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Orsburn, Wheeler, Foster, King Win On Hays Oil Championship Night At Southern Oregon Speedway

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Orsburn Outduels Gill For IMCA Modified Win 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...September 14...Duane Orsburn wrapped up the season at Southern Oregon Speedway with an impressive 25 lap IMCA Modified Main event win Saturday night. Orsburn currently leads the standings at Siskiyou Speedway, and his win came after heavy pressure from three-time champion Albert Gill. With his third place finish, Zach Fettinger wrapped up the season championship.

Orsburn kicked off the evening with a four lap Trophy Dash win, and championship hopeful Jesse Bailey suffered mechanical issues in that race to end his night. Fettinger opted to skip the heat race and start at the back of the Main Event as a safety precaution. The heat race wins went to Ray Kniffen Jr and Gill.

Steve Borror had the pole and led just one lap before an inside pass in Turn 2 gained Orsburn the lead. David Satterfield followed into second, and contact sent Borror spinning in Turn 3 for the only yellow flag of the race on lap three. Orsburn continued to lead the restart as Gil slipped past Satterfield for second. A close race for third got too close as contact dropped Satterfield back several positions. Jeremy Richey held third just ahead of Jeffrey Hudson and Fettinger. Orsburn and Gill took their battle far ahead of the pack, and Fettinger took the fourth position from Hudson on lap 11. The leaders came up on slower traffic on lap 18. The slower car was running the bottom groove that Orsburn was running, and Gill took a look to the outside as they exited Turn 2. Unfortunately, Gill's momentum seemed to slow as Orsburn lapped the slower car. It was at that time when Fettinger gained the third position. Gill remained close behind Orsburn for the remaining laps, but Orsburn prevailed for the hard fought win. Fettinger settled for third, followed by Richey, Hudson, Kniffen, Dave Duste Jr, Satterfield,  Borror and Jimmy Lipke.

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Race Results
IMCA Modifieds
Heat 1-Ray Kniffen Jr, Duane Orsburn, Jeremy Richey, Steve Borror, Jeffrey Hudson.

Heat 2-Albert Gill, Dave Duste Jr, Jimmy Lipke, David Satterfield.

Trophy Dash-Duane Orsburn, Jeremy Richey, Jesse Bailey, Jimmy Lipke.

Main Event-Duane Orsburn, Albert Gill, Zach Fettinger, Jeremy Richey, Jeffrey Hudson, Ray Kniffen Jr, Dave Duste Jr, David Satterfield, Steve Borror, Jimmy Lipke, Jesse Bailey DNS.

Jake Wheeler Wins Race, Mike Wheeler Is Sprint Car Champion At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...September 14...Jake Wheeler drove an impressive race to win the 25 lap Kendall Oil Winged Sprint Car Main Event Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway. This was the second win of the season for the 2016 champion aboard the Ron Osborne owned Sprinter. Despite losing the point lead coming into the night, Mike Wheeler used a second place finish to regain the lead and become the new champion.

Going into the night, Bailey Hibbard held a three point lead over Mike Wheeler and a four point advantage over previous feature winner Charlie Thompson. Wheeler and Thompson shared the first heat race, and it was Enrique Jaime picking up the win ahead of Wheeler. This gave Wheeler a one point lead over Hibbard, but Hibbard had the front row for the next heat race. After a false start, Hibbard made contact with one of the infield tractor tires and suffered front end damage, ending his heat race. This year's top rookie, Johnny Burke, won the race ahead of 2018 champion David Hibbard. The Top 3 heat race finishers redrew for their starting lineup in the six lap Scramble, and Mike Wheeler outran nephew Jake Wheeler to earn the pole for the feature race with his win.

The Wheeler's shared the front row for the Main Event, and it was Jake Wheeler leading from the get-go ahead of Mike Wheeler and David Hibbard. Forced to start last after making repairs, Bailey Hibbard worked his way very quickly into the sixth position and began battling Charlie Thompson for fifth. The yellow flag waved on lap 10 for a David Marble spun in Turn 2, but Jake Wheeler remained in command on the restart ahead of Mike Wheeler. Within a couple of laps, Jake Wheeler already held a straightaway advantage. An inside pass on the front stretch of the 20th lap gained Charlie Thompson fourth from Johnny Burke, but Thompson coasted to a stop in Turn 4 for a yellow flag on lap 22. Thompson's race was over, and another yellow flag flew for Jared Hood in Turn 1. Again, Jake Wheeler led Mike Wheeler on the restart as Camden Robustelli moved the TJ Winningham entry into the fourth position. Jake Wheeler cruised to victory, and Mike Wheeler solidified a championship season with his second place finish. David Hibbard settled for third, followed by Robustelli, Bailey Hibbard, Jaime, Anissa Curtice, Burke, Marble and Hood.

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Race Results
Kendall Oil Winged Sprint Cars
Heat 1-Enrique Jaime, Mike Wheeler, Jake Wheeler, Charlie Thompson, Jared Hood, Anissa Curtice.

Heat 2-Johnny Burke, David Hibbard, David Marble, Camden Robustelli, Aaron Miller, Bailey Hibbard.

Scramble-Mike Wheeler, Jake Wheeler, David Hibbard, Johnny Burke, Enrique Jaime, David Marble.

Main Event-Jake Wheeler, Mike Wheeler, David Hibbard, Camden Robustelli, Bailey Hibbard, Enrique Jaime, Anissa Curtice, Johnny Burke, David Marble, Jared Hood, Charlie Thompson, Aaron Miller.

