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New Era Begins For Kendall Oil Sprint Cars At Southern Oregon Speedway

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New Era Begins For Kendall Oil Sprint Cars 
 At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...Once again, Southern Oregon Speedway will feature the Kendall Oil Winged Sprint Car division, presented by Hays Oil.  The division has been a part of the track since it opened in 1996 and has crowned many champions through the years.  The track hadn't crowned its own champion since 2010 after car count fell off in 2011.  Last year signaled a new beginning for the track as Mike McCann took over as promoter and brought back the Sprint Cars as a championship earning division.

Because there was uncertainty about who was out there and would support, the division returned with an open engine rules package that allowed everything from Limited Sprints to 410 Sprints to compete.  Local 360 competitors sat out, and car count struggled.  Other than a Speedweek Race and a special Limited Sprint Car show, car count never reached ten.  Jake Wheeler went on to win the championship ahead of Jeffrey Hudson and Wayne Kniffen.

After looking at the numbers and listening to feedback, McCann opted to go with the Limited Sprint rules package.  Since June of last year, there were racers proclaiming their desire to support the Kendall Oil Sprint Cars if they went with a limited rules package.  Therefore, a ten race schedule has been booked, and we'll see who comes out and races this season.  After back to back play days on April 15th and 22nd, the season opens on May 20th.

Sprint Car veteran David Hubbard has thrown his hat into the ring and is a big booster of the class behind the scenes.  Hibbard was one of two Limited Sprint Car drivers to win a feature last year when he made a late race pass on Jake Wheeler for the victory.  He also had wins in Cottage Grove, where he is a past champion.  David has a desire to see this class grow and race more often in front of his home crowd this year

Joining him will be his son, rising young star Bailey Hibbard.  Bailey got his start in racing on the Outlaw Kart track before moving up to Sprint Cars.   Last season was difficult for Bailey at times, and he began to question whether he should continue racing.  However, he erased those doubts with a thrilling late race pass on Raquel Ivie for the victory in a Limited Sprint race at Southern Oregon Speedway last September.

Another of the rising young stars of open wheel racing is Jeffrey Hudson.  Hudson took the Outlaw Pro Stocks by storm in 2015 when the then 14 year old second generation racer made a move on the final night to win the championship.  This isn't a big surprise when you consider his father Jeff Hudson is also a Pro Stock and Modified champion.  Jeffrey ran smooth and got faster with each race last year before winning the season finale to secure second in the standings.

Like Hudson and B. Hibbard, Merissa Henson got started on the Outlaw Kart track, where she has had several Top 3 point seasons.  Her Mini Stock rookie season in 2015 saw her rank in the Top 10, and she was fifth in points last year with a pair of Trophy Dash wins.  The Henson team purchased a Sprint Car last year, and she's looking forward to her rookie season.

When you talk Outlaw Kart racing, the biggest young star in the area would have to be Tanner Holmes.  A multi time champion, Tanner just wrapped up the 250 Kart championship at Red Bluff.  Racing is definitely in his blood, and Holmes will probably be a driver to look for in the winner's circle at some point this season.  Tanner isn't the only Kart champion in the family.  You may just see his little sister Carley on the big track in the future.

Camden Robustelli is another Outlaw Kart champion who has been setting the Dwarf Car circuit on fire with his back to back runnerup point seasons.  He's already won a pair of Limited Sprint Car features in recent years.  Though he will be making Dwarf Cars his priority with an eye towards the SODCA championship, we should still see him in a Sprint Car several times this year.

Two other drivers coming up from the Outlaw Karts are 500 Open star Blaine Cory and 2010 125's champion Bartley Foster.  Todd Whipple will be back to race, and rumors are circulating that a past Midget and Street Stock champion may be coming out to race as well.  There's also a third Hibbard planning to race.  That would be David's father Calvin Hibbard, who will make it three generations of the family on the track together.

With the increased purse money being offered, there are other established Sprint Car stars looking at doing some racing at Southern Oregon Speedway.  We've also heard of a few other race cars being prepared for this season, though it's early to name names just yet.  Optimism is high that the change in rules will be the catalyst that finally puts Medford Sprint Car racing back on track.

There are other announcements for this division in the works.  On August 19th, the drivers will be removing their wings for a special point race and tuneup for the big race set for a week later.  On August 26th, Southern Oregon Speedway launches the Cascade Sprint Car Challenge.  Herz Precision Parts is sponsoring this $3000 to win race that will attract top drivers from throughout the West Coast.

