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Winebarger Wins IMCA Modified Speedweek Race, Sanders, King Other Winners

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Winebarger Wins Speedweek Race 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...June 22...Collen Winebarger scored a thrilling victory in the 35 lap IMCA Modified Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway. This was the second round of the eight-race IMCA Modified Wild West Speedweek Tour, and it was also the second consecutive $1,000 win in this race at this track for Winebarger. He made a late pass on race long leader Kellen Chadwick to steal the victory.

With 39 competitors signed in, the drivers were divided into four heats and would run two sets of heat races to determine points. The Top 8 point earners would go into a redraw to determine the first four rows of the Main Event. Track point leader Zach Fettinger gave an indication of the exciting racing to come when he made a last turn pass on Carl Berendsen II to win the very first heat race. Other Round A heat race winners were Travis Peery, Jesse Williamson and Jerry Flippo. Nick Trenchard, Ryan Lauer, Winebarger and Chadwick won the next round of heat races.

The Top 8 point earners from the heat races were Fettinger, Albert Gill, Peery, Ryan Lauer, Winebarger, Chadwick, Flippo and Williamson. Chadwick drew the pole for the Main Event with Winebarger lined up in the second row outside. With the first four rows set, two 15 lap B Mains and a 12 lap Last Chance Qualifier were run to determine the remainder of the 20 car Main Event lineup.

Jeffrey Hudson went flag-to-flag to win the first B Main. John Campos took over second on a lap 11 restart and would finish there ahead of Berendsen, Gray Ferrando and Mark Carrell. Coming off of his Yreka win a night earlier earlier, Nick Trenchard had to run the second B Main. He took the lead from Danny Lauer on the fifth lap and led the remaining laps for the win. California State champion Shane DeVolder finished second, followed by Danny Lauer, Lipke and Lawrence O'Connor. Only two spots were up for grabs in the Main Event via the Last Chance Qualifier race. Matthew Drager led Jesse Bailey for the entire distance to score the 1-2 finish. Jeffrey Faulkner, Dave Dusty Jr and Jerry Schram rounded out the Top 5.

The Main Event was destined to go with just one yellow flag slow down. Chadwick motored into the lead at the waving of the green flag ahead of Williamson and Winebarger. Winebarger made an inside pass in Turn 4 of the fourth lap to take second from Williamson, and Chadwick already held about a straightaway advantage. The yellow flag flew for Bailey on the backstretch on lap nine. Chadwick continued to set a blistering pace on the restart as Williamson slipped past Winebarger for second. Winebarger made a low pass on Williamson in Turn 4 a lap later to regain second. The side-by-side battle continued for two more laps as the duo exchanged the position, but Winebarger made the inside pass in Turn 4 of the 13th lap to settle the matter of second place. By then, Chadwick had pulled away from the pack yet again and held about a straightaway advantage. Winebarger begin to real in Chadwick when the leader caught slower traffic on lap 21. Winebarger moved in behind Chadwick by lap 28 and the battle was on. The two drivers crossed start-finish line on lap 33 in a dead heat, but Winebarger moved ahead on the inside as they exited Turn 2 a lap later. Winebarger went on to an impressive victory, followed by Chadwick, Williamson, Fettinger, Flippo, Hudson, Fernando, Campos, Drager and DeVolder.

The next IMCA Modified race at Southern Oregon Speedway will be Willamette Valley Bank night on July 20th. The IMCA Sport Modifieds will also be part of the show. For further information, go to

Race Results
IMCA Modifieds
Heat 1A-Zach Fettinger, Carl Berendsen II, Nick Trenchard, Grey Ferrando, John Campos, Albert Gill, Derek Young, Duane Orsburn, Mark Carrell, Jim Whisler.

Heat 1B-Travis Peery, Jimmy Lipke, Ryan Lauer, Jake Pike, Justin Faux, Jesse Bailey, Jantzen Knips, Steve Borror, Andy Freeman, Matthew Drager.

Heat 1C-Jesse Willamson, Jeffery Hudson, Jeremy Ohlde, Collen Winebarger, Jeff Faulkner, Lawrence O'Conner, Mike George, Jerry Schram, Ray Kniffen Jr, David Satterfield.

