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Ensign Cascade Wingless Sprint Car Winner, King, Elliott, Arnold, Minter Other Winners

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Ensign Wins Cascade Sprint Car Challenge 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...August 3...Geoff Ensign won the Third Annual Cascade Wingless Sprint Car Challenge race, presented by Herz Precision Parts, Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway. This was also the third-straight win in this big event for Ensign, aboard the Ted Finkenbinder owned entry. It paid $3,500 thanks to the continued sponsorship of Mark Herz of Herz Precision Parts. Ensign and local star Jake Wheeler had a spirited dual at the front of the pack before Wheeler settled for a $1,500 second. WSS point leader Rob Lindsey finished a $1,000 third.

The format called for qualifying on the 3/10 mile clay oval. The Top 2 qualifiers would earn starting spots in the eight lap Scramble race, and fast time was worth $100. Ensign was the quickest qualifier with a lap of 13.025, beating the 13.054 of Steve Hix. Michael Millard won the first ten lap heat race with Wheeler outrunning Ryan Stolz for the second position. Rob Lindsey won the second heat race ahead of Shawn Arriaga. Seth Nunes picked up a win in the third heat, followed by Camden Robustelli. The Top 2 finishers in each of the heat races also made it into the Scramble, which would determine the first four rows of the Main Event. Wheeler got a good start on Ensign and would pick up an impressive victory. Ensign settled for second ahead of Arriaga.

The Main Event was intense from the start with Wheeler charging into the lead ahead of Ensign and Lindsey. A lap two yellow flag waved for Stolz in Turn 2. Wheeler continued to lead Ensign, Lindsey and Arriaga. Arriaga did a complete 360 in Turn 4 of the sixth lap, but he kept going without need for a yellow flag. Robustelli and Michael Millard had a good battle going for the fourth position, and Wheeler caught slower traffic by lap 12. Hix moved into the fifth position on lap 13, and a yellow flag waved for Arriaga on lap 14. The restart saw Ensign really pressuring Wheeler for the lead, and he made a strong move on the inside in Turn 3 to have the first position by the completion of the lap. Lindsey was still running third as Robustelli, three-time Hunt Series champion Terry Schank Jr and Hix were mixing it up in the battle for fourth. Arriaga was rapidly working his way back into contention. Wheeler made a slide job pass in Turn 2 to take the lead briefly on lap 21, but Ensign executed a similar maneuver in Turn 4 to maintain first. The leaders were again in slower traffic, and Ensign didn't hesitate to make his moves to keep Wheeler behind him. As Lindsay ran a solid third, Nunes moved past Robustelli for fourth on lap 24. Two laps later, Arriaga had the fifth position. Ensign drove an inspired race to earn the victory with Wheeler an impressive second. Lindsey was third, followed by Nunes, Arriaga, Robustelli, Schank, Hix, Cooper Desbiens and Millard.

Southern Oregon Speedway would like to think all of the great racers who came in from three different states to compete in this show. Stay tuned for updates on the next race and all of the action at the track at

Race Results
Cascade Wingless Sprint Cars
Fast Time-Geoff Ensign 13.025

Heat 1-Michael Millard, Jake Wheeler, Ryan Stolz, Terry Schank Jr, Cooper Desbiens.

Heat 2-Rob Lindsey, Steve Hix, Shawn Arriaga Brad Rhoades, David Marble.

Heat 3-Seth Nunes, Camden Robustelli, Ricky Brophy, Gene Cannon, Blaine Cory.

Scramble-Jake Wheeler, Geoff Ensign, Shawn Arriaga, Michael Millard, Rob Lindsey, Camden Robustelli, Seth Nunes

Main Event-Geoff Ensign, Jake Wheeler, Rob Lindsay, Seth Nunes, Shawn Arriaga, Camden Robustelli, Terry Schank Jr, Steve Hix, Cooper Desbiens, Michael Millard, Brad Rhoades, David Marble, Ricky Brophy, Gene Cannon, Blaine Cory, Ryan Stolz, Jonathan Jorgenson, Tyler Edwards DNS Todd Whipple DNS.

King Scores Another Dwarf Car Clean Sweep 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...August 3...Josh King scored another victory in the 25 lap Southern Oregon Dwarf Car Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway. King is the three-time reigning champion of the group and has won Main Events at seven different venues so far this season. The feature win was his third of the season here as he makes another championship bid, and it also capped a clean sweep of the eight lap heat race and six lap A Dash.