The good news is that Sprint Car racing will continue to be a part of Southern Oregon Speedway as management remains committed to building a class.  Stay tuned for further announcements as we prepare for the 2017 season.  For further information, go to

Southern Oregon Speedway
Pennzoil Sprint Car Schedule
April 15 - Test & Tune
April 22 - (Rain Date Test & Tune)
May 20
May 27
June 10
June 17
July 1
July 8
July 22
August 19 (Non Wing)
August 26 - Herz Precision Parts "Cascade Sprint Challenge" ($3000 To Win Non Wing)
September 9

Past Sprint Car Champions
1996  Dan Menne
1997  Bill Nutter
1998  Dan Menne
2001  Chad Bauer
2002  Todd Zeitler
2003  Dan Menne
2004  T.J. Winningham
2005  Dan Menne
2006  Bill Nutter
2006  Randy Rodgers
2007  Randy Rodgers
2009  Charlie Thompson
2010  Chadd Noland
2013  Kyler Barraza*
2014  Kyler Barraza*
2016  Jake Wheeler
*  Medford-Coos Bay Series

Kendall Oil Sprint Car Winner's List (2006-1016)

May 13, 2005:  Danny Horner
July 15, 2005:     Bill Nutter
July 24, 2005:  Danny Horner
August 19, 2005:  Dan Menne
May 12, 2006:  Randy Rodgers
May 26, 2006:  Dan Menne
June 11, 2006:  Brent Kaeding
June 26, 2006:  Garen Linder
July 23, 2006:  Shane Steward
August 4, 2006:  Randy Rodgers
August 25, 2006:  Randy Rodgers
September 29, 2006:  Dan Menne
May 3, 2008:  Garen Linder
June 14, 2008:  Dan Menne
July 14, 2008:  Jonathan Allard
August 2, 2008:  Dan Menne
August 9, 2008:  Chadd Noland
August 23, 2008:  Dan Menne
September 6, 2008:  Chadd Noland
September 13, 2008:  Dan Menne
April 18, 2009:  Roger Crockett
May 8, 2009:  Roger Crockett
May 9, 2009:  Dan Menne
May 23, 2009:  Todd Zeitler
June 27, 2009:  Vern Wheeler Jr.
July 11, 2009:  Jared Ridge
July 13, 2009:  Jesse Hockett
August 8, 2009:  Randy Rodgers
August 15, 2009:  David Hibbard
August 22, 2009:  Roger Crockett
August 29, 2009:  Chadd Noland
September 19, 2009:  Bill Nutter
April 17, 2010:  Roger Crockett
May 8, 2010:  Chadd Noland
June 12, 2010:  Kyle Larson
June 19, 2010:  Chadd Noland
July 10, 2010:  Steven Tiner
July 12, 2010:  Travis Rilat
August 7, 2010:  Chadd Noland
August 14, 2010:  Roger Crockett   
May 7, 2011:  Vern Wheeler Jr.
June 11, 2011:  Jonathan Allard
July 9, 2011:  Seth Bergman
July 11, 2011:  Henry Van Dam
August 13, 2011:  Jayme Barnes
September 10, 2011:  David Hibbard
May 19,    2012:  Roger Crockett
June 9,    2012:  Tim Kaeding
July 14, 2012:  Garen Linder
August 11, 2012:  Kyle Hirst
May 4, 2013:  David Hibbard
May 18, 2013:  David Hibbard
May 25, 2013:  Kyler Barazza
June 8, 2013:  Vern Wheeler Jr.
June 22, 2013:  Kyler Barraza
July 1, 2013:  Roger Crockett
July 27, 2013:  Vern Wheeler Jr.
August 24, 2013:  Lawrence Van Hoof
September 14, 2013:  Matt Moberly
May 22, 2014:  Andy Forsberg
June 14, 2014:  Kyler Barraza
June 30, 2014:  Rico Abreu
August 2, 2014:  David Hibbard
September 3, 2014: Daryn Pittman
April 18, 2015:  Seth Nunes
May 23, 2015:  Roger Crockett
June 29, 2015:  Colby Copeland
August 15, 2015:  Kyle Hirst
April 30, 2016:  Vern Wheeler Jr.
May 7, 2016:  Vern Wheeler Jr.
June 4, 2016:  Jake Wheeler
June 25, 2016:  David Hibbard
July 9, 2016:  Trey Starks
August 27, 2016:  Aaron Miller
September 10, 2016:  Bailey Hibbard
September 24, 2016:  Jeffrey Hudson

 May 27th Open Wheel Showcase Event Set For 
Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...The first of two special open wheel themed nights is set for May 27th at Southern Oregon Speedway.  The headliners will be the Northwest Focus Midgets and the Kendall Oil Winged Sprint Cars.  Also on the card will be the OTRO Hardtops and the first ever visit of the Pro 4 West Modified Association.  It's sure to be an exciting night of racing.

