Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Hibbard, Burkett, McCoy, Anderson, Peters, Hedges Share Winner's Circle

Southern Oregon Speedway Racing Discussion 
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Bailey Hibbard Wins Again In Southern Oregon Speedway Kendall Oil Sprint Cars

White City, Oregon...July 8...Sixteen year old Bailey Hibbard won his second 25 lap Kendall Oil Winged Sprint Car Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  It was a race that nearly got away late, but Hibbard stayed smooth and brought it home to a $1,000 victory aboard his Dave's Carpet & Vinyl Liquidators/Pacific Properties sponsored Sprinter.  Point leader Kyler Barraza made a last ditch attempt to take the lead, but he came up short at the end.

The preliminaries had three different winners.  Barraza won the eight lap heat race, while David Hibbard was the winner of the four lap Trophy Dash.  B. Hibbard won the four lap Scramble to earn the pole for the feature.  B. Hibbard raced into the lead over Barraza and D. Hibbard at the start of the Main Event.  The only caution flag of the race flew on lap three for a Calvin Hibbard spin in Turn 2.  B. Hibbard maintained the lead on the restart with Barraza and D. Hibbard right behind him for a while.  However, young Bailey left the second place battle and steadily reeled in the fourth place battle of Merissa Henson and Camden Robustelli.  Henson was driving a smooth race and was leaving no opening for Robustelli.  When B. Hibbard caught the two cars, he was reluctant to make a move up high to get around them.  Barraza pulled right behind B. Hibbard as they took the white flag.  Exciting Turn 4 one last time, Barraza attempted to get underneath him, but he spun to avoid contact.  B. Hibbard went on to victory ahead of D. Hibbard, Henson, Robustelli, Barraza and Calvin Hibbard.

The Kendall Oil Winged Sprint Cars will be back on July 22nd and August 5th.  For further information, go to www.southernoregonspeedway.com.

Race Results
Kendall Oil Winged Sprint Cars
Heat-Kyler Barraza, Bailey Hibbard, David Hibbard.  Trophy Dash-David Hibbard, Kyler Barraza, Bailey Hibbard.  Scramble-Bailey Hibbard, Kyler Barraza, David Hibbard.  Main Event-Bailey Hibbard, David Hibbard, Merissa Henson, Camden Robustelli, Kyler Barraza, Calvin Hibbard.

McCoy Impressive In Southern Oregon Speedway 
IMCA Sport Modified Win

White City, Oregon...July 8...Rich McCoy won the 20 lap IMCA Sport Modified Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  McCoy's first win of the season came by a wide margin as has become a player in the championship battle.  David Marble won a spirited duel with point leader Mike Medel for a second place finish.

Willie McFall was a double winner in preliminaries with six lap heat race and four lap Trophy Dash wins.  McCoy grabbed the victory in his heat race.  McCoy raced into the Main Event lead at the start ahead of Jesse Merriman and McFall.  McFall and Medel both raced past Merriman for second and third in lap three, and Merriman spun for a lap four caution flag.  McCoy continued to lead McFall and Medel on the restart.  Marble made it a three car battle for second as McCoy pulled away.  A low move in Turn 2 of the ninth lap gained Marble third from Medel, and Marble made a back stretch pass on McFall for second on lap 11.  By then, McCoy had a straightaway advantage over second.  Marble got out of shape in Turn 4 on lap 13 as Medel and McFall both raced by.  Marble took third from McFall on lap 14, and an inside move on the back stretch a lap later put Marble back into second.  There was no catching McCoy as he sped to his first win of the season.  Marble was a season best second, followed by Medel, McFall, Mike Helwig and Merriman.  Tony Duste made his division debut in the former Bob Nelsen car.  He is the third generation of his family to race at the speedway, and he took a checkered flag in seventh.  Kalvin Morton was there, but he sold his car before the heat races.

The IMCA Sport Modifieds will be back on August 12th as part of Hall Of Fame Night.  The IMCA Modifieds will also be there that night and will be at the track on July 22nd as well.  For further information, go to www.southernoregonspeedway.com.

Race Results
IMCA Sport Modifieds
Heat 1-Willie McFall, David Marble.  Heat 2-Rich McCoy, Mike Medel.  Trophy Dash-Willie McFall, Mike Medel.  Main Event-Rich McCoy, David Marble, Mike Medel, Willie McFall, Mike Helwig, Jesse Merriman, Tony Duste, Kalvin Morton (DNS), Tony Bartell (DNS).

