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Bischoff, Deubert, McCoy, Holmes, Grimes Enjoy Southern Oregon Speedway Wins

Southern Oregon Speedway Racing Discussion
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 Bischoff Battles Kniffen For IMCA Modified Victory 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...August 27...Taking the lead from Ray Kniffen Jr. just past the halfway point of the race, Monte Bischoff won the 25 lap IMCA Modified Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  It was a final chance for the drivers to get tuned up for Labor Day Weekend's big $5000 to win 21st Annual Lon Skinner Memorial Race.  Bischoff never could shake Kniffen as they scored a close 1-2 finish.  Bischoff becomes the fifth different winner is the six races held so far.

The track runs a four lap Trophy Dash of the previous Top 4 feature finishers, and Bischoff won that race ahead of two time reigning champion Albert Gill.  Mark Wauge won the first six lap heat race with Bischoff making a late pass on Nick Trenchard for second.  Zach Fettinger made a last turn pass on Gill to win the second heat race.  Kniffen had the pole for the Main Event with Bischoff starting behind him in third.  Kniffen charged into the lead at the start ahead of Bischoff and Dwarf Car champion C.J. Putnam.  Fettinger made a front stretch pass on Putnam for third on lap two, and the yellow flag flew after four laps for Gill in Turn 2.  Gill and division newcomer Jay Poppa both pitted, and Kniffen continued to lead Bischoff and Fettinger on the restart.  Bischoff was shadowing Kniffen's every move, but Kniffen did a great job of leading the way until a lap 14 yellow flag flew for past Susanville champion Chris Olexiewicz and rookie James Welshonse in Turn 4.  Olexiewicz retired from the race.  On the restart, Bischoff got a good run on Kniffen and emerged with the lead by the time they exited Turn 2.  Trenchard and Wauge raced into third and fourth on the restart.  Kniffen ran closely behind Bischoff, looking for a way by on the inside. However, Bischoff drove a brilliant race up front and sped to a well earned victory.  Kniffen was a close second.  Trenchard repelled Wauge's advances to finish third.  Welshonse brought it home a strong fifth ahead of Duane Orsburn, Putnam, Fettinger, Olexiewicz, Gill and Poppa.

Race Results
IMCA Modifieds
Trophy Dash-Monte Bischoff, Albert Gill, James Welshonse, Mark Wauge.  Heat 1-Mark Wauge, Monte Bischoff, Nick Trenchard, James Welshonse, Ray Kniffen Jr.  Heat 2-Zach Fettinger, Albert Gill, Chris Olexiewicz, C.J. Putnam, Duane Orsburn.  Main Event-Monte Bischoff, Ray Kniffen Jr., Nick Trenchard, Mark Wauge, James Welshonse, Duane Orsburn, C.J. Putnam, Zach Fettinger, Chris Olexiewicz, Albert Gill, Jay Poppa.

McCoy Fast As Lightning In IMCA Sport Modified Victory 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...August 27...Taking the lead from Jimmy Lipke on lap nine, Rich McCoy went on to win his first 20 lap IMCA Sport Modified Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  McCoy was sporting a new car and paint job with Lightning McQueen colors from the Disney movie Cars.  McCoy becomes the fifth different winner in the competitive division as Yreka point leader Lipke settled for second.  It was also a nice tuneup race for the drivers as they get ready to run for extra money in the Sport Modified portion of the Lon Skinner Memorial Race on Labor Day Weekend.

Mike Medel started things of by winning the four lap Trophy Dash ahead of fellow championship contender David Marble.  Lipke won his six lap heat race by a wide margin ahead of Marble.  McCoy went flag to flag to win his heat race ahead of Medel.  Lipke charged into the lead at the start of the Main Event ahead of McCoy and Medel.  McCoy was pressuring Lipke hard for the lead before making an inside pass in Turn 3 of the ninth lap to grab the spot.  Medel was running a solid third ahead of Willie McFall as McCoy began lapping slower cars by lap 12.  With his car already loaded and on the way to Boone, Iowa for the IMCA Nationals, point leader Jorddpn Braaten drove the Glen Severson car, but he pitted on lap 12.  McCoy set a rapid pace in the smoothly run event and scored the impressive victory ahead of Lipke, Medel, McFall, Doug Franklin, Marble, Garrett Hamilton, A.J. Parker and Braaten.