There were 24 Dwarf Car competitors for the show, and King got the ball rolling with the first eight lap heat race win ahead of championship contender Camden Robustelli. It was Chad Cardoza holding off Ryan Smith to win the second heat, while Jesse Lorentz outran two-time champion Brock Peters to win the third heat race. An interesting fourth heat saw six drivers who had never won a heat race with the group, and rookie Travis Davis picked up the win over Mark Nielsen. King continued his momentum by outrunning Cordoza to win the six lap A Dash. Meanwhile, ageless veteran Fred Hay outran Cody Peters to pick up six lap B Dash honors.

Hay had the outside front row for the Main Event and charged into the early lead ahead of Cardoza and King. King slipped past Cardoza for second on lap four and made a Turn 2 pass a lap later to take the lead from Hay. Cody Peters settled into third on lap six and put the moves on Hay to take over second on lap eight. Moments later, a yellow flag flew for Bud Lorentz in Turn 3. Cody Peters challenged King on the restart and made an inside pass in Turn 2 to gain the lead. Again, a yellow flag waved for Bud Lorentz and Davis in Turn 4. Peters led Cardoza and King on the restart with a lap 10 yellow flag waving for Nielsen in Turn 2. King regained second on the restart and he set his sites on leader Peters. He made an outside pass on the backstretch on lap 13 to regain first. King drove a great race over the final seven circuits and kept Cody Peters at bay for the impressive victory. Cardoza settled for third, followed by Brock Peters and Jesse Lorentz.

The Southern Oregon Dwarf Cars are back as part of the two-day R Charles Snyder Salute on August 31st and September 1st. The Modified portion of the big show on the 1st will pay $5,000 to win, while the Sport Modifieds will be racing for $2,000 to win. The Calculated Comfort Outlaw Pro Stocks will also be competing on September 1st. For further information, go to or

Race Results
Southern Oregon Dwarf Cars
Heat 1-Josh King, Camden Robustelli, Kalvin Morton, Steve Walker, Bud Lorentz, Michael Johnson.

Heat 2-Chad Cordoza, Ryan Smith, Fred Hay, Paul Haslow, Chad Lorentz.

Heat 3-Jesse Lorentz, Brock Peters, Cody Peters, Joseph Sanders, Sean Trujillo, 77.

Heat 4-Trevor Davis, Mark Nielsen, Ashleigh Strain, Shane Hines, Dane Halbert, Dan Penland.

A Dash-Josh King, Chad Cardoza, Ryan Smith, Brock Peters, Jesse Lorentz, Trevor Davis, Mark Nielsen, Camden Robustelli.

B Dash-Fred Hay, Cody Peters, Steve Walker, Ashleigh Strain, Shane Hines, Paul Haslow, Joseph Sanders, Kalvin Morton.

Mean Event-Josh King, Cody Peters, Chad Cardoza, Brock Peters, Jesse Lorentz, Camden Robustelli, Fred Hay, Ryan Smith, Joseph Sanders, Don Gifford, Shane Hines, Ashleigh Strain, Mark Nielsen, Paul Haslow, Chad Cordoza, Steve Walker, Bud Lorentz, Dan Penland, Michael Johnson, 77, Sean Trujillo, Trevor Davis, Kalvin Morton DNS, Dane Halbert DNS.

Elliott Scores Third Late Model Victory 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...August 3...Trent Elliott picked up a convincing victory in the 25 lap Late Model Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway. This was the third win for Elliott this year as he increased his lead in the standings with the absence of Darren Coffell. The win paid $1,000 thanks to additional sponsorship from the Northwest Trucking Academy.

In preliminaries, it looked like there was a possibility of a new feature winner emerging on the evening. Dave Everson kept Elliott at bay to pick up his first four lap Trophy Dash win. Everson followed that up by outrunning Miles Deubert to win their eight lap heat race. Meanwhile, Mark Wauge held off Elliott to win his eight lap heat race. Unfortunately, Wauge had more motor problems after taking the checkered flag and would scratch from the pole for the Main Event.

Elliott and Everson shared the front row for the Main Event with Everson charging into the lead. Everson led the first two laps before contact between the lead duo saw Everson's race come to an end in Turn I. Elliott had the lead for the restart ahead of Dave Foote and Chris Biggs. Elliott set a rapid pace with Foote running a solid second. The battle was for third between Biggs and Bob Dees. Elliott lapped second place Foote on lap 18, and a low pass in Turn 4 of the 19th lap gained Dees third from Biggs. Elliott went on to victory ahead of Foote, Dees, Biggs, Deubert, Kelly Justason and Everson.