Burkett Sweeps Valley Stor-All Late Model Lites Action 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...July 8...Bob Burkett won his first 20 lap Valley Stor-All Late Model Lites Main Event of the season Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  Burkett figured to be the driver to beat in the rookie race this season, but his clean sweep of his heat race, the Trophy Dash and Main Event gave him the point lead as Lee Doty loaded up with a broken rear end after hot laps.

Burkett's evening started with a four lap Trophy Dash win ahead of Charlie Eaton, and he followed that up with a six lap heat race win in front of Eric Aos.  Eaton won his heat race in front of past Super Truck champion Greg Arnold, who was making his return to the division in his recently purchased car.  Burkett paced the opening lap of the Main Event before Eaton raced by on the inside in Turn 2 for the lead.  Danny Prewitt ran third ahead of E. Aos, but Aos raced by Prewitt for third on lap three.  E. Aos took second from Burkett before a lap five caution for a Prewitt spin slowed the pace.  Eaton continued to lead the restart as Burkett took second from E. Aos.  Eaton set the pace with Burkett hanging with him as E. Aos and Prewitt battled for third.  A low pass in Turn 2 gained Burkett the lead from Eaton on lap 16.  Burkett started to pull away, but a Prewitt spin forced a lap 17 caution flag.  Burkett led the restart, but his car slowed a little bit on the back stretch as he was having a fuel pick up problem.  Eaton beat him back to the white flag, but Burkett managed to get back by on the back stretch on the last lap.  Burkett held on for the victory as Eaton settled for second.  Prewitt raced to a third place finish, followed by Dustin Aos, E. Aos, Bill Spencer and Arnold.

Race Results
Valley Stor-All Late Model Lites
Heat 1-Bob Burkett, Eric Aos, Bill Spencer.  Heat 2-Charlie Eaton, Greg Arnold, Danny Prewitt.  Trophy Dash-Bob Burkett, Charlie Eaton, Bill Spencer.  Main Event-Bob Burkett, Charlie Eaton, Danny Prewitt, Dustin Aos, Eric Aos, Bill Spencer, Greg Arnold, Lee Doty (DNS), Randy Hansen (DNS).

Peters Wins Third Straight SODCA Feature 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...July 8...Brock Peters won the 20 lap SODCA Dwarf Car Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  Peters is the reigning champion, and this was his third straight Main Event win at his home track.  He had a little luck on his side as son Cody Peters spun while leading.

The Peters family won the six lap heat races as C. Peters won the first heat ahead of Kaycee Sheeler, while B. Peters won the second heat in front of Chad Cardoza.  C. Peters held off Cardoza to win the A Dash, while Ryan Smith claimed the B Dash victory in front of Fred Hay.  C. Peters raced into the Main Event lead from his front row start.  B. Peters and Cardoza dropped Sheeler out of the Top 3 on lap two.  B. Peters was pressuring C. Peters for the lead, but the young gun was doing a good job of leading the way.  On lap 16, C. Peters spun in Turn 4 for a lap 16 caution flag.  B. Peters led the restart with Smith racing past Cardoza for second.  B. Peters led the remaining laps for the victory.  Smith was a season best second ahead of Cardoza and Hay.  C. Peters made a last turn pass on Randy Slater to salvage a fifth place finish as Steve Walker, Sheeler, Paul Haslow and Joe Sanders made up the remainder of the Top 10.

Race Results
SODCA Dwarf Cars
Heat 1-Cody Peters, Kaycee Sheeler, Ryan Smith.  Heat 2-Brock Peters, Chad Cardoza, Randy Slater.  A Dash-Cody Peters, Chad Cardoza, Kaycee Sheeler.  B Dash-Ryan Smith, Fred Hay, Randy Slater.  Main Event-Brock Peters, Ryan Smith, Chad Cardoza, Fred Hay, Cody Peters, Randy Slater, Steve Walker, Kaycee Sheeler, Paul Haslow, Joe Sanders, Kalvin Morton.