Heat 1D-Jerry Flippo, Kellen Chadwick, Shane DeVolder, Danny Lauer, Paul Rea, Eston Whisler, Dave Duste Jr, Galen Hainline, Bo Sheilds.

Heat 2A-Nick Trenchard, Albert Gill, John Campos, Duane Orsburn, Zach Fettinger, Derek Young, Grey Ferrando, Carl Berendsen II, Mark Carrell, Jim Whisler.

heat 2B-Ryan Lauer, Travis Peery, Jesse Bailey, Matthew Drager, Jake Pike, Steve Borror, Jantzen Knips, Jimmy Lipke, Justin Faux, Andy Freeman.

Heat 2C-Collen Winebarger, Jeff Faulkner, Jeffery Hudson, Jesse Willamson, Jeremy Ohlde, Jerry Schram, Mike George, Ray Kniffen Jr, Lawrence O'Conner, David Satterfield.

Heat 2D-Kellen Chadwick, Danny Lauer, Jerry Flippo, Shane DeVolder, Galen Hainline, Paul Rea, Eston Whisler, Dave Duste Jr, Bo Sheilds.

B Main 1-Jeffrey Hudson, John Campos, Carl Berendsen, Grey Ferrando, Mark Carrell, Matthew Drager, Dave Duste Jr, Derick Young, Jantzen Knips, Eston Whisler, Jeff Faulkner, Mike George, Steve Borror, David Satterfield, Jimmy Whisler, Jake Pike.

B Main 2-Nick Trenchard, Shane DeVolder, Danny Lauer, Jimmy Lipke, Lawrence O’Connor, Jesse Bailey, Duane Orsburn, Justin Foux, Paul Rea, Jerry Schram, Galen Hainline, Jeremy Ohlde, Ray Kniffen Jr, Bo Shields, Andy Freeman.

Last Chance Qualifier-Matthew Drager, Jesse Bailey, Jeff Faulkner, Paul Rea, Jerry Schram, Derick Young, Jeremy Ohlde, Jantzen Knips, Andy Freeman, Galen Hainline, Duane Orsburn, Dave Duste Jr, Jake Pike, Justin Faux, Mike George, Steve Borror DNS, Eston Whisler DNS, Ray Kniffen Jr DNS, Bo Shields DNS, Jimmy Whisler DNS.

A Main-1. Collen Winebarger, Kellen Chadwick, Jesse Williamson, Zach Fettinger, Jerry Flippo, Jeffrey Hudson, Grey Ferrando, John Campos, Matthew Drager, Shane DeVolder, Nick Trenchard, Jimmy Lipke, Carl Berendsen II, Mark Carrell, Jesse Bailey, Lawrence O’Connor, Travis Peery, Albert Gill, Danny Lauer, Ryan Lauer.

Sanders Wins IMCA Sport Modified Race 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...June 22...Isaac Sanders won the 20 lap IMCA Sport Modified Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway. He took the lead from Branden Wilson early in the event and then held off his brother Matt Sanders for the victory. Isaac becomes the third different winner in four races.

There were 23 Sport Modifieds on hand for the show, but after tech, Jantzen Knips was bumped up to the IMCA Modified class and Yreka racer Randy Wright had mechanical issues prior to the heat races. There were three eight lap heat races, and wins went to Branden Wilson, point leader Jorddon Braaten and Yreka star Ryder Boswell.

Brian Knorr and Wilson had the front row for the race with Isaac Sanders starting back in seventh. Turn 2 proved to be tricky as three separate restarts were caused due two yellow flags for Ryder Boswell, Chad Wormington and Chris Silva. Knorr led the opening lap over Wilson and Isaac Sanders before another yellow flag waved for a tangle between Willie McFall, Joby Shields and Danny Rule. Silva received a black flag for two yellow flags after spinning in Turn 2 on the next restart. Wilson raced past Knorr for the lead when the action resumed, and Isaac Sanders quickly settled into second ahead of Mike Medel. Sanders took the lead from Wilson just as Johnsen moved past Medel for third on lap 5. However, Johnson surrendered third to Matt Sanders on lap seven. Matt Sanders made a low pass in Turn 4 of the 10th lap to take second from Wilson. A lap later, Wilson spun into the Turn 4 infield as the race continued. Braaten started back in ninth and was third at that point. The yellow flag waved on lap 14 when Ryder Boswell lost a wheel. Isaac Sanders continued to lead with Matt Sanders, Braaten and Brent Curran running nose to tail behind him. Isaac Sanders hit all of his marks and brought it home to a satisfying win. Matt Sanders settled for second, followed by Braaten, Curran, Johnson, Medel, Knorr, Donald Bandfield, Colt Boswell and Billy Richey.

