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Hogge, Braaten, Lenz, Peters Win Roger Haudenshild Tribute Races

Southern Oregon Speedway Racing Discussion
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Hogge Wins Roger Haudenshild Tribute Race 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...Bobby Hogge IV won the Seventh Annual Rodger Haudenshild Tribute race for the IMCA Modifieds Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway. Hogge made the trip to Oregon to drive one of the Paul Guglielmoni's Late Models and brought his IMCA Modified with him. He ended up winning Main Events in both divisions, and his victory in the IMCA Modified portion of the program was worth $2,000 thanks to sponsorship from the Haudenshild family and Dusty's Transmissions.

With 18 competitors on hand, they ran three heat races with the Top 4 finishers redrawing for their starting order in the Main Event. Hogge won his heat race ahead of Zach Fettinger. Three-time reigning track champion Albert Gill outran Preston Jones to win the second eight lap heat race, and Jon DeBenedetti won his heat race ahead of Jimmy Lipke. Fettinger also won the four lap Trophy Dash. Nick Trenchard has won three of the last four Roger Haudenshild Tribute races, and he won the $200 Crack The Whip race.

Hogge drew the pole for the Main Event with Trenchard starting eighth and Fettinger lined up in 11th. When the green flag waved, Hogge immediately moved into the lead ahead of rookie Justin Foux and Gill. A yellow flag waved on lap six when DeBenedetti spun in Turn 3. Trenchard was already in fourth by then, and he took third from Gill on the restart as Hogge continued to set the pace. The flying Fettinger was up to fifth by the time the final yellow flag waved for a Bo Shields spin on the front stretch on lap 12. Hogge continued to lead Foux and Trenchard on the restart, but Trenchard made an inside move in Turn 4 of the 14th lap to take over second. Hogge continued to set a rapid pace as Fettinger made his move past Foux for third on lap 24. Hogge brought it home to a satisfying victory, and Fettinger made a strong move on the inside in the final turn and beat Trenchard back to the line for second. Foux settled for fourth, followed by Jeffrey Hudson, Jones, DeBenedetti, Gill, Lipke and Paul Guglielmoni.

The IMCA Modifieds return to action on June 15th as part of a seven division program. On June 22nd, they will be running the second round of the IMCA Wild West Speedweek Series. For further information, go to www.southernoregonspeedway.com.

Race Results
IMCA Modifieds
Heat 1-Jon DeBenedetti, Jimmy Lipke, Jeffrey Hudson, Nick Trenchard, Jesse Bailey, Manny Freeman.

Heat 2-Albert Gill, Preston Jones, Justin Foux, Ray Kniffen Jr, Steve Borror, Bo Shields.

Heat 3 Bobby Hogge IV, Zach Fettinger, Duane Cleveland, Paul Guglielmoni, David Satterfield.

Crack The Whip-Nick Trenchard

Trophy Dash-Zach Fettinger, Preston Jones, Jeffrey Hudson, Justin Foux.

Main Event-Bobby Hogge IV, Zach Fettinger, Nick Trenchard, Justin Foux, Jeffrey Hudson, Preston Jones, Jon DeBenedetti, Albert Gill, Jimmy Lipke, Paul Guglielmoni, Ray Kniffen Jr, Manny Freeman, Bo Shields, Steve Borror, Jessie Bailey, Duane Cleveland, David Satterfield NS, Brett Provost BS.

Hogge Takes High Road To Late Model Victory 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...June 1... Bobby Hogge IV made a surprise visit to Southern Oregon Speedway and collected the victory in the 25 lap Late Model Main Event Saturday night. Hogge was driving one of the Paul Guglielmoni cars and also brought his own IMCA Modified for a $2,000 win in the Roger Haudenshild Tribute race. The win in the Late Model race was worth $1,000 thanks to the increased purse this year and a $200 bonus from Northwest Trucking Academy.

Hogge had to line up last in his eight lap heat race, but he won ahead of Mark Wauge, who was making his division debut. After Trent Elliott spun from the lead, Darren Coffell won the other heat race with Elliott charging back to second. Elliott picked up the four lap Trophy Dash win.

