson rounded out the Top 5.

Mike Linder won the heat, dash and Main Event for the Open Stock class.  Bob Dees ran right behind Linder for the entire 12 lap Main Event, but he settled for second.

Racing continues next week with the Pennzoil Winged Sprint Cars, IMCA Sport Modifieds, Mini Stocks, OTRO Hardops and Super 4's all in action.  For further information, check out

Race Results Saturday, June 18

SODCA Dwarf Car
Heat Winners (8 Laps)-Brock Peters, Kalvin Morton.  A Dash (6 Laps)-Peters.  B Dash (6 Laps)-King.  Main Event (20 Laps)-Peters, Ryan Smith, King, Camden Robustell, Morton.

IMCA Sport Modified   
Heat Winners (8 Laps)-Jorddon Braaten, David Marble.  Trophy Dash (4 Laps)-Mike Medel.  Main Event (20 Laps)-Braaten, Medel, David Heshhaw, Willie McFall, Tony Bartell.

Mini Stocks
Heat Winners (8 Laps)-Bob Burkett, David Steele.  Trophy Dash (4 Laps)-Burkett.  Main Event (20 Laps)-Steele, Burkett, Ethan Killingsworth, Andrew Hall, Kris Mix.

Open Stock
Heat Winner (8 Laps)-Mike Linder.  Trophy Dash (4 Laps)-Linder.  Main Event (20 Laps)-Linder, Bob Dees.

Heat Winner (8 Laps)-Darrel Nelson Jr.  Trophy Dash (4 Laps)-Tim Hedges.  Main Event (20 Laps)-Joby Sheilds, John Hoult, Hedges, Heather Menzel, Sebastian Burson.