Foster Scores Surprise IMCA Sport Modified Win 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...September 14...Bartley Foster scored a surprise victory in the 20 lap season finale for the IMCA Sport Modified division Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway. This was only the third start for Foster, who is a past champion in Outlaw Karts at the little track. With his fifth place finish, Jorddon Braaten wrapped up his third Southern Oregon Speedway championship as well as the Oregon State title.

There were 21 competitors for the show, and they ran four eight lap heat races. Steve Lysinger and Billy Richey picked up their first wins of the season, while Branden Wilson and Siskiyou Speedway championship contender Ryder Boswell were the other heat winners. Wilson also picked up four lap Trophy Dash honors. Lloyd Speer was a Main Event scratch.

Foster had a front row start for the Main Event and bolted into the lead at the waving of the green flag. Joby Shields raced past Jesse Skidmore for second on lap two as Foster begin to stretch his advantage. Wilson was making a charge from the fifth row and settled into fourth behind Mike Medel on lap six. A yellow flag waived on lap nine, wiping out a straightaway advantage for Foster. Chris Silva retired, and Foster led Shields and Wilson on the restart. An outside pass on the frontstretch of the 11th lap gained Wilson the second position, and a yellow flag waved on lap 12 as Willie McFall and newcomer Brionna Fuller hooked bumpers. There were yellow flags during the next two laps, but Foster led Wilson on each restart. Even a late yellow flag on lap 17 wouldn't stop Foster as he resumed command on the restart and brought it home to the impressive win. Wilson settled for second with Shields a season high third. Medel settled for fourth, followed by Braaten, Boswell, Skidmore, Austin Petray, Richey and Merissa Henson.

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Race Results
IMCA Sport Modifieds
Heat 1-Steve Lysinger, Jesse Skidmore, Mike Medel, Merissa Henson, Lloyd Speer, Zach Nelson.

Heat 2-Branden Wilson, Austin Petray, Brionna Fuller, Chris Silva, Danny Rule.

Heat 3-Ryder Boswell, Bartley Foster, Joby Shields, Brian Knorr.

Heat 4-Billy Richey, Jorddon Braaten, Willie McFall, Gary Foster, Michael Rule.

Trophy Dash-Branden Wilson, Mike Medel, Jorddon Braaten, Austin Petray.

Main Event-Bartley Foster, Branden Wilson, Joby Shields, Mike Medel, Jorddon Braaten, Ryder Boswell, Jesse Skidmore, Austin Petray, Billy Richey, Merissa Henson, Steve Lysinger, Michael Rule, Brian Knorr, Brionna Fuller, Willie McFall, Zach Nelson, Gary Foster, Danny Rule, Chris Silva, Lloyd Speer DNS.

King Is Crowned Four-time Dwarf Car Champion 
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...September 14...Josh King scored the victory in the 25 lap SODCA Dwarf Car Main Event Saturday Night at Southern Oregon Speedway. This was the fourth win of the season for King, who has won at seven different tracks this year, and he used it to wrap up his unprecedented fourth Southern Oregon Dwarf Car championship.

There were 21 competitors for the show, and Michael Johnson picked up his first heat race win of the season ahead of Trevor Davis. King outran Ryan Smith to win their eight lap heat, and Cody Peters got off to a good start by outrunning Mason Lewman to win the third heat. Cody Peters continued his momentum by holding off Smith to win the A Dash, while his father Brock Peters picked up the B Dash victory ahead of Camden Robustelli.

Lewman led the opening lap of the feature race before an inside pass in Turn 4 gained Cody Peters the lead. Brock Peters made this a close three-car battle up front, and they were soon joined by King. King slipped past Brock Peters for third on lap six, and King raced ahead of Lewman for second in traffic on lap eight. Cody Peters led King and Lewman through three yellow flags during a five lap span, but it was when a red flag waved on lap 15 that the race's complexion changed. Contact sent Jesse Lorentz flipping on the back straightaway to end his night. On the restart, King made a move around Cody Peters in Turn 2, and Brock Peters moved in to challenge his son for position. There was contact between the two on the backstrech, collecting Fred Hay, Reggie Ayers and Joe Sanders behind them. After a red flag to untangle the cars, King led Ryan Smith and Chad Cardoza on the restart. King set a rapid peace out front, and even a final yellow flag for Don Gifford on lap 22 would not deter him. King remained in control and scored the victory ahead of Smith, Cardoza, Hay, Johnson, Davis, Shane Hines, Ayers, Gifford and Dane Halbert.

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Race Results
Southern Oregon Dwarf Cars
Heat 1-Michael Johnson, Trevor Davis, Ashleigh Strain, Joe Sanders, Shane Hines, Sean Trujillo, Steve Walker.

Heat 2-Josh King, Ryan Smith, Camden Robustelli, Jesse Lorentz, Paul Haslow, Reggie Ayers, Dane Halbert.

Heat 3-Cody Peters, Mason Lewman, Brock Peters, Fred Hay, Don Gifford, Chad Cardoza, Mark Nielsen.

A Dash-Cody Peters, Ryan Smith, Mason Lewman, Trevor Davis, Michael Johnson, Josh King.

B Dash-Brock Peters, Camden Robustelli, Fred Hay, Jesse Lorentz, Joe Sanders, Ashleigh Strain.

Main Event-Josh King, Ryan Smith, Chad Cardoza, Fred Hay, Michael Johnson, Trevor Davis, Shane Hines, Reggie Ayers, Don Gifford, Dane Halbert, Cody Peters, Brock Peters, Joe Sanders, Jesse Lorentz, Ashleigh Strain, Mason Lewman, Camden Robustelli, Sean Trujillo, Paul Haslow, Mark Nielsen, Steve Walker DNS.