Hogge and Coffell shared the front row for the Main Event, and Coffell charged into the lead. Hogge made an outside pass on Coffell for first on lap two, but the battle was far from over. Wauge surprised Trent Elliott with an inside pass on the front stretch on lap four to take over third, and an inside move down the front stretch on lap five put Coffell back into first. When Elliott spun in Turn 2, that caused a lap seven yellow flag. Coffell continued to lead Hogge and Wauge on the restart, and Hogge kept looking for the opportunity to regain the lead. A yellow flag waved on lap 13 for Tony Bartell in Turn 2, Coffell continued to lead Hogge and Wauge on the restart, and Hogge was looking to the outside for a passing opportunity. On lap 20, it finally happened as Hogge went high in Turn 4 and emerged with the lead. This time, Hogge didn't let it slip away as he brought it home to a well-earned victory ahead of Coffell. Wauge had a strong debut in third, followed by Elliott, Dave Everson, Paul Guglielmoni, Miles Deubert, Dave Foote, Dennis Souza and Jason Schultz.

The Late Models return on June 15th as part of an exciting seven division program. For further information, go to www.southernoregonspeedway.com.

Race Results
Late Models
Heat 1-Darren Coffell, Trent Elliott, Dave Everson, Paul Guglielmoni, Jason Schultz, Don Garrett Jr.

Heat 2 Bobby Hogge IV, Mark Wauge, Miles Deubert, Dave Foote, Brian Bowman, Ricky Massey, Tony Bartell, Dennis Souza.

Trophy Dash-Trent Elliott, Dave Foote, Miles Deubert.

Main Event-Bobby Hogge IV, Darren Coffell, Mark Wauge, Trent Elliott, Dave Everson, Paul Guglielmoni, Miles Deubert, Dave Foote, Dennis Souza, Jason Schultz, Brian Bowman, Tony Bartell, Don Garrett Jr, Ricky Massey.

Braaten Scores 100th Career Feature Win 
At Roger Haudenshild Tribute

White City, Oregon...June 1...Jorddon Braaten picked up the 20 lap Roger Haudenshild Tribute IMCA Sport Modified feature win Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway. This happened to be the 100th career feature win for the two-time Southern Oregon Speedway and reigning State of Oregon champion. It was also the third win for Braaten in this race, earning him a $1,600 payday thanks to additional sponsorship from the Haudenshild family and Dusty's Transmissions.

With the big money on the line, drivers came from as far south as the San Francisco Bay area for a shot at a nice payday, growing the field to 32 competitors. They ran four heat races with the Top 3 drivers redrawing for their Main Event starting positions. Braaten won the first eight lap race ahead of Yreka star Ryder Boswell. In a battle of past California State champions, Fred Ryland outran Brian Cooper for a heat race win. Jantzen Knips picked up the third heat victory ahead of Justin McCreadie, while Isaac Sanders collected a win in the final heat in front of Patti Ryland. Braaten completed a clean sweep effort with his four lap Trophy Dash victory. After a bad heat race, Matt Sanders pocketed $200 for his win in the Crack The Whip Challenge race and then won the 12 lap B Main ahead of Braxton Possinger and Steven Sanders.

Braaten had the outside front row starting spot for the Main Event with Tyler Rodgers starting sixth and Fred Ryland lined up in eighth. The race got off to a rocky start when Wyatt Westfall and Mike Medel tangled on the front straightaway for a yellow flag. After another yellow flag, Braaten led Brian Johnsen and Rodgers on the restart. Braaten set a nice pace up front, and Rodgers slipped past Johnsen for second on lap three. A lap six caution flag waved for Sanders in Turn 1, and Braaten continued to lead Rodgers on the restart. Fred Ryland slipped past Johnsen for third on the restart, and Brian Cooper and Ryder Boswell tangled in Turn 3 for a lap 12 caution flag. Braaten remained in command on the restart, but a lap 18 yellow flag for Isaac Sanders and Patti Ryland in Turn 2 gave Rodgers one more shot to attempt a pass. Rodgers gave it a valiant effort, but Braaten was not to be denied the milestone victory. Fred Ryland settled for third ahead of Justin McCreadie. Possinger made a strong charge from the back of the pack for a fifth place finish, followed by Westfall, Knips, Ethan Killingsworth, Johnsen and Matt Sanders.

The IMCA Sport Modifieds return as part of a seven division program on June 15th and will run in support of the IMCA Modified Wild West Speedweek race on June 22nd. For further information, go to www.southernoregonspeedway.com.