Hedges Sweeps JOAT Labs Hornets Race
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...July 8...Reigning champion Tim Hedges won his second straight 20 lap JOAT Labs Hornets Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  This time, Hedges left little doubt as to who the winner was as he led the entire distance.  He also won his heat race and the Trophy Dash to make it a clean sweep as Derrel Nelson Jr. returned and finished second.

T. Hedges started his night with a four lap Trophy Dash win ahead of incoming point leader Jason Stoutenburgh.  He also held off Nelson to win his six lap heat race.  Brandon Wonsyld led three laps of his heat race before Ashland High School student John Cordery raced by for the lead and victory.  Wonsyld finished second.  The Main Event was destined to go non stop, and T. Hedges raced into the lead at the start ahead of Nelson and Ashton Hedges.  Stoutenburgh got a flat tire in Turn 4 on the opening lap and headed for the pits.  Cordery took third from A. Hedges on lap three.  Wonsyld ran close to A. Hedges and finally made the pass for fourth on lap 15.  Nelson ran strong, but T. Hedges was just a bit faster as he scored the impressive victory.  Cordery finished third, followed by Wonsyld, A. Hedges, Kevin Hilgendorff, Jenna Hedges, Dillon Irving, Angie Gillette and Stoutenburgh.

Race Results
JOAT Labs Hornets
Heat 1-John Cordery, Brandon Wonsyld, Jenna Hedges.  Heat 2-Tim Hedges, Derrel Nelson Jr., Jason Stoutenburgh.  Trophy Dash-Tim Hedges, Jason Stoutenburgh, Ashton Hedges.  Main Event-Tim Hedges, Derrel Nelson Jr., John Cordery, Brandon Wonsyld, Ashton Hedges, Kevin Hilgendorff, Jenna Hedges, Dillon Irving, Angie Gillette, Jason Stoutenburgh.

Anderson Wins Second Mini Stock Feature 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...July 8...Gary Anderson won the 20 lap Mini Stock Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.  This was the second win of the season for the 2014 champion as he continues his climb up the point ladder.  Michael Johnson made a last ditch attempt to take the lead on the final lap before settling for second.

Incoming point leader Dillen Lausen won his first career Trophy Dash ahead of Anderson.  Anderson beat 2013 champion Steve Goetz to win his six lap heat race, while Kristopher Mix won his heat ahead of Lausen.  David Steele's title hopes took a hit when he blew a motor in his heat race to end his night.  Anderson had a front row start for the Main Event and raced into the lead ahead of Goetz.  Johnson made a Turn 1 pass on Mix on lap three to take over third in a race that was destined to go non stop.  The lead four of Anderson, Goetz, Johnson and Mix ran closely, and Johnson made an outside move on the front stretch on lap eight to take over second.  Johnson began pressuring Anderson for the lead, but Anderson was running a great race out front.  Johnson tried everything he could think of.  As they raced to the checkered flag, Johnson got a run on the inside.  Johnson spun across the finish line in his last ditch effort to take the lead, but Anderson prevailed.  Goetz settled for third ahead of Mix, Lausen, Hall and Hunter Magnan.

Race Results
Mini Stocks
Heat 1-Gary Anderson, Steve Goetz, David Steele.  Heat 2-Kristopher Mix, Michael Johnson, Dillen Lausen.  Trophy Dash-Dillen Lausen, Gary Anderson, Michael Johnson.  Main Event-Gary Anderson, Michael Johnson, Steve Goetz, Kristopher Mix, Dillen Lausen, Andrew Hall, Hunter Magnan, David Steele (DNS).

 Grimes Grabs Victory In Southern Oregon Outlaw Karts

White City, Oregon...July 7...Trevor Grimes won the 20 lap Box Stock Main Event Friday night at the Southern Oregon Speedway Outlaw Kart track.  The two time reigning champion won the race ahead of Keaton Augustine and Vinny DeBenedetti.  The race had a red flag when Yreka champion Taylor Fuller flipped his kart in Turn 4.  Fuller was okay, but out of the event.  Grimes also won the 250 Kart feature. 

Jacob James won his second straight Beginners Box Stock Main Event ahead of reigning champion Kiley Grimes and Isiah Sanders.  Wyatt Pinckney grabbed the victory in the 500 Open Kart Main Event.  Racing returns to the Outlaw Kart track on July 21..  For further information, go to www.southernoregonspeedway.com