Race Results
IMCA Sport Modifieds
Trophy Dash-Mike Medel, David Marble, A.J. Parker.  Heat 1-Jimmy Lipke, David Marble, Willie McFall, Jorddon Braaten, Garrett Hamilton.  Heat 2-Rich McCoy, Mike Medel, Doug Franklin, A.J. Parker.  Main Event-Rich McCoy, Jimmy Lipke, Mike Medel, Willie McFall, Doug Franklin, David Marble, Garrett Hamilton, A.J. Parker, Jorddon Braaten.

Deubert Dials It in For Second Pro Stock Victory 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...August 27...Taking the lead from Matt Harlow on the ninth lap, Miles Deubert went on to score an impressive victory in the 20 lap Valley Boys Auto Sales Outlaw Pro Stock Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  It was the second win of the season for Deubert, who is the 2014 Street Stock champion at the track.  James Flowers wheeled the Arlen Garrison owned car to a second place feature finish as he still has his sites set on third in the standings.

His third place finish last time out put Scott Flowers on the front row for the four lap Trophy Dash, and he won a spirited duel with Rocky Nash for the victory.  Point leader Steve Borror was dealt a surprise as Nash made a last turn pass on him to win the first six lap heat race.  Deubert enjoyed a flag to flag romp for the victory in his heat race as two time champion Ken Irving finished second.  After a couple of false starts, the Pro Stock drivers proceeded to run one of their smoothest Main Events of the season.  Harlow grabbed the lead at the start of the race ahead of Irving and J. Flowers.  An outside move on the front stretch of the fourth lap gained Deubert third from J. Flowers, and he made an outside pass on the back stetch a lap later to grab second from Irving.  J. Flowers followed Deubert into third.  A low move in Turn 4 of the ninth lap gained Deubert the lead from Harlow.  J. Flowers quickly moved in on Harlow before making an inside pass in Turn 4 of the 12th lap to take second.  S. Flowers was in fourth when the lone caution flag flew on lap 16 for debris on the track.  Julia Flowers joined Rick Lukens in the pits for a rare DNF on what was her 18th birthday.  Deubert led James Flowers and Harlow on the restart.  Nash took fourth from S. Flowers, and then Nash passed Harlow in Turn 2 of the 18th lap to grab third.  S. Flowers also got by for fourth.  However, Deubert set a rapid pace up front and brought it home to a well earned victory.  James Flowers was a season best second ahead of Nash, S. Flowers, Harlow, Steve Borror, Irving, Roy Bain, Scott Bennett and Julia Flowers.

Race Results
Valley Boys Auto Sales Outlaw Pro Stocks
Trophy Dash-Scott Flowers, Rocky Nash, Steve Borror, James Flowers.  Heat 1-Rocky Nash, Steve Borror, Scott Flowers, Matt Harlow, Zach Fettinger.  Heat 2-Miles Deubert, Ken Irving, Roy Bain, James Flowers, Mike Johnson.  Main Event-Miles Deubert, James Flowers, Rocky Nash, Scott Flowers, Matt Harlow, Steve Borror, Ken Irving, Roy Bain, Scott Bennett, Julia Flowers, Rick Lukens, Derrel Nelson Jr., Mike Johnson (DNS), Zach Fettinger (DNS).

Emotional First Career Sprint Car Win For Aaron Miller 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...August 27...Leading all the way from the start, Aaron Miller won the 20 lap Pennzoil Winged Sprint Car Main event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  A regular at Petaluma Speedway who hails from nearby Grants Pass, Miller fought back tears as he accepted his trophy in the post race interview.

Past Chico Wingless Spec Sprint champion Rowdy McClennon competed in the Mark Michelet car and started the night off with a four lap Trophy Dash win ahead of Wayne Kniffen.  McClennon established himself as the driver to beat in the Main Event after winning the six lap heat race ahead of Miller.  Miller and McClennon led the field to the Main Event green flag, and Miller surprised McClennon by charging into the lead at the start.  Miller made no mistakes for the entire distance as he earned the victory ahead of McClennon.  Wayne Kniffen kept his hopes of moving into second in points alive by driving to a third place finish and clocking in with the fastest lap of the race of 11.787 on the three-tenth mile clay oval.  Rookie Jeffrey Hudson remains in title contention following his lead lap fourth place finish.

The final Pennzoil Winged Sprint Car race of the season is slated for September 24th, but the track will host the third and final race of the $1000 to win Extreme Sprint Car Triple Crown Series on September 10th.  Ricky Ashley won the first race at Cottage Grove ahead of past track champion David Hibbard, Kinzer Cox, Tyler Thompson and newly crowned repeat champion Patrick Dills.  For further information, go to www.southernoregonspeedway.com.

