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Gaylord, Ryland, Nash Win Southern Oregon Speedway Features

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Gaylord Prevails In Wild West IMCA Modified Series Opener At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...June 11...Over 40 IMCA Modifieds packed the pits for the opening round of the Wild West IMCA Modified Shoot Out Series Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  Ryan Scott Gaylord of Golden, Colorado made a big statement as he outdueled Oakley, California's Kellen Chadwick to grab the $1,000 victory in the 35 lap race.   Gaylord finished fourth in the series last season, and this win will go a long ways towards improving on that.  He grabbed the lead on lap 16 from Willamette champion Collen Winebarger and lost it only briefly to Chadwick as the two ran side by side for several laps.  Winebarger finished third.

The series runs seven races at six different tracks in eight days and has a format of two sets of heat races that puts the highest ten point earners into the Main Event.  Those ten eight lap heat races were scored for both finishing and passing points.  Gaylord and defending Series Champion Jesse Williamson won both of their heat races as Chadwick, Winebarger, Lance Mari, Danny Lauer, Kyle Casson and Mark Wauge were the other winners.  The Top 8 point earners redrew for their Main Event starting spots in the first four rows of the Main Event.  Winebarger and Gaylord had the front row, Williamson and Lauer were in the second row, the third row was Chadwick and Mari and the fourth row was made up of Tripp Gaylord and Bricen James. 

Winebarger paced the opening lap ahead of R. Gaylord and Williamson.  An outside move on the front stretch actually gained Gaylord the lead.  Moments later, that pass was negated as Matt Duste hit the front wall and rolled.  He was not injured, and he was able to complete repairs and rejoin the field for the restart.  Winebarger still led R. Gaylord and Williamson on the restart.  Chadwick joined the leaders to make it a close four car battle up front, and he slipped past Williamson for third on lap four.  The lead trio pulled away a bit as Chadiwck searched for a way underneath the lead duo.  Chadwick made an inside pass in Turn 4 of the 14th lap to take second from R. Gaylord, but that pass was negated by a yellow flag for debris.  Winebarger continued to hold the point on the restart as R. Gaylord and Chadwick both looked for ways around him.  A high move in Turn 4 of the 16th lap gained R. Gaylord the lead.  Chadwick slipped underneath Winebarger for second on lap 16.  A lap 19 yellow flag waved for a Preston Luckman spin in Turn 2.  Chadwick slipped by R. Gaylord for the lead on the restart, but the two began a side by side battle.  R. Gaylord had it glued to the outside and made a Turn 4 pass to reclaim the lead on lap 23.  R. Gaylord knew that if he made one mistake, Chadwick would get by him, but he kept his cool and led the final ten laps for the impressive victory.  Chadwick was a close second ahead of Winebarger, Williamson, Mark Carrell, Alex Stanford, T. Gaylord, Mari, Randy Brown and John Campos.

The IMCA Modifieds ran two 15 Lap B Mains to add an additional 10 cars to the feature lineup.  B Main 1 saw six time Southern Oregon Speedway champion Wauge lead the way for 13 laps with 2014 Series Champion Stanford challenging him most of the way.  Stanford made his winning move with two laps to go and won ahead of Wauge, Kevin Roberts, Jeff Lovell and Terry Schram.  The second B Main saw Carrell grab the lead from Brown on lap 3 and lead the rest of the way for the win.  2011 Series Champion Brian Poppa got past Brown on lap 13 for a second place finish as Brown, Luckman and Duste completed the Top 5.  A 10 lap Last Chance Race was the final opportunity for four more drivers to join the 24 car Main Event.  Josh Mayden and Rob Ireland ran 1-2 until Oregon State point leader Steve Sturdevant took second on a lap six restart.  Sturdevant made a Turn 4 pass on Mayden on the eighth lap and would win ahead of Mayden, local IMCA Modified rookie C.J. Putnam and Ireland.

IMCA Wild West Modifieds
Heat 1-Kellen Chadwick, Zach Olson, Randy Brown.  Heat 2-Lance Mari, Mark Carrell, Albert Gill.  Heat 3-Jesse Williamson, Alex Stanford, Brian Poppa.  Heat 4-Ryan Scott Gaylord, Bricen James, B.J. Wild.  Heat 5-Collen Winebarger, Travis Peery, Matt Duste.  Heat 6-Danny Lauer, Chadwick, Brown.  Heat 7-Kyle Casson, Mari, Gill.  Heat 8-Williamson, Nick Trenchard, Donald Jenner.  Heat 9-R. Gaylord, James, Schram.  Heat 10-Mark Wauge, Winebarger, John Campos.  B Main 1-Stanford, Wauge, Kevin Roberts, Jeff Lovell, Schram.  B Main 2-Carrell, Poppa, Brown, Preston Luckman, Duste.  LCQ-Steve Sturdevant, John Mayden, C.J. Putnam, Rob Ireland, Matt Jenner.  A Main-R. Gaylord, Chadwick, Winebarger, Williamson, Carrell, Stanford, T. Gaylord, Mari, Brown, Campos, Mayden, Poppa, Roberts, Wauge, Sturdevant, Ireland, Putnam, Lovell, Schram, James, Trenchard, Luckman, Duste, Lauer.