The Focus Midgets have been a part of the Northwestern racing circuit for well over a decade, and they have thrilled crowds at several tracks with their exciting brand of open wheel racing.  This year, the group will have races in three states during the course of the season, and this includes their visit to Southern Oregon Speedway.

Leading the charge is reigning champion Nick Evans, who has been in the hunt during the last two point seasons.  Last season saw the six time winner Evans win the title by just two points over two time winner Eric Turner.  Third ranked Tristan Thomas was a five time winner last season who won four times in 2015 to win the championship that year by just five points.  Evans settled for second that year.

Chance Crum, a three time winner on the circuit, finished fourth in points last year, while also winning the Deming Speedway championship.  Ryan Cully, Jacob Brown, Thomas Walker, Renee Angel and Michael Vollbrecht are just some of the stars to watch for on May 27th as a car count reaching into the 20's is anticipate//d.

The Kendall Oil Winged Sprint Cars, presented by Hays Oil, will be holding their second of nine scheduled point races at the track, and it's already shaping up to be a good show.  David Hibbard will be one of the drivers leading the charge.  Hibbard had a win last season in Medford and the 2014 Cottage Grove champion has won at Medford several times through the years.  2016 point runnerup Jeffrey Hudson is another driver to watch for as Bailey Hibbard, Merissa Henson, Tanner Holmes, Todd Whipple and Blaine Cory are other drivers to watch for.

For several seasons, the Pro 4 West Modifieds have competed at various different tracks.  However, in recent years the drivers have competed during the fall and winter months at Salem Indoors Speedway.  The Pro 4 Modifieds are a step up from Mini Stocks and sort of a cross between Modifieds and Mini Stocks, but they have a look that sets them apart.

If it's Pro 4 Modifieds, you know that there will be at least one Ferrando family member in the group.  "Papa" Tom Ferrando is the patriarch of the family and is the current champion at Salem.  Tobey Ferrando is the 2015/2016 champion.  Drivers are itching to do some racing outdoors again, and about a half dozen competitors are anticipated on May 27th as the group makes their first visit to Medford.

Rounding out this action packed program will be the popular OTRO Hardtops.  A good mixture of 1930's Coupe and Sedan Bodied, V-6 powered race cars will be on hand to put on a show, led by Trevor Thomason, Bill Trotter, Wylie Prowell, Stanley Garboden, Dean Cast, Jimmy Del Castille and Brian Crouch.

The Open Wheel Showcase on May 27th will be an exciting show for the fans.  For further information on the happenings at the speedway, go to

Northwest Focus Midgets
2016 Top 10 Points
Nick Evans  661  (6)
Eric Turner  659  (2)
Tristen Thomas  594  (5)
Chance Crum  536  (3)
Ryan Cully  456
Jacob Brown  454  (1)
Thomas Walker  454
Renee Angel  445
Michael Vollbrecht  426
Garrett Thomas 354  (1)

2015 Top Ten Points
Tristin Thomas  559  (4)
Nick Evans  554
Michael Vollbrecht  542  (7)
Ryan Cully  436
Thomas Walker  434
Garrett Thomas  393  (5)
Doug Anderson  258  (1)
Nik Larson  251
Kenzi Thomas  244
Lee St. Paul  251
Note: with (1) each…Jared Peterson, Kelsey Carpenter and Dougie James with (2)

2014 Top Ten Points
Chase Goetz  903 (10)
Garret Thomas  750 (1)
Michael Vollbrecht  683
Hannah Lindquist  681
Tristin Thomas  629 (3)
Dougie James  601 (4)
Lance Sargent  545 (2)
Todd Hartman  503
Chance Crum  426 (1)
Jeremy Miller  404