Race Resuts
IMCA Sport Modifieds
Heat 1-Jorddon Braaten, Ryder Boswell, Brian Johnsen, Willie McFall, Matt Sanders, Joby Shields, Billy Richey.

Heat 2-Fred Ryland, Brian Cooper, Mike Medel, Dwayne Melvin, Braxton Possinger, Brian Knorr, Lloyd Speer, Bob Thomas.

Heat 3-Jantzen Knips, Justin McCreadie, Ethan Killingsworth, Branden Wilson, Steve Lysinger, Austin Petrey, Michael Rule, straight up 55 car

Heat 4-Isaac Sanders, Patti Ryland, Tyler Rodgers, Wyatt Westfall, Jesse Skidmore, Steven Sanders, Matt Ruff, Danny Rule, Todd Cooper.

Crack The Whip-Matt Sanders.

Trophy Dash-Jorddon Braaten, Branden Wilson, Matt Sanders, Justin McCreadie.

B Main-Matt Sanders, Braxton Possinger, Steven Sanders, Jesse Skidmore, Austin Petrey, Michael Rule, Steve Lysinger, Joby Shields, Todd Cooper, Brian Knorr, Bob Thomas.

Main Event-Jorddon Bratten, Tyler Rodgers, Fred Ryland, Justin McCreadie, Braxton Possinger, Wyatt Westfall, Jantzen Knips, Ethan Killingsworth, Brian Johnsen, Matt Sanders, Ryder Boswell, Jesse Skidmore, Steven Sanders, Patti Ryland, Mike Medel, Branden Wilson, Isaac Sanders, Brian Cooper, Willie McFall, Dwayne Melvin.

Lenz Wins Thrilling Third-Straight Pro Stock 
Roger Haudenshild Tribute Race

White City, Oregon...June 1...Dr Scott Lenz scored the victory in the 20 lap Roger Haudenshild Tribute race for the Calculated Comfort Outlaw Pro Stocks Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway. This was the third-straight win for the two-time reigning series champion in this big event, and it paid $1,200. Lenz has been off to a strong start this season and also had a rich win in the Billy Geyer Memorial race in Yreka in early May. On this occasion, he was surprised by a strong challenge from division veteran Scott Flowers, who ended up second.

There were 17 Pro Stock competitors for this race, and Lenz was a heat race winner ahead of Matt Harlow. It was James Flowers outrunning John David Duffie in the other eight lap heat race, and Ryan Smith jumped into the Tom Hackworth #34 car and picked up a $200 payday in the Crack The Whip Challenge race. With a recent Trophy Dash being cancelled in Yreka when the program was changed to beat the rain, that Trophy Dash was added to the show on this occasion. Lenz won the four lap race ahead of James Flowers.

It was Jeff Haudenschild racing into the early Main Event lead ahead of Lenz and Duffie. An inside pass in Turn 4 of the third lap put Lenz into the lead, and he began to set a rapid pace as he hit slower traffic rather quickly. Duffie made a move past Haudenshild for the second position on lap seven and caught Lenz swiftly. Scott Flowers was in third on lap eight. Unfortunately for Duffie, his race ended with a flat tire on lap 10, but Flowers made a big move on Lenz down the backstretch on lap 13 to gain the lead. Flowers was doing a masterful job of working the Jim Rodgers prepared 3/10 mile clay oval, but Lenz finally came roaring by on the inside down the backstretch on lap 17 to regain the lead. This time, however, Lenz wouldn't relinquish his advantage as he scored the impressive win. Scott Flowers settled for another second, followed by Haudenshild, James Flowers, Ken Irving, Kenneth LaPlante Jr, Chris Ellis, Harlow, Colby Hammond and Smith.

The Calculated Comfort Outlaw Pro Stocks will be in Yreka this coming Saturday night and will be back at Southern Oregon Speedway to headline a show on June 13th. For further information on their activities, go to the Outlaw Pro Stock Facebook page or www.southernoregonspeedway.com.

Race Results
Calculated Comfort Outlaw Pro Stocks
Heat 1-Scott Lenz, Matt Harlow, Scott Bennett, Jeff Haudenshild, Ginny Flowers, Bryan Hammond, Dan Randall.