Race Results
Pennzoil Winged Sprint Cars
Trophy Dash-Rowdy McClennon, Wayne Kniffen, Aaron Miller.  Heat Race-Rowdy McClennon, Aaron Miller, Wayne Kniffen.  Main Event-Aaron Miller, Rowdy McClennon, Wayne Kniffen, Jeffrey Hudson.

Clean Sweep For Doty Tightens Super 4's Point Race 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...August 27...In another impressive display of speed, Lee Doty won his third 20 lap Super 4's Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  Doty won all three races on the night and could see the battle for second in front of him as he took the checkered flag in the Main Event.  Charlie Eaton won a drag race back to the line to beat point leader John Barger for second.  The 2013 champion Barger only leads Doty by a few points with the season nearly over.

Doty started his night off right with a four lap Trophy Dash win ahead of Eaton.  He continued an impressive night by winning the six lap heat race by about a straightaway over Dan Prewitt.  Doty had the pole for the Main Event and bolted into the lead at the start.  Doty held a straightaway lead by lap four as Eaton took second from Prewitt.  Barger gained third on lap as the Doty advantage was stretched to half a lap by six.  Doty started  lapping slower cars by lap ten, and Prewitt retired from the race on lap 13.  As Doty took the checkered flag, he could see a close battle for second between Eaton and Barger in front of him.  Barger made a run at Eaton, but it was Eaton having his best finish of the season in second.  Bill Spencer, Eric Oahs and Prewitt completed the finishing order.

Race Results
Super 4's
Trophy Dash-Lee Doty, Dan Prewitt, Charlie Eaton, Eric Oahs.  Heat Race-Lee Doty, Dan Prewitt, Charlie Eaton, John Barger, Bill Spencer.  Main Event-Lee Doty, Charlie Eaton, John Barger, Bill Spencer, Eric Oahs, Dan Prewitt.

Thomason Wraps Up OTRO Hardtop Season With Thrilling Victory At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...August 27...Returning to the driver's seat after missing the previous race, Trevor Thomason won a drag race to the line with Bill Trotter for the 20 lap OTRO Hardtop Main Event victory.  The win was the fourth of the season for Thomason as he won every Main Event he started aboard the Vic & Louise Bridges owned car.  Trotter was also back after turning the wheel over to Mark Winter in the previous race, and he made a nice charge at the end before settling for second.

After Wylie Powell had a problem with the Dusty Trotter car before the Trophy Dash, B. Trotter graciously let him drive his car in the race.  Powell responded by scoring his first victory ahead of Jimmy Del Castille.  With no time to switch drivers after the trophy ceremonies, Powell got to drive the car again in the six lap heat race.  He responded by holding off Thomason to win that race as well.  Powell got to make a few laps in the Dusty Trotter car before starting it in the Main Event.  Powell led one lap of the Main Event before Thomason came speeding by on the front stretch for the lead.  B. Trotter followed the lead duo closely in third.  A low move in Turn 4 of the tenth lap would gain B. Trotter second.  Thomason was in slower traffic by lap 11, but this time B. Trotter and Powell were not far behind him.  B. Trotter began to close the gap on Thomason, and he positioned himself to make a move on the last lap.  B. Trotter gave it a good run as they exited the final turn, but Thomason prevailed by inches.   Powell wrapped up his best night of the season with a lead lap third place finish.  Chris Mehrer, Del Castille and Crouch rounded out the finishing order.

Race Results
OTRO Hardtops
Trophy Dash-Wylie Powell, Jimmy Del Castille, Chris Mehrer, Brian Crouch.  Heat Race-Wylie Powell, Trevor Thomason, Jimmy Del Castille, Chris Mehrer, Brian Crouch.  Main Event-Trevor Thomason, Bill Trotter, Wylie Powell, Chris Mehrer, Jimmy Del Castille, Brian Crouch.

Holmes, Grimes, Fuller Unstoppable
At Southern Oregon Speedway Kart Track

White City, Oregon...August 26...Tanner Holmes wrapped up a great night of racing at the Southern Oregon Speedway Outlaw Kart Track Friday night.  Holmes led all 20 laps to win his third 250 Kart Main Event after winning both heat races and the Trophy Dash.  Point leader Bodee Weiser held off Tanner's sister Carley Holmes for the second place finish.

Merissa Henson debuted her 500 Kart by winning both heat races, the Trophy Dash and 15 lap Main Event ahead of new point leader Johnny Burke.

After spinning in an opening lap tangle with fellow heat winner Natalie Richard, point leader Trevor Grimes grabbed the lead on lap seven and won the 20 lap Box Stock Main Event.  Brionna Fuller led six laps before settling for second.