2013 Top Ten Points
Chase Goetz  1074 (13)
Garet Thomas  937
Ariel Biggs  866 (1)
Todd Hartman  569
Jeremy Miller  514
Dougie James  406
Annika Johanson  364
Madison Hess  358
Tristin Thomas  348
Robby Vaughn  310

2012 Top Ten Points
Jared Peterson   923  (11)
Chase Goetz  888  (1)
Garret Johnson  812  (1)
Garrett Thomas  801
Michael Millard  703  (1)
Todd Hartman  582
Zak DeBakker  439
Jeremy Miller  377  (1)
Ariel Biggs  350
Renee Angel  329

2010 Top Ten Points
Seth Hespe  (2)
Allison Journey  (1)
Ariel Biggs
Reece Goetz  (5)
Garret Johnson
Annika Johansen
Jeremy Miller
Bailey Studor
Todd Hartman
Dustin O’Brien

2009 Top Ten Points
Seth Hespe  (5)
Jonathan Jorgenson  (3)
Brandon Daniel  (3)
Allison Journey  (1)
Jeremy Miller
Ariel Biggs
Todd Hartman
Annika Johnasen
Lee St. Paul
Jeff Bell
Note:  Colton Heath had 1 win

2008 Top Ten Points
Jeff Bell (1)
Lee St. Paul
Don West Jr.  (6)
Shon Valland
Austin Hespe
Allison Journey
Johnathan Jorgenson  (1)
Todd Hartman
Han DeBakker
Note:  Samatha Taylor won 2 Races in 2008

2007 Top Ten Points
Don West Jr.  (3)
Jeff Ball  (1)
Otto Jorgenson  (2)
Samatha Taylor  (3)
Jonathan Jorgenson
Han DeBakker
Shon Valland
Bryan Thomas
Kelly Douglas
Lee St. Paul

2006 Top Ten Points
Bryan Thomas  (4)
Kerry Sample  (1)
Samatha Taylor  (2)
Ken Brogan  (1)
Han DeBakker
Seth Hespe
Otto Jorgenson  (1)
Lee St. Paul
Nick Frausto
Ron Spague
Note:  Evan Margeson won a Race

Salem Indoor Speedway
Pro 4 West Points And Champions

19 Greg Davidson 562
49 Megan Ferrando 556
44 Thomas Ferrando 478
29 Terry Ferrando 398
19 Phil Flora 290
95 Tyler Ferrando 278
42 Mark Flora 196
V7 Papa Tom Ferrando 188
29 Taryn Ferando 188
42 Zach Ferando 100
95 Co Ferando 94
42 Lucas Ferando 90

1 Tim Ferrando 690
2 Megan Ferrando 648
3 Ric Wagner 564
4 Lincoln Caldwell 560
5 Zac Ferrando 492
6 Tobey Ferrando 466
7 Thomas Ferrando 366
8 Terry Ferrando 200
9 Andy Aaron 188
10 Papa Tom Ferrando 184
11 Lucas Ferrando 12
Marty Heenan Jr 13
Sherman Whitt 90

Champion-Tobey Ferrando

#V7-Tom Ferrando 496
#03-Rick Wagner 386
#21-Tobey Ferrando 196
#49-Billy Jack 194
#7-Mike Wagner  192
#V1-Brian Finney 190
#33-Barry Lampert 98
#42-Thomas Ferrando 98
#49-Chris Tefte 0

Southern Oregon Speedway Pit Stops

With all of the talk of cars being prepared for the coming season, the outlook is for a better season overall than Southern Oregon Speedway has seen in recent years.  There's still lots of work to be done, but the goal remains consistent.  Mike McCann wants to build this racing program back into one of the top shows on the West Coast.  The reaction to the news of Jon DeBenedetti being named the Director Of Competition and Valerie DeBenedetti becoming the Head Scorer has been positive.

The Dwarf Car community, and specifically the Southern Oregon Dwarf Car Association, has been buzzing.  In addition to the very active schedule and the WSDCA Dwarf Car event in August that the group will be hosting at their home track, they've secured a bigger purse for their Labor Day Weekend race in September.  They pay a regular purse on Saturday the 2nd, but an increased purse on Sunday the 3rd means they race for $1000 to win.  It's an event that sees SODCA working with PHRA, the NWDCA and the Oregon Outlaws.  That's not the only reason people are talking.