The IMCA Sport Modifieds will return to action along with the IMCA Modifieds on Willamette Valley Bank Night on July 20th. For further information, go to

Race Results
IMCA Sport Modifieds
Heat 1-Branden Wilson, Ethan Killingsworth, Donald Bandfield, Isaac Sanders, Brent Curran, Danny Rule, Jesse Skidmore, Chad Wormington.

Heat 2-Ryder Boswell, Mike Medel, Matt Sanders, Colt Boswell, Billy Richey, Willie McFall.

Heat 3-Jorddon Braaten, Brian Knorr, Steve Lysinger, Brian Johnsen, Joby Shields, Michael Rule, Chris Silva.

Main Event-Isaac Sanders, Matt Sanders, Jorddon Braaten, Brent Curran, Brian Johnsen, Mike Medel, Brian Knorr, Donald Bandfield, Colt Boswell, Billy Richey, Steve Lysinger, Danny Rule, Chad Wormington, Jesse Skidmore, Ryder Boswell, Branden Wilson, Joby Shields, Ethan Killingsworth, Willie McFall, Chris Silva, Michael Rule.

King Scores Dwarf Car Victory At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...June 22...Josh King picked up the win in the 20 lap Southern Oregon Dwarf Car Main Event Saturday night Southern Oregon Speedway. The three-time reigning champion led most of the way and held off two-time champion Brock Peters for the win.

There were 21 Dwarf Car competitors on hand for this show, and Peters, Camden Robustelli and King won their respective eight lap heat races. Peters outran King to win the six lap A Dash, and ageless veteran Fred Hay held off Cody Peters to win the six lap B Dash.

Looking for his second Southern Oregon Speedway win of the season, Camden Robustelli led the opening lap, but he spun in Turn 2 for a yellow flag. Robustelli restarted at the rear of the pack as King led Peters and Chad Cardoza on the restart. A lap four yellow flag waved for rookie Trevor Davis in Turn 1 of the fourth lap. King maintained his advantage on the restart as Cardoza took second from Peters. A high pass in Turn 1 of the 10th lap gained Peters second, and he set his sights on King. Ryan Smith took third from Cardoza on lap 12. The resurgent Robustelli also got by Cardoza for the fourth position. Despite the pressure from Peters, King drove a great race and scored the well earned victory. Smith settled for third, followed by Robustelli, Hay, Cody Peters, Jesse Lorentz, Chad Cardoza, Mason Lewman and Kaycee Sheeler.

The Southern Oregon Dwarf Cars will return on July 20th as part of Willamette Valley Bank Night. Their next series race will be at Coos Bay Speedway this Saturday night. For further information, go to or

Race Results
SODCA Dwarf Cars
Heat 1-Brock Peters, Chad Cardoza, Fred Hay,  Jesse Lorentz,  Mark Nielson, Ryan Smith, Trevor Davis.

Heat 2-Camden Robustelli,  Mason Lewman, Paul Haslow, Kaycee Sheeler, Ashleigh Strain, Joe Sanders, Sean Trujillo DNS.

Heat 3-Josh King, Steve Walker, Cody Peters, Michael Johnson, Dan Penland, Reggie Ayers DNS.

A Dash-Brock Peters, Josh King, Camden, Chad Cardoza, Steve Walker, Mason Lewman.

B Dash-Fred Hay, Cody Peters, Jesse Lorentz, Michael Johnson, Paul Haslow,Kaycee Sheeler.

Main Event-Josh King, Brock Peters, Ryan Smith, Camden Robustelli, Fred Hay, Cody Peters, Jesse Lorentz, Chad Cardoza, Mason Lewman, Kaycee Sheeler, Paul Haslow, Mark Nielson, Ashleigh Strain, Dan Penland, Joe Sanders, Michael Johnson, Trevor Davis, Steve Walker, Sean Trujillo, Reggie Ayers DNS.