Taylor Fuller led from start to finish for the 15 lap Box Stock Main Event win.  Fuller won his two heats and the Trophy Dash, while double heat winner Jacob James battled back from a spin to finish second.

Tanner Holmes continued his impressive winning streak in the 250 Outlaw Karts.  After winning his two heats and the Trophy Dash, Holmes charged out to the lead at the start of the 20 lap Main Event, leaving the battle for second behind him. Point leader Bodee Weiser was second early on as Braden Cory took third from Devin Felix with a back stretch pass on lap lap five.  Cory raced by Weiser for second on a lap eight restart, but he spun off the back stretch for a lap 11 caution flag.  Holmes led through five different yellow flags and won by a good margin.  Weiser withstood some late pressure from Tanner's younger sister Carley Holmes to finish second.  Felix wrapped a good night in his division debut with a fourth place finish ahead of Enrique Jaime.  Felix and Weiser each won heat races.

After three straight Top 3 seasons in her 250 Kart, Merissa Henson has been making a run at the Top 3 in Mini Stock points on the big track this year.  Friday night was her opportunity to debut her 500 Kart, and she did it with wins in both heat races, the Trophy Dash and the 15 lap Main Event.  Henson led all the way with point leader Johnny Burke right behind her in second.  Jeffrey Hudson was a Main Event scratch, and Steve Rambo had his Kart in the pits in an effort to sell it.

Trevor Grimes continued his domination of the Box Stock division by winning his third 20 lap Main Event.  Grimes won the Trophy Dash and a heat race, but Natalie Richard won the other heat race to prevent the sweep.  At the start of the race, Grimes and Richard got together in Turn 4 and spun for a yellow flag.  Brionna Fuller had the lead for the complete restart, and Grimes immediately charged into second as Ryan Hirschbock led a thee car battle with Emma Rodgers and Richard for third.  Fuller kept it on the bottom and Grimes looked for an opening to race underneath.  Grimes finally found the opening and made a low pass in Turn 4 of the seventh lap to take the lead.  Rodgers made an inside pass in Turn 4 of the 12th lap to take third.  Grimes held the lead the rest of the way for the win as Fuller settled for second ahead of Rodgers, Richard and Hirschbock.

Yreka point leader Taylor Fuller won his second straight Beginners Box Stock 15 lap Main Event.  Fuller also won his two heats and the Trophy Dash comfortably.  Season opener winner Jacob James won his two heats.  Fuller led from the start.  James spun from second for a lap nine caution flag.  By then, Fuller had lapped all but the Top 4 cars.  James was already back in second by lap 11, but Fuller sped to the victory.  In only his second race, Malachi Johnson finished a strong third and was second in both of his heat races.  Shailene Horn was a lead lap fourth as Adrian Richard finished fifth.

Unofficial Race Results
250 Karts
Trophy Dash (4 Laps)-Tanner Holmes.  Heat 1 (6 Laps)-Devin Felix.  Heat 2 (6 Laps)-T. Holmes.  Heat 3 (6 Laps)-Bodee Weiser.  Heat 4 (6 Laps)-T. Holmes.   Main Event (20 Laps)-Tanner Holmes, Bodee Weiser, Carley Holmes, Felix, Enrique Jaime, Brenden Bartlett, Braden Weiser, Ashleigh Strain, Braden Cory, Reece Slyter.

Box Stocks
Trophy Dash (4 Laps)-Trevor Grimes.   Heat 1 (6 Laps)-Natalie Richard.  Heat 2 (6 Laps)-Grimes.   Main Event (20 Laps)-Grimes, Briona Fuller, Emma Rodgers, Natalie Richard, Ryan Hirschbock.

Beginner Box Stocks
Trophy Dash (4 Laps)-Taylor Fuller.  Heat 1 (6 Laps)-Fuller.  Heat 2 (6 Laps)-Jacob James.  Heat 3 (6 Laps)-Fuller.   Heat 4 (6 Laps)-James.   Main Event (15 Laps)-Fuller, James, Malachi Johnson, Shailene Horn, Adrian Richard, Kiley Grimes, Roger Whipple, Nicholas Davis Jr., Jordyn Bowers, Thomas Whipple.

500 Karts
Trophy Dash (4 Laps)-Merissa Henson.  Heat 1 (6 Laps)-Henson  Heat 2 (6 Laps)-Henson.   Main Event (15 Laps)-Henson, Johnny Burke, Jeffrey Hudson (DNS), Steve Rambo (DNS).