Heat 2-James Flowers, John David Duffie, Scott Flowers, Ken Irving, Chris Ellis, Chuck Hipps, Kenneth LaPlant Jr, Ryan Smith, Colby Hammond.

Crack The Whip-Ryan Smith.

Trophy Dash-Scott Lenz, James Flowers, Matt Harlow, Bryan Hammond.

Main Event-Scott Lenz, Scott Flowers, Jeff Haudenshild, James Flowers, Ken Irving, Kenneth LaPlant Jr, Chris Ellis, Matt Harlow, Colby Hammond, Ryan Smith, Chuck Hipps, Ginny Flowers, John David Duffie, Bryan Hammond NS, Tom Hackworth NS, Dan Randall NS, Scott Bennett NS.

Peters Takes Dwarf Cars Honors 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...June 1...Taking the lead when mechanical woes struck Camden Robustelli, Brock Peters went on to win the 20 lap Southern Oregon Dwarf Car Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway. Peters was in the midst of a good battle with Fred Hay for second when Robustelli's car broke during a caution flag period. Peters motored ahead on the next restart and didn't look back from there. This was the sixth year in which the Dwarf Cars were included as part of the Seventh Annual Roger Haudenshild Tribute race.

There were 21 Dwarf Cars on hand for the group's second visit of the season. Peters won his 10 lap heat race ahead of Jesse Lorentz. Chad Cardoza collected a heat race win in front of Hay, and Robustelli outran Ryan Smith for the third heat victory. Cardoza won the six lap A Dash ahead of Robustelli, and Steve Walker finished ahead of Mason Lewman for the B Dash victory.

Smith was looking good in preliminaries and he took the lead from Peters on a lap two restart in the Main Event. Smith held the spot for just two laps before an outside pass in Turn 2 of the fourth lap gained Robustelli the lead position. Bud Lorentz brought out a lap six yellow flag in Turn 1. Robustelli continued to lead Smith on the restart, but Peters made a low pass in Turn 4 to take second on lap nine. Moments later, the caution flag waved for Trevor Davis. Smith barrel rolled his car several times in Turn 1 for a lap 10 red flag. Amazingly, he was still able to continue the race. Robustelli continued to lead during the series of mishaps that took place. It was during a lap 12 caution period when Robustelli's car broke on the backstretch. He required the assistance of the tow truck. Peters inherited the lead at that point, but he'd been enjoying a good battle with Fred Hay, who kept taking looks to the outside. When racing resumed, however, Peters took command. An inside pass in Turn 4 of the 15th lap gained Cardoza second, but all he could do was follow the flying Peters to the checkered flag. Hay earned a solid third place finish, followed by Walker, Jesse Lorentz, Ryan Smith, Michael Johnson, Shane Hines, Mark Nielsen and Dane Halbert.

The Southern Oregon Dwarf Cars return as part of the Wild West IMCA Modified Speedweek event on June 22nd. For further information on the association, go to www.sodca.net or www.southernoregonspeedway.com.

Race Results
Southern Oregon Dwarf Cars

Heat 1-Chad Cardoza, Fred Hay, Mason Lewman, Steve Walker, Dan Penland, Reggie Ayers, Kaycee Sheeler.

Heat 2-Brock Peters, Jesse Lorentz, Michael Johnson, Ashleigh Strain, Chad Lorentz, Dane Halbert, Sean Trujillo.

Heat 3-Camden Robustelli, Ryan Smith, Bud Lorentz, Mark Nielsen, Trevor Davis, Joe Sanders, Shane Hines.

A Dash-Chad Cardoza, Camden Robustelli, Brock Peters, Fred Hay, Ryan Smith, Jesse Lorentz.

B Dash-Steve Walker, Mason Lewman, Michael Johnson, Ashleigh Strain, Bud Lorentz, Mark Nielsen.

Main Event-Brock Peters, Chad Cardoza, Fred Hay, Steve Walker, Jesse Lorentz, Ryan Smith, Michael Johnson, Shane Hines, Mark Nielsen, Dane Halbert, Chad Lorentz, Kaycee Sheeler, Camden Robustelli, Ashleigh Strain, Joe Sanders, Mason Lewman, Dan Penland, Trevor Davis, Bud Lorentz, Sean Trujillo.