Ryland Returns For Feature Victory 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...June 11...Coming off of his fourth place showing in the Roger Huadenshild Tribute race two weeks ago, Fred Ryland returned to Southern Oregon Speedway and won the IMCA Sport Modified 20 lap Main Event in impressive fashion.  Hailing from Brentwood, California, Ryland is the reigning California IMCA State champion and was Top 5 in the Nation last year as well.  His win came ahead of two time defending champion Jorddon Braaten, who started back in the eighth position.

The evening started with the 14 competitors running two eight lap heat races, won by Bob Nelsen and F. Ryland.  F. Ryland also won the four lap Trophy Dash.  F. Ryland shared the front row of the feature with his wife, Patti Ryland.  He charged into the lead at the start with reigning Oregon IMCA State champion Mike Medel moving into second on lap two.  Marysville, California visitor Jimmy Ford slowed with a flat tire as the yellow flag flew after two laps.  Recent Yreka winner Jimmy Lipke raced past Medel on the outside in Turn 4 to grab second on lap three before Willie McFall spun in Turn 2 for a yellow flag.  Ryland continued to lead Lipke on the restart with Medel moving back into second on lap five.  A lap six caution flag flew for Chad Wormington, and F. Ryland continued to lead Medel and Lipke on the restart. Ryland held a straightaway advantage over the pack by lap ten as Lipke again passed Medel for second at the halfway point.  By this time, Braaten was in fourth, and he got by Medel for third on lap 15.  An outside move on the front stretch on lap 16 gained Braaten second from Lipke.  Even a late caution flag couldn't stop the flying F. Ryland as he won ahead of point leader Braaten, Lipke and Medel.  Rich McCoy made his season debut in fifth as P. Ryland, Nelsen, Ford, Jarrme Horn and rookie David Marble rounded out the Top 10.

IMCA Sport Modifieds are back again for another race this week.  It is their second race in a four week span of races at the speedway.

IMCA Sport Modifieds
Heat 1-Bob Nelsen, Mike Medel, Patti Ryland, Trevor Tiffee, Rich McCoy.  Heat 2-Fred Ryland, Jorddon Braaten, Jimmy Lipke, Jimmy Ford.  Trophy Dash-F. Ryland, Nelsen, Braaten, P. Ryland.  Main Event-F. Ryland, Braaten, Lipke, Medel, McCoy, P. Ryland, Nelsen, Ford, Horn, David Marble, A.J. Parker, Tiffee, Chad Wormington, Willie McFall.

Nash Snaps Borror Win Streak In Outlaw Pro Stocks 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...June 11...The Valley Boys Auto Sales Outlaw Pro Stocks returned to Southern Oregon Speedway for their second race at the track and fourth of the season.  Point leader Steve Borror was enjoying a three race winning streak, but it was snapped on Saturday by an impressive performance by Rocky Nash.  Borror was forced to start at the back of the pack as the previous winner, and he spun in Turn 4 attempting a pass on the last lap of the 15 lap race.  John David Duffie ran a steady race to finish second ahead of Scott Flowers.

The Outlaw Pro Stocks ran two heat races with Nash winning his eight lapper ahead of S. Flowers.  Borror started last in his heat and had the lead by Lap 3 as Roy Bain finished second.  Borror also won the four lap Trophy Dash ahead of Bain and appeared headed for a clean sweep.  However, he was lined up in 15th starting as the previous winner instead of the pole position he thought he had.  Nash seemed to be running about as strong as Borror and raced into the lead at the start of the feature.  A tangle between Brad Zeitler and Miles Deubert in Turn 4 brought out the restart flag, and James Flowers broke on the back stretch to end his night.  Nash led S. Flowers and Duffie on the restart.  S. Flowers spun in Turn 4 for a lap two caution flag.  Nash continued to lead the restart as two time series champion Ken Irving moved into second.  Borror had already struck to fourth behind Duffie.  A low move in Turn 2 of the eighth lap gained Borror second from Irving, and Scott Bennett spun in Turn 4 for a lap nine caution flag.  Nash continued to lead the hard charging Borror on the restart.  Irving and Duffie were enjoying a good battle for third and changed positions a couple times before Duffie grabbed the spot on lap 12.  One more slow down on lap 13 gave Borror a chance to make one more attempt to pass Nash.  As he set his car up for a last turn pass on the final lap, Borror spun.  Nash brought it home to victory ahead of Duffie.  S. Flowers managed to work his way past Irving for third on the last restart and would finish there as Irving settled for fourth.  Borror recovered in fifth ahead of Matt Harlow, Zeitler, Rick Lukens, Ginny Flowers and Arlen Garrison.

Valley Boys Auto Sales Outlaw Pro Stocks
Heat 1-Rocky Nash, Scott Flowers, Ken Irving, James Flowers, Miles Deubert.  Heat 2-Steve Borror, Roy Bain, John David Duffie, Rick Lukens, Tom Hackworth.  Trophy Dash-Borror, Bain, Irving, J. Flowers.  Main Event-Nash, Duffie, S. Flowers, Irving, Borror, Matt Harlow, Brad Zeitler, Lukens, Ginny Flowers, Arlen Garrison, Scott Bennett, Tom Hackworth, Deubert, Tyler Lockwood, Bain, J. Flowers.