The Late Models will return to action as part of the August 17th Hall of Fame Night event. Also competing will be the IMCA Modifieds, IMCA Sport Modifieds, Bobbio's Pizza Mini Stocks, and JOAT Labs Hornets.  For further information, go to

Race Results
Late Models
Heat 1-Mark Wauge, Trent Elliott, Dave Foote, Chris Biggs.

Heat 2-Dave Everson, Miles Deubert, Bob Dees, Kelly Justason.

Trophy Dash-Dave Everson, Trent Elliott, Bob Dees, Dave Foote.

Main Event-Trent Elliott, Dave Foote, Bob Dees, Chris Biggs, Miles Deubert, Kelly Justason, Dave Everson, Mark Wauge DNS.

Arnold Benefits From Miscue To Win Late Model Lites Feature At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...August 3...Greg Arnold won the nine lap Valley Store All Late Model Lites Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway. The race came to an early end due to a miscommunication with the flag man that resulted in a white flag being waved on lap eight instead of a yellow flag. Arnold seized on the opportunity to gain the lead and scored his third win of the season as he increased his point lead over rival Charlie Eaton.

Krista Hadley won the four lap Trophy Dash with Eaton a close second. Ross Payant piloted the Lee Doty car to the eight lap heat race win with Eaton again finishing second. This put Payant and Eaton on the front row for the Main Event. Payant took the lead at the start, and a yellow flag waived after one lap when Eric Aos spun in Turn 2. Payant continued to lead Eaton on the restart, and a high pass in Turn 2 of the third lap gained Arnold third from Krista Hadley. Payant and Eaton had pulled away from the pack when Eaton spun in Turn 2 on lap seven. Eaton got going at the back of the pack as Arnold was now second. Moments later Dusty Aos spun in Turn 2. The white flag waved as they crossed the line on lap eight. Eaton gained the lead with Hadley moving into second. They took the checkered flag a lap later in that order with Payant third ahead of Eric Aos, Eaton and Dusty Aos.

The Valley Store All Late Model Lites will be back in action on August 24th as part of the $4,000 to win Late Model Cottonwood Classic. Other divisions competing that night will be the Kendall Oil Winged Sprint Cars, Bobbio's Pizza Mini Stocks, JOAT Labs Hornets and OTRO Hardtops. For further information, go to

Race Results
Valley Store All Late Model Lites
Heat-Ross Payant, Charlie Eaton, Eric Aos, Krista Hadley, Greg Arnold, Dusty Aos.

Trophy Dash-Krista Hadley, Charlie Eaton, Ross Payant, Greg Arnold.

Main Event-Greg Arnold, Krista Hadley, Ross Payant, Eric Aos, Charlie Eaton, Dusty Aos, Jim Cunningham DNS, Terry Hadley DNS.

Minter Wins OTRO Hardtop Main Event 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...August 3... Mark Minter won the 20 lap OTRO Hardtop Main Event Saturday Night at Southern Oregon Speedway. Minter becomes the third different winner in four races, and he's also the only driver to win a Main Event with the group in each of the last four seasons.

Newcomer Briyan Weberg II picked up the four lap Trophy Dash win ahead of Eric DeRamus. Weberg was going for an eight lap heat race win, but Minter forced him to settle for second. Minter jumped into the lead at the start of the Main Event ahead of previous winner Dan Fouts and two-time winner Dean Cast. Weberg pitted on the opening lap. Minter pulled away to a decent lead in the non-stop event and would score the victory ahead of Fouts, Cast and DeRamus.

The OTRO Hardtops will be back on August 24th as part of the $4,000 to win Late Model Cottonwood Classic. The Kendall Oil Winged Sprint Cars will be there along with the Bobbio's Pizza Mini Stocks, Valley Store All Late Model Lites and JOAT Labs Hornets. For further information, go to

Race Results
OTRO Hardtops
Trophy Dash-Bryan Weberg II, Eric DeRamus, Dan Fouts, Dean Cast.

Heat-Mark Minter, Bryan Weberg II, Dan Fouts, Dean Cast, Eric DeRamus.

Main Event-Mark Minter, Dan Fouts, Dean Cast, Eric DeRamus, Bryan Weberg II.