Word is that perennial Top 10 point runner Fred Hay is returning after a hard crash last March in Chico left him with a broken neck.  The 70 something year old competitor might have been counted out by some people, but Fred didn't want to go out on that note.  In 2015, he enjoyed his best season in third as one of the drivers who managed to keep the flying Josh King out of the winner's circle.  Fred remains one of the most popular drivers in the group, and he was there in the pits supporting his fellow racers for most of last season.

We also received word that Outlaw Kart star Ashleigh Strain is moving up to the Dwarf Car division.  Strain is about as competitive as they come.  She's won races on the Outlaw Kart circuit, including her season finale victory in 250's at Cottage Grove last season.  She showed great toughness one night in Medford last year after winning a heat race, flipping later and coming back to race some more.  Ashleigh is a welcome addition to the class and joins Kaycee Sheeler as the two ladies giving the boys some good competition.  Jesse Lorenz plans to have his Mod Lite ready to race with the Dwarf Cars this year, and he's especially looking forward to racing his father, Bud Lorenz.

With some of the excitement already taking place behind the scenes in the Late Models, there was some question where 2016 Coos Bay champion Nathan Augustine and third ranked Coos Bay competitor Kristy Grout night race.  Both have new cars and are planning to race at Southern Oregon Speedway, at least to start the season.  Augustine clean swept his lone appearance last season, and both drivers are hoping to make to make it to the winner's circle this season.  We've also received word that past Cottage Grove Street Stock champion Steve Lemley bought another car for his Late Model debut.  The car he has been working on is being finished up and will be for sale.

The Dees family is hard at work putting the finishing touches on their three cars and are looking forward to starting the season.  After his Top 3 season last year, John Dees picked up a new car during the offseason.  We've also heard that Mike Linder also got a new car for the coming season.  Rumors abound over at Rapp Racing as the team has cars in multiple classes, including the very fast #77 car of Dustin Knight.  Knight won last season's finale.  We've been hearing Knight may also be racing an IMCA Sport Modified.  We've heard of the possibility of another Late Model coming out, but that is unconfirmed.  We'll wait and see what the team brings to the race track, but we know it will be fast in whatever class.

Rumors of Street Stock graduate Jeff Krossman bringing his blue #91 Late Model to the track are circulating along with reports that multi time Top 5 Coos Bay Sportsman racer Josh Kralichek and third raned 2015 Cottage Grove Late Model racer Rob Williams might make some appearances.  We'll see what happens on race day.  The nice thing is that we`re seeing lots of enthusiam within the racing communoty about Late Models at Southern Oregon Speedway.

When Miles Deubert and the crew at JOAT Labs came on board to support the Hornet's division, it was with the goal of supporting the class by building good, safe cages for the next cars coming out.  The first one will be in a car driven by newcomer David James Gillig.  JOAT Labs did some work on the fast #555 car of four time winner Joby Shields, and Shields reports that there will be another car for rent.  2015 competitor Neal Coaty checked in to remind everybody that he has a car for sale.  Coaty was a feature winner in 2015.  The Hornets are poised for a break out season.

In the Pro Stock division, word is that past Street stock competitor Darron Arnold is planning his return this year.  Darron has actually raced a bit with the Pro Stocks after his back to back Top 3 point seasons in Street Stocks.  Shane Everson is reportedly planning to race with the IMCA Sport Modified division this year.  He has raced in both Street Stocks and Pro Stocks.  We're still waiting on confirmation of what would be two big additions to the Pro Stock roster in past champions Dave Everson and Scott Lenz.  Lenz has won championships at both Southern Oregon Speedway and the old Medford Speedway.  Everson is also a Pro Stock champion, and his 14 wins are the most for this division in Medford since 2010.

We did hear of another driver with Street Stock ties, Brett Provost, coming on board with his IMCA Modified again after taking a season off.  Brett won multiple Street Stock Main Events and was third in points back in 2013, and he was ninth in IMCA Modified points in 2016.  Three of our stars, two time champion Albert Gill, Jesse Bailey and Brian Bowman, have already raced outside of the state.  Bailey won a heat race last week in Chico, CA, and both he and Gill finished the Main Event.  Bowman went to Arizona for one of their events, but we haven't heard the results.

Information is slowly trickling in from all of the divisions, and we will continue with our previews of each class.  Playday is scheduled for April 15th with a rain makeup scheduled for the 22nd.  The season kicks of on April 29th with Late Models, IMCA Sport Modifieds, Pro Stocks, Mini Stocks, Late Model Lites and SODCA Dwarf Cars.